Movie Review – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

So I saw this movie on opening night and I loved it.  I am just a flat out movie lover.  And if you don’t see this in the movie theaters, you just aren’t a movie lover. I highly  recommend seeing this movie early.  Don’t wait.  Catch all the hype, don’t listen to naysayers or super-critical people.  It is a family and friend experience.  The movie itself in the greater world of movies is iconic.  This is the greatest movie franchise ever (yes even better than James Bond) as it changed movie making and story-telling.  It is again one of those movies that needs to be seen in theaters with a crowd full of movie fans and specifically Star Wars enthusiasts.  People who saw the original 20+ times, people who stay and watch all the credits, and people who will cheer when the movie starts.  This is not a sit at home alone in front of your large screen TV type of movie.

As for the movie itself, it has new characters.  Some cute, some funny, and some scary but so good to look at.  Even little kids won’t be that scared.  The movie is very long, but the story keeps you riveted.  I was slightly sick and had lots of drugs in me, but I was riveted to the screen.  Yes, you better pee before the movie starts because there is not a dull moment.  You won’t want to miss a thing for a bathroom break!  So order the regular size drink and not the extra large.

I did see the movie in 3D IMAX with my co-workers and we a geek fest happy hour afterwards…what does that mean?  Well imagine drunk men and women having a contest to see who can do their best Wookie impression!  That might be our next recruitment requirement!  LOL!

Just go see this movie.  As the second of this trilogy it is similar to the others in that space.  Just like Empire Strikes Back, except I think it is better because there really is no cliffhanger.  You know what the battle will be when this is resolved.  Don’t question me. You know I give this 5 full erections and ejaculations.

What questions will you have going into the next movie?  How will they portray Carrie Fisher’s character without her to play the role?  Will we see Luke in some way in the finale?  I just hope they don’t make the final movie ending a corny one.

Good thing is we only have to wait a year for the next movie and only 5 months for the Han Solo movie.