@RebeccasOffice shows you what to do with a Cum Shot!

So we had an early Halloween party this past weekend.  I dressed up as the Wicked Bitch of The West, but I didn’t realize it was not a costume party!  My boyfriend was more interested in watching football.  I wanted to have fun and do some trick or treating.  Well, after the party he blindfolded me took off my costume, and told me to get bed and wait for him and he’d give me his treat.  I was so horny that when he came in the room he pushed my head down between his legs and I started sucking.  But after a couple minutes I realized something was up when the door opened and I heard my boyfriend’s voice.  I was sucking his best friend. He said, “You’ve been tricked and you have your treat too.  Keep sucking for your gift.”
My boyfriend had told them about my website and that they could take photos and videos of me and that I was open game for them if they wanted a taste of an older white MILF.  I was shocked.  I thought he wouldn’t let them in our bed, but of course I wanted to please them so I sucked them both and cleaned them off while they took their videos and photos.  Yes they got to see them first, but CLICK HERE AND YOU GET TO SEE THEIR MOBILE PHOTOS TOO.

#ThrowbackThursday 10 Years Ago I Nursed You #Halloween

Each week I post an update from the early days before I had a blog.  So this is a post from Halloween 10 years ago.  If you don’t like needles, this one might scare you.  Just bend over and close your eyes!

Halloween Housecall! (Originally posted 10/25/07 Update)

Are you ready for a scary housecall?  Dr. Anita Hardone at your service.  As per your vote, this is my costume for this Halloween and I couldn’t be happier with your choice.  I’d love to be what makes you happy and healthy!  Besides I’m sure you prefer this over a devil, an angel, vampire, or Frankenstein!  I hope you don’t mind but although this is a costume you voted for, I’m sure that you want to see me out of it!

I don’t just wear a costume, I become the role.  So bend over and say Ah.  Click Here, Come in and I’ll give you a full checkup.


Beware Rebecca, The Black Widow!


Hey there you Halloweenies! Well I was looking around and couldn’t find a good costume for Halloween this year. And a member was going to send me one, but it doesn’t look like his package is going to arrive on time. I mean costumes are fun, but I’ve never really gotten into the mode of buying a sexy costume when it is going to come off pretty quick anyway. Besides they are usually hot and uncomfortable. Besides, what costume is hotter than just being a hot sexy wife, right? So let’s get down to some tricks and treats!

Happy Halloween! Since my next update is actually the day before Halloween, I thought I’d show off a a little bit earlier. In case you want to get a costume that matches mine, you can find something good. What am I wearing for my real costume in public? You’ll have to come inside and find out. Then let’s see if you can find me on the streets! Are you a werewolf? Come inside and let me see if I can make you howl at the moon! CLICK HERE!


Searching for the Great Pumpkin


My girlfriend and I thought that we’d head out on more of a documentary photo shoot, but got more than we bargained for. We started out with the thought of “Rebecca going shopping for a pumpkin” and headed out to the seaside pumpkin farm for a few photos around the pumpkin patch when the owner told us that we couldn’t take commercial photos around his patch. Well when we told him what we were doing, he still told us that he couldn’t take it around his patch, but that he had 40 other acres where we could roam and take any photos we wanted. So I will have to apologize that there are no pumpkins in this photo set, but I’m sure you’ll be entertained although this wasn’t the Halloween photo shoot that I was planning. I love getting naked in public!

Wow, you are going to see a great property behind the scenes. You’ll be glad to see trespassers like me in the future. Being a country girl at heart, I felt so comfortable just stripping down and get naked outdoors! A special thanks to Farmer Barry for letting us use his property as this incredible backdrop. It ended up being a beautiful day for a naked hike. CLICK HERE!

Anyone seen my Prince Charming?

Seen My Prince Charming?

Seen My Prince Charming?

Sometimes life can be a fairy tale. And in fairy tales there is always the sweet innocent princess hoping that her Prince Charming will come along on his white stallion and save her from a fate worse than death. Well thi year for Halloween I dress up as a princess although I am anything bus sweet and innocent. Who is your favorite fictional princess? If I am not dressed as your favorite princess, perhaps I can convince you otherwise. I have to admit, something magical came over me when I put this costume on. I just wanted to live out my fantasies. Sorry if I don’t stick with the basic story, my body couldn’t resist.

Trick or Treat! Once again, I have to thank another member (yes, another Bill, Bill M.) for his generous donation of this excellent costume. I love costumes like this. It makes me want to live my own fairy tale. I sure hope I became your fantasy girl in this outfit. Would you like me to be your fantasy girl and dress me up? Send me an email and let me know what you’d like to see me wear. Come on in and see if this time, the princess gets her wish. You know what they say…if the shoe fits….


Halloween Maid to Order

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Have you been a dirty boy? Well then I’m maid for you. Don’t worry I have my papers and am not an illegal alien. I don’t even need a green card. Always wanted to do your house cleaner? Well this Halloween I get to be your sexy scary fantasy. What? You don’t find my costume scary? Well I have to be honest. I always like costumes that are multi-functional. I mean not only do I have a great costume for Halloween, but I also have something functional to wear the next time I need to clean up after a long night. Well Halloween is going to be a long night anyway. No matter what, I think it will be sticky and sweet, don’t you? Oh and we will also have some candy for everyone too. CLICK HERE!

Trick or Treat and Score This Halloween

Happy Halloween Happy Halloween

Many of you know I’m a big Halloween fan, but what most of you don’t know is that I really don’t like the whole costume bit.  Well I should emphasize that I don’t like the scary costume thing.  Vampires, monsters, and other things involving skeletons and blood just are not my thing.  I’m not even a fan of the pumpkin! Okay, well maybe I like the pumpkin pie.  So what does a woman wear these days?  Well, this year I thought I’d be just what I am.  I’m a soccer mom. I hope you don’t find that scary.

The one thing about soccer moms is that we know very little about soccer, we drink coffee on the sidelines, and we are more chauffeurs than we are actual moms.  This isn’t the World Cup, but if you come on in I’ll make sure you have just as much as fun.