@RebeccasOffice ‘s Cuckold Week Culminates in Her History of Cuckold’s Update

EDITOR’S NOTE – Please do not read this update if you believe in the pureness of Rebecca.  This update made us feel a little dirty in that it made us horny at the expense of a time when she was so innocent and taken advantage of. If the subject of cuckolding makes you ill, we understand and encourage you to just wait until the next update.


As many of you already know, Rebecca had a big week with her latest interview with the Cuckold Consultant (http://thecuckoldconsultant.com/category/exclusive-interviews/)  and then that was also compounded with her story on the Member Erotica Episode Chapter 31.   Well after that we decided to change a few things around especially due to the responses on her poll and provide a cuckold pictorial and call this CUCKOLD WEEK.

DO YOU LIKE OLD RAW FOOTAGE? THINGS YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO SEE?  READ ON! One of the natural fetishes that RebeccasOffice.com caters to is that of cuckolding . It really isn’t a primary fetish of the site but after fifteen years we are ready to address the issue.  In fact this is official cuckold week around here.  We have already posted an interview as well as a member written story on her blog.  Now to understand how Rebecca became an adultress for cuckolds, you have to see where this all started. This means we are talking about what happened before Rebecca got to the internet and a website.  Fortunately Rebecca’s boyfriend found the motherload of pre-internet images (over 6,ooo) in an old file.  So before there were HD cameras and videos, Rebecca’s ex had a plan to satisfy his kinky habits.  He wanted to turn his demure beautiful wife into his own personal sex symbol.  He had a quick plan:  1) Find a weakness in her self-image, 2) Make her feel really sexy, 3) Change her Sexual Needs, 4) Build Trust, 5) Get her used to B&D and S&M, 6) Make her get used to it in public.  He convinced Rebecca that these images were all for him, but he secretly shared them online in AOL and Yahoo chat rooms without her knowing.  If you are lucky he traded these photos with you back in the 90’s.  If not, you have seen nothing until you have seen Rebecca’s size FF milk-engorged tits.

Does it make you feel dirty to see images you weren’t meant to see?  WARNING – These aren’t the high quality images you are used to seeing, but rather unstaged, undoctored, unaltered images (you will see some blurring of old markings he used to make on his photos).  Why?  This is what people looked like in the ‘90s.  Tons of husbands traded these kinds of photos without their wives knowing.  Eventually Rebecca found out and she limited who could see her photos and then they got better cameras and started this website. In the meantime, her ex put his plan together and executed it almost flawlessly.  She became the alluring adultress you know today and to hear him tell it, he knows dozens of men he shared photos with them that he still does today.  Were you one of them? CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW REBECCA BECAME AN ADULTRESS FOR CUCKOLDS.  

Read The Questions. See My Answers

Rebecca Interviewed

Rebecca Interviewed

A new Hot Wife publication contacted me to interview for their first edition. I told them I’d be happy to do it as long as my members got to see it first. I thought you all should get first dibs and I also thought it would answer a lot of questions that are on my site and in my blog but a lot of people who are new to my site have never seen or found the answers. So here are the questions and in my pictorial you will see the answers:

1. So how long have you been exposing your gorgeous self on Dreamnet?
2. Where are you from originally? Where do you live now?
3. Are you married?
4. We see that you sleep with many black men on your site. Is that your preference?
5. How did you become a hotwife?
6. We read that you no longer sleep with your husband. Is that correct?
7. How many lovers do you have?
8. And do you use protection with them?
9. How many men have you been with?
10. What is your biggest surprise about being a hot wife?
11. Any other surprises?
12. So do you do this full time?
13. Is this what you look and dress like normally?
14. Wow, can we see more?
15. Does anyone from your real world know you do this?
16. What do your kids think?
17. Why do you still do this?
18. So what body part do most men comment on?
19. Do you like it when people ask for anal or want to spank it?
20. So does your husband mind all this?
21. What are your vital measurements?
22. So at 47, you like younger men? Or prefer them?
23. Are your breasts real or fake?
24. Do you meet with members?
25. How can someone have sex with you?
26. Do you really answer all your emails?
27. Your videos are legendary. Can you tell us about them?
28. Why are they darker?
29. Do you have longer and brighter ones?
30. How large is the largest cock you’ve had?
31. What is the greatest number of cocks you have had in one night?
32. Would you ever leave your husband and have a black baby?
33. Do you like sex with women?
34. Have you had sex with other Dreamgirls?
35. Why did you choose to do this with Dreamnet?
36. Do you send out panties or signed photos?
37. Do you accept gifts?
38. Oh, so what is the best way to send you things to wear?
39. I see you are a big social media fan. How should we check you out?
40. Thanks. Any last words for our readers?

I loved answering these questions and I hope you will enjoy reading my answers. I was really nervous meeting these gentlemen after work last week. They had been hounding me for months and finally I believed they were real and they offered me some nice chunk of change up front. RebeccasIt was convenient that another friend had also interviewed with them and that I did not have to go far out of my way to meet these gentlemen who were very professional! I hope you enjoy this sexy little interview. CLICK HERE to see the answers to REBECCA’S 40 Questions!

Little Red Rebecca Riding Hood

Who’s Afraid of THE BIG BAD WOLF? He just wants to eat me!

This is the story of Rebecca, an innocent wife and businesswoman from the ‘hood who was lusted for by every construction worker, bus driver and business person who laid their eyes on her ass. One day she found a red velvet jacket at the department store and fell in love with it so much that they called her Little Red Rebecca. Once hot day, Rebecca wore a minidress under that coat, and before she took off for work her husband reminded her not to talk to strangers or take off the coat before she got to work. He knew she was still innocent and could easily be tempted. She promised him that she would, but that morning would be the last of innocent Rebecca.

Does this story sound familiar? Well it is no fable. This story has a surprise ending and might not be the same as some other similar stories that you might have heard. All I can tell you that there is no moral to this story. In fact there are mo morals at all! Why don’t you sit back in bed, lay back close your eyes and let me read you a sweet story. If you get a little scared I promise to hold your hand or something else.


Rebecca’s Liquor Cabinet & Contest

Where does a girl hide her liquor? I’ll never tell, but I can tell you how she likes to hold her licker. Either way it can be very refreshing. Honestly I’ve been trying to kick the habit, so my husband removed all of my favorites from the cabinet and hid them, but I’ve found a few bottles here and there. Now I have to sneak around the house to get to that sweet taste on my lips. Besides, after a long day I need a little wetness on my lips. My gosh, you don’t think I have a problem do you? By the way, I don’t like to drink alone. You can be my designated licker. Think you can do that? Yeah, I think you’ll be under the table. (CONTEST ALERT) And if you are one of the first 2 to tell me the nickname of the expensive wine in the member’s section of this pictorial, I’ll give you an additional month free membership.

My liquor cabinet has some pretty late hours! Do you think you can help out? I’ll sneak out around a little after midnight. Meet me in the kitchen and I’ll show you where the secret stash is. We’ll have to be very quiet. Do you want to see how well I hold a woman like me holds her liquor? Then I will see you there. Don’t forget to bring your ID, I only serve those properly aged.