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Rebecca Interviewed

Rebecca Interviewed

A new Hot Wife publication contacted me to interview for their first edition. I told them I’d be happy to do it as long as my members got to see it first. I thought you all should get first dibs and I also thought it would answer a lot of questions that are on my site and in my blog but a lot of people who are new to my site have never seen or found the answers. So here are the questions and in my pictorial you will see the answers:

1. So how long have you been exposing your gorgeous self on Dreamnet?
2. Where are you from originally? Where do you live now?
3. Are you married?
4. We see that you sleep with many black men on your site. Is that your preference?
5. How did you become a hotwife?
6. We read that you no longer sleep with your husband. Is that correct?
7. How many lovers do you have?
8. And do you use protection with them?
9. How many men have you been with?
10. What is your biggest surprise about being a hot wife?
11. Any other surprises?
12. So do you do this full time?
13. Is this what you look and dress like normally?
14. Wow, can we see more?
15. Does anyone from your real world know you do this?
16. What do your kids think?
17. Why do you still do this?
18. So what body part do most men comment on?
19. Do you like it when people ask for anal or want to spank it?
20. So does your husband mind all this?
21. What are your vital measurements?
22. So at 47, you like younger men? Or prefer them?
23. Are your breasts real or fake?
24. Do you meet with members?
25. How can someone have sex with you?
26. Do you really answer all your emails?
27. Your videos are legendary. Can you tell us about them?
28. Why are they darker?
29. Do you have longer and brighter ones?
30. How large is the largest cock you’ve had?
31. What is the greatest number of cocks you have had in one night?
32. Would you ever leave your husband and have a black baby?
33. Do you like sex with women?
34. Have you had sex with other Dreamgirls?
35. Why did you choose to do this with Dreamnet?
36. Do you send out panties or signed photos?
37. Do you accept gifts?
38. Oh, so what is the best way to send you things to wear?
39. I see you are a big social media fan. How should we check you out?
40. Thanks. Any last words for our readers?

I loved answering these questions and I hope you will enjoy reading my answers. I was really nervous meeting these gentlemen after work last week. They had been hounding me for months and finally I believed they were real and they offered me some nice chunk of change up front. RebeccasIt was convenient that another friend had also interviewed with them and that I did not have to go far out of my way to meet these gentlemen who were very professional! I hope you enjoy this sexy little interview. CLICK HERE to see the answers to REBECCA’S 40 Questions!

@RebeccasOffice Update – Naughty or Nice

HomeforChristmas copy I have no doubt that I am near the top of Old St. Nick’s naughty list. Every year I wonder what it is he thinks I will deserve from his nag of coal. I admit I do like to receive a little punishment or something from the “other bag of goodies”. I mean I don’t need to be nice and receive candies, ugly jewelry, socks, ugly sweaters and the like. Well given that it is the week before Christmas and I am taking the rest of the year off, I am bored and horny. I thought I’d rummage through my husband’s closet looking for his gifts but couldn’t find them. All I could do was smell his cologne and got horny that I needed his smell all over me……

So I took off my clothes and put on one of his dress shirts and thought I’d wait for my lover to come over and help me out. I wonder who will come home first. My husband? My lover? Or maybe some handsome stranger. I want the gift of naughtiness. I’m not greedy. Anyone can give it to me? CLICK HERE to Reward Rebecca for being naughty!

See What 150,000 People Made Me Do! Were you One of Them?

Look at all those boring people down there!

Look at all those boring people down there!

In my line of work I do travel for industry conferences for many of the businesses I cover. Although I used to travel to these conferences, they do get tiresome. The amount of schmoozing that people do and the amount of money spent is outrageous. I recently traveled to this once conference where we had this VIP client golf tournament at this $200 a head golf course and I think the room was maybe 4 times the price. There was no business discussed. They were just thanking key partners for spending millions with them. Needless to say, the hotel was beautiful and although my golf game was poor, it was a nice experience. The next day we went to the actual conference. I always get nervous at these events. There are so many people and I’m not hidden in my office. I always wonder if someone is going to see me and recognize who I am. Did you see me there?

With over 150,000 people at this conference it is easy to run into people, but at the same time it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. I actually hate these events and sometimes just stay back in my room. To be stuck on a convention floor in high heels all day can be quite painful. So sometimes I sit back in my room, take photos for Dreamnet and enjoy the view: CLICK HERE to hear about my business trip!

Calling All Voyeurs – Want To See Something?

Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?

Look Up In the Air!  It’s A Bird!  It’s A Plane!  No It’s a Naked Lady in the Window!

This one is a voyeur special. The day we shot this, it was over 100 degrees outside and wearing stockings, I was boiling. Not to mention that my new building is extremely old and has no air-conditioning. Who knows with global warming what the summer will be like this year, but here it is always hot and a cool breeze is a must. I always enjoy this time of year as all of us are feeling frisky with Spring Freshness in the year. I never understood what it was about the Springtime which made people want to procreate, but I realize that the heavy and warm air along with blooming flowers and sudden rain showers are like a cleansing! Each year I am renewed. It doesn’t mean I am a virgin. It just means that I feel like I’m ready to meet a whole new batch of young (and older) lovers onto my site and discover their desires and help to try and fulfill them. I wonder what they will want from me! Across the street from me are a bunch of accounting and lawyer types! I love geeks! Pocket protectors are like condoms for shirts! Maybe I should give them a show!

Yeah, how does that song go? It’s getting hot in here? Gotta take off all my clothes? I have to say that my favorite thing about Dreamnet is that each week thousands of men get to see me naked! And then they give me naughty and sexy feedback. It is such a good feeling. When a young guy tells me he wants me, I feel so youthful. When an older guy tells me I am such a turn on, it makes me feel young and desirable too! So I stood there in the window for everyone to see. I wonder if anyone took time to start out the window and get a good luck at me. Unfortunately we are on the 19th floor or the people on the street could have seen.   CLICK HERE TO GET A WINDOW VOYEUR SHOW LIKE THEY GIVE IN AMSTERDAM!