Can I put an illegal firework in your pants?


What’s Red, White and Blue all Over?  Well obviously my new jean shorts are the answer!  I have to thank one of my members who thought I’d look good in these for the American Independence Day.  I have to thanks my member, Jack, for buying these really cool shorts.  I obviously will wear them with pride on July 4th and hopefully my colors will fly.  Growing up as an All-American Midwestern kid I still believe in the American dream, hope that I represent all women in America.  We’re sexy, we’re smart, we’re independent and most of all, we are the envy of men all around the world.  As the famous song says, “American Woman, you’re what I need.”

So do you need me? Us American girls are sweet like apple pie, spicy like a jalapeno pepper, and as savory as a juicy double patty burger.  That said, we are also tried and true.  We are as reliable as an American made pick-up truck made in Detroit.  Want to test me out?  Come on in and let me take you for an American voyage   CLICK AND SEE!



Daisy Duke or Business Babe Update – Vote Here

A long time member who has followed me since day one recently told me that he started following me because I was just a good ‘ole farm girl from the Midwest but since I moved to the Big City and seen the bright lights of Hollywood that I needed to remind everyone about my roots.
So he sent me a pair of boots and told me I should get out my jeans and get back to basics. Well he is right. I am a country girl at heart. I love the outdoors and I will never forget where I am from. It is true you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. And as the famous country song goes, You can’t take the Honky Tonk out of her either.

Which part of me do you like better? Do you prefer the educated businesswoman who is formally trained and comfortable at a White House Press Conference and can make grown men cry in the Board Room or do you prefer the horseback riding girl who can look good in jean shorts, hang with the boys and feel at ease at a country picnic. Thanks to Carl for the new sh**kickers. Well come on in, take a look and let me know. CLICK HERE!