#ThrowbackThursday : @RebeccasOffice Glass House Exhibitionism

Before I had a blog, I had no place to promote these old posts.  I figure I should post them each Thursday.  So here is one from 2008. Can you guess the hotel? :

Are you a voyeur? Like to look up women’s skirts? Catch a glimpse of something you shouldn’t see? Well the proverb says that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Well Rebecca has a few other rules you should know. Watch her pose in the window of this glass house. Did you see her? As someone who is a connoisseur of public nudity you know that you must always keep your eyes open and your head up. In this case, all those lucky souls who got up early and stared up in the sky eight stories, got their wake-up message from Rebecca! If you aren’t yet a connoisseur of catching glimpses of things you weren’t meant to see, then come inside and let her give you a few pointers!

Oh yeah, check out this first photo as Rebecca thinks wearing sunglasses will reduce glare! Hey Rebecca, we can read between the lines, or in this case, between your legs! Very subliminal! Sure wish we were an empty beer bottle! Hooray Beer! Go inside to see what other messages Rebecca might have for you. Oh, and grab a nice frosty brew as you watch! Cheers to you Rebecca! CLICK HERE for page 2 of this update!