30+ years of hairstyles. Do You Have an @RebeccasOffice Milf Hair Fetish?

This came out of the blue.  Hair Fetish?  I have heard of foot fetish, but never hair fetish.  I actually came across a blog about MILFs and there were some men talking about my hairstyle.  I almost laughed out loud.  They were arguing that I was the perfect MILF because I had a short haircut that was styled professionally and that I hid my slutty ways behind my MILF status.  These guys even had pictures of my hairstyles throughout the years.  So I contacted one of these guys who is a member of my site and asked him to explain this.  He just said that my hairstyle was short and sassy and that he’d love to see my evolution from the very beginning.  He said that my style made me very believable and that he met women and work with short hair like me all the time.  He also said the lack of tattoos added to the aura. What amazed me is how much this guy knew about all the hairstyles I have employed.

 So I agreed I’d do it and find some old photos from college all the way through today where you could how my hair has changed.  I went through all my photos that I never published (duplicates, I blinked, or slightly blurry) and grabbed some previously unpublished photos to create a timeline of my hair. Now you get to see me as I change all the way from my freshman year to college to a MILF spanning 30 years. I used to have a fetish area of my site where people sent in or bought things for me to wear in a pictorial.  So if you have a particular fetish I haven’t done, I’d like to hear it.   I sure hope you enjoy some of these hair photos.  So do you think you have a hair fetish?  CLICK HERE AND RUN YOUR FINGERS THROUGH MY HAIR. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IS MY BEST LOOK.


Rebecca Challenges You

Championship Caliber

Championship Caliber

Those of you who have known me a long time know that I am competitive and always up for a challenge to those genuine fans.  This week honors two fans who are from the Northern California Bay Area who both won bets against me!  That is rare!  I hate losing! They have the rare double team win as both of their champions are from the same area.  So to James and Andrew, thanks for this double team action.  I honor you by wearing your team colors!  And for the rest of you, bring on the challenge!!
Growing up in Ohio, I must say that collegiate sports meant a lot to our small community and professional sports came second.  I was always very competitive myself, but mostly when it came to academics.  Professional sports was never big in my household and that is probably why I never realized how Cleveland was probably one of the most futile cities in the country when it came to professional championships (side note that we have lots of collegiate championships). Having spent my last decade in Southern California I have seen a city that goes crazy for its professional sports teams.  Over the years I have dedicated updates to members in honor of their cities by wearing their team colors. Well I have a couple of fans have alerted me to a rare feat!  It has been 7 years since two teams (Celtics and Red Sox) held championships from the same area.  Well as of this posting, the Northern California Bay Area is currently home to the NBA and MLB champions.  As I lost a couple of bets to these members, I am helping to spread the feeling even though my team was one of their victims.
So do you think you have that feeling? Do you have what it takes to be a champion over me?  I’m a girl that is hard to beat!  Pick your challenge, beat me and I will wear your colors.  Perhaps someone thinks they have a better college football team than Ohio State?  CLICK HERE if you are up to my challenge!
PS – I am looking for extra people who are current members of my site and want to join a fun fantasy football league.  Email me at reccasoffice@gmail.com if you are interested and I will send you an invite.

Rebecca’s Q&A Update

NEW VIDEO ~ Q&A and play with Rebecca

This is your Boss speaking! All hands on deck as I want to tell you about the State of RebeccasOffice. You’ve been waiting for this and I am glad to finally answer some of your questions that you all sent in. Thanks so much for answering my request and sending in your questions. In order for us to succeed together, you need to know that I’m here to let you know what is going on now and what we have in store for the future. This video is my way of letting you know more about me as I often get the same questions and it is hard to keep re-typing the answers or helping people find the answer on my site. I am so glad to try something new for all of you and hopefully we will do this again.

Like every great boss, Rebecca loves good feedback and also provides you examples of what she can do to make things better for all her constituents. She even re-enacts some of the best strategic decisions she makes behind closed doors. Very few of us really get to know what makes our boss tick, well not Rebecca. She provides you with the real answers straight from her lips! Come on in and check it out. Rebecca has an open door policy it seems! CLICK HERE!

NEW PICS ~ Rebecca Branding San Francisco

Header – As you all know I love when my members send me something personal and have me wear their brand. One of my admirers hails from Northern California and although he has seen me in lots of uniforms from the East Coast and the South, wanted to see me wearing the color and symbol of his favorite NFL team! I’m always happy to oblige. I hope it brings us closer together. Do you all like this team? Do you have something for me to wear? Your favorite local restaurant T-shirt? Your school colors? Let me promote something personal to you. Send it to Dreamnet and I will wear it! You can also write some of the things you want me to say in this micro-shoot. Remember, I probably don’t know much about the subject matter so you’ll need to educate me. So Send me something and I’ll take a few photos in it and give you a shout out.

I honestly don’t follow football that much, but one of my fans is what he calls a “49er Fanatic” . So thanks to Vince for this cute little dress. I love it and I’m so proud to wear this dress for you. I hope it makes you swell with pride seeing me in your team colors … CLICK HERE!


Fetish Me This – What is Black on White & Red All Over?

Fetish Me This

Actually that should read what is Black on White on White and Read all Over. Of course the answer is me in Black lingerie on a white bed with photos posted on my website that is read all over the world. I was thinking of doing a black and white pictorial but my photographer told me that maybe I should just take some photos in all black and white. I guess you might say that this is the black and white update that isn’t interracial. This pictorial is a nod to Terry who requested me in black stockings he purchased for me and wanted to see close-ups of me on my bed. Terry has a fetish for stockings. Do you have a fetish for me to fulfill? You could end up on this page too: http://www.rebeccasoffice.com/sets/fetish/fetish.html

Got a fetish? Are you a stocking lover? Do you want to request a pictorial of me wearing something in particular? I am always willing to wear something within reason. Send me your requests. Something personal. Something sexy, or something controversial. If you want to get personal with me, then tell me more about what I can do for you. Come on in, hop on my bed with me and let’s discuss what I can do for you.