Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut Chapter 29 – @RebeccasOffice Holiday Party

Chapter 29. Rebecca Handles the Naughty List At A Holiday Party

By the time Rebecca woke up it was late in the afternoon. Trevor had his arms around her with his hard-on pressed up against her thigh.  She leaned over, kissed Trevor on the lips and he told her that they were going to a Holiday party that evening and told her to get up and have a shower while he got the outfit for her to wear ready. Rebecca got out of bed and took a long shower.  She could not wait for them to get a whole new place.  Trevor’s efficiency hotel was a dump and  she could not wait to get out of there.  When she came back into the bedroom she noticed that her had laid out a furry white santa’s outfit. It was made up of a white hoodie dress which zipped all the way up the front with a black belt, furry fringe , white panties and white holdup stockings and black thigh high boots. It looked like a Santa ourfit except in all white.  Rebecca got dressed and when she was ready she saw that Trevor was dressed as a traditional Santa in a matching costume except in red and with black boots and he looked at her and liked what he saw. They both left and went to the car and he drove to the party located at a work/live loft in an industrial part of town in the valley an hour and a half away.  Traffic was heavy and they barely had time to stop and get something to eat.

By the time they arrived at the party is was already 8pm and the party was in full swing. They were met at the door by his friend and his wife who were dressed like them. They led them in and then his friend put his arm round Rebecca’s waist as he introduced her to the other people at the party. Rebecca smiled as she saw a sea of Santa costumes. All the men were in red and the women were in white.  Her host then led her to the bar and asked Rebecca what she wanted to drink.  When she turned to Trevor to ask what he was drinking, she noticed that Trevor had already started to mingle with a couple other women. After a couple of drinks Rebecca was starting to enjoy herself at the bar. People were friendly and great looking.  As she got to know the other people she realized that most of the men were black and the women were white.  What she had not yet realized was that the women’s drinks were strong and spiked.  She had not expected differently. Everyone was touchy and she didn’t mind that everyone her host introduced her too kissed her and gave her a huge hug.  Her hosts hand had never left her body and was now under her dress squeezing her ass.   Finally he asked her for a dance and she said yes. He led her onto the middle of the floor and while they were dancing she could feel him grabbing her ass and grinding his crotch against her and she could feel his big black cock and he told her “I cannot wait to fuck your tight vagina.” Rebecca smiled.  She knew that this was intended.  She was getting turned on and then he told her to follow him and Rebecca grabbed his hand and followed. She knew she was going to fuck this guy.  “Where are we going,” she asked. He told her “Just do as you are told and follow me” and he led her through the kitchen and down into the basement.

When they got to the basement, he pushed open a door to the alley and he grabbed her and pushed her down on a dirty mattress and started to kiss her hard on the lips as he was rubbing her ass with his hands. He told her to unzip her dress and she stood up slowly unzipping her suit when he reached under her dress and ripped her panties off and forced her up against a rusting abandoned washing machine and got his big black cock out of his pants.  A dim light in the alley provided barely enough light. He was rubbing his cock up between the cheeks of her ass as her pussy juices were dripping down her crack and he lubed his cock like a hot dog between buttered buns. And then Rebecca felt him force his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her vigorously. She did not care that anyone could hear her grunts. He was fucking her hard and raw as Rebecca was screaming out “Oh yes, it feels so good. Fuck me with your big black cock.  Fuck me Santa,” as his cock was stretching her tight vagina. Rebecca loved the animalistic intensity of the fucking.  She loved being desired this way.  He wrapped an arm round her ass as he was getting deeper in her vagina and the head of his cock started to touch her cervix. Rebecca was bracing herself, bent over the washing machine.  It creeked and made a large banging noise as it slammed against the wall with each thrust.  Soon Rebecca’s body started to shake as she had a powerful orgasm and covered his cock with her cum. He then began to slap her ass as he was telling her “You’re the best white slut I have fucked in a long time and I am going to enjoy pumping my black seed in your white slut vagina.” Just then Rebecca heard the alley way door slam and another person walked up behind them.  Rebecca  started to panic, but when the host saw who it was he told him, “Come over here and get some of this white Mrs. Clause slut.  She is the perfect gift to Black Santa.”

The party host maneuvered her back onto the dirty mattress. The other person got his cock out and walked over to Rebecca and told her to open her mouth as he forced his cock into her mouth as Trevor’s friend was fucking her. Rebecca’s vagina muscles contracted around his cock and she reached under him and began to milk his swollen balls as she felt him tense as he was about to cum.  His cock was pulsing and he forced his cock deeper into her vagina before filling her with his black seed deep in her womb and letting out a roar like the King of the Jungle. When Trevor’s friend pulled his cock out of her vagina the other person pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned Rebecca round and she told him “Come on and fuck me with you big black cock.”   She flipped onto her back and spread open her dress and put her hands behind her knees and spread her legs wide open. He then reached down and scooped up her cum out of her vagina with two fingers and put them in her mouth.  She sucked on his fingers and ate all the cum.  He then got his cock and rubbed the head of it against her clit before forcing his cock into her vagina and fucked her hard and fast. Rebecca would grab his ass and force more of his cock into her vagina. Trevor’s friend moved to front of Rebecca and told her. “Hey darling, time to clean me up and lick the cum off my cock.”  He slowly lowered his balls into her mouth as she tea-bagged his balls and rimmed his ass and sucked his cock clean.  Still rocking from his earlier orgasm, he got stiff in a hurry again and when she had clean his cock he moved aside and watched as his friend fucked this white slut. Rebecca was in ecstasy.  She had no idea even what the name is of the man attached to the cock between her legs, but she knew he felt good and was begging him, “Oh God, Oh God, it feels so good.  Oh shit, it feels so good.  Give it to me.  Give it to me.  Yes, Right there, don’t stop, ” but disappointingly he stopped fucking her and pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over her stomach.  Rebecca sat there with her legs wide open and in shock. as they both put their cocks back in their pants and stood up looking at her fine mess and smiling. She lay on the dirty mattress and she looked at them and was begging them “Aren’t you going to fuck me more?  Don’t you want to cum in my pussy too?  Please fuck me with your big black cocks!” but they looked at her and said “Look at yourself, you slut.  You might want to clean up that pussy. You should have only one cum in you at a time.  Tidy yourself up and get back upstairs to the party and entertain some other guests who want some of that sweet ass” and they laugh as they walked away as Rebecca was left on the floor. They left the side door propped open so she could get back in.

Rebecca got off the floor and tidied herself up.  She looked around the dark and deserted alleyway.  It had to be the darkest and dirtiest place she had ever had sex except for that first night when Trevor had forced her in that piss covered stairwell where she screamed for mercy and nobody heard. She could hear the music blaring inside the loft. She used her ripped panties to wipe the cum from her body and the cum leaking from her vagina. She then zipped up her dress which was now soiled from the trash in the alley. She didn’t notice a line of black soot on the back of the dress.  She went back in and slowly climbed the stairs and went through the kitchen and then she rejoined the party, looking for Trevor, but could not see him so she went to get a drink at the bar.   Fortunately, wearing the costumes gave Rebecca a feeling of anonymity.  Little did she know that Trevor was watching her every move and that every chance he got, he was pointing her out to people that he met at the party.

Rebecca started to relax as she quickly mingled some other guests. She assumed that these other white women were sleeping with other men too.  She thought she saw some women disappearing up some stairs or into elevators with other people. Her drinks went down smoothly and suddenly she was back in the groove of the party.  She soon felt a hand on her shoulder and when she turned round she saw a tall man dressed in a Black Santa outfit.  He stood out from the rest of the guests.  She began to talk to him and soon he asked her if she would like to dance and she followed him to the floor. Almost immediately she felt his large cock against her belly button as he was so tall. She almost wanted to bend down and rub her cheek against his crotch. She needed to be fucked again and he knew it by the way she closed her eyes and held onto him. She looked up longingly and he gave her a wink. He then led Rebecca down to the garage, where he brought her over to his Range Rover and lifted her onto the bonnet of the car and pushed her dress up. He got between her legs and started to lick her clit and rubbed her nipples through her dress. “Oh my god, shit that feels so good,” Rebecca moaned.  Her legs wavered in the air as his strong hands pushed her thighs back over her head. She began to push her vagina against his face as she was screaming out and anyone in the garage could hear.  “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, Ayeeeeeee” and she had another powerful orgasm, squirting her cum all over his face and costume. When Rebecca’s body stopped shaking she looked at him and told him “Oh my gosh.  More! Please fuck me with your big black cock”. He got up and pulled his costume open and pulled out his big black cock. Rebecca tried to grab it, but he pushed her back down on the bonnet, spread her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her wet vagina lips. She reached down and guided his stiff black cock into her vagina.  Rebecca closed her eyes in anticipation.  As soon he touched the tip of her pussy lips, he grit his teeth and rammed his cock deep into her vagina.

Rebecca’s hair fell over her face as her body rocked back and forth.  Her dress was pushed up over her waist and he reached up and pulled her breasts out of her dress as he fucked her deep in her vagina and then after fucking her for some time he pulled his cock out of her, picked her up, carried her to the back side of the truck, opened the gate, turned her round and then he pushed her down into the back of the car.  Bent over on all fours, she felt him force his cock into her vagina from behind until she felt his balls touch her clit.  She heard the elevator door of the garage open and she heard some voices of many men walking into the garage.  She tried to be quiet but knew they’d be discovered.  He started to fuck her harder and faster to make her scream and alert the men. She tried to hold it in but it felt so good as he fucked her and rubbed her clit with his fingers.  “Damn, it feels good.  Damn you!  Fuck!” and then one of the men walked over and said “Damn look at this white slut taking that big black cock”. Rebecca looked over at said “I need another cock in my mouth” and soon he climbed in the back of the SUV and she had another big black cock in her mouth sliding down her throat and soon the man fucking her mouth began to tense up.  He didn’t last long and started filling her mouth with his cum and she felt it slide down her throat.  She was still getting fucked hard as he tried to push more of his cock into her vagina and soon Rebecca’s body started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm.  She couldn’t believe she was being fucked in a car in a garage.  The image of what it must feel like and look like was so outrageous.  She looked up and as her assailant’s face dripped sweat dripped onto her body.  The image of this sweet young wife looking helpless with a huge cock deep inside her was too much.  He rammed his cock harder, determined to stretch out her pussy as she lost control and came all over his big black cock. Rebecca was screaming at the man fucking her vagina “Yes fuck me harder.  Give it to me.  You know you do.  Give it to me. I want to feel your seed deep in my vagina” and soon she felt his cock pulse deep inside her and she reached for his balls, feeling them tighten as he filled her vagina with his black seed.

When he took his cock out of her vagina, another cock took it’s place and went in easily into her vagina while another cock was forced into her mouth. She began to suck on it. Where as she thought the last two cocks felt good, unbelievably the next two felt even better.  The man fucking her pulled his cock out of her vagina and without warning pushed it into her ass.  Rebecca tried to escaped but two sets of hands kept her legs still  and she pushed back letting out a quiet, “No…….,”  which was only audible enough to say that it  wasn’t that bad.  Rebecca began to scream out “Oh it feels so good.  Fuck my tight ass.  Please be gentle and I’ll be good,” and she looked round and saw that it was Trevor who was fucking her ass and she pushed back on his cock and soon the cock in her mouth began to tense.  It was huge and ready to explode. Just then pulled his cock out and surprised Rebecca, covering her face and hair with his cum. Another man moved forward and pushed his cock towards her mouth.  Rebecca wasn’t ready and resisted at first until it pushed against her lips and she began to suck it, running her tongue up and down his big black cock and pumping it with her hand as she was deep throating his cock. Soon Rebecca felt Trevor force his cock deep into her ass before filling her ass with his black seed and when he was finished he took his cock out. The man who’s cock she was sucking took is cock out of her mouth and laid down on the floor and Rebecca straddled him and put his cock into her vagina and began to fuck him.  She rode him as he spanked her and she begged, “Yes, Yes, spank me harder. I’m a bad girl.  Give it to me“,   and she rode his cock like an expert rodeo rider.  She then felt a big black cock being forced into her ass and saw that it was the party host.  She leaned forward to give him a better angle and she began to moan loudly ,”Oh fuck put your big black cock deep in my ass”. It took a few minutes before he had his cock all the way in her ass and she began to fuck the cock in her vagina and ass at the same time. “Shit.  It feels so good.  I need all my holes filled like a good slut.” She felt like she was being torn apart and soon she was screaming out as she had another powerful orgasm, “Fuck me more!  I need more black cock.  I want to be a bad whore. He then said, “I’m going to fill your white vagina with my black seed slut” as he pushed his cock in her vagina and started to cum roaring, “Yes, this is the best little pussy ever”. The man pulled his cock out of her vagina and then one fucking her ass lifted her up as the other man got from under her and then the man forced her back down on her knees and grabbed her hips as he began to force his cock into her ass.  Rebecca was trapped.  She was paralyzed by the two rock hard cocks tearing up her insides.  Her pussy was pulsing in pain and pleasure.

Rebecca was screaming at the man fucking her ass “Fuck my tight ass with your big black cock!  Oh god it feels soooooo good. Cum in my ass with your black seed and fuck me deep and harder.” Her pussy was spraying liquid all over the place as he forced his cock deep one last time. As he filled her ass with his black seed he grabbed her hips and pushed harder.  He then pulled his cock out of her ass and his cum leaked out. He used his fingers to spread her butt hole and pushed his cum out of her ass while the others laughed. Rebecca was then picked up and laid down on her back on the floor and another man got on top of her and spread her legs and forced his cock into her vagina and she could feel the cum from her vagina oozing out and running down her ass cheeks and mixing with the cum from her ass and forming a puddle on the floor. The man was fucking her hard.  She could feel her pussy being stretched.  Her pussy was drying out after cumming so much, but soon he was filling her vagina with his cum as he pulsed for a good 30 seconds, pumping load after load of cum splashing against her insides.

Rebecca was exhausted but her body wanted more.  She started begging, “I need another cock to fill my vagina” and then another man came up behind her and bent her over before forcing his big black cock into her vagina.  It was huge and exactly what she was hoping for.  It was curved and rubbed her G-spot just right.  “Oh god it feels so good,” she cried. As he thrust back and forth her brought her closer and closer to brink of another orgasm.  “Oh my god, right there.  Yes, right there, don’t stop,”  she felt his cock touch her cervix as he was fucking her and soon Rebecca was having another powerful orgasm and her cum was squirting out and running down her thighs as she arched her hips to get more of his cock into her vagina as she sobbed as her body shook and he shivered with one last thrust before she came with a second orgasm.

Rebecca’s mind was in a haze, but she  could hear some of the men were talking about her and how hot she was.  “That gal is a fucking cum whore,” one guy said.  The man fucking her told her that he was about to cum so she turned round and put his cock into her mouth and rubbed his balls as he grabbed her head and filled her mouth with his black seed and when he pulled his cock out of her mouth she lick his cock clean with her tongue. When he left,  Rebecca leaned back, spread her legs and began to rub her clit, grinding her hips up into the air begging for more cock.  She started squirting as far as 4 feet as 6 guys watched in amazement.   Then one man walked forward and picked her off the ground and forced his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her telling her “Ride my black cock you little slut. You are my little pet. Show me how much you want my black cock.  Bark like the fuck dog you are.  Rebecca, replied, “WOof. Woof, ” obeying his command.. And then another man came up and forced his cock into her vagina. “Damn, her pussy is so stretched out!  It feels so good,  She’ll never fuck a white penis again.”   She had two cocks fucking her vagina and she felt so full and all she could do was moan as the two cocks were fucking her vagina. She screamed out “I want to feel both your cocks fill my vagina at the same time with your black seed” and soon they both started pulsing and Rebecca screamed with pleasure.  As they emptied their loads in her, the laughed telling her, “I hope you can figure out who the daddy is because we ain’t taking no paternity test.”  Rebecca passed out from exhaustion.

When Rebecca opened her eyes, she was  alone in the garage on the floor with her body covered in cum. There was cum leaking from every orifice. She was tired, but she had enjoyed herself being used as a sex toy for all these men. After a moment Rebecca heard foot steps and Trevor came around the corner  and stood over her and looked at her and said “Did you enjoy yourself my black cock slut” and all Rebecca could say was “Yes”. He help her up and helped her tidy herself up and then they went upstairs.  The party was winding down and everyone was leaving, so they both went up to his friend and thanked him.   He asked Rebecca, “Did you enjoy yourself?” and she looked at him with a smile on her face and said ,”Yes” and he looked at Trevor and said, “She is one sexy horny slut.  She was the life of the party and she is welcome anytime and I bet my wife would like to spend some alone time with her as well.” Before Rebecca left she told Trevor’s friend, “I can’t wait for the next party” and he replied, “You will surely be welcome again.” They both left and he drove them both back to the hotel where she immediately got undressed, climbed into bed and fell asleep where he joined her as well.

To be continue in Chapter 30.

Happy Holidays From @RebeccasOffice – A Toast To My Fans

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

I always love this time of year.  Not only is it the holidays but it is also my birthday time.  Every year at this time I do look back on how the year has gone and am always fond of all the people who have touched my life.  Well it is time for my annual party where I hand out toasts to all of you who went that extra yard this year for me.  Of course, I prefer to give you each your toast in private and let you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you.
So grab yourself some hors d’oeuvres and wait for me to call you in.  It has been a great year and my naughty list is not as long as my nice list this year.  I also have some people to give some parting gifts to as they leave  I will miss them, as they have been great assets to the company.  We wish them well in their retirement.

I want to thank HubbyRebecca and CeeGee.  There would be no RebeccasOffice without the two of you and I will forever thank you.  I never thought I’d be moving forward without you, but I must.  It has been a great ride and we all want to give you a great big round of applause.  I’m sure all the members will miss you as much as I.  Now I must reward all the other people with special toasts.….. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT IF YOU MADE MY NAUGHTY AND NICE LIST.

holidayAs a reminder to my subscribers who do not have a current membership, new management is having a holiday sale with a nice low price to launch us into 2017.  They are definitely in the spirit and want you to join me in 2017.  CLICK HERE AND REJOIN!  I WANT YOU IN 2017

Merry Christmas from @RebeccasOffice

Merry Christmas

                       Merry Christmas

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas.  I want to thank you all for helping me through another year on the internet.  A special thanks to all my followers, friends, fans and the whole Dreamnet family.  Having spent all these years on the Web, this has become my second family.

I hope you all get the gifts you need to have a wonderful year.  I love this time of year.  I often become sentimental.  Well thanks for visiting my blog today.  Please be safe and don’t eat too much!


@RebeccasOffice Update – Naughty or Nice

HomeforChristmas copy I have no doubt that I am near the top of Old St. Nick’s naughty list. Every year I wonder what it is he thinks I will deserve from his nag of coal. I admit I do like to receive a little punishment or something from the “other bag of goodies”. I mean I don’t need to be nice and receive candies, ugly jewelry, socks, ugly sweaters and the like. Well given that it is the week before Christmas and I am taking the rest of the year off, I am bored and horny. I thought I’d rummage through my husband’s closet looking for his gifts but couldn’t find them. All I could do was smell his cologne and got horny that I needed his smell all over me……

So I took off my clothes and put on one of his dress shirts and thought I’d wait for my lover to come over and help me out. I wonder who will come home first. My husband? My lover? Or maybe some handsome stranger. I want the gift of naughtiness. I’m not greedy. Anyone can give it to me? CLICK HERE to Reward Rebecca for being naughty!

Dreamnet Clips Sequel – Rebecca and Sam Go to Vegas Part 2

Rebecca & Samantha Part 2

                   Rebecca & Samantha Part 2

Am I bisexual?  I get that question often.  That weekend I spent in Vegas with Samantha I never ate so much pussy.  I also never ate another man’s cum out of another woman’s pussy.  I also never licked a woman as another man put his cock in her.  It was so hot!  I really liked it.  Then there is the hot scene I never had watched before.  When Samantha told her boyfriend’s wingman to choke her I was stunned.  I’d never seen a woman be so submissive.   It was so dirty and I loved it.  That is when I told her boyfriend to take off the condom and to cum deep inside me while I ate his girlfriend.  I wanted my whole body to be used by this couple and then have her boyfriend’s wingman stick his gigantic cock deep inside me and plant more of his hot cum in my womb.  I love Vegas.  There must be something about the dry air in Vegas that gets me horny.  You tell me, is this a hot scene or not?  Maybe this is what happens to all women in Vegas.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Samantha getting choked!

For the last 10 years people have asked me about this short clip on my club member side with my friend Samantha and this video includes about a minute of the nasty scene included in that vide.  A good friend who like me is married with a family, her one last hurrah can be seen here.  If you’ve been asking About Samantha, this is your last chance, I promise.


Have you checked under Rebecca’s Christmas Tree?


Happy Holidays everyone! While I know I will be updating next week on Christmas Eve, I want to make sure to greet you all this week whether you are Christian or not. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah,   Happy Festivus and Happy Kwaanza to everyone out there as well! I am really grateful to be sharing with you at this time of year, so thank you for receiving my “gift of giving” myself to all of you! If you are traveling or staying put, please be safe! Whether spending time with a large group of family and friends or alone, all I ask that you spend a little time with me and tell me how life is with you. Like Santa, I have something for everyone whether you are naughty or nice.

So were you a good boy/girl this year? Or were you one of those naughty ones? Did you get me something? What? You don’t believe in Rebecca Claus? Well grab that mistletoe and CLICK HERE so we can warm your chestnuts by the fire!

The Secret of Mrs. Claus


Were you naughty or nice?  That always has been the question, hasn’t it?  Well let me tell you, the naughty big little boys out there get something good too.  That husband of mine parades around with that white beard and that bright red outfit all night long, leaving me home alone.  Isn’t that the story you hear?  Well, I go to all the places he doesn’t.  Yes Mrs. Claus takes care of all the naughty one’s out there.  We naughty ones celebrate a little differently.  Yes, he might be looking at his list and checking it twice, but Mrs. Claus doesn’t care who was nice.

 Want something spicy for the holidays!  I have your free shipping for you as well.  I am the one who believes the holidays are for everyone and in true Christmas spirit makes sure nobody is left out in the cold!  If the Jolly Old Soul has left you with nothing this holiday season, come on in and let Mrs. Claus take care of you.  I’ll keep you warm and cozy.

Got Some Mistletoe?

Another year has almost gone by and I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday season not matter how you celebrate it. For me I have been blessed to be part of a huge family and love spending this time with them and all of my friends. This includes my online friends as well. Although some of you out there might be content on a simple holiday, I hope you think of me during this holiday season. So if you are feeling down and want a little fun, I want you to come by and look at this pictorial. Think of me as your family. I love spreading cheer this time of year and if I can put a smile on your face, I consider that the best gift I can give.So do you have a little “Bah” in your “Humbug”? Well let me give you the gift that keeps on giving! Want to wipe that Scrooge off of your face? Come on over and sit by the fire. Come on in and I will help turn that Grinch into some Mistletoe. So if you are ready, come on in. I’m waiting under the Mistletoe for you! CLICK HERE!

Merry Christmas Interracial Cookies

I know many of you out there might not celebrate the Christian holiday, but to many it is more than just a religious holiday.  It is a day of gathering with ones you love and care about.  It is about celebrating the goodness in al.

Oh who am I kidding?!  It’s about commercialism, football, basketball, lavish gifts and tons of eating!  LOL!

Well whatever you like to believe, I wish you a wonderful day!  I have been doing lots of baking and cooking, but let’s just say my mind wandered a bit today.  I was thinking about 3somes for some reason, so I put a little twist on the idea of a Black and White cookie.

I sure hope you all enjoy.  Tell me which ones you prefer!


Merry Christmas Hangover

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  No lost teeth?  No lost children?  no chickens or tigers in the bedroom? 

Haha.  We just watched Hangover again tonight.  Hope you all had a fun holiday.  I do love this idea of Christmas on a Friday.  Definitely the best day to have it.