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I want to thank everyone for their response to my last update.  The outpouring of men who interacted with my ex-husband back in the 90s and shared thoughts and images with him  is amazing.  I want to say that I had no idea this was all happening behind my back.  Remember, my site did not start until 2003.  I can’t believe to the extent of my husband’s master plan.  Well I guess it worked for all your benefit.  He was so naughty and now he has to live with his success.

Training to ignore Hubby’s cock for Black Dildo

He basically did this behind my back for about 10 years (1998-2008).  I discovered some pretty crazy things.  I didn’t know he once referred to me as Marita.  Marita was the name of my best friend in business school that he had a crush on.  I also did not know about how he was such an interracial cuckold experience.  Well he did get all his wishes.  This is a really interesting bit of news for me.  I had no idea so many people already knew about me before my site ever existed.

I think this all truly ended around 2005 which is when I opened my first own blog and started writing there.  He was no longer needed to be my voice.  I was doing it already.  In the end he told me he was doing this one last interview before we split and I did it.  I had no idea it was for the Dark Cavern.

The Dark Cavern Interview (2013): https://darkcavern.com/classic/stories_and_confessions/darkcavern_interviews/interview39.php

—————————————————( 1998 – 2008)———————————

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Let me know if you have any questions.  I have tons myself and I hope those of you familiar with this site can help me understand some things!