@RebeccasOffice invites you to RebeccasHome for the Weekend

I get a lot of personal questions about me and for privacy sake I don’t really reveal it all to everyone.  It is personal and while my life might not be so private, other people do have private lives.  If you notice the theme of 2017, I have been opening up and showing you things I had previously kept hidden. Some members I have really gotten to know have seen this part of my life, but until recently I have tried to keep it somewhat private.  Now that I have found a new partner, I have decided it is okay to show you more of what I am like every day.  Most people asked what my life is like on weekends.  So obviously with a busy house I was just a normal person, but when the house was empty, we’d have the chance to play.  As you will see in some very candid photos my life definitely can be Jeckyl and Hyde.

On this particular weekend I kept my clothes on all day Saturday when we went out to the Wine Country.  Of course my husband at the time took lots of funny photos of me.  But then came Sunday and with an empty house came off all my clothes and some of my sexy friends!

Yes I live a sexy life sometimes, but I am not always about sex.  I do wear jeans and normal clothes around the house, but when you give me and my friends some private time we really like to party.  I recently moved into a new place with my guy, so I can’t wait to host some parties in our new place.  But I thought you should see that I am a normal gal you’d see around the neighborhood or sipping wine in Paso Robles just like they do in the movies (For copyright I can’t mention the movie)!   CLICK HERE TO SPEND A WEEKEND WITH REBECCA. 

@RebeccasOffice Wants You To Be A Dreamgirl

Dreamnet Lifestyle

Dreamnet Lifestyle

One of the questions I get asked most often by members is how they can get their wife or partner to become a Dreamnet girl or an interracial swinger.  Well I think the former is easier than the latter.  Do I recommend the lifestyle?  Of course I do!  But the lifestyle is not for everyone, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about why I chose to become a Dreamgirl and how that came to be in case it isn’t clear!  I have to say that one of the best things is that I get to dress sexy unlike the way I dress on a normal basis.  So if you want your girl to become a Dreamnet girl or an interracial swinger, keep reading and I will give you a few tips and ideas.

Do you think that your wife, girlfriend or spouse would like getting compliments from other men?  Do you think it will give her more confidence about her body?  Dreamnet has really helped me gain more confidence about what men like about me and it has helped me to see and find other women like me to help me realize that doing this is very normal.  I really started out doing this just to see if men found me attractive.  The next think you know, I am realizing all my sexual fantasies CLICK HERE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT WHY THE DREAMNET LIFESTYLE IS AMAZING.

What’s Rebecca doing? Happy Valentine’s Day

Everyone is wanting to know that all important question?  Is Rebecca spending the evening with her hubby or is she out with one of her guys?  What do You Think?

I’m not big on Valentine’s for two reasons.  First, It is just one day a year. and Second, everything is more expensive that day.  Nothing worse than wanting to go to your favorite restaurant to find that they have a prix fixe menu and are charging more for it!

So no I did not make plans with my husband.  It is just another Friday night.  Movie Night.  I’ll probably go to the movie with my boy toy.  It is best to let him know that on Valentine’s we can check out a movie.and that he is the one who makes me swoon.

My husband?  Don’t worry about him.  Follow the exploits of his gal pal if you need to know how the other half lives: http://www.twitter.com/BOlsenXoXo


Perks of the Alternative Lifestyle

One of the things I enjoy about the lifestyle I’ve chosen is that I do things today that I otherwise would not have tried.  I think that before Dreamnet came along, I was headed in another direction.  now that I look at where I am, I see that I get to see and/or experience many things that I would not have seen otherwise.

I might not always agree with these opportunities that I have, but I am so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to check it out anyway.

Last week I went to a pool party which was pretty crazy.  Not that I wouldn’t have normally gone to a party like this, but for those who really know me, I’m not a big crowd person.  I also don’t like it when people get too sloppy that they don’t know what they are doing or remember what they did.  Anyway, I thought I’d share this clip my boyfriend took from the hotel room when he and our friend Heather went upstairs to get us more sunscreen. 

I’m glad I wasn’t caught dancing.  I have 2 left feet!


Rebecca’s Secret Hideaway….it’s a secret

Secret Hideaway

Have I waited this long to tell you about my secret
hideaway? Yep. It is a peaceful place I run off to when I want to get away from
everything in my home. Some of you have your “Man Cave”. Well I have my “Nest”
at the top of my house where I surround myself with fantasy. I figured it would
be time to show all of you where I go to get away from it all. I also have some
great memories here. It is my room of memories from all the great trips in my
life. I bet if you look closely, you can find some pretty interesting artifacts.
So come on up to the top of my world. Study close as there will be a quiz at the
end of this pictorial! : )

Some people say I shouldn’t be alone in this
room. Well I beg to differ. That is why I am inviting all o you up to my special
room. I think you’ll find that it offers some very interesting opportunities. I
personally think that there are some great things you and I could do here. BTW,
you won’t believe it, but I have never ever had sex in this room. I swear that I
never have. Well, maybe when you take a look, you can give me a sense of where I
should do it. So come on up, come on in, and let’s have a party. CLICK HERE

What to Wear when Swinging!

Normally when I attend a lifestyle party I try not to be too flashy, but heck, this is a Vegas party. Everybody is going to be gorgeously sexy! As my husband says, “When in Vegas, go hard or go home!” So want to see what I wore to the party? Check it out. Yes, this is a pre-swinger party preview! So when you are in “the lifestyle” you’d think life would be easy! Not so. There is always the question of what to wear. You have to have a change of clothes. You also have to be able to show up and wear something that won’t call attention to yourself. Also, it is tougher when you are attending an event at a location that you never have been to. I’m actually a bit nervous. We have never been to a swinger party in Vegas. There is so much tension in the air. My husband was so frustrated with my trying on all four before we left. I brought four outfits but thought you’d like to at least see the one I chose to wear.

Normally when I attend a lifestyle party I try not to be too flashy, but heck, this is a Vegas party. Everybody is going to be gorgeously sexy! As my husband says, “When in Vegas, go hard or go home!” So want to see what I wore to the party? Check it out. Yes, this is a pre-swinger party preview!