Rebecca is a Slave for You


People are always asking if I’m dominant or submissive.  I really am not one or the other.  I do admit I like confidence in my lover and that someone who knows what they are doing between the sheets is pretty attractive in my book.  Well for that matter it works that way for me in the board room as well.  If you are put together and have your act together I can really get wet between the thighs although you might never know.   SO I guess you might say that at work I can be pretty dominant during the day just because I have more people reporting to me.  Then when I get home I like to relinquish control.  My husband says it is an amazing transformation once I walk in the door and lay down.

As my favorite singer sings….I’m a SLAVE for you!  But then again I can be Becca…BITCH!  Take your pick.  Actually many of you know to never call me Becca if you don’t want to see that side of me.  Want to see my transformation?  Do ya?  Okay, honestly, I’m just a nice sweet girl.  I’m a terrible actress.  Just CLICK HERE and tell me if I look like I can be a BITCH.  I am so obedient.