Member Erotica – Part 11: Rebecca Fucks Her Black Master in Her Office

Part 11

When Maria got home she parked the car into the garage and then went inside and went straight upstairs to her bedroom and took her clothes off and put them into then basket to be washed and then went into the bathroom and switched on the shower and got in and wash herself hard to get rid of all the cum off her body and she felt dirty as well and wanted to make herself feel clean again. Maria was thinking to herself why does she kept on doing what her Black Master tells her and fuck these people it as if she did not care anymore. And why was she being so submissive?  When Maria had finished her shower went into the bedroom and then she put her nightshirt on and her panties and then got into bed and fell asleep as she needed it. The rest of the week went by without any text from her Black Master.  She realized that he was usually giving her several days to recover and think about her ordeals. When the weekend came Maria was able to enjoy herself being with her family and friends. On Saturday she was talking with a friend who was having marital problems and not having sex.  Rebecca thought to herself that this woman needed some black cock herself and smirked.  It hasd been a month since she was accosted that evening after work and she realized she had had a pretty exciting sex life over the last 30 days.  When the weekend was over and it was time to go to bed as she had work the next day. Maria was refreshed, feeling relaxed and happy .  She felt like she could overcome anything her Black Master had for her, but what Maria did not know was that her Black Master had something special planned.

When she got to her office on Monday her boss told her he was going to be out the rest of the week and asked her to cover his meetings the rest of the week.  His clients were very high end legacy clients and he trusted her as his most senior associate to handle them. When she got back to her office she looked online and saw his meetings has been transferred into her calendar.   Her boss liked to meet with clients later in the afternoon after-market when the office was quiet and people had gone home meeting with a client and he was hoping that Maria could stay late and see the clients instead.  Of course she agreed and when Tuesday came along, she met with their most lucrative client, went to dinner and had a wonderful evening.  Her boss would be so happy and perhaps when he retired she could inherit them.

Wednesday would be a little different as the calendar said it was a new prospect and that they were trying to “steal them” from their competitor.  Maria got the hint.  These were old school clients and liked a little sex appeal.  He wanted a little special treatment for this client.  When she got ready for work that morning, she wore her tigh pink suit over her translucent blouse.  Under the blouse she wore matching black bra and panties with thigh high stockings.  She wore her trench coat during the day so as not to draw attention from her co-workers, but for the most part she stayed in her office and did research.

When the clock turned 2.00 pm and her client had not turned up and she waited in case he was running late and then when it was 2.30 pm and all the staff were leaving the office, she was on her own.  She called out to her boss’s assistant but she did not have the client’s phone number. She decided that the client was not coming probably because he wanted to meet with her boss and not her.  She gave him till 3.00 pm and when he didn’t show, she sat behind her desk and started to shut down and pack up.

She was just about to leave when there was a knock on the  door.  It was her boss’s assistant.  “There is a gentleman here asking for Rebecca Ferrante?”  Rebecca’s face went white.  It had to be something her Black Master had set up.  Maria told her that was her given name and that she could bring him to her office.   In a few moment she returned with her Black Master, dressed quite nicely in a suit with a briefcase.  He entered and took a seat across from her as she thanked the assistant.  She ripped off her glasses and stared at him.  He smiled and said, “Bet you didn’t expect this, Rebecca”.

“What are you doing?  You can’t be here?  There are cameras all over the place.  This is where I work!”  He laughed and came around to her side of the desk and yanked her head back.  “Look, you took me in your bed and now you are going to fuck me on your desk.  I know you love my cock, so I want to make sure we mark our love everywhere.”  He yanked her to he feet and told her, “You know what to do.  Suck my cock, bitch.”  Rebecca looked up at her much taller master and reached for his belt buckle when another knock on the door occurred and her assistant walked in, “Here is your coffee Mr……….James”. Rebecca quickly stepped back but it was too late.  She had seen her going for his pants.     The Black Master realized this but was calm.  “Why thank you, you have great hospitality here.  This is perfect.”  The assistant looked at them both nervously, “Can I get you anything else?  If not, I need to get home,” she looked at Rebecca and continued, “Francis is fixing the copy machine, so if he leaves before you, please make sure to lock the front door.”   The assistant closed the door as the Black Master shoved Rebecca down to her knees, “Now where were we?” I walked over to the door, locked it, and sat on her desk.

Rebecca said, “We cannot do this. Ife someone comes back and catch us fucking and I could lose my job and I would have to explain who you are.” But her Black Master did not care, and got the bag he had with him and grabbed ahold of her by the arm and pushed her back onto her desk chair with her back to the window. She asked if she could pull the blinds down, but he wanted everyone to see. He then got the video camera out and a tripod and setup the camera and switched in on. He went back to her at the desk and then told her to strip and seduce him like she seduced all her clients,  opening her blouse to reveal she had not been wearing a bra, dropped her skirt to the floor , but leave her hose panties and shoes on.  He then moved around to her side of the desk switched places with her on the chair and then said loud enough for the video to hear, “Rebecca, if you want my money, you need to give me your VIP service.” He told her to get down on her knees and get his cock out and give him a blowjob and she slowly pull his zip down and pulled his huge black cock out and slowly put it into her mouth and started to give him a blowjob.  Anyone with a telescopecould clearly see and she hoped the window washer would not come by.

Her Black Master started to push more of his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her mouth hard and fast and was telling her that she was his black cock slut and he can use her mouth any time he wanted and he was calling her a dirty fucking whore and she was starting to gag on his cock and he was enjoying forcing her to suck his cock.  “If only your workmates could see that you are a dirty whore who likes to be abused by a black cock clients.”  Rebecca responded, “Yes, I will fuck all my clients and bend over backwards for them”. She had always wanted to have office sex and it was hot.  Her Black Master was nearly ready to cum, but he stopped her and took his cock out of her mouth and told her to get up and turn round and bend over your desk and he got behind her and pulled her skirt up and started to rip her tights and then her ripped her panties as well.  Rebecca looked up at the camera  and saw that she was facing right at it.   He then told her not to move and then went into his bag and took out a tube of lube and a butt plug and and then quickly forced it into her ass. Rebecca started to scream out that he was huring her but she did not want the copy guy to hear her. Her Black Master told her to shut up and he continued to push it all the way in.  Rebecca’s feet left the floor and the camera captured the pain and anguish on her face.  He then moved behind her and got his cock and rubbed her clit til it was wet.  He then forced his cock all the way into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  Rebecca felt full as he got hold of her hips and was forcing her to enjoy his huge black cock fucking her vagina.  Rebecca held on to the edge of her desk as her legs were lifted off the floor and she wrapped her legs around him until her heels touched his back

He would sometimes stop fucking her and pull his cock almost all the way out and then he would force it back into her vagina and fuck her harder. “How does my slut like being fucked by her Master’s huge black cock on her desk? She responded, “ I love it.  Give it to me.  I need it.  I love that you know what I need.  Do you want me to fuck all my black clients?” She was enjoying it.  She realized she enjoyed being helpless having dangerous sex in her office. She closed her eyes and felt his huge black cock fucking her vagina and she wanted him to fuck her harder. Then she was starting to feel an orgasm build and was telling her Black Master to keep fucking her and then her Black Master stopped and said, “Beg me to fuck you to make you cum you white slut. Tell me you will work for me and all my black brothers.  You will be my little elite whore.”

“Yes, I will work for you.  You own me.  I will work for your black cock and you can sell me off to all your black friends.  I need your cum.  I want it deep in my pussy.”  She couldn’t believe as she said it that she felt her pussy get wetter and wetter. And got her papers and blotter on her desk wet.

Her Master smiled and swatted her ass.  Rebecca was screaming at her Black Master telling him to fuck her with his huge black cock as she needed to cum and he started to fuck her again and this time he was fucking her harder and as she begged, she started to scream out loud that she was cumming and then he pushed his cock all the way in her vagina until he was touching her cervix. “Oh my god, I want it.” She was crying with tears in her eyes. Then he came and filled her vagina with his black seed as he body stiffened and her vagina started squeezing his cock and convulsing with an orgasm.  “This is this what you want you whore!”. Rebecca was silent, enjoying her orgasm and his cum inside her then screamed, “Yes fill me with your black seed you bastard. “ When he had filled her vagina with his cum, he then pulled his cock out of her vagina and his cum started to leak out onto her desk, papers and landed on her carpet and her leather chair as he fell beck onto the seat with his dripping monster cock. Rebecca laid there exhausted and naked on her desk.  Her papers were sticking to her body.

He then moved his hand to her ass and pull the butt plug out with a quick pop and then he got his cock and then forced it into her ass.  It was bigger than the butt plug. When she started to beg for him to stop, he pushed the plug in her mouth.  She could taste her ass and tears ran down her eyes again.  Hee was hurting her and she tried to move But he got hold of hips and told her that he was going to fuck her ass and his favorite pleasure was fucking her ass and seeing her trying to fight him. He knew that she would not resist long before she was enjoying feeling his huge black cock in her ass. He continued to push deep in her ass hard with his huge black cock as he said “Lick your ass off that plug” , Maria was starting to scream . She wanted him to fuck her ass hard and make her cum so he carry on fucking her and then he stopped again. Rebecca started to kick her legs.  Why did he stop. She had tears in her eyes.  He pulled the plug out of her mouth. She was crying, “Why have you stopped?  You own me.  What else do you want?”  He said that if you want me to fuck you then beg me more you dirty whore. She knew then she needed him to fuck her because she was nearly ready to cum so she begged him,  “Master this ass is your property and only for you to use.  I need you to fill all my holes.  I want you to bless my office with your cock just like you blessed my bed at home.  I want you to mark this territory so that when I work here I will think of us. Fuck my ass with your huge black cock you bastard.” He started to fuck her again and this time he forced more of his cock into her ass and she then scream out that she was cumming and push back onto his cock.  She came squirting on the desk  and floor and then he started to cum and filled her ass with his cum.

He then took his cock out of her ass and his cum leaked again on the desk, carpet and chair.  There was a mess on the carpet  and the desk looked as if someone had spilled a glass of water on it.  He then told her to stand up and turn round and she looked a right mess with her tights and panties ripped and cum leaking out of her ass.  He told her to move around to the other side of her desk and bend over the desk looking out the window. He followed her to the other side.  Rebecca looked out the window.  It was almost sunset.  She saw that other people could probably see what just happened.  She saw a bunch of men in white shirts across the way staring out the window.  In fact many people were standing in their windows.  She wondered if they saw.  She suddenly felt him move behind her and he quickly ripped a bigger hole in her crotch.    He stuck a finger in her ass and let more cum drip down her leg. He then got the video camera and zoom in on her ass showing his cum leaking out and he said to her,  “Rebecca, you are the best agent a client could have.  I will definitely give you my business.  Tell your boss that I said you have the best customer service.  He came up behind her and turned her around.  And sat her on the desk with her back to the window, her blouse wide open and legs crossed at her ankles as she braced herself with her hands at her side.  She could feel the soiled papers sticking to her ass.  He wiped his cum onto her silk blouse and started to get dressed.  He left her there with the camera rolling.

“What his your name slut and he said what do you like and what services do you offer?”  She looked at the camera and said “My name is Rebecca and I like to fuck my black master and his black friends and to have my vagina and ass filled with their black seed.  Please make sure to seek him out if you want to meet me”.   She had no idea what she was saying.  She was already his whore, but she was acknowledging  that she would do it for him whenever he wanted.  She just had no idea that his friends were not his friends, but real strangers. He then put the video camera back on the tripod told her to get down on her knees and put his cock into her mouth. Rebecca started to suck his cock and he was fucking her mouth hard and he was enjoying the pleasure.  He didn’t have to tell her to be a slut anyore.  She knew exactly what to do.  He was getting hard from having his cock sucked by her expert mouth as she knew how to suck his cock and make him cum. Then her Black Master pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to lay down on top of the cum on the carpet. When she was on the floor he stood over her and started to cum all over her body covering her breasts, face and body and then he went to get the video camera and film her body covered in his cum and also his cum was still leaking from her vagina and ass and he asked her “Did Rebecca enjoy being her Masters cum slut in her office?” She said yes and he told her to put some of the cum in her mouth and he filmed that as well.

He then switched off the video camera and picked up the tripod and put both into his bag and then told her that he will be doing this again.  Rebecca, still on the floorasked, “I look forward to next week.” He smiled and then he unlocked the door and left. After a couple moments, she got up, locked the door to the office and saw what a mess her office was in.  His cum was dripping out of her all over her desk and onto the floor.  She did her best to clean it up using her ripped tights and panties to clean up the cum on the carpet and blotting her soiled papers.  She wiped her leather chair but it was ruined.  She could see stains that would not go away.   She went to her purse and sprayed some perfume to try and cover up the smell of sex.  She turned around and looked out the windows to see the view of downtown.  It was dark now and her office was brightly lit.  She wondered if anyone had seen her getting fucked.  It turned her on a little.   She smiled and touched herself and put her finger in her mouth.  When she was satisfied that all was cleaned up as best she could she then got dressed and put her cum-covered ripped tights and panties and put them in a bag that she had in her drawer. She then left her office and saw that the cleaning crew was coming around and waved at them.   She dd not know that at one point they had heard her screaming but were scared to enter the room.  She went to the bathroom to straighten herself up, reapply her makeup and then when she was ready she left the office as his cum continued to drip down her leg all the way home.  The drive was a nice one.  Traffic was already gone. She thought to herself that she actually enjoyed herself and loved being able to have sex with her Black Master in the office.  She had wished it many times before with her husband, but this was a million times better than her fantasy.

To be continue in Part 12. That’s all for now.

@RebeccasOffice Video Post : Take Me, Own Me and Loan

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Member Erotica: Part 8 Rebecca Becomes an Escort for Black

When Rebecca got home she parked the car and cleaned it. She grabbed the two used condoms and got a wet wipe to clean the rear view mirror and put that in the bag and threw it in the garbage bin in her garage. When she was finished putting everything back in the glove compartment, she went upstairs to her bedroom and took her clothes off and went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower washing the cum off her body.  When the cum was wet it lathered on her body and she rubbed it all over. The slippery lubricant felt nice. As she washed her hair she could taste some of it as it ran down her face.  She leaned up against the wall in the shower and started to cry. She was ashamed as to what he was doing to her. She had been exposed to sex she had never had before and she was enjoying it. Her body was becoming addicted to the sensations it had never felt before. She was turned on by being spanked hard and now her normal life of mother and wife was now slowly turning into the life of a submissive sex craved woman.  She was lying to herself that she was doing this because she was being forced.  She tried to convince herself this was happening because she was being forced and blackmailed.  She was to blame too.  She wanted it.  Yes she did. She was slowly starting to enjoy being forced and abused by her Black Master and she was worried about how long she could keep up this secret life before someone found saw her and told her family and friends and what would she tell them. When she got out of the shower and dried herself and went in the bedroom and when she went to dry her hair she looked in the mirror and saw her reflection. She had changed from the happy mother and wife to a woman who is forced and abused to sleep with strangers. She was confused and felt so tormented.  She put on her nightshirt and panties and went to sleep.


Rebecca found it hard to sleep has she could not get out of her mind what had happened to her that evening and now the people at the hotel knew more about her. What would happen to her next time? Would her Black Master pass her around all the men at the hotel so that she could be used and abused.

What Rebecca did not know was that her Black Master had set up a profile for Rebecca on an escort review website and also put her daily rate for her service as well

the morning Rebecca got up without making a noise so as not to wake up her husband and got ready quickly and left the house. At work she found a garbage can in the parking garage and dumped the evidence from the previous night, locked her car, and went into her office. As the day went along she hoped that her Black Master would not want her tonight as she needed to get some rest and try to get back to some sort of normal life. At the end of the day she still had no text from her Black Master.  Her wish had come true. She was feeling less worry and when it was time to go home she was able to relax when she got home and enjoy herself with her family. She also was able to sleep better than she had in a while.

When Rebecca got up on Wednesday morning she felt relaxed and was looking forward to work. When she got to work she locked her car and then went to her office as usual. Rebecca was feeling productive and hadn’t even worried about the Black Master, but then in the afternoon she got a text telling her that he would be meeting her by her car when she finished work. In the garage?  Rebecca was afraid someone might see this strange black man standing by her car and that made Rebecca worry about what he had in mind for her.

When it was time to go Rebecca darted out before anyone else could see and was starting to worry about what he had plan for her. When she got to the car park she saw him waiting by her car and he told her to get in the passenger seat as he wanted to take her somewhere.  She got in quickly before anyone could see them together.  He held out his hand and she gave him the keys.  My gosh, she thought, he was driving my car.  I hope he drives okay. Rebecca noticed he was dressed in a nice suit and tie. She had never seen him like that before. He did look dapper. As they were driving Rebecca noticed that they were going out of town and heading to the big shopping mall in the Valley.  She was relieved that nobody from work saw her with him and that nobody she knew lived out in the Valley. When they arrived at the shopping mall he told her that he was going to buy her some new clothes for her new life as a black cock slut and to follow him.

Rebecca started asking him why do I need new clothes when the ones I have are good enough , but then she stopped. Her Black Master looked at her and said you will wear clothes that a I think would be appealing as a white woman who loves black cock. I will teach you how to appeal to all men of all types.

He took her to the Victoria Secrets shop and went in and started to look for some new underwear.  Maria felt awkward walking with him in the store. A well dressed black man shopping with a woman just from the office?  It looked odd.  He was the only man in the store and people were watching.  He gave her lots of garters and baby dolls to look at and if she liked them, her put them in a basket.  At least they were beautiful and not slutty clothes.  She felt they looked fairly classy. At one point a saleswoman helped them. She even told her, “I wish my man would buy my lingerie for me.”  Maria smiled at the thought.  Later when they were in the dressing room, he called to her, “Rebecca, can you come out and show us how that looks?”  She didn’t hear him.  Well she did, but it took her a second.  She was still getting used to being called Rebecca in public.  Finally she came out.  She came out in a demi bra and garters and he had her model some of the finer underwear for him and the saleslady.  He whistled and touched her as she turned for him.  The saleslady then suggested she get the same in black as well.  She could hear him talking with the saleslady.  “Your girlfriend looks great in those pieces, sir,” she said.  He replied, “Yeah I know how to treat a woman the way she needs to be treated,” he laughed.  In the end he spent over $2000 in underwear including garters, hose, bras, panties, baby dolls and bustiers.

They next went to bebe.  Rebecca had never been to that store as the clothes looked nice but way too tight and the skirts looked way too sexy.  She felt it was a store for younger girls.  The Black Master found 6 dresses with short skirts and lots of revealing cleavage and watched her in the dressing room try on the dresses and skirts until he had picked a few he liked.  After he purchased them, they went next door they went to Jimmy Choo and he knew exactly what he wanted and found some stiletto knee high boots that went right above the knee.  Rebecca wondered where he was getting all the money.  She had always wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos, but they were so expensive.   They went to pay for the items and then Rebecca carry the bags to the car and put them in the trunk. The Black Master then drove back to the hotel and Rebecca carried the bags into his room and put them on the bed and sat down. Then Rebecca asked her Black Master why he had paid for all these clothes. He said that he loved her classy smart look, but that she needed to add more sex appeal to her classy ass. He continued,  “This is your wardrobe you wear for me and my friends. I want my friends to see my girl and how she puts the Ass in Classy. Tonight you will meet one of my friends. All your clothes will stay here.  I have cleared a drawer and some closet space for my lady. I want you to go home, clean up and put some really nice makeup on and grab some jewelry.  When I set us up for a night out I will always lay out the clothes for you to wear and you will come here first.  Tonight you will be wearing the Little Black Dress and boots. Rebecca said alright and he told her to go home and get ready and then be back by 6pm tonight. “I will be taking you out to somewhere special, so I want you to be your best. Do you hear me Rebecca?“

Rebecca said, “Yes Master” and left. She drove home and when she arrived she went up to her bedroom,showered and put her makeup on, grabbed some jewelry and then put some clothes on and then went downstairs to make something to eat for the rest of the family when they got home.  Her daughter was home and she told her to say that she had a client meeting and might be late.  Little did she know that she was almost right.  She then left the house and drove to the hotel. She wondered what he had planned for her tonight. When she arrive she got out of her car and made sure to lock it this time.  “Hello Ms Maria”, 3 young punks said as she passed.  Maria quickly ran in and they laughed.  When she got to his room, she knocked on the door. When her Black Master said to come in she open the door and went in. She found the Black Master still in his suit. She walked up to the bed and undressed and put on the short black dress with a low neck line, black bra, black thong, black Stockings with garter and then sat on the bed and pulled on the stiletto boots.  She then reached into her purse and pulled out the pearl choker and matching earrings. Her Black Master grabbed her by the hips, spun her around and whistled. He put his arm around her and then she looked at herself in the full length mirror and he said, “Damn, we are gonna make a wonderful team, Rebecca”  She stared into the mirror.  He was right, they looked really smart together.  She felt sexy in the outfit although awkward that the top of her hose could almost be seen below the hemline of her dress.  She would have to take short steps and be sure to bend from the knees and not the waist so that her ass would not fall out of the dress.  She felt like a high class call girl and indeed she was (but just for black men). In the heels she almost stood 5’9”.  He went to the closet and pulled out one more surprise, a nice cashmere wool long coat Rebecca put her coat on to conceal her sexy attire.  They were ready to go.

He then told Rebecca that he was going to take her to dinner with a good friend of his and after the meal if he asks if you would join him for a drink in his room, you will agree to going to his room and when you get to the room you will please him and do whatever he wants.  He is a very important friend of mine.  I want you to do as he pleases.  If I hear otherwise, you will be punished.  He will be taping the incident as well.  I will be down the hall to make sure you do as he says no matter what it is and also I will be recording it as well. When he had told her what she had to do he said to her that it was time to go and they both left the hotel room.  Like the last time, she handed him the keys to her car and he unlocked the car and they both got in and then he drove her to the Luxe in Beverly Hills.

This was the last place she expected them to go.  She was still in shock when the valet opened the door.  He held out a hand and watched her long legs flow out of the car.  “Staying the night, sir?  Do you have any luggage?”, asked the valet.  “Just Dinner.  Please help Ms. Rebecca.  She and a colleague have a reservation for 7pm.”

“Hello Ms. Rebecca”, said a young girl. She was a concierge and led Rebecca into the hotel restaurant and bar.  Meanwhile, the Black Master pulled his car into self parking and as he was getting out of the car, and tall well built mocha skinned black man in a gray suit approached.  “Are you Rebecca’s handler?”  The Black Master smiled and the man gave him an envelope and a key card.  “Room 238 near the pool.  She looks fantastic.  I will have to use your services in the future, but I hope when can use Paypal or credit cards in the future.”  The Black Master patted him on the shoulder.  “Have a good time, John.  You have only 6 hours.  Get going”.

John walked into the restaurant and saw Rebecca sitting at the bar.  She looked nervous.  She was.  She was wondering what was happening. What were the Black Master and his friends planning? She had always wanted to eat at the Luxe, so she was pleased at the upscale surroundings.  When she saw a tall well-dressed dark skin gentleman approach the hostess and she pointed toward Rebecca, she was caught off guard.  He walked over with a big smile, “Rebecca?  I’m John.  Excuse me but you are even more beautiful than your photos.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek.”  She was stunned.  What photos had he seen?  Was her Master sending photos around to his friends?  Well at least he had good-looking friends.

The Maitre D’ came by and asked if they were ready to be seated and John told him, “Yes”.  He led them to a table for two with a view of the Getty Museum and the 405.  When the Maitre D’ pulled out her chair, John offered to take her coat.  Such a gentleman, she thought. As he pulled the coat off her bare shoulders, she felt his hands touch her and she shivered. “I’m staying in Room 238”, he said “Can you just coat check her coat and bring it up to the room?”  The Maitre D’ nodded and ran off with her coat after pushing her chair in.  She loved his way.  He was so assertive and he had all the graces of a perfect gentleman. John stared at her. “Rebecca, I’m sorry for staring, but I can’t believe how gorgeous you are.  And so stylish.” She started to blush. She wanted to tell him her real name, but she was getting used to the name Rebecca.

Unaware and still confused, she asked if dinner was just the two of them.  John laughed. “You are the only person I want to be with.  Did you want to have someone else along?” Maria was looking around.  She had assumed that the Black Master would be with them for dinner and the entire evening. She had no idea that John was just a normal guy who had seen her ad and booked 6 hours of time with a woman he thought to be a high class escort almost exclusively for black men.  Her Black Master had planned it this way and John liked it.  He didn’t want to talk about fees or anything with her.  He just wanted to have a hot date with a sexy white woman.  Dealing with her Black Master separately around the money was perfect. Meanwhile the Black Master was in Room 238. He went in and set up two video cameras on Tripods and hid one behind curtains and the other in the closet.  He then went to the sliding door that led to the pool and cracked the door open slightly and opened the curtains so that he could have a nice view of the bed from the patio outside the room.  He then went outside and lit up a cigarette and waited.

Rebecca and John ordered cocktails and she laughed.  This was so much better than the Dungeon or the Adult video store that she had been to before.  John was a hunk and she didn’t even flinch as he held her hand at the table as they chatted about world affairs, her work as a portfolio manager and his work as a tech executive.  She fell for his British accent.  A black man with a British accent and the alcohol was so seductive.  She had assumed she was going to be fucked that evening, but not by someone so charming and debonair. As they cleared the dishes and they drank one last cocktail, she was giggling so loudly.  Everyone around was staring at this woman who was obviously drunk and a high class escort.  She oozed sex appeal.  When John reached under the table and ran his hand over her thigh, above her stockings and then touched her underwear, she was soaked.  She looked at him and he knew she was hungry for his cock.

John asked her, “Are you ready to go to my room for a nightcap?” and she said quietly nodded so as not to alert the people around them. She was too inebriated to realize it was too late.  Everyone had been watching the interracial couple all night. As they got up to walk to the elevators her dress was hiked up just an inch higher and the bottom of her ass and the top of her stockings were visible.  As they walked away, John had his hand around her waist and then dropped it down over her ass.

As soon as they got in the elevator and the doors closed, they started kissing.  She had wanted to kiss him all night long.  She grabbed his crotch and felt his huge cock through his pants.  John and Rebecca got in and he push a button to his floor and then he lead her to his room and when they arrive he unlocked the room.  He told her to wait a second so he could clean the room and she just leaned up against the wall as he ran in.  John quickly turned on the video cameras and some music and came back out in less than a minute.

John told Rebecca to have a seat on the bed and he asked her if she would like a drink and she said yes. He went and got them each a glass of champagne and then he sat on the bed with Rebecca and started to stroke her thigh with his hand and asking her if she was enjoying her drink. Rebecca tilted her head back and swallowed her glass of champagne in one go. She was worried at what her Black Master had told him he could do to her. John then got up and took her empty glass and put it on the table. His hand slid further up her thigh and reached her vagina which instantly became wet and she parted her legs to allow him access.  She promised she’d do whatever John wanted and it seemed it would be easier than she originally thought. He pressed his fingers against her vagina and started to rub her vagina through her thong and she let out a moan and she kissed him hard on the lips. He then told Rebecca to get his cock out and she moved her hand to his trousers unzipped them and his cock sprang out. She didn’t look at it, but could feel it grow as she stroked it. John then moved his hand from her vagina and grabbed her head and pulled it over his cock and shoved it into her mouth. Suddenly this romantic gentleman was getting rough and she started sucking his cock as he aggressively fingered her vagina through her thong.

Rebecca was nearly ready to cum and told John to keep finger fucking her, but he stopped and told her to get up and strip for him, but leave her garter stockings and boots on.  Rebecca stood up and did a slow striptease as she swayed her hips.  Outside the window her Black Master watched and pulled his cock out of his pants.  She was a natural. He needed to tell the boys at the strip club that he had a new girl for them.

When her striptease was almost done, John got up behind her and pushed his stiff cock against her ass and started kissing the back of her neck, reaching around and dropping her bra to the floor, cupping, massaging and pinching her nipples.  Rebecca was in heaven. This strong beautiful man was pushing all the right buttons. She swooned and then he suddenly pushed her onto the bed, took his clothes off, and got on the bed as well. Without warning he started to thrust his fingers deep inside her vagina and Rebecca started to moan again as her started to finger fuck her. He said to her “I bet you wish this was my cock don’t you whore” and Rebecca began to beg “Yes, please fuck me with your big black cock” and without warning he forced his big cock deep inside her vagina and thrust his cock harder and harder until she started to beg him to give her more of his cock and each time bringing her closer to her orgasm. Rebecca’s pimp had never said anything about condoms, but it was too late now and she didn’t seem to care.  He knew that it was a gamble.  How many cocks had she slept with before him?  John kept fucking her and he could sense she was no longer in control of her body. He started to gasp and writhe as she had orgasm after orgasm as his big cock slammed into her over and over again.  “Oh my god”, she screamed and he then told her “Beg me for my cum” as he was close to cuming and Rebecca shouted “Please cum in me and fill me up with your hot cum”. She had never been made love to so assertively before and wanted it so bad.  She wanted his cu badly and then she shrieked as she felt it.  He started to cum deep inside her and she put her hands and legs tight around him to pull him deeper inside her, but the he pulled his cock out of her vagina and forced it into her mouth and told her to clean it and he then removed is cock. He slid his fingers into her vagina and scooped some of his cum and brought his fingers to her mouth. “Prove that you are a slut and he eat my cum”, he said and she licked his fingers dry.

When they were done, she laid there securely in his arms.  She reached down and was amazed to find his cock still semi hard.  It was so hot.  They kissed and cuddled for 10 minutes before John told Rebecca to get on her hands and knees and he got his cock and put it into her ass without any lube or warning.  Before Rebecca could protest, she screamed with pain and anguish telling him that he was hurting her.  She did not hear the Black Master close the patio door shut for a bit so that others did not hear. John reached down and shoved his underwear in her mouth to muffle her screams. He then got hold of her hips and started to fuck her hard and push more of his cock into her ass. Tears rolled down her eyes as he raped her ass.  He spat in her ass.  “You bitch, you think you are some hot shot Vice President in you rich pearls  and fancy clothes, but you are just a cock loving whore”.  This date had started so nice.  She had fallen for his charm and the way he made love to her and now he was hurting her and calling her horrible names.  John had wanted to fuck her ass and he was not going to stop until he had fill it with his cum. He spanked her as hard as he could until both cheeks were red.  He then pushed her down on the bed and started to tell her what a dirty slut she was and how she liked to be fucked in the ass with a big black cock.  She just closed her eyes and cried.  The aroma from his groin stained underwear in her mouth made her feel so dirty and betrayed.  She was helpless as he held her arms down with is hands.  He was so powerful and she was no match for him. After some time Rebecca started to feel another orgasm build up.  How could this be?  Was her body actually enjoying it? It was. Rebecca spat out the underwear and whimpered, “Please do it harder and slower.” He responded by going deeper with long forceful strokes.  She felt it building again. Suddenly she screamed out that she was cuming and pushed up her ass to get more of his cock and she started a squirting orgasm on the bed as he pushed more of his cock into her ass and then told her that he was going to fill her ass with his cum.  Rebeccas could feel his cock beginning to grow and suddenly like a blocked up pipe, it squirted deep long forceful streams into her anal cavity.  His cock kept expanding and contracting in her ass with each pulse.  She actually loved it and it just didn’t seem to stop until she could feel his cum oozing out of her ass. John lay still on top of her until he had fill her ass with all of his cum and then he pull his cock out of her ass slowly and then told her to turn round and he put it into her mouth.  Rebecca flinched for a second thinking about how that cock had been in her ass.  She held her breath and swallowed his cock, licking all the cum off of it.  The thought of tasting her own ass almost made her gag. Her Black Master just then came outside the window watching his prize bitch in action.

When she had clean is cock fully she passed out and he kissed her more.  He held her tight and caressed her body, spooning her and kissing the back of her shoulders.  The kinder and gentler John was back. Her ass was sore from the spanking and fucking.  After a bit, he told her to that time was almost up and she should get ready to go home and offered her a shower.  Rebecca slowly got up and took off her stockings, garters, and boots. The hot water felt good, but stung when it hit her ass. She closed her eyes and let the water run down her face.  Back in the room, the Black Master and John were finishing arrangements.  The Black Master handed him a paper.  John was sto download the videos and then send copies of the video electronically to the address on the paper.  John said he was pleased with her and would like to book her for another appointment in the future. Her Black Master said that it would be the same price of $2700 for 6 hours or an overnight meeting for $4000 and John agree to it saying she was worth the money and he will also be telling his friends about Rebecca and the site. Her Black Master reminded John that she only fucks black men and that he hoped he’d write a positive review.  John said that his friends are all black and that he’d write a glowing review on the Http:// website. The Black Master then said his goodbye and told him that he should join her in the shower.

Rebecca was startled when she heard the shower door open and through the fog John stepped into the shower with her.  He kissed her passionately and reminded her how beautiful she was and that she was the best fuck he’d ever had and if she’d be open to it, he would love to see her again.  She looked up at him and grabbed his cock and kissed him again.  So what if he had forced himself into her ass, she thought.  In the end he was so good and he was classy.  She hoped all of the Black Master’s friends were like that.  John lifted her leg and slowly inserted his cock and started fucking her again.  She loved his cock.  It felt so perfect.  She was afraid she migh slip and fall so after a few minutes she turned around and he fucked her doggy style.  The sound of his wet body slamming into her wet ass and spraying all over the plaece was so dirty and erotic to her.  It felt so good until she eeked out a tiny orgasm that shook her body.  She had nothing left.  Once again, fearing that she would slip and fall she got down on her knees and started to give him a blow job.  H e grabbed the back of her head and shoved it to the back of her throat. “You are a good little girlfriend.  This why I love classy white women.  You know how to serve a man and make us come back for more.”  Rebecca could feel him growing harder and ready to burst.  She wanted him. He was the best experience she’d ever had.  If she had more experiences like this, she’d gladly fuck the Black Master’s friends.  She pulled off his cock and said, “Give me your cum.  I want to savor it til we meet again.” She shoved his cock back in her mouth and he came hard with long threads of cum that hit the back of her throat and dripped down, making her gag and choke.  But she drank it all.  He could not see the tears in her eyes as the shower ran over them.  He almost fell over as his legs felt week.

John looked at the clock.  They were running way over.  They quickly got dried off and dressed. So Rebecca put her Bra, Thong, Short Dress, stockings, garter and boots. John handed her her coat and purse and gave her one long huge kiss and told her, “This was my best trip to LA ever.”  This made her happy and put a smile on her face.  The smile on her face disappeared though as soon as she left the room.  At the end of the hall by the elevator was the Black Master waiting for her. It was 1:30am and walking through the empty lobby she felt like a cheap white whore with her black pimp.  Her hair was still mussed up and wet.  The young valets smiled as they helped her into the car and she blushed.

“Why do I have to be made to feel like a prostitute when I had such a great evening?” she asked.

“My dear Rebecca, being a prostitute is all in your head. Nothing happened here. Nobody paid you for sex.  You did nothing wrong.  You just fucked one of my many good friends.  All people saw was a beautiful classy lady having a good time out.  You have been stuck in your corporate ivory tower for so long that you have forgotten how it is to let your hair down and enjoy yourself.  Don’t worry, I am going to teach you how to be sexy again.  Me and my friends are going to bring out the true sexy black cock loving woman that you naturally are.” he lied.

Maria thought about it on the drive back to the hotel.  He was right.  She needed to let her hair down and live a little.  The sex might be harder but it was definitely better cock than she had ever experienced.  She hoped there would be more guys like John in her future.  As they pulled up to the hotel, the streets were empty.  The bums were asleep on the sidewalk.  As they got out of the car and passed each other in front of the car, he handed her a bag and the car keys and said, “Alright Cinderella, time to turn back into a boring Corporate Pumpkin”. She looked in the bag and it was her regular clothes.  She then reached for the key but he pulled it away.

“No need to waste time. Change right here”. She looked around.  She forgot that the clothes were to remain at the hotel and as she started to go to the hotel. He was going to degrade her one last time.  She turned around and he unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head.  He whistled and grabbed her ass.  “Maybe I should whore you out for money, I could make a fortune,” he said.  She quickly grabbed the rest of her clothes, sat on the hood of her Audi, stripped off the rest of her clothes and at one point was completely naked in the middle of the street in downtown LA. As soon she stuck her foot into her other heel she heard a large round of applause.  A large crowd of gross men stood in the doorway of the hotel.  They had  watched the whole thing.  The Black Master was laughing.  He shoved her dress and panties in the bag and told her he’d be in touch.  Maria was so embarrassed.  She snatched the car key from his hand, jumped in the car and drove off.

Later that evening, John went back home and wrote his review his encounter with Rebecca.  She was fantastic.  The best escort he had ever had:



Madame Rebecca wants to hear from you.


I often get asked if I see members or how much it would cost to spend the night with me.  I get this question all the time.  At least two or three emails a day.  Madame? Escort? Prostitute? Lady of the Evening?  There are lots of names for the world’s oldest profession, but that is not for me.  Quite frankly I’d be a bad prostitute.  Besides, I doubt people would really want to pay to have sex with little ole me.  Or would you?

So let me get this straight?  People would pay me hundreds of dollars to have sex with me?  Well, maybe I should reconsider.  Let’s investigate this in further detail.  (The following is only a fictional scenario.  By no means did it really happen.  Or did it?)

So what does happen?  I’m curious to know what people actually pay a woman to have sex.  Why don’t you go take a shower, make sure you use some soap and when you come back we can get started.  Maybe you can help me figure out what I’m supposed to do to make you comfortable.  Are you ready?  Well, come on and CLICK HERE. Let’s see where this goes.

Rebecca is Mistaken as a Callgirl

So he came up to me and said, “Incall or Outcall?” I looked at him and wondered what he was talking about. Since I was at a hotel restaurant bar I assumed he was asking if I preferred to eat in or take out. Well I later found out that is sort of what he meant! I just didn’t know that the main course he wanted was me. That was 9 years ago and I was so innocent. The guy was picking me up thinking that I was a high class call girl. In a way it was flattering. I had no idea that I was giving out that vibe. It is amazing the language of this industry. Do you know these terms? If you don’t, let me teach you what I’ve learned. Now get out that pen and paper.

So you think you want to be in porn? Well you would be amazed at the glossary of terms I’ve learned. Yep, they don’t teach you these words in graduate school. The only way to really learn these words is by actually executing them. I think it is kind of funny. I never would have imagined using these terms. Well come on and let’s talk SEX! CLICK HERE!