Member Erotica – Life of a Black Cock Slut: Chapter 32

Chapter 32. Rebecca Is The Main Entertainment At The Super Bowl Party.

January was a whirlwind.  Rebecca and Trevor moved comfortably into the townhouse and Trevor had been on his best behavior.  He sacrificed his short-term fun for the long-term benefit of owning his new sexual slave.  He continued to make love to her on a nightly basis and made sure that she fell in love with her new life over her old life.  He consoled her when she had to meet Al to finalize the divorce and finish her move into the new house.  Trevor used the month to change Rebecca.  He still did not tell her what was behind the door in the area by the wet bar.  He threw out her matronly clothes and replaced them with updated sexier apparel.  Shorter skirts, plunging necklines, higher heels, see-through tops, and sexy lingerie now littered her wardrobe and the men at work were noticing.  Rebecca had never felt more loved and beautiful.  Men whistled at her on the street and it made her smile. Other men at work were telling her that she looked happier and really good.   She continued to put on lunchtime shows in the office for security cameras at work as they made her feel attractive.  Every day when she came home, Trevor had dinner prepared and gave her a big hug and a kiss.  She was adjusting well to her new life living with Trevor and loved the security of having Trevor’s warm body holding her every evening.  The wild gangbangs and making love to strangers and his new friends had stopped.  It was just the two of them and she was truly falling in love with him.  She was falling under his charming spell.  She had to.  While her family had abandoned her, Trevor had picked her off the floor and showed her the love she had been missing.

It was the day of the Super Bowl.  Rebecca was looking forward to watching it with Trevor and discussing plans for a possible trip for Valentine’s Day.  She was busy in the kitchen putting together snacks for the game and put the some beers in the cooler.  There were a couple hours or so to go before the game started when Trevor asked her to follow him to the bedroom as he had a surprise for her. When they got to the bedroom he told her to take a shower as he had a surprise for her.  While she showered she pulled a wrapped box out from under the bed and put it on the bed. When Rebecca came out of the bathroom naked, he said, “I always wanted the fantasy of my woman wearing a maid’s outfit and serving me food while watching the Super Bowl.”  Rebecca opened the box and smiled.  She loved that he fantasized about her. She opened the box and found a sexy maids outfit which was a see-through black mesh short dress, a pair of white holdup stockings, a black g-string, a collar with the word “Slut” in diamonds and a pair of black shoes.  She smiled and said, “You’re naughty, but I love you and of course I will be your sexy Super Bowl servant.”  She disappeared into the bathroom and put on her makeup and costume.

When she went downstairs, she found him putting out all the snacks and getting ready for the game.  He smiled and told her to come over.  She obliged and when she got close he pulled out a collar and put it around her neck.  She looked at the thick chain it was attached to and saw that it was connected to a pillar in their home.  She thought to herself that it was unusual, but realized that it enhanced his control of her as a servant.  The chain allowed her to only reach the front door and to the service counter of the kitchen and the wet bar.    He kissed her and told her that today he was going to join the “touchdown club”.  When she asked what that was, he told her it was a version of the Mile High club.  In this club you had to have sex while watching the Super Bowl.  It had always been his fantasy.  She replied, “I love you.  Today we will both join that club.”  He smiled because she was right. He then had her sit back on the chaise lounge and watch the preview shows while he got the BBQ ready.  He told her to take a nap too as he wanted her to be rested.  Rebecca fell asleep on the lounger.

After a few hours she heard the door bell ring.  She looked at Trevor as he went to answer the door.   He looked at her and said, “I forgot to tell you that my high school football buddies would be coming around to watch the game and you will be our slave service hostess.” Rebecca replied, “What about the Touchdown Club?”  He smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll still join the club if you are a good girl.”  He winked at her as he went to answer the door.  She quickly realized what was about to happen.   downstairs just in time for Rebecca to answer the door and told them “My Name is Rebecca and I am you Slut for tonight to be used anyway you want”.

Trevor went to the door and let his buddies in.  She had heard about them.  His buddies names were Eddie, Richard, Damian, John and Will entered the house.  She could hear them laughing and one said, “Damn Trevor, this place is a nice upgrade.  Wow! How can you afford it?”  She could hear him reply and chuckle, “Well I found myself this hot Sugar Momma who you guys are all going to meet today.  She is going to be our slave hostess.”   Rebecca heard the door close and their footsteps approach the theater room.  As soon as they entered, Rebecca stood up.  The men stood there with their mouths agape as Trevor walked over behind her, pulled open her shirt to expose her breasts and sad, “Gentlemen, this is my girl Rebecca.  She is OUR slut and slave for tonight.  Please feel free to have your way with her tonight. “ He came over and handed them each a little riding crop.  He continued, “She has only been living with me for a month so she is not perfectly trained yet, so feel free to be a little demanding.” He then whacked her suddenly on the ass that Rebecca jumped and almost fell down, “What are you waiting for bitch?  Can’t you see our guests are thirsty?  Get them each a beverage.  NOW!”  As Rebecca scurried to the kitchen the men took seats around the TV laughing about the prospect of their sexy slave.

“Wow Trevor you were not kidding when you said she was hot and sexy slut,” said Will.   Rebecca came back with a tray full of beer and passed it round to each of them. Each of them made sure to rub up against her slightly and touch her leg as she walked by.  One of them gave her a little smack with the riding crop.   As she served the last beer, Trevor called her. “Hey Slut, come here.” and Rebecca said “Yes Master?” and he said “Slut, get us some snacks” and when she got up he pulled her over and unzipped the little zipper on her panties and pulled her pussy lips out and sucked on them.  Rebecca gasped and moaned as she grasped his head and closed her eyes at first from the sudden action and then from his expert tongue.  Then he pushed her away, slapping  her on the ass and said, “Hurry Up, we’re hungry and we might have to eat you first.”  The guys all laughed.

When she came back and placed everything on the table, her Black Master told Rebecca “Slut, come sit down with me,” and Rebecca sat on her Master’s lap and watched the game with them all. During the first half he nibbled on her ear and gently reached under her skirt, pulling her thing to the side and finger-fucked her.  Her tits fell out of her tied blouse but she didn’t notice.  Her legs spread gently as Trevor’s friends stopped watching the game and watched this woman slowly get lost in her own ecstasy.  She was reaching down and pulling at Trevor’s cock and making it harder.  She forgot about the four other men watching her with huge boners. She came a couple of times and didn’t even notice the halftime score of 22-12.

When the half time show came on Trevor told her, “Let’s  stand up and show my buddies your vagina” and Rebecca stood up in front of them all.  Trevor stood behind her and lifted her maid skirt exposing her to the four men who had huge dripping boners in their hands.  Rebecca shook nervously as he kissed her neck and whispered, “Oh I love you.  I love watching you perform. I want you to make them happy.”  He lifted her dress higher as Rebecca turned her head in humiliation.  Their cocks were huge and deep in her pussy, she wanted to feel them.  Trevor continued to kiss her neck as she stood in front of them, legs trembling with her  legs spread apart, his arm around her neck and another hand holding her hands  behind her back,  with her g-string pulled to one side to show them her vagina. His buddies got closer and started to touch her wet sensitive vagina. Rebecca began to shake harder and let out a small whimper.  Trevor grabbed her tighter and whispered, “Shhhh, my buddies and I share everything.  I want my friends to like you.  You will satisfy them today.  You will do whatever they want.  They are like my brothers.  If anything happens to me, they will take care of you.” Her eyes closed, she could feel them touching her nipples and sucking them.    Her vagina was getting wet and her legs lost all control.  She could hear Justin Timberlake’s halftime show in the background, but she missed it all. Then Trevor told his friends that they would get their turn after the game, but she would be his first.  So he sat back down and eased her pussy down onto his cock as she sat on his lap.   She continued to gyrate on his cock.  His friends tried to watch the second half but couldn’t help but watch her lose her mind.  During the second half the guys would chug some beers and made Rebecca chug a beer .  She would cough some up and spill down her chin and onto her breasts.  Normally she wouldn’t care, but she slowly started to lose control.  The final straw was when they brought out the beer bong and put one end over her mouth while pouring a pitcher down the funnel.  It went down smooth.  Rebecca knew she would need it.  These guys wanted her and she knew her instinct would be to fight back.  The beer brought down all defenses.     She burped and they all laughed.

When the game finished Trevor then told Rebecca to get up and strip for his buddies.  She was so drunk she could barely stand and stumbled over in front of the TV with the collar still around her neck.  The guys laughed.  As an older white woman she was already awkward and the guys giggled, but they encouraged her to shake it and she did.  She began to slowly strip her maid skirt and then her blouse and apron.  She stood in front of them all in just her stockings, g-string, stripper heels and the collar around her neck.

She closed her eyes feeling the music and grating her hips while rubbing her breasts as they all got undressed. When she opened her eyes, she saw all the hard cocks in front of her and knew that she was going to fuck them all before they left. Then Will got up and went up to Rebecca and moved his fingers to her vagina and slipped a finger in to feel how wet she was and he began to push his finger farther into her vagina and Rebecca began to moan and he told her “Does this dirty slut want my big black cock inside her” and all Rebecca could do was say “Yes, please”. And then Trevor stood up and smiled and said “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom where we can use the bed and be more comfortable” and everyone agreed and they all got their clothes. Will helped Trevor with Rebecca as she was still drunk and he needed to remove the restraint collar.

Will carried her tiny body and made sure to finger her as they kissed on the way up the stairs.  Trevor raced ahead to the bedroom to turn on the hidden cameras.  When they got to the bedroom Trevor helped to take her shoes off and then told her to get down on her knees. When she looked up she saw all Trevor’s buddies in front of her waiting for her to suck their cocks  “MMMm, I’m a spoiled girl,” she said as she began to suck and stroke each cock in turn. While sucking their cocks Trevor got the bondage straps ready and then Trevor told his slut to get on the bed and he went up and tried her hands to the bedposts and spread her legs and tried them to the bedposts as well and then Will got between her legs and began to lick her vagina and clit and Eddie would be kneading her breasts and sucking on her nipples and Rebecca would be sucking his cock as well and and John and Richard were on each side of her palying with there cocks and at the same time Trevor had got his camera and started to record the action on the bed. While Will was sucking her vagina he would then suck on her clit harder and when he felt that she was close to cumming he would stop and Rebecca would be moaning and trying to beg him to carry on has she wanted to cum but her mouth was full of black cock and then he went back to her vagina and began to suck at her clit and then until she was close again he stopped and he then looked at Trevor and said “I want to fuck this dirty slut” and Trevor just nodded and he positioned his cock at the opening of her vagina and began to force his big black cock all the way into her vagina until he was touching her cervix and Rebecca began to shake has she had a powerful orgasm and covered his cock in her cum and he had to hold on to her hips to keep his cock in her vagina. As Rebecca came down from her orgasm,  Will started to force cock back into her vagina and soon he was fucking her hard and fast.  Rebecca could only scream, “Oh my God, Oh shit. Fuck me harder.  It feels so good.” Rebecca was loving being used like a dirty slut.

Soon Will, grunting and moaning, was ready to cum and he started to rub her clit with his thumb. Rebecca was growling, “Give it to me baby.  Give it to me.”  Rebecca’s body was shaking as she was having another powerful orgasm and soon Will let out a yell as he filled her vagina with his black seed.   Rebecca fell back on the bed exhausted. Will was exhausted too but as soon as he pulled out Eddie took his place and slid his larger cock into her vagina.  Rebecca moaned, “More oh my god, just fuck me this cock feels so big!” He fucked her hard and fast and Rebecca was holding on to him and telling him “Fuck me.  You like me when I’m dirty like this?  You like my white pussy?  You want to  dump your black seed on top of your friends?”. Soon he was moaning as he filled her vagina with his cum and this made her body shake again.  She could not believe she had the loads of three different men soaking in her vagina.  She felt like a slut and she loved it.  She could feel it sripping out of her as he continued to thrust.  “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum again.  Right there.  Right there.  Don’t stop.  I’m going to…….agghhhhh” and she had another orgasm and screamed out loud that she was cumming, “Oh god I’m cumming…….”. Eddie watched her twitch flood his cock with her juices. He pulled is sopping wet cock out and wiped it on her stomach.   Then just as John was about to take his place Trevor untied Rebecca and told John to get on the bed and told Rebecca to get on top and ride him.  Rebecca said she was too tired but he whipped her with the crop and she jumped on John’s cock and began to ride him.  He placed his cock at the entrance to her vagina and she guided his cock into her vagina. Trevor watched his whore with joy as he  bent down and then gave Richard some lube and he put it on his cock.  Rebecca looked over and saw the largest cock she had ever seen.  She watched Richard disappear behind her and then placed it against her asshole.  He put some lube in her ass and then slid a long finger deep down the hole as Rebecca screamed, “Oh god, no, no, no.” Rebecca tried to get up, but they held her down, preventing her from getting away. “Stop!  Please stop, she cried, “You’re hurting me,” but she was helpless as she felt his finger pull out and a larger organ dig deeper in her ass.  She had done this before, but it had been awhile and it hurt. She let out a loud long cry as it sunk deeper. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd Nooooooooooo.” Ironically it felt better for Rebecca as her pussy had been beat up already today.   After his cock was all the way in her ass she then told them “Whyyyyyyy, oh god, oh god, just take me.” and soon John and Richard got into a rhythm and Rebecca’s body was shaking like a rag doll as the two men gave her all that they had.  Her g-spot was being crushed by two hug cocks as she let out a silent scream as her body seized up and liquid started spraying all over the place.  Rebecca looked down and felt a river of fluid flow onto john’s body out of her body as she came.  She had no control as it kept coming out.

While she squirted, she was still getting fucked by John and Richard she felt the bed move has Will and Damian got on the bed and told her to play with their cocks and get them hard and she grabbed each cock and started to play with them until they were hard and soon. Rebecca’s body was still shaking as her fluids drenched John’s cock.  “Damn she is trying to drown me,” yelled John sho was lying in a pool of her fluids.  He told Richard, “Let’s fill her vagina and ass with there cum” and soon then both came together and filled her holed with their black seed. Richard and John slowly pulled their cocks out of her ass and vagina and she felt so full of cum. She was tired as well and hoped that she could rest, but Will and Eddie lifted her up and placed her on the floor and then both played stroked their cocks until they were ready and came all over her face. “”Ummmm lick you whore, ” they yelled.  Rebecca was bent over the couch and was fed another beer.  It dulled the pain.  The guys kept coming up behind her in a train and dumped more cum in her ass and pussy. At one point, Will was in her mouth, Richard was beating up her pussy with his huge cock, and Damian was fucking her ass from behind and soon they were all moaning has they filled her mouth and ass with their black seed.  “Eat it, swallow it like a good whore,” said Will. She gagged.  She couldn’t come anymore. Trevor was screaming out, “Fill her up.  Fill this slut with your black seed”.

When they pulled their cocks out all the cum spilled out of her mouth, from her vagina, and ass onto the floor and she was completely drained, but her body continued to shake.  She tried to stand up and said, “Oh my god”.  All the guys looked and a flood of pungent liquid flowed from her pussy onto the floor.  It looked like she was peeing but she had lost control and was squirting uncontrollably.  Trevor yelled, “You bitch, that’s digusting.  Lick it all up.”  He grabbed her by the hair and made her lick it up.

They laughed watching her filthy body lick the floor.  She was tired.  She needed sleep.  He picked her up and dragged her naked body to the front door and as his friend’s left he made her  thank them for using her like the dirty slut.  She thanked each one of them who kissed her good night as they left and took selfies with her ravaged body.  They all thanked Trevor for a great night and he told them that anytime they wanted to hook up with her again to just give him a call or stop by. They all left and he went up to the bedroom and he saw that Rebecca had fallen asleep so her pulled the covers back and covered her up and let her sleep covered in cum with cum leaking from her vagina and ass so that when she woke up in the morning she would remember what happened on Super Bowl Sunday and then got his laptop and put the film on and edited it.  He then put it on the RebeccasOffice website for her members to see how their black cock slut enjoyed the Super Bowl.

Member Erotica: Part 8 Rebecca Becomes an Escort for Black

When Rebecca got home she parked the car and cleaned it. She grabbed the two used condoms and got a wet wipe to clean the rear view mirror and put that in the bag and threw it in the garbage bin in her garage. When she was finished putting everything back in the glove compartment, she went upstairs to her bedroom and took her clothes off and went into the bathroom and took a long hot shower washing the cum off her body.  When the cum was wet it lathered on her body and she rubbed it all over. The slippery lubricant felt nice. As she washed her hair she could taste some of it as it ran down her face.  She leaned up against the wall in the shower and started to cry. She was ashamed as to what he was doing to her. She had been exposed to sex she had never had before and she was enjoying it. Her body was becoming addicted to the sensations it had never felt before. She was turned on by being spanked hard and now her normal life of mother and wife was now slowly turning into the life of a submissive sex craved woman.  She was lying to herself that she was doing this because she was being forced.  She tried to convince herself this was happening because she was being forced and blackmailed.  She was to blame too.  She wanted it.  Yes she did. She was slowly starting to enjoy being forced and abused by her Black Master and she was worried about how long she could keep up this secret life before someone found saw her and told her family and friends and what would she tell them. When she got out of the shower and dried herself and went in the bedroom and when she went to dry her hair she looked in the mirror and saw her reflection. She had changed from the happy mother and wife to a woman who is forced and abused to sleep with strangers. She was confused and felt so tormented.  She put on her nightshirt and panties and went to sleep.


Rebecca found it hard to sleep has she could not get out of her mind what had happened to her that evening and now the people at the hotel knew more about her. What would happen to her next time? Would her Black Master pass her around all the men at the hotel so that she could be used and abused.

What Rebecca did not know was that her Black Master had set up a profile for Rebecca on an escort review website and also put her daily rate for her service as well

the morning Rebecca got up without making a noise so as not to wake up her husband and got ready quickly and left the house. At work she found a garbage can in the parking garage and dumped the evidence from the previous night, locked her car, and went into her office. As the day went along she hoped that her Black Master would not want her tonight as she needed to get some rest and try to get back to some sort of normal life. At the end of the day she still had no text from her Black Master.  Her wish had come true. She was feeling less worry and when it was time to go home she was able to relax when she got home and enjoy herself with her family. She also was able to sleep better than she had in a while.

When Rebecca got up on Wednesday morning she felt relaxed and was looking forward to work. When she got to work she locked her car and then went to her office as usual. Rebecca was feeling productive and hadn’t even worried about the Black Master, but then in the afternoon she got a text telling her that he would be meeting her by her car when she finished work. In the garage?  Rebecca was afraid someone might see this strange black man standing by her car and that made Rebecca worry about what he had in mind for her.

When it was time to go Rebecca darted out before anyone else could see and was starting to worry about what he had plan for her. When she got to the car park she saw him waiting by her car and he told her to get in the passenger seat as he wanted to take her somewhere.  She got in quickly before anyone could see them together.  He held out his hand and she gave him the keys.  My gosh, she thought, he was driving my car.  I hope he drives okay. Rebecca noticed he was dressed in a nice suit and tie. She had never seen him like that before. He did look dapper. As they were driving Rebecca noticed that they were going out of town and heading to the big shopping mall in the Valley.  She was relieved that nobody from work saw her with him and that nobody she knew lived out in the Valley. When they arrived at the shopping mall he told her that he was going to buy her some new clothes for her new life as a black cock slut and to follow him.

Rebecca started asking him why do I need new clothes when the ones I have are good enough , but then she stopped. Her Black Master looked at her and said you will wear clothes that a I think would be appealing as a white woman who loves black cock. I will teach you how to appeal to all men of all types.

He took her to the Victoria Secrets shop and went in and started to look for some new underwear.  Maria felt awkward walking with him in the store. A well dressed black man shopping with a woman just from the office?  It looked odd.  He was the only man in the store and people were watching.  He gave her lots of garters and baby dolls to look at and if she liked them, her put them in a basket.  At least they were beautiful and not slutty clothes.  She felt they looked fairly classy. At one point a saleswoman helped them. She even told her, “I wish my man would buy my lingerie for me.”  Maria smiled at the thought.  Later when they were in the dressing room, he called to her, “Rebecca, can you come out and show us how that looks?”  She didn’t hear him.  Well she did, but it took her a second.  She was still getting used to being called Rebecca in public.  Finally she came out.  She came out in a demi bra and garters and he had her model some of the finer underwear for him and the saleslady.  He whistled and touched her as she turned for him.  The saleslady then suggested she get the same in black as well.  She could hear him talking with the saleslady.  “Your girlfriend looks great in those pieces, sir,” she said.  He replied, “Yeah I know how to treat a woman the way she needs to be treated,” he laughed.  In the end he spent over $2000 in underwear including garters, hose, bras, panties, baby dolls and bustiers.

They next went to bebe.  Rebecca had never been to that store as the clothes looked nice but way too tight and the skirts looked way too sexy.  She felt it was a store for younger girls.  The Black Master found 6 dresses with short skirts and lots of revealing cleavage and watched her in the dressing room try on the dresses and skirts until he had picked a few he liked.  After he purchased them, they went next door they went to Jimmy Choo and he knew exactly what he wanted and found some stiletto knee high boots that went right above the knee.  Rebecca wondered where he was getting all the money.  She had always wanted a pair of Jimmy Choos, but they were so expensive.   They went to pay for the items and then Rebecca carry the bags to the car and put them in the trunk. The Black Master then drove back to the hotel and Rebecca carried the bags into his room and put them on the bed and sat down. Then Rebecca asked her Black Master why he had paid for all these clothes. He said that he loved her classy smart look, but that she needed to add more sex appeal to her classy ass. He continued,  “This is your wardrobe you wear for me and my friends. I want my friends to see my girl and how she puts the Ass in Classy. Tonight you will meet one of my friends. All your clothes will stay here.  I have cleared a drawer and some closet space for my lady. I want you to go home, clean up and put some really nice makeup on and grab some jewelry.  When I set us up for a night out I will always lay out the clothes for you to wear and you will come here first.  Tonight you will be wearing the Little Black Dress and boots. Rebecca said alright and he told her to go home and get ready and then be back by 6pm tonight. “I will be taking you out to somewhere special, so I want you to be your best. Do you hear me Rebecca?“

Rebecca said, “Yes Master” and left. She drove home and when she arrived she went up to her bedroom,showered and put her makeup on, grabbed some jewelry and then put some clothes on and then went downstairs to make something to eat for the rest of the family when they got home.  Her daughter was home and she told her to say that she had a client meeting and might be late.  Little did she know that she was almost right.  She then left the house and drove to the hotel. She wondered what he had planned for her tonight. When she arrive she got out of her car and made sure to lock it this time.  “Hello Ms Maria”, 3 young punks said as she passed.  Maria quickly ran in and they laughed.  When she got to his room, she knocked on the door. When her Black Master said to come in she open the door and went in. She found the Black Master still in his suit. She walked up to the bed and undressed and put on the short black dress with a low neck line, black bra, black thong, black Stockings with garter and then sat on the bed and pulled on the stiletto boots.  She then reached into her purse and pulled out the pearl choker and matching earrings. Her Black Master grabbed her by the hips, spun her around and whistled. He put his arm around her and then she looked at herself in the full length mirror and he said, “Damn, we are gonna make a wonderful team, Rebecca”  She stared into the mirror.  He was right, they looked really smart together.  She felt sexy in the outfit although awkward that the top of her hose could almost be seen below the hemline of her dress.  She would have to take short steps and be sure to bend from the knees and not the waist so that her ass would not fall out of the dress.  She felt like a high class call girl and indeed she was (but just for black men). In the heels she almost stood 5’9”.  He went to the closet and pulled out one more surprise, a nice cashmere wool long coat Rebecca put her coat on to conceal her sexy attire.  They were ready to go.

He then told Rebecca that he was going to take her to dinner with a good friend of his and after the meal if he asks if you would join him for a drink in his room, you will agree to going to his room and when you get to the room you will please him and do whatever he wants.  He is a very important friend of mine.  I want you to do as he pleases.  If I hear otherwise, you will be punished.  He will be taping the incident as well.  I will be down the hall to make sure you do as he says no matter what it is and also I will be recording it as well. When he had told her what she had to do he said to her that it was time to go and they both left the hotel room.  Like the last time, she handed him the keys to her car and he unlocked the car and they both got in and then he drove her to the Luxe in Beverly Hills.

This was the last place she expected them to go.  She was still in shock when the valet opened the door.  He held out a hand and watched her long legs flow out of the car.  “Staying the night, sir?  Do you have any luggage?”, asked the valet.  “Just Dinner.  Please help Ms. Rebecca.  She and a colleague have a reservation for 7pm.”

“Hello Ms. Rebecca”, said a young girl. She was a concierge and led Rebecca into the hotel restaurant and bar.  Meanwhile, the Black Master pulled his car into self parking and as he was getting out of the car, and tall well built mocha skinned black man in a gray suit approached.  “Are you Rebecca’s handler?”  The Black Master smiled and the man gave him an envelope and a key card.  “Room 238 near the pool.  She looks fantastic.  I will have to use your services in the future, but I hope when can use Paypal or credit cards in the future.”  The Black Master patted him on the shoulder.  “Have a good time, John.  You have only 6 hours.  Get going”.

John walked into the restaurant and saw Rebecca sitting at the bar.  She looked nervous.  She was.  She was wondering what was happening. What were the Black Master and his friends planning? She had always wanted to eat at the Luxe, so she was pleased at the upscale surroundings.  When she saw a tall well-dressed dark skin gentleman approach the hostess and she pointed toward Rebecca, she was caught off guard.  He walked over with a big smile, “Rebecca?  I’m John.  Excuse me but you are even more beautiful than your photos.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek.”  She was stunned.  What photos had he seen?  Was her Master sending photos around to his friends?  Well at least he had good-looking friends.

The Maitre D’ came by and asked if they were ready to be seated and John told him, “Yes”.  He led them to a table for two with a view of the Getty Museum and the 405.  When the Maitre D’ pulled out her chair, John offered to take her coat.  Such a gentleman, she thought. As he pulled the coat off her bare shoulders, she felt his hands touch her and she shivered. “I’m staying in Room 238”, he said “Can you just coat check her coat and bring it up to the room?”  The Maitre D’ nodded and ran off with her coat after pushing her chair in.  She loved his way.  He was so assertive and he had all the graces of a perfect gentleman. John stared at her. “Rebecca, I’m sorry for staring, but I can’t believe how gorgeous you are.  And so stylish.” She started to blush. She wanted to tell him her real name, but she was getting used to the name Rebecca.

Unaware and still confused, she asked if dinner was just the two of them.  John laughed. “You are the only person I want to be with.  Did you want to have someone else along?” Maria was looking around.  She had assumed that the Black Master would be with them for dinner and the entire evening. She had no idea that John was just a normal guy who had seen her ad and booked 6 hours of time with a woman he thought to be a high class escort almost exclusively for black men.  Her Black Master had planned it this way and John liked it.  He didn’t want to talk about fees or anything with her.  He just wanted to have a hot date with a sexy white woman.  Dealing with her Black Master separately around the money was perfect. Meanwhile the Black Master was in Room 238. He went in and set up two video cameras on Tripods and hid one behind curtains and the other in the closet.  He then went to the sliding door that led to the pool and cracked the door open slightly and opened the curtains so that he could have a nice view of the bed from the patio outside the room.  He then went outside and lit up a cigarette and waited.

Rebecca and John ordered cocktails and she laughed.  This was so much better than the Dungeon or the Adult video store that she had been to before.  John was a hunk and she didn’t even flinch as he held her hand at the table as they chatted about world affairs, her work as a portfolio manager and his work as a tech executive.  She fell for his British accent.  A black man with a British accent and the alcohol was so seductive.  She had assumed she was going to be fucked that evening, but not by someone so charming and debonair. As they cleared the dishes and they drank one last cocktail, she was giggling so loudly.  Everyone around was staring at this woman who was obviously drunk and a high class escort.  She oozed sex appeal.  When John reached under the table and ran his hand over her thigh, above her stockings and then touched her underwear, she was soaked.  She looked at him and he knew she was hungry for his cock.

John asked her, “Are you ready to go to my room for a nightcap?” and she said quietly nodded so as not to alert the people around them. She was too inebriated to realize it was too late.  Everyone had been watching the interracial couple all night. As they got up to walk to the elevators her dress was hiked up just an inch higher and the bottom of her ass and the top of her stockings were visible.  As they walked away, John had his hand around her waist and then dropped it down over her ass.

As soon as they got in the elevator and the doors closed, they started kissing.  She had wanted to kiss him all night long.  She grabbed his crotch and felt his huge cock through his pants.  John and Rebecca got in and he push a button to his floor and then he lead her to his room and when they arrive he unlocked the room.  He told her to wait a second so he could clean the room and she just leaned up against the wall as he ran in.  John quickly turned on the video cameras and some music and came back out in less than a minute.

John told Rebecca to have a seat on the bed and he asked her if she would like a drink and she said yes. He went and got them each a glass of champagne and then he sat on the bed with Rebecca and started to stroke her thigh with his hand and asking her if she was enjoying her drink. Rebecca tilted her head back and swallowed her glass of champagne in one go. She was worried at what her Black Master had told him he could do to her. John then got up and took her empty glass and put it on the table. His hand slid further up her thigh and reached her vagina which instantly became wet and she parted her legs to allow him access.  She promised she’d do whatever John wanted and it seemed it would be easier than she originally thought. He pressed his fingers against her vagina and started to rub her vagina through her thong and she let out a moan and she kissed him hard on the lips. He then told Rebecca to get his cock out and she moved her hand to his trousers unzipped them and his cock sprang out. She didn’t look at it, but could feel it grow as she stroked it. John then moved his hand from her vagina and grabbed her head and pulled it over his cock and shoved it into her mouth. Suddenly this romantic gentleman was getting rough and she started sucking his cock as he aggressively fingered her vagina through her thong.

Rebecca was nearly ready to cum and told John to keep finger fucking her, but he stopped and told her to get up and strip for him, but leave her garter stockings and boots on.  Rebecca stood up and did a slow striptease as she swayed her hips.  Outside the window her Black Master watched and pulled his cock out of his pants.  She was a natural. He needed to tell the boys at the strip club that he had a new girl for them.

When her striptease was almost done, John got up behind her and pushed his stiff cock against her ass and started kissing the back of her neck, reaching around and dropping her bra to the floor, cupping, massaging and pinching her nipples.  Rebecca was in heaven. This strong beautiful man was pushing all the right buttons. She swooned and then he suddenly pushed her onto the bed, took his clothes off, and got on the bed as well. Without warning he started to thrust his fingers deep inside her vagina and Rebecca started to moan again as her started to finger fuck her. He said to her “I bet you wish this was my cock don’t you whore” and Rebecca began to beg “Yes, please fuck me with your big black cock” and without warning he forced his big cock deep inside her vagina and thrust his cock harder and harder until she started to beg him to give her more of his cock and each time bringing her closer to her orgasm. Rebecca’s pimp had never said anything about condoms, but it was too late now and she didn’t seem to care.  He knew that it was a gamble.  How many cocks had she slept with before him?  John kept fucking her and he could sense she was no longer in control of her body. He started to gasp and writhe as she had orgasm after orgasm as his big cock slammed into her over and over again.  “Oh my god”, she screamed and he then told her “Beg me for my cum” as he was close to cuming and Rebecca shouted “Please cum in me and fill me up with your hot cum”. She had never been made love to so assertively before and wanted it so bad.  She wanted his cu badly and then she shrieked as she felt it.  He started to cum deep inside her and she put her hands and legs tight around him to pull him deeper inside her, but the he pulled his cock out of her vagina and forced it into her mouth and told her to clean it and he then removed is cock. He slid his fingers into her vagina and scooped some of his cum and brought his fingers to her mouth. “Prove that you are a slut and he eat my cum”, he said and she licked his fingers dry.

When they were done, she laid there securely in his arms.  She reached down and was amazed to find his cock still semi hard.  It was so hot.  They kissed and cuddled for 10 minutes before John told Rebecca to get on her hands and knees and he got his cock and put it into her ass without any lube or warning.  Before Rebecca could protest, she screamed with pain and anguish telling him that he was hurting her.  She did not hear the Black Master close the patio door shut for a bit so that others did not hear. John reached down and shoved his underwear in her mouth to muffle her screams. He then got hold of her hips and started to fuck her hard and push more of his cock into her ass. Tears rolled down her eyes as he raped her ass.  He spat in her ass.  “You bitch, you think you are some hot shot Vice President in you rich pearls  and fancy clothes, but you are just a cock loving whore”.  This date had started so nice.  She had fallen for his charm and the way he made love to her and now he was hurting her and calling her horrible names.  John had wanted to fuck her ass and he was not going to stop until he had fill it with his cum. He spanked her as hard as he could until both cheeks were red.  He then pushed her down on the bed and started to tell her what a dirty slut she was and how she liked to be fucked in the ass with a big black cock.  She just closed her eyes and cried.  The aroma from his groin stained underwear in her mouth made her feel so dirty and betrayed.  She was helpless as he held her arms down with is hands.  He was so powerful and she was no match for him. After some time Rebecca started to feel another orgasm build up.  How could this be?  Was her body actually enjoying it? It was. Rebecca spat out the underwear and whimpered, “Please do it harder and slower.” He responded by going deeper with long forceful strokes.  She felt it building again. Suddenly she screamed out that she was cuming and pushed up her ass to get more of his cock and she started a squirting orgasm on the bed as he pushed more of his cock into her ass and then told her that he was going to fill her ass with his cum.  Rebeccas could feel his cock beginning to grow and suddenly like a blocked up pipe, it squirted deep long forceful streams into her anal cavity.  His cock kept expanding and contracting in her ass with each pulse.  She actually loved it and it just didn’t seem to stop until she could feel his cum oozing out of her ass. John lay still on top of her until he had fill her ass with all of his cum and then he pull his cock out of her ass slowly and then told her to turn round and he put it into her mouth.  Rebecca flinched for a second thinking about how that cock had been in her ass.  She held her breath and swallowed his cock, licking all the cum off of it.  The thought of tasting her own ass almost made her gag. Her Black Master just then came outside the window watching his prize bitch in action.

When she had clean is cock fully she passed out and he kissed her more.  He held her tight and caressed her body, spooning her and kissing the back of her shoulders.  The kinder and gentler John was back. Her ass was sore from the spanking and fucking.  After a bit, he told her to that time was almost up and she should get ready to go home and offered her a shower.  Rebecca slowly got up and took off her stockings, garters, and boots. The hot water felt good, but stung when it hit her ass. She closed her eyes and let the water run down her face.  Back in the room, the Black Master and John were finishing arrangements.  The Black Master handed him a paper.  John was sto download the videos and then send copies of the video electronically to the address on the paper.  John said he was pleased with her and would like to book her for another appointment in the future. Her Black Master said that it would be the same price of $2700 for 6 hours or an overnight meeting for $4000 and John agree to it saying she was worth the money and he will also be telling his friends about Rebecca and the site. Her Black Master reminded John that she only fucks black men and that he hoped he’d write a positive review.  John said that his friends are all black and that he’d write a glowing review on the Http:// website. The Black Master then said his goodbye and told him that he should join her in the shower.

Rebecca was startled when she heard the shower door open and through the fog John stepped into the shower with her.  He kissed her passionately and reminded her how beautiful she was and that she was the best fuck he’d ever had and if she’d be open to it, he would love to see her again.  She looked up at him and grabbed his cock and kissed him again.  So what if he had forced himself into her ass, she thought.  In the end he was so good and he was classy.  She hoped all of the Black Master’s friends were like that.  John lifted her leg and slowly inserted his cock and started fucking her again.  She loved his cock.  It felt so perfect.  She was afraid she migh slip and fall so after a few minutes she turned around and he fucked her doggy style.  The sound of his wet body slamming into her wet ass and spraying all over the plaece was so dirty and erotic to her.  It felt so good until she eeked out a tiny orgasm that shook her body.  She had nothing left.  Once again, fearing that she would slip and fall she got down on her knees and started to give him a blow job.  H e grabbed the back of her head and shoved it to the back of her throat. “You are a good little girlfriend.  This why I love classy white women.  You know how to serve a man and make us come back for more.”  Rebecca could feel him growing harder and ready to burst.  She wanted him. He was the best experience she’d ever had.  If she had more experiences like this, she’d gladly fuck the Black Master’s friends.  She pulled off his cock and said, “Give me your cum.  I want to savor it til we meet again.” She shoved his cock back in her mouth and he came hard with long threads of cum that hit the back of her throat and dripped down, making her gag and choke.  But she drank it all.  He could not see the tears in her eyes as the shower ran over them.  He almost fell over as his legs felt week.

John looked at the clock.  They were running way over.  They quickly got dried off and dressed. So Rebecca put her Bra, Thong, Short Dress, stockings, garter and boots. John handed her her coat and purse and gave her one long huge kiss and told her, “This was my best trip to LA ever.”  This made her happy and put a smile on her face.  The smile on her face disappeared though as soon as she left the room.  At the end of the hall by the elevator was the Black Master waiting for her. It was 1:30am and walking through the empty lobby she felt like a cheap white whore with her black pimp.  Her hair was still mussed up and wet.  The young valets smiled as they helped her into the car and she blushed.

“Why do I have to be made to feel like a prostitute when I had such a great evening?” she asked.

“My dear Rebecca, being a prostitute is all in your head. Nothing happened here. Nobody paid you for sex.  You did nothing wrong.  You just fucked one of my many good friends.  All people saw was a beautiful classy lady having a good time out.  You have been stuck in your corporate ivory tower for so long that you have forgotten how it is to let your hair down and enjoy yourself.  Don’t worry, I am going to teach you how to be sexy again.  Me and my friends are going to bring out the true sexy black cock loving woman that you naturally are.” he lied.

Maria thought about it on the drive back to the hotel.  He was right.  She needed to let her hair down and live a little.  The sex might be harder but it was definitely better cock than she had ever experienced.  She hoped there would be more guys like John in her future.  As they pulled up to the hotel, the streets were empty.  The bums were asleep on the sidewalk.  As they got out of the car and passed each other in front of the car, he handed her a bag and the car keys and said, “Alright Cinderella, time to turn back into a boring Corporate Pumpkin”. She looked in the bag and it was her regular clothes.  She then reached for the key but he pulled it away.

“No need to waste time. Change right here”. She looked around.  She forgot that the clothes were to remain at the hotel and as she started to go to the hotel. He was going to degrade her one last time.  She turned around and he unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head.  He whistled and grabbed her ass.  “Maybe I should whore you out for money, I could make a fortune,” he said.  She quickly grabbed the rest of her clothes, sat on the hood of her Audi, stripped off the rest of her clothes and at one point was completely naked in the middle of the street in downtown LA. As soon she stuck her foot into her other heel she heard a large round of applause.  A large crowd of gross men stood in the doorway of the hotel.  They had  watched the whole thing.  The Black Master was laughing.  He shoved her dress and panties in the bag and told her he’d be in touch.  Maria was so embarrassed.  She snatched the car key from his hand, jumped in the car and drove off.

Later that evening, John went back home and wrote his review his encounter with Rebecca.  She was fantastic.  The best escort he had ever had:



Spring Break Message: A Potential Rebecca’s Intimate Last Fantasy of Our Lives, Sorry

Author’s Note – This was an April Fool’s Joke….. Please scroll all the way to the end


As many of you have been reading my tweets, I am off to parts unknown for a long Spring Break.  In fact this will be a bit longer than a normal break.  With our youngest heading off to college and already doing his own thing in Ft. Lauderdale, my husband and I decided that we’d have a Spring Break of our own to start a new chapter of our life.

Unfortunately this will not be an ordinary Spring Break as we also have decided, like the founder of Dreamnet, that we want to get away from the rat race. As Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast”. Last year, we met other couples while in Cancun at a swingers resort and my husband and I really hit it off with some other people.  One of the men I have become very intimate with and my husband has said he wants to be able to spend more time with some of the other women we met.  Over the last year we have been traveling all over just to stay in touch with these people and keep these relationships alive.

But fortunately, my husband’s tech start-up was sold several months back and as one of the founding executives he is now able to step away and enjoy the many year’s of blood sweat and tears.  At the same time, I can now afford to do the same and have decided not only to semi-retire from my professional life – only managing the few major accounts that I have, but also to spend more time with my friends that I have made in the swinging lifestyle now that I will be becoming an empty nester and have more time to develop these amazing relationships at a more intimate level.

So I am just letting you know that we will likely be shutting down our site after 8 and a half wonderful years.  Great thanks to Rob, Jack, DM, and the whole gang…….love you lots.

Yes, if you read this far, this is an April Fool’s joke. Perhaps you figured it out from the first letter of every word in the title.

Rebecca Writings – Fan Fiction – “Rebecca in the White Blouse”

Below is a story of fiction written by a fan.  All resemblances to me or anyone else are purely coincidental, but it sure would be nice if it were true, wouldn’t it?  The story is purely for entertainment purposes only, so please enjoy!

by Anonymous

Rebecca in a White Blouse

There is a party at your house, people from the office.  Unconsciously, you mostly invited handsome young men, tall, with broad shoulders.  You can sense how big they are down below, how hard they could get.  What you didn’t know is that many of the people in your office had joined a swingers club, were used to free and wide ranging sex, and they were all here in your home, with your husband away.

You are wearing a white rubbed blouse that doesn’t even reach your belly button, but that shows off your firm, rich breasts to full advantage, along with jeans.  You go in to the bedroom to check on something, and when you turn around you bump in to a handsome fellow right in front of you.  Before you can protest he runs his hands down your body, brushing gently even your hips, your crotch, the soft outline of your breast.  Your breath quickens, but you stifle yourself, and turn from him, trying to escape and collect your thoughts, but you swivel right into the arms of his buddy, who grabs your hips and starts to rub himself on you.  You can feel his huge bulge and you are straining to restrain yourself; he demands, “Do you like this,” and you want to say “no,” even though it is a lie.  But just the n you see the room is being filled with young men, and suddenly someone behind you puts his hands under your blouse and cups your dangling, braless breasts.  The soft flesh shakes as he caresses the teats, and you arch your back and groan softly, till he begins to dance fingertips over the nipples and you cry out, shaking your chest in passion.  As he pulls down your jeans and panties you gasp, “no, no, you…you can’t” but they laugh and know the truth.

Now you are wearing just the top, nothing else, and they lean you over the bed doggy style.  You cry out as you are penetrated, swinging your hips as his thick member drives you wild.  Just then he reaches under your blouse to fondle your swaying breasts. And this pushes you over the edge:  it was all too sudden, too unexpected.  They are too much for you and you cum hard for him, bucking your hips, arching your back and screaming loudly, beyond shame.

You are helpless now, vulnerable, unable to resist as you are taken again and again.  All you can do is cum for them, which you do endlessly for so many handsome men.  At one point you are lying on the bed, covered in sweat and sperm, giving another blowjob when a woman begins to eat your pussy; caught off guard, you give in and let her lick you to orgasm, bucking and screaming, as the man explodes in your mouth, till you grab her head and push the tongue deep inside you as you cry out again and again, twisting in the bed sheets as you explode over and over in blatant orgasm.  But this only excites the men, and you have to service them, your breasts shaking and your pussy quivering as you cum again and again.

When they are all done, it has been a long afternoon.  You are exhausted, fucked out, damp, and alone.

Fiction – “Rebecca, That’s What’s For Dinner”

As you all know, I love knowing my “employees” think of their Boss as a sexy figure.  I especially love how talented they are with their words.  Below is another entry from one of my biggest fans.  I hope you enjoy and if so inspired, I’d love to hear your fantasy about me.

“Rebecca that’s what’s for dinner 🙂 “by Trey Victory

Lee was a successful restaurant owner by the age of 30 he started out at the lowest level at “El Pollo Loco Bella” Restaurant and worked his way into becoming a co-owner in the successful restaurant. He was at work hosting,checking on customers, and keeping the atmosphere positive. Then, all of a sudden in walked this woman with her husband. This woman was exquisitely beautiful-she had gorgeous mid length dark hair ,amazing eyes ,her skin was silky ,tan and with every movement she made it scream out -touch ,caress ,tease and please me ! This woman’s legs -nice,strong not too skinny and not too thick ,but just right. She had on the sexiest black business suit dress out fit on that accentuated her wonderful ,ample breast and showed off her wonderous, curvaceous ass.

The hostess sat the couple down and let them get comfortable before they ordered their meals. The wonderful woman was in for a treat tonight,she was going to get the best service of her life. Lee approached the couple and the interesting night was about to begin.

“Hello my name is Lee . I’m the co-owner here and I just wanted to let you guys know I’ll be taking care of you guys tonight”, Lee stated.

“Well hello Lee, I’m Rebecca and this is my husband Al.” Rebecca stated.

“I’ll let you two decide what you would like to order and I’ll be right back.” Lee proclaimed.

Lee had one more special female guest by the name of Victoria Parish. She knew that Lee was the right man to service her in the restaurant. She had an order for Lee as well as she was about to state so eloquently,

“So Lee I would like to order the house special.” Victoria stated.

“Meet me in my back office and I will have it cum right up for you my dear!” Lee replied.

Lee returned to sexy Rebecca and her husband to take their orders.

“So have you two wonderful people decided on what you would like?”.

“We sure have, I would like the house special and my husband would like steak-medium rare with a loaded baked potato and a Caesar salad.” Rebecca stated.

“Okay I’ll be back with your meals in a few minutes !”.

Lee walks back to the kitchen for the food. Then Rebecca informs her husband that she needs to step away to use the bathroom. She makes her way to the back bathroom’s but as she walks toward the back she hears some interesting noises coming from the interior of a back office.

Cut to office interior: Lee is getting his cock sucked by the gorgeous blonde Victoria Parish.

“Your cock tastes  so wonderful ! Do you like it when I lick the head and tease the slit with my tongue,” Victoria proclaimed.

“Yes love ,you are amazing ,you are going to get my pre-cum flowing !” Lee replied.

Then suddenly the door creeks open and right as Victoria is in mid-suck of Lee’s cock. Rebecca made a comment about Lee’s anatomy that was rather interesting .

“What a big cock!” Rebecca stated.

“Mmmm care to join me? Victoria replied.

Without hesitation Rebecca struts her sexy gorgeous ass over to Lee’s cock and bends down on her knees and inhales his cock.  She begins sucking it uncontrollably rotating her succulent mouth round and round ,licking a straight line with her tongue from the base to the tip of his cock head .Victoria was getting her tits licked and sucked by Lee’s long tongue. Rebecca begins to undress while stroking Lee while she removes her outfit. She continues sucking until she decides she wants to fuck this big dick and fuck it nice and good with her pussy.  She turns around and tells Lee in an aggressive way “Fuck Me”!

Lee begins pumping in and out of her while Rebecca eats Victoria’s pussy. Rebecca gets Victoria wet from licking and playing with her pussy and at the same time Lee gets Rebecca wet from his hard in and out cock pumping. Then they switch and Lee licks and devours Rebecca’s pussy while Victoria pumps her head up and down on Lee’s cock until the two women are ready for him to fuck some more. Lee sits on the couch positioning his cock in place ready to go back to work on Rebecca’s pussy .  Rebecca jumps on the cock like a jockey getting ready for a horse race only this time she’s riding a horse cock instead of a horse.

She’s off ,riding the cock slowly and methodically setting the pace for her lover. Her body is percolating and head is flailing like a goddess in heat ,she begins riding the cock faster and faster.

Victoria asks Rebecca ,”you like that cock don’t you?”

“Oh good god ,yes I love it!” Rebecca replied.

“I want you to do something for me baby , I want your to let him cum all over your face!” Victoria stated.

“Sounds like a plan” with a wry smile Rebecca replied.

Victoria makes a request to Lee,”I want you to come on her face NOW!”.

Lee gets up from couch and positions his cock in front of Rebecca’s face and stroking his hard cock the pre-cum had already began draining ,he stroked faster and faster and faster until he explodes 8 ropes of cum all over Rebecca’s gorgeous pretty face. Rebecca and Victoria use their hands to clean up and eat up all the cum . Then Lee ask both ladies a question,

“Should I make a reservation for both of you ladies next week?

In unison both ladies respond “Why yes of course!”.

The End

Carpooling to Work with Rebecca – erotica

I love how my members are inspired to write erotica about me and am always willing to publish their works here on my blog.  If you enjoy good fiction, please feel free to send me some (at least 1000 words) and I will place it here for all to read (with your permission)


“Carpooling to Work”

by Trey Victory


Rebecca, you and I are carpooling to work in bumper to bumper traffic and we are both sitting there bored out of our minds.  As the drive progresses we begin to play our version of I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.  Also don’t forget you put a one way tint on your car windows so we can see out but people can’t see in….

I unbutton my shirt and reveal my chest in your car and you reciprocate and unbutton your shirt revealing your exquisitely beautiful breasts….I bask in all their wondrous glory. They take hold of my heart and immediately make me beyond rock hard. I am so hard because of you Rebecca I have to free my hard cock so you can see it. I take it out and begin stroking my bbc just staring at each inch of your body. You begin staring at the head of my cock and begin playing, fingering,  pleasuring your pussy with your free hand as we drive and begin playing in unison with ourselves as the car is in motion…and as we continue to partake in our mutual self pleasure I make a suggestion to you Rebecca.

I suggest we partake in a little game of orgasm denial which would allow you to have all the power Rebecca. You begin stroking me till I  almost shoot everywhere but you let go so it subsides and you keep doing this stroking my cock as the card speeds up and stops in unison with the orgasm denial, stroking me getting me so hot Rebecca…….you are a goddess who knows no bounds. When you want this cock to cum you will make it cum! We get to the halfway point of the trip to work and finally you decide its time for me to cum. So you begin stroking with all your might until I shoot my load everywhere on your dashboard,your hands, some even lands on your leg…lol.

You think its over but I’m just starting…I tell you I need an early brunch and decide to devour your gorgeous immaculate pussy while you drive and try to keep the car steady. I just can’t stop licking sucking tickling your pussy with my tongue ,sucking on your clit like its a pacifier and finally I use my fingers to give you an orgasm denial session increasing my pace as we drive further with every mile until you finally gush your sweet juices everywhere on the steering wheel, my hands and even a little on my leg.

Now before we head into the office I have to clean you up baby because you were so nice to clean up my bbc Rebecca. You are the best Rebecca thank you love. Hope you enjoyed the little story ,enjoyed writing it :).

Trey Victory

Rebecca’s Train Encounters – Part 3

And now the Final Piece of fiction from one of my members, Trey Steele.  Mighty realistic if I may say so.  What do you all think?  Have you got writing talent?  Feel free to contribute and you just might be published right here.  I think this makes some good bed time reading!  Might there be an encore?  Stay Tuned.

Train Encounters  Pt 3 – Train Showstoppers  by Trey Steele

Trey & Rebecca

Trey had been trying to get his investment portfolio together for quite sometime finally, he decided to visit a highly successful firm in Los Angeles by the R.D. investment firm. Trey had read the returns that his firm had provided for its clients. The financial reports  of the firm displayed thorough and precise returns for the clients of the firm as well as the firm itself. The only thing Trey was unfamiliar with was the head of this particular firm. He only knew the basic info about the head of the investment firm- years of experience, education background, and that they were a client driven firm. He was in for a surprise that he never could have imagined. As he waited in the lobby waiting on the head of the investment firm, his thoughts drifted off to thinking about his fun,sexy, mysterious impromptu lover Rebecca.

He thought back to their interaction on the crowded train, the european swing club and also the private mansion party. He was reminded of every inch of her sexy ass body from her lips, hips, thighs, legs, smile,breasts and he glorious magnificent ass. His eyes were closed as he thought about her in her complete essence and beautiful form. As his eyes opened he heard high heels approach him and he looked up and their she was “Rebecca”.

“Mr. Steele, Hi I’m Rebecca, owner and C.E.O. of this investment firm and I understand you might want to do some business why don’t you come with me to my office so we can discuss future endeavors!” Rebecca stated.

“That sounds great to me.” Trey replied.

As he followed her to her office ,all he could do was smile and think of how great it was to see her again. But had she forgotten Trey, did she not enjoy herself the last time they were together, or was she too busy. As they walked into Rebecca’s office she flipped a switch in her office which turned on the white tent on the office windows for privacy. Trey did nothing but smile, Rebecca went and sat behind her desk and took her panties off and spread her legs in the chair and said one thing to Trey.

“I missed your ass so much Trey!” Rebecca proclaimed.

“Take that big black cock out of your pants right now you wonderful man!” She demanded.

The two lovers began playing with themselves in unison, breathing together, stroking together – becoming one in their minds, souls, and bodies. Rebecca couldn’t hold back anymore- she pulled off her dress, undergarments, and left nothing on but her sexy black strappy heels. She pulled Trey into her chair and devoured his cock-licking, sucking, kissing, caressing his enormous shaft. Without hesitation Trey reversed positions with Rebecca and began his plan and his plan- to lick Rebecca till she would cum everywhere.

“Oh my god! That’s it baby lick that glorious pussy dry!” Rebecca Proclaimed.

“That is my fucking spot! Don’t you dare let your hand or tongue stop you wonderful man!”

Rebecca squirted all over Trey and her desk.

He was the first man to make her cum that hard. Trey couldn’t hold back he had to make a request to Rebecca.

“Baby can I please fuck those glorious tits?”Trey asked.

“Rebecca my cock is engorged,needs to be fucked by those tits!”

“They are all yours sweetie.” Rebecca replied.

He began moving up and down in between her glorious tits, and as he would move, Rebecca sucked the tip of his cock as it reached her mouth each time. The urge was unbearable and he couldn’t hold it anymore, he blasted his cum over her tits and chest like he was the black Peter North. Rebecca gobbled up his cum like a baby sucking on a bottle of milk.

“Baby your cum taste so sweet thank you.” Rebecca grinned.

“My pleasure as always, thank you goddess for making me cum so hard.” Trey replied.

“Would you like to accompany me to a convention I have to go too?” Rebecca questioned.

“Baby I will follow you to the ends of the earth lover! Where is the convention?”

“Its in Vegas!” Rebecca informed.

“Sounds good to me, let’s go!” Trey replied.

The next day Trey arrived at the train station to meet up with Rebecca. The two spontaneous lovers stared at one another longingly gazing into the eyes of one another. They slowly entered their adjoining train car cabins and opened up the connection doors and it-was-on! Trey ripped off Rebecca’s underwear underneath the sexy black dress, but left the dress on.

“Shouldn’t I take the rest of my clothes off first?” Rebecca questioned.

“Not yet baby,because I have got to have you immediately!” Trey proclaimed.

“Now I’m going to pick you up, put your arms around my neck, put your legs over my arms, and fuck the living shit out of you while standing up.” Trey said in a calm somber tone.

“Your wish is my command lover!” Rebecca replied.

Trey began pumping his huge cock in-and-out of Rebecca’s sweet ,wet, glorious pussy. My god he thought, this woman feels so good and slapping of his balls against her clit was a sound that could rival the most beautiful symphony orchestra.

” I can’t take it anymore, I want to taste you. Mommy , daddy wants to taste you, now!” Trey declared.

Before Rebecca could utter her response, Trey flips Rebecca into a 69 position while still standing up and licks her pussy unconsciously until she cums in his mouth uncontrollably.

“Baby your licking is amazing I have never cum so hard!” Rebecca proclaimed.

“It’s time to fuck again love! Trey professed.

He flipped her on the bed and fucked her doggy-style nonstop. Now unbeknownst to the two lovers the curtain accidentally came open and the real show had begun. The two lovers started fucking in every position imaginable – doggy, missionary, sideways, standing, sitting, licking, sucking, caressing and stroking one another while their high speed train passed an unknowning audience. Luckily the train sped by numerous train depots with lightning speed, this allowed both Trey and Rebecca’s inhibitions to be fulfilled. Once they realized they had an audience they didn’t stop until cum  was everywhere: on Trey’s cock, in Rebecca’s pussy, tits stomach, and that glorious ass! They had arrived at their destination in Vegas and at pure ecstasy as well.

“So shall we head to our hotel ,lover?” Rebecca pondered.

“Yes we shall my dear.” Trey replied.

“You know you’re the best Rebecca!”

“Thank you lover , I try my best!’ Rebecca replied with a devilish grin.

This was the end of their trip or was it………………………..

The Train Encounter – Part 2 (Fiction)

Below is another great piece of fiction written to me by out of my members who uses the pen-name, Trey Steele.  I definitely get excited when I hear about the ideas that I inspire.  If you should aslo feel inclined to write a well thought out piece of fiction that will turn me on, please feel free to do so.  This one makes me want to go out and get some good hard cock!

Train Encounter Part 2 – Train Wide Shut
by Trey Steele
Trey awoke in his cabin car on a train into London, he was on his vacation enjoying all the English culture had to offer. He never forgot his secret train encounter lover Rebecca, her hair, her eyes, lips, hips, ass and oh-so wonderful smile. He knew he would meet her again some day. Trey had been partaking in the local swing clubs for fun to enjoy himself while he was on vacation. He went to a club called “Little Sins” he was at the bar and just scoped the club. There were numerous scenes of enjoyment commencing in this club.

He witnessed s sexy blonde young woman sucking two young cocks while the three just held a casual conversation. He marveled at a sexy mature brunette blue-eyed goddess who was bent over a table while men circled around her beautiful naked ass, jerking their cocks and shooting cum all over her ass. He smiled at the sight of the numerous naked women walking around in sexy heels.

After witnessing all these glorious happenings Trey thought his night couldn’t get any better. Then in she walked-the woman he ached for,longed for, and stayed hard for all day and night-Rebecca. Rebecca had on a sexy white sheer dress with nothing on underneath and had on a sexy pair of white Penthouse high heels. She was dressed to kill like the goddess she was.  Her silhouette- was unimaginable, her legs-long and luxurious, her lips- sweet and luscious, her ass-amazing and wonderful, her hips- as always,to die for!  And without skipping a beat, Rebecca grabbed Trey by the hand pulled him off the bar stool and onto the dance floor. She leaned in towards Trey, and whispered in his ear,
“Oh…how I have missed you baby!” Rebecca stated.
” I missed you too sweetie!” Trey replied.

“The last time we where together was amazing!”Trey proclaimed.

“You rode me the way I needed to be rode baby!” Rebecca professed.

The two secret lovers mutually agreed it was time to catch up while on the dance floor. Rebecca immediately grinded her hips in Trey’s crotch getting her lover hard and ready. Trey had to return the favor for his lover so he took his hand and got her sweet pussy lips wet while also keeping her clit stimulated. Trey literally was going to make her squirt on the dance floor.

“I’m going to squirt all over the fucking place, don’t fucking stop baby!”

“Oh its all for you love ,all for you.”

“Fuck…Fuck….Fuck baby I’m going to squirt everywhere Fuuuuuuuuuck SHIT GODDAMN!!”

” Was that good baby?” Trey asked.

“The best baby, the best!” Rebecca said.

So just as Trey returned the favor for Rebecca, she felt it necessary to return the favor for Trey. She pulled Trey down on one of the plush couches and began to give Trey the most immensely amazing blowjob of his life,

“Baby I am so fucking hard, you are the best damn!” Trey proclaimed.

“Does that feel good, when I lick your shaft and stroke your cock with my hand at the same time?” Rebecca questioned.

“Yes baby yes! A thousand times yes!”

“I want you to push my head down on your cock Trey and make me gag on your cock!

“Your wish is my command baby.”

Rebecca kept rotating from deep throat gagging to stroking his cock non-stop until finally Trey couldn’t hold back and shot his cum all over Rebecca’s gorgeous face. But it seemed Trey was reluctant to fuck Rebecca after their mutual pleasure. Why was Trey holding back, did he not want to fuck her , did he want to go back to his hotel, did he want a drink? Oh no he wanted to fuck her, but in a much better location. He had to ask Rebecca something important,
“Hey sweetie would you want to check out this group party I heard about, I heard its a great scene?” Trey asked.

“I’m game, sounds fun, let’s go!” Rebecca replied.

Trey held Rebecca’s hand as they left the club after one more drink and hopped in a cab. These two lovers exchanged pleasantries and Trey began to explain to Rebecca where they were going. Trey began to describe the party to Rebecca, “This party is like no other party you have ever seen Rebecca, you will see ocean’s and seas of pleasure, the unimaginable will be imaginable, the unattainable will be attainable, this will be the event to end all events.” Trey stated.
“This sounds like an adult playland!” Rebecca replied.

“And then some baby, and then some”

They arrived at the mansion called Elveden Hall in Elveden Sufflok , England. An extremely large privately owned mansion. They approached the front door and were asked a question, “Good Evening sir, may I have the password please?” the doorman questioned.

“Certainly, the password is fidelio.” Trey replied.

“You and your lovely guest may enter the party!”

“They enter the doorway and that’s where it begins. The two immediately enter the mansion and Rebecca looked like a complete goddess, looking sexy as hell in her sheer white dress and matching heels. The two began walking through the mansion and observed all the things going on, what they witnessed was a plethora of pleasure.

In the first room they walked through: There were plush couches and lounges with couples all over them fucking in seated cowgirl positions and women were sucking , licking, and kissing every inch of the cocks in front of them. Rebecca couldn’t believe what she saw with her eyes she had an enormous smile and began slowly rubbing Trey’s cock through his pants as they continued walking through and observing the playful activity.

The next room was a ladies playland heaven: There was an enormous group of naked ladies in heels on a huge sized dinner table draped over this table performing all types of acts from women 69-ing one another, women using double-sided dildoes to fuck their pussies at the same, and not stop oral licking, sucking, and fingering of each female pussy and clit in the room.
The third and final room was the orgylicious room: There was a sea of bodies in this room and everything imaginable was happening from women sucking cock and getting fucked from behind, men holding women up while standing up fucking, there was a line of women bent over lined up in a row naked with heels on for one purpose and one purpose only- ass bukkake contest. This contest was simple, the men would come up and shoot cum all over the women’s asses and after 30 minutes the one with the most cum was the winner. The women were not left out as well they had there very own cum-to-lick contest to see who could come the fastest from getting their beautiful pussies licked, they of course were squirting everywhere! Oh yeah while Rebecca and Trey were observing the various room activities, Rebecca had already pulled Trey’s cock out and was walking around with it in her hand because she knew it was hers anytime she wanted it. Rebecca couldn’t take it anymore, she pulled her dress off, dropped to her knees and put Trey’s cock in her mouth, she sucked licked, kissed and got him hard as a rock. Just as Rebecca was about to let Trey fuck her, he had to tell her something,
“Hey baby,can I tell you something,” Trey asked.

“Of course!” Rebecca replied.

“I’ve actually got a surprise for you”

“Oh …do you!”

“Come on over guys.” Trey announced.

Trey had organized an impromptu gangbang for Rebecca. Three other large cocked guys came over for Rebecca’s pleasure, she had the biggest smile on her face. These men fucked her non-stop she was riding,sucking,fucking, licking and stroking. They were filling all of her holes and she had become air-tight! The fucking was going on and on and Rebecca finally let it be known what she wanted, “I want you guys to shoot your cum all over my body” Rebecca professed.
And like a crescendo in a piece of symphonic music one-by-one each guy came all over her.

“I’m going to cum on your back—ohhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiit!” Guy#1

“Oh shit keep stroking me Rebecca, I’m going shoot on your face —–ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Guy#2

“I’m going to shoot my cum all over your fucking sexy tits Rebecca! Shiiiit!” Guy#3

Lastly Trey got the best spot to shoot on Rebecca’s glorious ass!

Train Encounter – Fiction or is it?

I like to think that my members are all special that hopefully our relationship inspires them.  When I first started on Dreamnet 7 years ago, people used to write me stories and I’d post them on Dreamnet.  But after the site was redesigned, that rea was lost.  But people continue to write stories and I think that now with my blog it would be a great format to post them.  What I love about these stories is hearing what feelings and emotions my mebers have and also their image of what they’d like me to say or do should I ever meet them.  I have to say that some of these stories make me blush.  Today is a story from Trey Steele (his pen name).  I’m sure it was a stiff pen. I’m glad he wrote it because it inspired me to post more of these.  If you want me to post your story about me, please send them to me at and just put “Story” in the subject line! 

Thanks and Happy Reading! 

Train Encounter Pt 1 by Trey Steele

He entered the crowded train after a hard days work and was searching for a free seat on the subway, but no such luck. So he had to stand up on this wonderfully crowded LA train car,”aren’t I the luckiest man alive”, he thought sarcastically to himself. He was just about to let out a sigh of despair until she walked into the car. She had short dark hair, beautiful eyes, supple sensuous lips, amazing legs, an ass to live for and hips to die for. He had been holding onto one of the subway car handles when suddenly the dream woman who just walked in, stood in front of him and held on to the subway car bar in the middle of the train car, so she wouldn’t fall in the car as well. The train began moving along on its regular course but on each stop it would jerk back really hard and cause the dream woman to accidentally grind her gorgeous ass into the man’s crotch. He didn’t want her to think he was a perv or anything of that nature, but he was getting hard and couldn’t contain himself, she was so beautiful. He definitely didn’t want to scare her or anything because he was african-american and she was caucasian. So he tried his best to contain his erection from this beautiful woman. With stop after stop,after stop, after stop she kept bumping up against him accidentally and he kept trying like crazy to contain his hardness. The effect this woman had on this man was beyond crazy. He began apologizing because trying to hide his hard problem was easier said than done.

“I’m so sorry about bumping into you, this train is so crazy”, the man stated.

“Oh its quite alright, its not your fault,things happen we can’t control”, she replied

“Thanks for being understanding, my name’s Trey, nice to meet you.”

“Hi I’m Rebecca its nice to meet you to!”, she replied.  The train moved on to the next step and again jerked back, but this time Rebecca reached her hand back and grabbed Trey’s hardness through his trousers. To say Trey was stunned, was an understatement, did her hand accidentally brushed up against him like her ass did or was something else going on. The next step was coming up  for the train and Trey was going to see what was going to determine if it was an accident or real. He backed away from her to leave a little open space between the two of them. So when the train jerked again he got his shocking answer from Rebecca.

She looked back at Trey , took her hand, grabbed his hard crotch into her ass and whispered in his ear, “Where do you think your going big man, I’m not done with you yet”, she said.
“Oooookay…”,he replied.

Then a wonderful thing happened, the train got so tight and crowded, Rebecca was almost literally jammed against Trey’s body and then she said the most glorious thing in Trey’s ear he ever heard, “Come on big man, I’m going to take this big black cock for a ride!”
“Well do with it what you would like my dear!”

‘Oh, I shall,I shall!” Rebecca unzips Trey’s pants zipper and pulls out his big black cock literally on the train. Thankfully Trey had on his long black wool dress coat and this helped disguise his cock, from any onlookers. As the train moved Trey and Rebecca moved and grooved to the motion of the train movements. “Baby just keep rubbing me like that!”  Rebecca requested eloquently.
“Will do beautiful!” Trey replied enthusiastically.

This was just simply amazing foreplay on this train and she had him hard as a rock and he could feel himself reaching the point of climax. No woman had ever made him feel like this, he kept rubbing and rubbing, caressing her hips, kissing her neck, becoming one with her. Then finally just as the train was about to stop again, Trey prepared to shoot his cum in sequence with the train jerk. Trey whispers in Rebecca’s ear, “Where should I shoot my cum baby?”

“Lift up my skirt a little, put your cock under my dress and shoot your hot cum load all over my sexy ass!” The train began to jerk and Trey shot his load just as she requested in perfect syncopation with the train jerk. After this train ride, Trey would remember this woman forever!. The train started to clear but, Rebecca and Trey stayed in where they were in their own sea of ecstasy from there encounter until they couldn’t hide anymore.

The two of them went their separate ways but not before Trey asked Rebecca something,” You are amazing we need to do this again sometime!”
‘Baby we definitely need to do this again, trust me!”

And as Rebecca walked out of the train car she took one hand and wiped the cum off with the palm of her hand and then she proceeded to lick her palm and fingertips clean, right as she and Trey made eye-to-eye contact, she smiled and waved goodbye. They parted ways ,but this definitely wasn’t goodbye for these impromptu lovers:….