Update: Should @RebeccasOffice be renamed Rebecca’s Kitchen?

Now that Rebecca has taken on new living arrangements we hear that she has become domesticated and is cooking up a storm!  Her boyfriend claims that she is an amazing cook and that now that he has her as his personal chef, he’s got her cookin’ something hot every night when he gets home.  Lucky dog!  Have to say that we like Rebecca’s lack of apron.  We’ll lick all the sauces off her body and fingers.  We’d like to show her our own little rolling pin and spatula.  Rebecca might be cooking at her new housewarming party.  Hopefully we’ll get an invite or we’ll have to crash it.

Come see what Rebecca has going on in her kitchen.  We can’t guarantee your tastebuds will be on fire, but we are pretty sure that you will enjoy the presentation.  We must warn you though.  This is not an a la carte menu.  Everything here is 5 star quality with a prix fixe tasting menu.  CLICK HERE TO RESERVE A SEAT AT HER TABLE.


Music Monday – Thank You!

Well it is is Monday of a short week.  I am leaving early to head down to my in-laws place in La Jolla, a nice little suburb of San Diego on Wednesday morning.  One thing I love is that I won’t have to cook anything but the desserts this year.  My in-laws are great hosts and I married into a HUGE family where the men just rule the cooking on the holidays and let the women sit back and talk or go swimming. 

This is so different from the cold winters I had growing up.  While I miss the snow and Fall leaves, I do love the great weather this year.  Anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying Thank You to everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!