The Seduction of Rebecca Continues – Penetrated


The more you watch, the more you see why this is called a seduction.


A seduction is defined as an event whereby one is convinced to let their guard down and do something they would not normally do.

 Well after the last foreplay video, we watch how Rebecca spreads her legs and takes on her lover.  Watch as she squeals and grunts and groans and squirts.  She reduces her husband into a towel and water boy.  We heard from her husband that all the sounds that you hear her make are sounds that he had never ever heard his wife make until that evening.  Watch as she looks into her lover’s eyes and then closes her eyes as she enjoys his deep thrusts that sink deep between her legs.

 Then listen to her squeal as he probes his finger into her tight asshole.  You can hear her cries of joy as she is confused as to whether she should resist or just enjoy the feeling that she isn’t supposed to love. 

 Does your lover or spouse make these kinds of noises when they make love?  If not, then they need to be seduced like Rebecca. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

Some like it Big and Hard.


I’ve been asked a lot lately if I am a size queen.  It really has made me think.  I guess I probably am.  I hadn’t thought about it much, but I’ve been thinking about my partners and they all have amazing girth.  In fact though, I do like them when they have a little bit of texture and aren’t perfectly straight.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  Even when I am outside I get turned on when I look up and see large glass cylindrical buildings.  They look like large dildos to me!  I just want to jump on them.  So how crazy do I get?

So I was out for a walk and came across this huge log.  I mean can you say, “Got Wood”?  I really have to confess that to me nothing drives me crazier.  I just had to mount this bad boy and see how it fit.  I spent a couple hours sizing it up.  Come in and see my obsession with this masterpiece.  You can bet that I have been back here several times to visit my new shrine dedicated to all size queens out there.  Come IN & check it out!

Naughty Neighbor Gang Sista’s Tattoo

Wanna meet my Sista?

Wanna meet my Sista?

Well who says I never have anything new for you. Actually I was just not expecting this week’s pictorial at all. I was putting together some material for Dreamnet and my summer months. So I put on my bikini and started modeling around the pool area. Unfortunately my nosey neighbor came around through an unlocked gate and surprised us in the middle of our pictorial. “What are you doing?”, she asked. To our surprise, she was not upset and asked if we could take some sexy shots of her. So we grabbed some clothes from my closet and added Tina to the pictorial. Since she’s never been seen before, you’ll have to come inside and check her out. This pictorial is definitely a little different than normal. Next week, we’ll resume to our normally scheduled program. Tina also decided she wanted to show you the Secret MILF tattoo. Come on in and you’ll see.

So you wondered what bored middle aged women do when their husbands are away at work? Well, of course we play dress up and have fun. Don’t you wish all women did this? I love taking bikini photos, but if a neighbor wants to join me and get sexy, she’s always welcome. Do you think your wife, girlfriend, or special someone would like to join me? Well, maybe we should chat. Come on in and learn more! CLICK HERE!


I want it. Give it to me.

What Rebecca Wants, Rebecca Gets

I don’t know about how it is for men, but sometimes us women just have to have it! I don’t know where men go or what they do, but sometimes I need to call my lover and tell him that I need him inside me. Some of my lovers say I’m spoiled and that I feel like a nice penis is my right. Well isn’t it? The good thing about my work is that I get home early very often before anyone gets home and have a few hours to myself. Sometimes I play with a toy to get rid of my urges, but the other day I just felt like I needed the real thing. I had three hours and called him over. I don’t usually bring them to my house, but what Rebecca wants, Rebecca gets.

So if you were to come to my house to help relieve me, how would you like me to be dressed?  Or perhaps you want to see me naked and ready?  I think most want to see me dressed like normal so they can strip me down. So how should I dress for my lover when he comes over?  Or if you were to be coming over, how should I be dressed to greet you?  Why don’t you ring my doorbell and come on in?  I’m waiting for you.  CLICK HERE!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Mirror, Mirror

I’m often asked by new fans why it is that I do this? What makes Rebecca tick? I’ve said this many a time, but as a reminder, I’m just like every other woman. A woman wants to be loved. She wants to be told that she is desirable. She wants to be told that she’s still got it. It is the same way you men are flattered when a young hottie flirts with you. It makes me feel so good and wanting more. In my younger days I would scoff at the young construction workers who would make cat calls and whistle when I walked by. Now I love and relish it. You men need to know that even though we might look away when you wink at us or whistle, if we are dressed nicely, we are asking for your attention . We might not say it, but we do enjoy the attention.

So what is it about my site that I love?! It is the place where I get to hear from you guys and I get to interact with you. I am like your Cinderella and you all get to be my Magic Mirror on the Wall. Each week when I come home from work and get your emails, I love opening them and hearing you answer my question, “Who is the Fairest MILF of them All?” Let me hear your love. Come on it and let me know how this week’s pictorial makes you feel! CLICK HERE!

Are you In or are you Out?

I’ve received lots of emails recently from people who don’t pay attention. People sometimes draw their own perception of me. Many assume my husband is a cuckold. I had to look that up. He is not. So then why do I do what I do? Why then am I doing this? So you want to learn a little more about me? This might sound boring, but to understand me really is to understand why I am here on Dreamnet. I believe variety is what you need in life and that is why I am here on Dreamnet. I live my normal real life during the day, but I just want to come home kick off my sensible heels, and live life in an alternative universe. You see, I’ve always been a silent contrarian. I grew up on a farm, but I wasn’t always the girl who ran the straight and narrow. I liked to do things differently just to mix things up a bit. I liked that on our farm, the dogs got along with the cats. Oh and we didn’t wear overalls. In fact, because my father worked at the university, he wore suits. There is something about leaving your own four walls and becoming someone different.

So today, I like to do things differently too. I like wearing my underwear outside and as you all know, I like to wear my spike heels to bed. Inside my house I even use patio furniture while I use cushioned seats outside. And many of followers have noted that I don’t mind the contrast in skin colors of my many dark lovers against my own skin. It’s all about variety for me.

The wonderful thing about having a wall around my house is that I don’t have to leave my domain to become my alter ego. That way I can get wild outside without ever going beyond my own walls. You see, it is hard for me to get wild in my own bedroom, but once I leave the comfort of my own home, I get a little crazy. What does that mean? Well help unshackle me from my bed and let’s see what happens.

Get Inspired with Rebecca!

Golden Arches? Well actually I have a secret Golden Arch that I found near my home. It is my spot of tranquility in this world that was made by an artist who wrote an inscription about how it is the gateway to a beautiful world and the most beautiful spot in the world. This Arch transformed me from just an everyday woman into the Dreamgirl I am today. I, for one, love walking through “The Arch” and transporting myself into another world and turning myself into a whole new persona. Although it is only one arch, I still think just like “THE” Golden Arches, everything tastes better once you step through it. Are you ready to win in life? We call this Winning. Are you a winner? If you are, you know what I mean. If not, you need to start following me. I’ll teach you how to get the most out of life.

Do you embrace life like I do? Don’t wait for good things to happen. Make them happen. My motto is to not wait around for life to hit you in the face. Sure, they say, “Good thing come to those who wait”. But I believe in Carpe Diem. Seize The Day! If you like to live your life that way, then come on in and Seize Me!

I’ve Got A Surprise For You

As you probably know I don’t sleep with my husband anymore.  That is, he doesn’t get to cum inside me!  As much as I get a lot of action I like to save it for my lovers.  Every once in a while though I remind my husband of what he is missing.  Actually on this evening he was telling about a great blow job he got from one of his lovers.  I thought I’d remind him what a good blow job felt like.  I kept taunting him until he admitted my superiority and begged me to let him put his penis inside me. I told him he could feel what it was like again.  He wasn’t bad, but then I reminded him that he no longer was allowed and that my pussy could only be seeded by my lovers.  It was okay.  He got a happy ending!

So do you get a blow job when you have sex with your partner?  Is it common?  Do you deep throat?  Do you swallow?  Do you talk dirty or provide eye contact.  These are all part of my blow job arsenal.  I’ll also let you in on a little BJ pet peeve of mine.    But if you want to know, you have to come inside and see.



No More Hibernation! Spring is Here!

No more hibernating!


It might be a little early but since the groundhog saw his shadow and Spring is supposed to come early this year, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pop some bubbly and celebrate spring! Nothing like those first days of sunshine and smelling the fresh air and aroma of all the beautiful flowers. There are so many beautiful colors of flowers too. I do miss seeing all those cherry blossoms on the East Coast which are the first indication of Spring. A Cherry Blossom Festival? Well maybe not today, but we can have our very own Celebrate with Rebecca Festival! I’ll take any excuse to have a little drink!

As you know, I love beautiful flowers and there is nothing like Springtime when all the flowers bloom and show their colors. It is amazing the effect that this time of year has on me. I become like a flower as my petals open up and I want to show you all my new colors! I’m feeling as fertile as ever. Want to pollinate me? Come on inside. CLICK HERE!

Explore Rebecca’s Valley

Come Explore my hills and valleys

Coming from the flats of Ohio this farm girl does appreciate nature’s natural curves! The hills and mountains, the valleys and canyons and beautiful vistas always look different every time I explore them. I love exploring my neighborhood and being one with nature. The flora and fauna in California are evergreen so I can just blend in and soak in the rays. As the song says, “Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy”. When the sun comes out I can hardly stay inside and I can barely keep my clothes on. Do I miss the snow and freezing Februarys? Heck no! I might not be a hardy Midwestern girl anymore, but I’m sure you don’t mind! If you love nature and the beautiful outdoors, you’ll want to come with me this week.


I like going for long walks. I just don’t like going for long walks alone. They say it is never safe to hike into the woods by yourself. You do remember what happened to Little Red Riding Hood, don’t you? Come along. I know where I’m going. I know the terrain like the back of my hand. Come along, and by the time we return, I’m sure you’ll know my terrain with the back of your hand as well. CLICK HERE!