#ThrowbackThursday Original Post From 2005: @RebeccasOffice isn’t Bad, She’s Terrible

Before I had a blog, I had no place to promote these old posts.  I figure I should post them each Throwback Thursday.   Check back again & re-discover more from my past:

This post originally appeared 3/31/2005

I’m Not Just Bad, I’m Terrible

He lost the football bet with me and he had to ante up his prize possession, the Official Towel of his beloved Steelers!  So what is so special about this towel?  Oh I feel its powers already! I’m feeling Terrible!

Did I mention that my husband is a Brown’s fan?  Arch -rival of the Steelers!  You can guess that this towel will not go unscathed.  I’m feeling very bad!

Are you Ready for some football?  Click HERE

I figured you all would enjoy this as we are beginning with Football Season tonight!

Go Browns!!


@RebeccasOffice 2016 Office Pool! Join Me & Win Prizes!

Can you beat me each week?

Can you beat me each week?

Am I your Fantasy Girl?  It wouldn’t be a real office if I didn’t have an office pool!
 As some of you know, I have run a few fantasy football leagues in the past.  I have decided this will be my last year of fantasy football for me.  So if you have not participated in the past, this is your chance.  What I promise is that this year, you will receive a photo of me each week that your team outscores mine.  YES you can win up to 17 photos never ever seen before!  These photos have never been published by me nor will they ever be published on my website.  So what do you need to do?
1. You must be a current member of my club
2. Send me an email from the email you use for your membership
3. Put Fantasy Football in the header of your email.
4. Tell me you are willing to participate
5. I will send you an invite to the league I set up on ESPN.com.  (You will need to set up an account on ESPN.com)
I hope to create a few more leagues of 8-10 teams.  I hope to see you football fans there!  Maybe this is the year for the Browns!

Rebecca’s Super Bowl Prediction Update


I have been waiting months for this update.  It is true.  I received many outfits around Halloween from my fans, but this week’s ensemble courtesy of one of my members just had to wait until now.  I thought it only appropriate that I wear it during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.  I also thought I’d take the time to put together my prediction for this year’s Super Bowl.  Quite frankly, as I am writing this I have no idea who will be in the Super Bowl year, but I have a few ideas.  I am either going to look like a fool or a genius.  I know our first inclination when you see my attire is to boo, but come now, even referees need some lovin’.

Just a few quick shout outs:  To my friend who gave me this outfit.  Thank you so much and thanks for waiting.  To my friend in New Orleans, I’m sorry my Browns didn’t make it there.  And to my friend who will be throwing a party for the team I predicted to win this game, thanks for all the encouraging emails.

Are we ready?  Look, nobody liked the replacement referees at the beginning of the year, and when I got this outfit I was ready to get out there and be a replacement referee myself.  I mean at least I would have been better to look at.  So you want to know who I think will win the Super Bowl this year?  CLICK HERE to see this week’s update and my prediction for the game.


Rebecca’s Q&A Update

NEW VIDEO ~ Q&A and play with Rebecca

This is your Boss speaking! All hands on deck as I want to tell you about the State of RebeccasOffice. You’ve been waiting for this and I am glad to finally answer some of your questions that you all sent in. Thanks so much for answering my request and sending in your questions. In order for us to succeed together, you need to know that I’m here to let you know what is going on now and what we have in store for the future. This video is my way of letting you know more about me as I often get the same questions and it is hard to keep re-typing the answers or helping people find the answer on my site. I am so glad to try something new for all of you and hopefully we will do this again.

Like every great boss, Rebecca loves good feedback and also provides you examples of what she can do to make things better for all her constituents. She even re-enacts some of the best strategic decisions she makes behind closed doors. Very few of us really get to know what makes our boss tick, well not Rebecca. She provides you with the real answers straight from her lips! Come on in and check it out. Rebecca has an open door policy it seems! CLICK HERE!

NEW PICS ~ Rebecca Branding San Francisco

Header – As you all know I love when my members send me something personal and have me wear their brand. One of my admirers hails from Northern California and although he has seen me in lots of uniforms from the East Coast and the South, wanted to see me wearing the color and symbol of his favorite NFL team! I’m always happy to oblige. I hope it brings us closer together. Do you all like this team? Do you have something for me to wear? Your favorite local restaurant T-shirt? Your school colors? Let me promote something personal to you. Send it to Dreamnet and I will wear it! You can also write some of the things you want me to say in this micro-shoot. Remember, I probably don’t know much about the subject matter so you’ll need to educate me. So Send me something and I’ll take a few photos in it and give you a shout out.

I honestly don’t follow football that much, but one of my fans is what he calls a “49er Fanatic” . So thanks to Vince for this cute little dress. I love it and I’m so proud to wear this dress for you. I hope it makes you swell with pride seeing me in your team colors … CLICK HERE!


Cum To Bed – Football Widow Guide

You all might think that getting a man in bed is the easiest thing in the world and that every night I get my men jumping on my bed and have to fend them off with a 10 foot pole. You men just might be more fickle than women! When we’re tired and have a headache, you want to jump our bones, but sometimes when we dress sexy in a little negligee when you come home from work you’d rather crack open a beer and watch a football game. Well I grew up in a football family, so I might have a few tricks up my sleeve to grab your attention. BTW, are you part of my Football Office Pool? If not, send me an email. Only current and past members allowed.

Is your man spending his Saturdays and Sundays stuck in his “man cave”? Does he paint his face? Does he have foam fingers in his closet? Well let me help you grab his attention away from the television and couch. And guess what, he can still enjoy his football. Are you ready? Come in and take a few lessons from this ex-cheerleader!

The Sunday Football Widow

Cleveland Browns Dawg Days

Dawg Days in Cleveland

I know many of you out there are football fans (both American and European styles).  Well being from the Midwest I have always been surrounded by the madness at this time of year that is football.  Yes I root for Ohio St. although I did not go there.  Living in such close proximity to the university with family and friends who either attended or worked there.  I grew up in a family of women and today have a family of women, but the men (heads of household) are die hard Ohio St. and Cleveland Browns fans.  And die hard is putting it mild.

It is one thing to be a fanatic when your team does well which is and should forever be the case at Ohio St. , but for the plight of the Cleveland Browns fan, I think it has to be worse than being a Chicago Cubs baseball fan.

To be honest, I’m glad that I did not become a super fan and went to strictly academic schools that were not Division 1 sports crazy schools.  I have enough vested in concern in my own husband’s well-being!  Yes during football season my husband paints his face on Saturdays and on Sundays adorns floppy dog ears while planting himself in front of the television.

That brings us to today.  For me, the season is a lost cause for the Browns.  So I ran to do some errands and left my husband to scream at the TV by himself.  Yes, sitting there with no shirt and his silly floppy ears.  So silly but I love him!  Well when I left him the Browns were winning 24-3 and the smile that had been missing for so long was back.  All was good!  Daddy was going to be in a good mood for a week!

Two hours later I came home and watched the final chapter, a heartbreaking loss that never should have been.  A last play gut wrenching loss that just took the life out of my husband.  I could only imagine the 2 hours of agony and anguish that I missed as I went shopping!  My husband is still siting there with his ears on.  He looks like the sorriest puppy in the world!