Sin City Holiday Greetings Update

Sin City Greetings

You know me.  It might be the eve of Christmas, but I’m still working hard for you.  Or is that working late to get you hard?…Hmmm…Yes this is the holiday season and time to celebrate.  I really mean it.  Take the time to reflect on what you have that you really enjoy and cherish it.  For me, I just worship the wonderful life and friends that I have!  That means I also love all those members, especially the ones that send me little emails and messages of encouragement.  You all give that feeling that makes me want to go out and play outside of my marriage and share the love with others.   You may not think that Sin City is the right place to spend the holidays, but if you’ve never been, try it and you’ll like it!

Have you been to Vegas lately?  Let me take you high over the brightest and naughtiest city in the Western Hemisphere!  When in Vegas, you gotta get naked!  Grab those binoculars and take a look around inside my club!

Went Shopping this Weekend

Ah holiday shopping is all done.  Even did some shopping in Beverly Hills for this week’s update.  I sure hope that it goes over well.  I went shopping in some of the ritziest areas around.  Of course I didn’t spend a fortune.  I really did more window shopping than anything.

Need Matching Shoes

Need Matching Shoes

As I’ve said, I still think that we are in somewhat of a recession.  There are bargains out there but I honestly don’t believe you should even be buying something that is a good deal if you don’t need it.  In fact, I believe in “dress for less” so that is why I went bare bones this week.  I couldn’t afford a complete outfit.  That is going to make this week’s update a little bit more risque, but oh well.

I hope you come window shopping with me this week.  Well the only thing you’ll be looking at is me…so bring your check book! He He.