@RebeccasOffice invites you to RebeccasHome for the Weekend

I get a lot of personal questions about me and for privacy sake I don’t really reveal it all to everyone.  It is personal and while my life might not be so private, other people do have private lives.  If you notice the theme of 2017, I have been opening up and showing you things I had previously kept hidden. Some members I have really gotten to know have seen this part of my life, but until recently I have tried to keep it somewhat private.  Now that I have found a new partner, I have decided it is okay to show you more of what I am like every day.  Most people asked what my life is like on weekends.  So obviously with a busy house I was just a normal person, but when the house was empty, we’d have the chance to play.  As you will see in some very candid photos my life definitely can be Jeckyl and Hyde.

On this particular weekend I kept my clothes on all day Saturday when we went out to the Wine Country.  Of course my husband at the time took lots of funny photos of me.  But then came Sunday and with an empty house came off all my clothes and some of my sexy friends!

Yes I live a sexy life sometimes, but I am not always about sex.  I do wear jeans and normal clothes around the house, but when you give me and my friends some private time we really like to party.  I recently moved into a new place with my guy, so I can’t wait to host some parties in our new place.  But I thought you should see that I am a normal gal you’d see around the neighborhood or sipping wine in Paso Robles just like they do in the movies (For copyright I can’t mention the movie)!   CLICK HERE TO SPEND A WEEKEND WITH REBECCA. 

Are you In or are you Out?

I’ve received lots of emails recently from people who don’t pay attention. People sometimes draw their own perception of me. Many assume my husband is a cuckold. I had to look that up. He is not. So then why do I do what I do? Why then am I doing this? So you want to learn a little more about me? This might sound boring, but to understand me really is to understand why I am here on Dreamnet. I believe variety is what you need in life and that is why I am here on Dreamnet. I live my normal real life during the day, but I just want to come home kick off my sensible heels, and live life in an alternative universe. You see, I’ve always been a silent contrarian. I grew up on a farm, but I wasn’t always the girl who ran the straight and narrow. I liked to do things differently just to mix things up a bit. I liked that on our farm, the dogs got along with the cats. Oh and we didn’t wear overalls. In fact, because my father worked at the university, he wore suits. There is something about leaving your own four walls and becoming someone different.

So today, I like to do things differently too. I like wearing my underwear outside and as you all know, I like to wear my spike heels to bed. Inside my house I even use patio furniture while I use cushioned seats outside. And many of followers have noted that I don’t mind the contrast in skin colors of my many dark lovers against my own skin. It’s all about variety for me.

The wonderful thing about having a wall around my house is that I don’t have to leave my domain to become my alter ego. That way I can get wild outside without ever going beyond my own walls. You see, it is hard for me to get wild in my own bedroom, but once I leave the comfort of my own home, I get a little crazy. What does that mean? Well help unshackle me from my bed and let’s see what happens.

Let Me Entertain You

It used to be that when you said someone was the “Lady of the House” that she was a madame or high end escort. For me, it means a woman who is proper and knows how to manage her home. Kind of like the queen and her castle. The emphasis is on the word lady. I was brought up in a proper and traditional household where manners and the social graces were important and we were tested on them all the time. Men were men and women were women. We cooked, washed, cleaned and made sure that everyone in the house was well taken care of. Now that I am older, I thought I’d treat you to some of that traditional hospitality. Come on in, make yourself comfortable.

I really do love to entertain and hold a nice dinner party almost every other month for friends. We are not talking about a catered meal or a BBQed grill meal in the backyard (that’s my husband’s domain). We’re talking about a nice home cooked dinner party by me. The invitations are out and you are invited. Please no gifts. Just bring your lovely self . Oh, and be on time. I hate when people are “fashionably late”.

Welcome Home: Would you like Dinner or Dessert?

One of the great parts of working in the financial brokerage sector in the Western US is that although your day starts very early, your day ends early and you miss all the traffic going home. Better yet, for a woman, you can get home to welcome your man when he comes home. For me, it is always nice, to freshen up, get sexy, and make him a meal that would put a smile on his face. You see, although I am a provider in the house, I still like to treat my man like a king. Just think of me as the perfect welcome mat when you come home. Let’s just say my husband doesn’t work late very often.

Does this work for you? You might wake up in the morning to an empty bed, but when you get home, I will have already warmed it up for you. Come on in and try it out. After that commute home, loosen that tie, open the door, and see what awaits you not inside Rebecca’s Office, but Rebecca’s Home.