Member Erotica: Chapter 31, Part 2 – Life of a Black Cock Slut

Chapter 31. (Part 2) Rebecca’s Black Master Gets Is Revenge

As Rebecca cleaned up and put on clean clothes, Trevor’s mind was working.   He needed to work fast as he needed to make sure he gained Rebecca’s trust.  She was in desperate need and he put himself in the position of her only support and he would give it to her.  Although he knew what had happened he would tell her that he would be there when she was ready to tell him what happened.  She was still in shock.  She had had sex with strangers before, but never felt drugged, helpless, and so unsafe before.  Waking up in the middle of nowhere, disoriented and not knowing what happened had scared her.  She walked over to Trevor and he asked her again if she wanted to tell him what happened and she shook her head.  Trevor told her that he would take her home as it was still early in the morning and perhaps she could sneak back in quietly before everyone awoke and if she wanted he would wait for her and they could go back to his place after.

Rebecca told him that she would be okay.  So they drove off to her home and parked in the dark around the corner so nobody could not see her sneaking in at an odd hour. Just before Rebecca got out Trevor told her that although she said she was okay that he’d be at the nearest Starbucks having a coffee in case she needed him. They kissed and he caressed her cheek and told her that he loved her.  Rebecca walked around to the side of the house and entered through the bank pantry, but when she closed the door her husband was waiting for her.  “Where the fuck were you?”, Rebecca stepped back in shock and before she could lie, he lifted her skirt and saw her red pussy and continued, “You fucking whore!  Do you realize your children had to call me at work and say that you hadn’t come home yet?  They were wondering who was going to make dinner?  You knew I had a dinner meeting and they were going to be left alone if you didn’t go off all night with your boyfriend!”  He was mad, but she didn’t know his secret.  He had actually been out having dinner with his mistress.  All he wanted was to discredit Rebecca so that he could kick her out of his house and look like the good guy when he found a new younger wife. He had a Private Eye who had been following her and been tracking Rebecca and staked out outside a suspected hotel he traced her to on a couple of occasions.  Earlier that morning he had seen her dissheveled figure walking half naked into the hotel at 3am.  He then alerted Al that they were heading his way when she emerged again at 4:30am, this time with a tall man he had seen with her before that appeared to live there.

Al was livid.  The alert had given him the opportunity to prepare his verbal onslaught.  He showed her his phone which showed her and Trevor coming out of his place.  Rebecca was helpless against his attack.  Her pussy had been brutally fucked and it showed.  He would use that photo as her infidelity in any lawsuit.  She had not contacted the police about the rape either.  It was hopeless.  She looked on the floor to her right and saw 4  large suitcases.    Al then threw an envelope at her.  “Sign these papers and I won’t sue you and file you as an unfit parent with the State.  I just want you out of this house and away from the kids.  I don’t want a slut and whore living under the same roof.  If you want to see them you will have to contact me.  I am going to be nice and tell them you are going to move away and that unfortunately their mother and father are going to take a temporary and maybe permanent break because your work is coming before our marriage and that their mother is sorry to not be here to tell them in person.  If you say otherwise, these photos will be used against you in a very very nasty divorce.”  He opened the envelope and pointed where he wanted her to sign.  Rebecca was crying.  She couldn’t tell him now.  She had been having a relationship for over 6 months now.  Nobody would believe her.  People at work had noticed her change behavior and suspected things.  She signed the papers and forgot to read the fine detail. She would of find out that under California law everything would be split down the middle except he got full custody of the kids and the house and cars.  She signed the papers are started weeping loudly.  He whispered loudly, “Shut up and get out of here before you wake everyone up.  I threw your stuff in those bags and will send the rest when you tell me where to send them. “  Rebecca burst into tears and begged him to let her stay so that she could say goodbye to her kids but he got up, threw the bags outside and held the door open waiting for her to leave.  She did not look at him and walked out the back door.    As soon as she was through the door, he shut it and turned off the porch light leaving her in the dark.   Rebecca realized her home life was now over.  She texted Trevor and he immediately responded he’d be there in 5 minutes.

When Trevor arrived, he saw how upset she was and picked her up and helped her to the car and drove her to his hotel.  He didn’t ask what happened, but saw that Al had broken her even more than all of her sexual encounters combined.   Her body was shaking uncontrollably and she looked like her body was crushed.  While he was driving he told her not worry as he would be there for her.  There was silence as all he could hear was her crying and sniffling.  He knew that Al must have been upset and that they had a big disagreement.  He smiled at the thought but did not want her to know that he was pleased.

Eventually, Rebecca turned towards him and said “Thank you.  I know I can count on you and I am glad you are here for me.  I’m just very hurt right now.  I will not forget this.“  As they were driving Rebecca noticed that they went past the building where she worked and not to his hotel and she wondered if he was going to fuck her in her office and started to panic.  But when they went past it she looked at Trevor curiously as she did not know were he was taking her. Soon he took a left turn and went up a side road until they came to a two story white house where he stopped the car. Rebecca turned around to him and asked him what they doing here and he told her that this was her temporary new home.   He had rented it from AirBnB for 3 months until their new place was going to be ready.  He was going to tell her about it that day, but realized that going back to the new place would be better since  he could officially move in. Rebecca said, “What do you mean?” and he told her that he had paid for it and reserved it the prior week when he found out their new townhouse would be delayed 3 months.

Rebecca grabbed him and kissed him hard on the lips and said “Thank You” as he gave her the keys while he grabbed her bags.  When he open the door he took her on a tour showing her the kitchen, living room, dining room on the main level and then he took her downstairs to the basement theater room with three long leather couches and a ninety-inch television and a fully-stocked wet bar. At the far side if the basement was a locked room and Rebecca asked what was in there and he said,  “You will find out when you are ready.”

They then went back upstairs and took her to the master bedroom. As they climbed the stairs she was overjoyed knowing that at last they had somewhere to live and not have to go to the hotel anymore.  She was surprised by Trevor’s taste as it showed how understanding and sensitive he was. She would not have to put up with the cruel remarks she got from the black thugs who lived there. When they got to the bedroom she was amazed at how big it was. It had a king-sized four poster bed with walk-in closets and a huge ensuite bathroom with a soaking jacuzzi tub and double sinks.  She turned to Trevor and asked how he can afford it and he told her that she would be helping to pay towards it as well if that was ok.  She nodded but she had no idea what kind of work he was talking about. In fact, she would be paying for all of it.  He was surprised that she still had not caught on to how a website was paying for it all.  He then told her to have a soak as it would make her relax. While she was gone he got the remote control from the bedside and switched on the hidden cameras to record the night’s fun.  He then brought her suitcases into the closet  and then he got undressed and got in bed waiting for Rebecca to come back and soon she was standing naked in front of him. He told her to get in bed as where she will be safe and he pulled the covers back and told her to get in.   It was now 7:45am and she had not slept all night.  She emailed in and told the office she was not coming in to work.  As she closed her eyes, she let Trevor spoon her and put his arms around her and held her softly.  Having his arms around her made her feel safe.  She started to cry.  Being in his arms she felt like she could finally relax and she began to tell him what happened when she left work that night. She then told him in detail what she had remembered had happened when she was drugged and raped by the three men.  As she told the story, Trevor’s cock grew.  He knew what had happened when she passed out.

He tried to be sensitive.  “Are you going to be okay?  Do you want to take the rest of the week off?  Do you want me to get the rest of your stuff?  I have to move everything from the hotel tomorrow.”  She quietly responded by pushing her butt up against his growing cock.  Trevor wanted to just shove his cock in her but he slow –played it.  He was not going to ruin his perfect plan.  “Hey, I care for you.  I love you.  Are you sure you are okay?”  He grabbed her hand and made his play, “Look, I am sorry about what happened tonight.  I just want to make sure you are okay.  I know with me you have done some pretty kinky things in the past and had rough group sex before and enjoyed it.  I need to understand that you are not scarred. “  Rebecca didn’t hesitate.  She turned around in his arms.  “I did not know these men.  I was scared and I did cum.  The sex was hard and I did get really wet, but they drugged me and I was scared because I did not know them and you were not there to protect me.  I was hoping that it was going to be you coming out from behind a door, but it wasn’t.  Just being drugged and helpless.  I thought I was going to die!”

Trevor’s cock grew as he heard her say those words.  Trevor felt her hand on his cock and he could tell that she was getting turned on telling him about what had happen to her.   He apologized, “I’m sorry that story turned me on.  I wish I had been there to make you feel safe.”  She looked back at him, “I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I like being desired and dominated.  It seems so weird that it all would have been okay if just someone were there and I knew that these guys weren’t complete strangers.  She continued to stroke Trevor’s cock which got bigger and harder  when she told him about what had happened with her husband and how she had signed the divorce papers and then threw her out and shut the door and that is when I texted she had texted him to come and get her.

Trevor reminded her that he was sorry and said he promised that he would always be there for her to keep her safe.  “Maybe we should take it easy with the sex for a while….” but Rebecca hesitated for a few moments before she squeezed his cock and told him “I was scared at first but I soon began to love the sex and soon I was feeling like a dirty whore” and then she looked at him and told him “Please Master use me and fuck me like the dirty whore I am.  I need you to want me and make love to me tonight and fill me with cum that really loves me and cares about me” and then she started to play with his cock harder and she kissed him hard the lips, and soon the kissing got more intense. His hand started to move down to her pussy and he slid his fingers inside finding her clit and started rubbing it a little.  She whispered “Yes Master, this belongs to you now.  I want you to please me however you wish” and he rubbed it harder and she felt it grow harder. “Are you sure?  You might not like what I have planned,” he replied.  She said, “I will be a good girl.  I trust you.  I will do whatever you want.  Just don’t leave me.”  He then turn her round until she was on her back and he pinned her down with his legs straddling her.  She saw him reach behind the pillows and he pulled out some bondage straps and tied her hands to the bed posts and her ankles to the ones at the end of the bed.  He smaked her across the cheek and then pinched her nipples until she screamed.  Rebecca screamed out “Yes Master do whatever you want to do to me as I am your dirty whore to be used and fucked.” He then got between her legs and his tongue flicked against her clit and he used three fingers to slowly fuck her vagina.  Her pussy felt swollen from the fucking she had the previous night and soon her body started to shake and she screamed as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted onto the palm of his hand. Rebecca was moaning as he fucked her with his fingers deep inside her vagina and teasing her engorged clit with his tongue.

Rebecca had tears of joy in her eyes as her Master took control of her body and he took his fingers out of her vagina. They were covered in her sweet juices. Trevor then probed her ass with his tongue and Rebecca moaned louder. He then replaced his tongue with his index finger and pushed it deep into her ass and her moan turned into a squeal as he pushed more of his finger into her ass. “Oh baby, it feels good.  I’m yours now.  You can have my ass.  Please be good to me.”  He continued to use his tongue on her vagina and the pleasure she was feeling pushed her over the edge as her body started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and her cum dripped into his mouth and she lay there breathing heavily. He then got between her legs and started to rub his cock up and down her wet vagina and forced his cock into her vagina. He kept pushing more of his cock into her until he had most of his cock in her vagina. He pushed further and grunted as he started to fuck her hard pushing his cock deep into her vagina and grabbed her hips as a handle.  Rebecca began to moan louder and soon his cock filled her completely and she felt so good to be filled with his big black cock and she screamed at him “Oh fuck me Master fuck me harder!” and he started to fuck her harder.  Her Black Master could feel her body shake again has she had another powerful orgasm and squirted on his cock.  He pulled his cock out and untied her legs and untied her hands as well and told her to get on her hands and knees. He forced her head into the bed as he moved his cock to her ass and she begged him “Please don’t.  No. Please put your cock back in my vagina and fuck me hard” but he laughed and said, “You said you’d do anything for me.” He pushed her protesting hand away and pushed his cock into her ass.  Rebecca gave out a small scream as his cock was forced into her ass. He grunted as he started to fuck her ass harder as he pushed more of his cock into her ass and she could feel that he was going to cum soon and her body was close to another orgasm. Then her body shook as she came again and she screamed out.  With his cock in her ass, her screams were a whole octave higher. ” Oh my god.  Oh my god!  Yes, Yes, Yes. Harder, fuck me harder.  Oh god.  Spank me TrevorSpank me!” and he then spanked her hard with is hand and she kept screaming out “Spank me Trevor I am your dirty whore” and soon he was fucking her harder and forcing his cock deep in her ass. He soon he was ready to fill her ass with his cum and when he did Rebecca began to scream out, “Oh Yes, you’re cumming in my ass.  Oh my god you’re coming in my ass. Fill my ass with your cum,” and he forcefully held her body down on the bed as he drained his black seed into her tight ass. And after he finished filling her ass he pulled his cock slowly out of her and lay down beside her.  She turned round and lay motionless as she felt his cum leaking out of her ass and she turned to him and it suddenly hit her.  It hadn’t been more than 10 hours since she divorced her husband that she was sleeping with another man and calling herself a whore and slut.

He told her to get some rest as they had a lot of work to do. She covered herself  and was soon asleep. He kissed her on the lips and then got out of bed and went to turn off the hidden cameras.  He switched on his laptop and downloaded the video and made some small edits.   He would use it for the website and as ransom to convince her to do whatever he wanted.  If she disobeyed him he would tell her that if she did not do has he told her, he would send a copy of the video to her family and friends or worse, her enemies, and the video would expose her secret life as a slut for black bulls. After he had finished, he saved the video onto a portable drive to keep it safe. When done he snuck back into bed and got in behind her and put his arms around her.  His cock was poking her ass and she seemed to move to get more of his cock between her ass cheeks.  She had pulled her panties back on and he could feel the wetness of the cum that had dripped out.  He left his cock there between her ass cheeks and then went to sleep.

Member Erotica Chapter 15 (Part 3) – Overnight Romance

Part 15 Rebecca Spends The Night With Her Black Master Part 3.

Rebecca woke up early and she saw Trevor asleep next to her asleep with his arm around her and his hand cupping her breast.  She slowly got out of the bed trying not to wake him and went to the bathroom. It was odd to wake up next to him. When she came back, she got in the bed and pulled the covers off Trevor and got hold of his cock and put it in her mouth and started to suck it. It was already hard.  She loved seeing it in the daylight.  Its dark skin looked so inviting and she loved the way it glowed in the morning light.  Rebecca then moved her fingers to her clit and started to rub it fast as she sucked Trevor’s black cock. She felt him move and she looked up to see him awake, staring and smiling. He told her to get on him and she maneuvered into a 69 position as she sucked his cock while he was pushing his tongue in her vagina, fucking her with his tongue. He wet a finger and pushed it in her ass and fucked it with his finger. Rebecca loved morning sex and she had not had it in a long time.  Her husband hated it.  There was something about waking up next to a strong man and just having the animal instinct of sex with a large cock.  After some time it was too much for Rebecca and she screamed out that she was having an orgasm and she squirted on Trevor’s face.  He sucked on her labia and took as much of her liquid as he could.  Then she felt Trevor push his cock hard into her mouth and he held her head in place as he exploded deep into her throat as she nearly choked.

When he had finished filling her mouth with his cum, Rebecca took his cock out of her mouth and got off him.  She turn round and said Trevor, “Can you please fuck me with your huge black cock and make me pregnant?” She knew she needed to arouse him to get him hard again.   He liked the idea of impregnating her.  She looked him in the eye, laid back on the bed, grabbed her ankles and spread her legs. Trevor’s cock sprung to life as he watched this upper white class MILF invite him to drop a load in her high class pussy.  Here he was in a 5 star Santa Monica hotel sleeping with the most beautiful white woman he had ever laid his eyes on and just a couple months prior she was crying as he forced her doggie style in a piss-smelling stairwell in a parking garage.  Trevor got between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her vagina.  Cum dripped from his cock and he told her that she had to beg him for his cock. Rebecca began to scream at him, “Fuck me. You have made me into a slutty whore and I can’t get enough of your black cock.  I have never felt so good.”  He kept rubbing his cock up and down her vagina lips, listening to her.  He loved the anxiety in her voice and though about the high class people in the next room who might here her.  It was making her vagina wet and she was trying to force more of his cock into her vagina but he resisted and he kept telling her to beg him for his cock. Rebecca kept on pleading, “Please fuck me.  I’ll do whatever you want.  I’ll leave my husband.  I don’t care, I want black cock only.”  Just then Trevor forced his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  He imagined living with her. Rebecca put her hands and legs round him and pushed her vagina up to get more of his cock into her and was telling him to fuck her hard like the dirty whore she is.

Trevor started to pull his cock nearly all the way out and then when she pleaded, “ “Please don’t stop. Fuck me. Please fuck me.” She begged him to fuck her he then pushed his cock all the way into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast and Rebecca was trying to get more of his cock into her vagina by pushing her hips up to try and get more of his cock. And then Rebecca felt another powerful orgasm build up inside her.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she screamed out loud as she had another powerful orgasm which made her squirt and soak the bed covers. Trevor pushed more of his cock into her vagina and touched her cervix and stopped when he felt it coming and unloaded an explosion of cum that filled her vagina with his black seed and whispered, “Feel my cum has I breed you and put a black baby in your belly.  Do you feel it?” Rebecca said, “Oh god, yes give me your black seed and breed me,” She kept hold of him while he filled her vagina with his cum. After he had filled her vagina he took his cock out of her vagina he moved it to her mouth and she cleaned his cock with her tongue, licking the cum from his cock. Rebecca then said to Trevor, “I want you to fuck me in the ass with your huge black cock my lover.” Trevor shook his head.  “Man, I need to grow another cock to satisfy your sexy body.  Or maybe I need to have another friend help me.”  Rebecca got on her hands and knees, drank 2 glasses of water and waited for him to get behind her.  Trevor got out his video camera and made her repeat her request.  Rebecca spread her cheeks and begged for it again. This got Trevor hard again.  He put the camera on the desk aimed at the bed, rabbed some lube and climbed between her legs..  Rebecca felt the bed move has he got behind her and he put some lube on his cock and then he placed his cock at her ass and slowly push it in. Rebecca gasped and begged for him to go slow as she felt a bit of pain but once it was in her ass and she got used to it he started to slide in and out of her ass and grabbed her hips as he was fucking her.  Rebecca closed her ass and squeezed her faced as he filled her ass her mind exploded with pleasure.

As he was fucking her ass Rebecca was speechless and she pushed back on his cock to get more of his cock in her ass and she grabbed hold off the sheets as he was fucking her. He could see the concentration on her face.  It was filled with intensity as he stretched her ass hole.  Rebecca moved her hand between her legs and started to rub her clit as he was fucking her and soon Rebecca was screaming out that she was going to cum and she had another powerful orgasm.  This time with no cockin her pussy, a huge puddle appeared on the bed. Good thing she had drunk all the water. Trevor continued fucking her ass as Rebecca kept rubbing her clit again trying to keep her orgasm alive until Trevor could match her. And then Rebecca felt Trevor push his cock in her ass and gave a large thrust that made her squeal an cum as she felt him explode with her His cock became so thick as it exploded with such force. He gave her a sperm enema as Rebecca collapsed in a pile of sweat screamed out that she belongs to Trevor her Black Master and that she loves him as she fell down on the bed exhausted.

When he had finished filling her ass with his cum he pull his cock out and his cum leaked out off her ass onto the sheet and then she turned to face him and cuddle him and said I love you and he said I love you as well and they both kissed each other hard on the lips. As they lay there Rebecca started to think about her life she had with Trevor her Black Master and how her relationship had grow and they had become lovers and how she had grown to love the time she spent with him and loved to be around him and hated it when she had to go home on her own without him.  She loved her life as Rebecca more than her life as Maria and felt safe in his arms. Trevor saw that they still had more time left before they had to leave and Rebecca said to Trevor that she just wanted to lay in each others arms for now and they just kissed and cuddle each other and fell asleep. After some time there was a knock on the door. It was their morning breakfast. Rebecca pulled the sheets over her naked body as her Black Master got up to let the waiter bring in their breakfast.

The young smartly dressed black waiter smiled as he saw Rebecca under the sheets and could see and smell that she had been freshly fucked.  He handed the bill to the Trevor who was watching him stare at Rebecca.  The waiter noticed that Trevor’s cock was still hard under his robe.  Trevor caught the young man staring and when the boy looked up, he looked embarrassed.  “You like what you see?” he asked.

The young man responded, “Is there anything else I can provide you?”  Trevor looked at him and smiled.  “Yes, in fact there is if you want a nice tip.”

Trevor walked over to the bed and pulled the covers off Rebecca and spread her legs.  “Have you ever been with a white woman?  They love black cock and frankly my girlfriend here has tired me out. Do you think you could show us some five-star service and pump a load of your young virile steaming hot black seed into her?”.  The young man hesitated for a second. Was this man really letting him touch this goddess?  Was this a joke?  A test?  He slowly moved onto the bed and got between her legs and started to lick her clit and then he got his fingers and put 2 fingers into her vagina and started to finger fuck her vagina has he licks her clit. As he was doing this he felt Rebecca move. The waiter looked up and noticed that Trevor had moved behind her and was pinching her nipples as she watched the young man play with her clit.

The young man knew he had not much time as his supervisors would be calling him soon.  He got up and kicked off all his clothes and resumed tonguing her as she looked in shock as her Black Master held her legs wide open with his ankles looked around hers while massaging her breasts as this stranger brought her to an orgasm. He asked the waiter, “Doesn’t it taste so good?  This woman has been trained specifically for black cockk.  She can’t have enough.  Enjoy it”.  The young waiter then started to pump his fingers faster and she felt her orgasm start to build up inside her and told Trevor the waiter was making her cum.  The young waiter kept licking her clit and finger fucked her as she was near to cuming and she let out another scream as she had another powerful orgasm and squirted again. The young man was startled by her squirting as he had never seen that before.  When she had finished cuming Trevor, told the young man, “Now finish the job and give her some of that black cock and give her some of that young bull action. The young man got up on the bed and Rebecca got her first look at the young man’s cock.  He was built like a horse.  “Oh no, I can’t take that,” she said.  Trevor quickly grabbed her wrists over her head and put his hand over her mouth.  He looked at the young man.  “Don’t worry.  She’ll fight a little bit, but once you stretch her out, she’ll be begging for more.”  The young man hesitated as Rebecca struggled but her Black Master signaled him to get moving.  He grabbed her legs to stop her from struggling and got his cock and pushed it all the way into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  Rebecca’s eyes bulged and she screamed under her Black Master’s hand and tears came out of her eyes as the young waiter stretched her sore cunt.  The waiter slowly started pumping.  It felt so good to him and the friction made his cock harder.  He could barely keep from coming so quickly.  By the 5th time he went balls deep into her pussy, Rebecca was starting to move with him.  He looked into her eyes to let her know he meant no harm and she looked at him and nodded that she was okay.  Trevor felt she was now relaxed and got up off the bed and started to film them.  He heard her whimper, “Yes” as the young waiter started to build momentum inside his whore’s pussy.  She reached down , grabbed his ass and dug her nails into his skin, trying to push him deeper. Then the waiter pushed his cock into her and touched her cervix. “Yes, give it to me, cum in me. I want it,” She was begging and that was the last straw.  The young man could not hold out a second longer and asked her if she really wanted him to cum in her.  She looked at him, “It’s all right, it will be our little secret.”  She looked at his badge on the floor, “Don’t worry Duncan, you will be tipped well for the huge cock”.  Duncan the waiter then released an explosion of cum like the way an overcooked tomato explodes in a microwave.  He filled her vagina with his black seed and bred her and Rebecca held on to him for dear life as he filled her vagina with a force that almost pushed her off the bed. It was perfect timing.  Just as he fell on top of her, his walkie talkie chirped, “Duncan, where are you?  Are you finished with Suite 401 yet?”  He quickly ran to his pants and told them that they had extra requests and he was just leaving.

Rebecca giggled.  He had pulled out so fast as his cock was dripping everywhere and leaking out of her too and staining the sheets.  She crawled over to him and sucked off his dripping cum before it stained his black waiter pants.  She used her tongue to clean the rest of his cock of all the cum. The waiter quickly got dressed as Trevor gave him a $50 tip.  And then the waiter was gone.  Rebecca was hungry and thirsty.

Trevor carried the tray over to the bed and put it down and they both had their breakfast. Rebecca was enjoying her time with her lover Trevor and when they had finished Trevor put the tray on the table and looked at Rebecca and said well it is time to get ready as it was getting close to checkout time, so he said told Rebecca to take a shower and he would follow. Rebecca went to the bathroom and stepped into the enormous shower.

The shower was enormous.  She felt like 5 people could fit in the shower.  As Rebecca was washing herself the door opened and Trevor got in and they both started to wash each other and Rebecca spent some time washing his cock and then she got down on her knees and put his cock into her mouth and started to suck him and she started to move her hand to her vagina and started to rub her clit as she was sucking his cock. Their bodies slid together as they ran their soapy bodies together.  Just then Trevor lifted her up and told her to turn round and bend over and he got his cock and put it in her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast. At first the soap stung her already sore pussy.  Rebecca started to put her hands on the wall of the shower as he was fucking her and she was telling him to fuck her with his black cock hard and she pushed back on his cock to get more of his cock into her vagina. She wanted to get every last drop of his cum out of him.  And then Rebecca felt another orgasm build up inside her and scream out, “Trevor please fuck me, I want you to fuck me hard with your black cock,” and she screamed out as she had another orgasm and nearly fell down, but Trevor grabbed hold of her hips to stop her falling and he then pushed his cock into her vagina and stopped and then she felt him fill her vagina with his black seed and when he had finished filling her vagina, he slowly pulled his cock out of her vagina and Rebecca turned round and used her tongue to clean his cock. When she was finished they both cleaned each other and held each other as the water ran over their bodies.  When they were finished they both went into the bedroom and started to get dressed.

After they packed up Rebecca put her arms round Trevor and kissed him hard on the lips and told him, “Thank you again for this special time we spent together and I love you so much,” and she said that she was so happy that he was her Black Master and Lover. Then they both left the room and when the elevator reached the lobby she put her arm around him as they got out and walked to the waiting car.  They passed by the waiter in the lobby and he gave them a wink. The valet took their bags and put them in the car and handed the keys to Trevor.  When they got back to the hotel, they both got out of the car and went into his room and Rebecca put back on her clothes from home. When she was ready she went up to Trevor and put her arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips and said, “I really meant it when I said I love you my Black Master and Lover.  I had a great time and don’t want to go.” Rebecca then let go of him and then started to leave the room and she turn around and he said, “I love you” and then she was gone and she got in her car and drove home.

Behind the Scenes: Rebecca Alone with The Knight


If you watch Rebecca & The Knight together, you will see what happens when a real White MILF meets a BBC and commits not only her body, but her mind, to the man. When she films with the bright lights on, take a listen and you will notice the difference when 1) they lower the lights to a more romantic setting, and 2) when they are completely alone. This combination is why fans come back time and again to watch these two. You will notice around the 2:30 mark of this video there is a sudden transformation when Rebecca realizes they have been left alone as the door closes. She is finally alone with the man she has an uncanny chemistry with and let’s go until he launches his cream deep inside her womb as she begs for him to cum. Listen as the Knight lets out a roar and her cries of total submissiveness lead to a whimper of naughty satisfaction. This is what interracial is all about.

Yes, this video takes place after their main encounter with other people circling the bed. If you want to see the fully lit encounter that precedes this video, check out my higher grade video content at Dreamnet Clips. But first, you must check out this week’s update: CLICK HERE To See This Week’s Update! Compare the two and you will see what happens to a woman when left completely alone with her darkest fantasies.

Will You be My Valentine?

Despite the fact that I grew up on a rural farm, my parents were always impressing on me that I needed to practice the social graces. I was always sent to practice “how to be a lady” when I was growing up. This including had to talk, walk, dress, etc. I know it sounds old school, especially since the other 6 days of the week, I would forget everything they were trying to teach us. Nevertheless, I was a good student and today since I live in a big city, many of the things I learned I am able to practice in today’s world. I find that trying to be classy though is such a snobby thing, so I try to be sassy as well. I hope you feel that I impress that on you. In every update I try to impress upon you that I am a proper woman with class, but at the same time one who likes to stray from the straight, the narrow, and the boring.

My husband says I am the ideal woman. He could take me to a White House Press conference yet at the same time I’d feel equally as comfortable at a Southern country picnic. He is right. I like to pride myself on the fact that I can feel comfortable in any environment. So today I want to show you that yes the modern woman can me both classy and sassy at the same time. In fact, I want you to take a look and tell me what you prefer. Do you prefer a woman to be classy or sassy? CLICK HERE!

Valentine’s Day Poll or Pole?

What does it mean?

Valentine’s Day has really been a bit of a quandary for me.  Do I got with my cynical self and say it is just one of those Hallmark Holidays and say it is meant just to spur the economy and get people to spend $85 for a dozen roses which die after a week?

As a financial advisor I never recommend to anyone to spend for superfluous items.  That said, if people are spending a lot on these items, it must mean that the economy is good and people are spending freely.  In fact, it should be a leading indicator of a turnaround in the economy, especially in these times.

Now that said, I don’t even believe there really is a reason to spend a lot of money.  I personally don’t care for roses.  Daisies and Peruvian lillies work well for me. The day is about love, isn’t it?  Or more importantly, about showing love!  Can I get a big cheer?  Isn’t love free?

So for those of you out there, what are you expecting to get for Valentine’s?  Take my poll and answer as many as you can.