Dreamnet Clips Sequel – Rebecca and Sam Go to Vegas Part 2

Rebecca & Samantha Part 2

                   Rebecca & Samantha Part 2

Am I bisexual?  I get that question often.  That weekend I spent in Vegas with Samantha I never ate so much pussy.  I also never ate another man’s cum out of another woman’s pussy.  I also never licked a woman as another man put his cock in her.  It was so hot!  I really liked it.  Then there is the hot scene I never had watched before.  When Samantha told her boyfriend’s wingman to choke her I was stunned.  I’d never seen a woman be so submissive.   It was so dirty and I loved it.  That is when I told her boyfriend to take off the condom and to cum deep inside me while I ate his girlfriend.  I wanted my whole body to be used by this couple and then have her boyfriend’s wingman stick his gigantic cock deep inside me and plant more of his hot cum in my womb.  I love Vegas.  There must be something about the dry air in Vegas that gets me horny.  You tell me, is this a hot scene or not?  Maybe this is what happens to all women in Vegas.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Samantha getting choked!

For the last 10 years people have asked me about this short clip on my club member side with my friend Samantha and this video includes about a minute of the nasty scene included in that vide.  A good friend who like me is married with a family, her one last hurrah can be seen here.  If you’ve been asking About Samantha, this is your last chance, I promise.