@RebeccasOffice Parties Are Also Known as Orgies

After Milan secured one of the largest deals in our Company’s history, locking our largest international client in for the next 5 years  (http://www.rebeccasoffice.com/rebeccaclips.html) , we decided to hold a little office party.  What makes us so successful is that we work hard and party hard.  We are a close knit team and help each other out.  So after our offsite strategy exec team meeting and Milan’s video presentation on what she did to win the business, we all started talking about how we needed to work closer as a team.  Well we had a few drinks and the Office Party started turning into a little more than just that.

I love showing you real photos of my life.   I really like our great office culture and showing how we can back each other up.  When the guys started watching Milan’s Sales video, they asked if we could show them the technique we apply.  As a female dominated Sales Team, we have won many awards.  They guys said that if they are going to help us sell the product and great service that they needed to experience it themselves.  At first we weren’t sure if we wanted them to dip their pens in the Company ink, but we decided to let them have a taste.  CLICK HERE AND MEET MORE OF MY TEAM INCLUDING FIRST TIME PHOTOS OF CRYSTAL AND MANDY.

Take a Look at Rebecca’s Swinger Life


Many of you ask me about me often about if I am a hot wife, a cuckoldress, a swinger, or just a simple slut. The fact of the matter is that I used to be a swinger, but found my love for BBC and my husband found his love for some other women. So yes, I do still swing with my BBC boyfriends as my partners. Now I know there are many husbands out there who want to know what this means. Well husbands get great benefits. They get to be with other women and meet many others.

Recently, my friend Mandy and I were arranging to meet in Vegas before AVNs with the Knight! Well at the last minute I couldn’t make it and her husband couldn’t make it, leaving my husband alone with Mandy. Now there is a secret code of conduct amongst husbands and thus my husband took care of Mandy in Vegas to make sure she got as much BBC as she could. Mandy’s husband was beside himself as he lent Mandy out to all these men and let my husband care for her. Here they were for 3 days and her husband had no idea what was going on! Does this turn you on?

Mandy and my husband had a great time in Vegas and when he came back my husband had a smile that he couldn’t wipe off of his face for days. He said that being the handler of another man’s wife is such a powerful feeling. He said that there were times he felt helpless to help Mandy and she was so turned on and scared that he might not be able to return her to her husband in one piece. Like Mandy? Well come on in to see where you can find more of her.. CLICK HERE TO SEE AND LEARN MORE!