@RebeccasOffice shows you what to do with a Cum Shot!

So we had an early Halloween party this past weekend.  I dressed up as the Wicked Bitch of The West, but I didn’t realize it was not a costume party!  My boyfriend was more interested in watching football.  I wanted to have fun and do some trick or treating.  Well, after the party he blindfolded me took off my costume, and told me to get bed and wait for him and he’d give me his treat.  I was so horny that when he came in the room he pushed my head down between his legs and I started sucking.  But after a couple minutes I realized something was up when the door opened and I heard my boyfriend’s voice.  I was sucking his best friend. He said, “You’ve been tricked and you have your treat too.  Keep sucking for your gift.”
My boyfriend had told them about my website and that they could take photos and videos of me and that I was open game for them if they wanted a taste of an older white MILF.  I was shocked.  I thought he wouldn’t let them in our bed, but of course I wanted to please them so I sucked them both and cleaned them off while they took their videos and photos.  Yes they got to see them first, but CLICK HERE AND YOU GET TO SEE THEIR MOBILE PHOTOS TOO.

Are you Technically Compatible with Me?


I’ve been on Dreamnet for over 11 years now, but the other day I received something that shocked me and totally turned me on. At first I giggled, but then upon watching over and over, I was totally turned on. I’ve been recently been made aware of this thing called a tribute and what happens is that a man takes an image of me and cums all over it. Well this gentleman took a video of himself giving me a tribute, but what was really crazy was listening to him talk and then finally shooting all over my photo. What was really special is that he came all over his computer screen! I loved hearing him release as he did it. So naughty! This shoot has photos that are specifically designed for tributes. Are you willing to cum all over your device for me?  I accept Android, Apple OS and even Blackberry! If yes, read on.

This is so hot and I am challenging my members to get me a tribute. If you do one, I have special instructions. Do NOT send them to me via email. Just let me know if you made one and then I will give you specific instructions so that I can see what you did and get turned on! So are you ready to see what I have for you? Get out your handy dandy device out and CLICK HERE!

I Get it In the Face

Recently my husband went off with his lover for a night leaving her husband and I back in the condo while we were on vacation. While we were waiting for them to come back from dinner, I was getting bored and I felt bad for his lover’s husband so I thought I’d give him a little release. So while he was watching a movie I snuck in and gave him a blow job. He wanted to come inside me but I quickly came to my senses. I could not have him some inside me. My lovers would never allow for that. With that I let him come all over my face. Yes, those who have been asking for a facial got it. Of course I cleaned him off. I love the taste of a man’s cum. I’m so nasty.

Well this video was not what I was originally planning, but I think many of you will find it to be exactly what you wanted. A perfect video for you to imagine us being together. Maybe my husband should take your wife or girlfriend out for dinner and leave us home alone. Well you can pretend I am looking up at you with your cock in my mouth as you watch this video. Come inside and unzip it big boy!