Movie Review: The Commuter

Mystery train thriller where a dad must solve a mystery and execute quickly against all odds to save his family and others.  Yes that is a formula film and when you include Liam Neeson as the star, then you have a good time.  As soon as I saw this movie was being made, I knew it was one that we would watch.  Surprisingly the story wasn’t that straightforward and there were a few plot twists which made you say “Oh my gosh” and there were moments where you could lean over and tell your partner what your guess was and they could tell you as well, but of course, we were both wrong!  And there were plenty of tense well.  I think I gripped my guy too hard at some points!

Only problem I had was that the end of the film left you with a little guessing work.  Perhaps there will be a sequel?  I’m not sure.  Anyway, it was a good thriller and I was entertained!  I’d give this 4 out of 5 on the erection scale.  Definitely some good scenes that make this a must see in the theaters for the feeling that you are right there.  You will lose something if you watch this on a home theater.

There are also some good previews of new movies coming too!  Sicario2, Death wish, and Annhilation!