@RebeccasOffice Update – Naughty or Nice

HomeforChristmas copy I have no doubt that I am near the top of Old St. Nick’s naughty list. Every year I wonder what it is he thinks I will deserve from his nag of coal. I admit I do like to receive a little punishment or something from the “other bag of goodies”. I mean I don’t need to be nice and receive candies, ugly jewelry, socks, ugly sweaters and the like. Well given that it is the week before Christmas and I am taking the rest of the year off, I am bored and horny. I thought I’d rummage through my husband’s closet looking for his gifts but couldn’t find them. All I could do was smell his cologne and got horny that I needed his smell all over me……

So I took off my clothes and put on one of his dress shirts and thought I’d wait for my lover to come over and help me out. I wonder who will come home first. My husband? My lover? Or maybe some handsome stranger. I want the gift of naughtiness. I’m not greedy. Anyone can give it to me? CLICK HERE to Reward Rebecca for being naughty!

Have you checked under Rebecca’s Christmas Tree?


Happy Holidays everyone! While I know I will be updating next week on Christmas Eve, I want to make sure to greet you all this week whether you are Christian or not. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah,   Happy Festivus and Happy Kwaanza to everyone out there as well! I am really grateful to be sharing with you at this time of year, so thank you for receiving my “gift of giving” myself to all of you! If you are traveling or staying put, please be safe! Whether spending time with a large group of family and friends or alone, all I ask that you spend a little time with me and tell me how life is with you. Like Santa, I have something for everyone whether you are naughty or nice.

So were you a good boy/girl this year? Or were you one of those naughty ones? Did you get me something? What? You don’t believe in Rebecca Claus? Well grab that mistletoe and CLICK HERE so we can warm your chestnuts by the fire!

Darn! You Caught Me!


Yes, you caught me.  I really am just a sucker for the holidays.  Every year I go all out in my decorations.  Nutcrackers, lights, tinsel, fake snow, and yes……mistletoe!  I try not to act like a crazy person with all the decorations and those that know me crack up when they see me walking from the lot with yards of garlands, wreaths as big as hula hoops and Santa costumes!  I just can’t help myself.  The spirit of the season just overwhelms me and I want to get in the mood.  Sometimes I start so early everyone starts to laugh…”there goes Rebecca” is usually what they say.

Well don’t just stand there.  Pick up some lights and start stringing them up.  If you are going to hang out with me this season, just think of me as Mrs. Claus and you can be “Mrs. Claus’s little helpers”.  Well cmon into my little workshop and we can get in the spirit together.   Tis the season and I am in a very giving mood.  So come on over.  I might even take a trip to look at your North Pole.  Hop in my sleigh and let’s go!  CLICK HERE

Got Some Mistletoe?

Another year has almost gone by and I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday season not matter how you celebrate it. For me I have been blessed to be part of a huge family and love spending this time with them and all of my friends. This includes my online friends as well. Although some of you out there might be content on a simple holiday, I hope you think of me during this holiday season. So if you are feeling down and want a little fun, I want you to come by and look at this pictorial. Think of me as your family. I love spreading cheer this time of year and if I can put a smile on your face, I consider that the best gift I can give.So do you have a little “Bah” in your “Humbug”? Well let me give you the gift that keeps on giving! Want to wipe that Scrooge off of your face? Come on over and sit by the fire. Come on in and I will help turn that Grinch into some Mistletoe. So if you are ready, come on in. I’m waiting under the Mistletoe for you! CLICK HERE!

Rebecca Hosts Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Come join me this Thanksgiving! I am the hostess with the moistest! LOL! It is true though. I do like to entertain people, but of course you knew that already. The holidays are fun for me as I always like to host friends and family at our house. Additionally I like to entertain and try new recipes. I’m not a bad cook either. This year I’m actually having a few people from work at my place as they are from foreign countries where they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Well anyway, this holiday is about giving thanks and always at this time of the year I like to thank those of you who follow me year round. So Happy Thanksgiving everyone. For those of you who don’t celebrate this holiday, come join us. I’ll teach you a thing or two. I’ve got the whipped cream ready. You just tell me where you want it.

What is your favorite part of the holidays? I am so glad to have you with me this holiday season. I sure hope you know how to carve a bird. I have to be honest. Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. The food is just okay. The desserts are awesome, but I just can’t do all that eating. For me the best part is thanking everyone for all that they have done for me this past year. Why don’t you come inside for a little Thanksgiving feast and I can personally thank you.


Be Thankful & Make A Wish


How thankful are you in 2010. I know that this is the time of year to be thankful for what you have, but it is still okay to be a bit selfish and make a wish for what you still want and that you don’t have. There is still a lot going on in this world, but more than just being thankful for what we have, I know it is important to make a wish and dream big. This is Dreamnet after all, isn’t it? As your Dreamgirl, I like to keep it positive. So make a wish and let’s see if we can help make it come true! To help things out I have my little fantasy fountain here to help you with your wish.

Don’t believe in wishes? Try this one. If you don’t dream at all your wishes will never come true. Okay, so here is what I want you to do. Get our a coin. Pull down your pants or skirt. Close your eyes. Now make a wish. Blow on that coin and toss it. Did your wish come true? Are your eyes still closed? Come on in and find out if it came true!