What Time Is The Best for Sex @RebeccasOffice ? Find Out When I’m Horny

What is your favorite time for sex?  When are you the horniest?  The morning?  The afternoon?  At night?  Ever since I moved in with my boy toy, I have had so much more sex.  I doubt there are many women having as much or even better sex than me.  I literally have had sex morning, noon and night.  This is much different than my marriage when it was the same time all the time.  I’m now finding that sex is great at any time of day.  I have found though that there is a certain time of day thought that I really love sex.  I bet you’d like to know what that time is.  How about you?  Do you have a favorite time to have sex?  When is the best time to make love to you?

There is a certain time of day when I cannot resist a nice hard penis.  I want it in my mouth, between my legs, etc.  I don’t care who it belongs to or what.  I just need to have it.  This is your chance.  If you can catch me and have a nice sized penis, you might get lucky with me.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT TIME OF DAY I AM SO HORNY THAT I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Update: It’s Official March MadnASS Month #ass


I was looking around and I see there are such special designations for Drinking Wine, Black Pride, etc. Well I think there should be a month dedicated to a beautiful ASS. So I am declaring March to be “Worship a Woman’s Ass” Month. What do you think? So it shall be forever known as March MadnASS. I also want to invite you join in some traditional March Madness College Basketball fun. Every year I have a pool dedicated to my office pool. If you don’t have an account yet, be sure to go to espn.go.com/fantasy and set up an account. I want to see you in my tournament pool. I shall give an award to my top current member in the pool as long as they beat me! In the meantime, let’s take a look at some photos of me in a sexy black negligee sent to me by one of my Ass Worshippers!

Are you ready for March MadnASS? Are you a worshipper of the ASS? Do you want to slap it, touch it, spank it, lick it? Well then this is your month! Contribute to the cause and make March the month of the ASS! And then play in my fantasy league and show me you are the King of March MadnASS! CLICK HERE to see MY ASS!!


Rebecca’s First 2016 Pictorial Starts From the Back

Start Your Year Here

Start Your Year Here

Welcome to my first pictorial of 2016 (last week was a video). Well I was thinking that the best way to begin the year would be to give you a look from my back side. Does that make sense? I sure hope you will follow my adventures this year. I am always looking to give you something new to keep you coming back for more and I think I have a few really cool new tricks up my sleeve. So here I am where it begins every year. I’m starting the year in bedroom before the work year begins. I’ve drawn out all my resolutions and am ready to share my year with all my wonderful members. Are you ready to make 2016 special? Let’s do it! I still haven’t had my first good roll in the hay yet!

I know you love my ass. Does it look good to you? Let’s start back asswards and get this year off to a wonderful start! This year is the year of my members! I want you to tell me your resolutions and predictions for us in 2016. CLICK HERE to tell me how 2016 will be!

I’ve been a very bad girl, but that’s okay.

People ask me and my husband all the time about our relationship. Let me just say to all of you that we love each other and everything I do is what he wants. Does it cause some discomfort sometimes? Of course, but it is all good. There is no hiding it from my husband these days. When I came home at 3am in the morning the other day, he knew what I had been up to. To be honest, he’s lucky I even come home to keep up appearances. Sometimes I just stay out all night. There is no hiding it. What I need can’t be found in my house, so I need to go out and get it. At first it would be just weekends, but now it is like a bad scratch that I need to have itched. I go whenever I need it. Do I love my husband? Oh yes I do, but I can’t give him what he needs anymore either. It just wouldn’t be fair. When I came home on this eve, I caught my husband with his cock in his hand. I felt so bad…., but I couldn’t help him and he seemed disappointed. So I thought I’d dedicate this pictorial to him and all of you. I was bad, very bad….and I’m sorry. Well…just a little bit.

I’m not a bad girl and I’m sorry that I have to share this message to my husband with all of you, but this is an open marriage and Dreamnet has helped me to find my voice and my sexuality. There is no secret that I have become a bit of a slut for large cock since I came on here. It has been an amazing transformation for me, but please don’t hate me. My husband would like me to be even more naughty. I know, you must be wondering how much more naughty I can be. I know my husband still loves me and I love him too. I want you all to know this. So what happens when he’s sexually frustrated and I’m satisfied? This pictorial is a re-enactment of a little tete-a-tete we had the other night.…Want to dance with the Devil? CLICK HERE!

What Date Night with Rebecca Looks Like


So imagine coming home from work and finding your wife all decked out in something sexy.  I know what you’re thinking, “Something’s Wrong With This Picture”.  Well there is.  Even in Rebecca’s home, her husband knows that something is not right.  Well, when her husband arrives home and see this scene, he knows that it is not for him,  It means that Rebecca is going out on a hot date with one of her lovers.  Her husband gets to watch her prepare and primp herself for a night out on the town in the arms of another man   Many men would be jealous or furious, but for Rebecca’s husband, Date Night is a turn on.

Do do you think you could stand it if you came home to your wife and see was getting dressed sexily for another man?  Rebecca’s husband gets turned on thinking about how his gorgeous wife is going to go out there and please another man.  He is so proud of her and knows she will do a good job.  It is her chance to let her hair down and be a real sexy woman outside of work and home.  Watch Rebecca as she prepares for her date.  CLICK HERE if you think you could handle watching Rebecca prepare to leave you home alone.

Rebecca’s Office Goes Red

I recently ran a poll in the Dreamnet Forums about the color of a woman’s lingerie and I guess I inspired a pretty heated debate. I never thought something that men rip off our bodies would be such a popular topic (see Topic in The Dreamnet Fourm!) Well it had a profound effect on one of my members who said that he needed to send me lingerie in his favorite color. Two days late a bra and panty set arrived and I felt it only appropriate that given the spirit I should wear red for the holiday. I don’t often get to respond to a user’s need that quickly so I figured I’d show all of you how I listen and try to address the needs of all my members. I hope you enjoy!

I know I gave you all a Valentine’s update last week but I figured why not give you all what you want! When this number arrived in the mail, I just had to slip into this. I never owned a balconette bra with my breasts exposed before. So do you like the color red? If you haven’t answered the poll in the Dreamnet Forum yet, check the link above and let us know your favorite lingerie color. Don’t like the color red? Well then come inside and rip this little number off my body! I’m ready for you. CLICK HERE!

Will You be My Valentine?

Despite the fact that I grew up on a rural farm, my parents were always impressing on me that I needed to practice the social graces. I was always sent to practice “how to be a lady” when I was growing up. This including had to talk, walk, dress, etc. I know it sounds old school, especially since the other 6 days of the week, I would forget everything they were trying to teach us. Nevertheless, I was a good student and today since I live in a big city, many of the things I learned I am able to practice in today’s world. I find that trying to be classy though is such a snobby thing, so I try to be sassy as well. I hope you feel that I impress that on you. In every update I try to impress upon you that I am a proper woman with class, but at the same time one who likes to stray from the straight, the narrow, and the boring.

My husband says I am the ideal woman. He could take me to a White House Press conference yet at the same time I’d feel equally as comfortable at a Southern country picnic. He is right. I like to pride myself on the fact that I can feel comfortable in any environment. So today I want to show you that yes the modern woman can me both classy and sassy at the same time. In fact, I want you to take a look and tell me what you prefer. Do you prefer a woman to be classy or sassy? CLICK HERE!

Is this OK to wear to your place?

You know recently my husband has been a bit useless.  I do think maybe he’s just jealous.  Or maybe it is the fact I can’t even remember the last time we slept together.  The other night I was headed out to see one of my lovers and asked him if he liked the new outfit I got for the occasion.  He basically told me his opinion didn’t matter since I seem to dress for my lovers and then where sweats and oversized shirts when I’m around him.  Well I love being sexy for my lovers as it makes me fell desired and especially having them undress me in an animalistic fervor!  My husband never acted like that with hunger in his eyes.

So maybe if my husband can’t help me figure out what to wear, you all can help me out and let me know if what I am wearing looks good.  I want your complete honesty because if it doesn’t turn you on then probably it won’t appeal to my lovers.  I want them to just go nuts as soon as they see me that they want to rip off my underwear.    So come inside and let me know what you think.

Do you Know the Password?

Knock Knock

Okay, so I am a nerd, but my husband and I have all these secrets that couples share. We also have all these secret words…like when we do a little B&D, I have a special word that we use to make him or me stop, but won’t break the mood. We have a bit of our language. Truthfully though, when we are out and when we used to first meet other people we had a magic word. If I said the magic word, it meant to my husband that I wanted to sleep with the guy we were meeting. To this day only he and I know the magic word. Funny thing is my husband knows what a slut I am that sometimes I think he doesn’t even wait for me. Well actually sometimes I move too fast myself.

So yes I am like a fairy tale with the password to my kingdom. I even have a nickname for my female parts. Can you guess them? In fact if you can guess them, you just might have to be knighted by me. Then you can use your sword to joust with me a little! Just take off that body armor. Care to share passwords? I’ll let you know mine if you let me know yours! Come on in and let’s share a little, shall we? Once you’re in, I’ll be all yours! CLICK HERE!

Welcome Home: Would you like Dinner or Dessert?

One of the great parts of working in the financial brokerage sector in the Western US is that although your day starts very early, your day ends early and you miss all the traffic going home. Better yet, for a woman, you can get home to welcome your man when he comes home. For me, it is always nice, to freshen up, get sexy, and make him a meal that would put a smile on his face. You see, although I am a provider in the house, I still like to treat my man like a king. Just think of me as the perfect welcome mat when you come home. Let’s just say my husband doesn’t work late very often.

Does this work for you? You might wake up in the morning to an empty bed, but when you get home, I will have already warmed it up for you. Come on in and try it out. After that commute home, loosen that tie, open the door, and see what awaits you not inside Rebecca’s Office, but Rebecca’s Home.