Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut – Chapter 27

Chapter 27. Rebecca Is Used By Her Black Master’s Friend.

After the Friday home invasion, Rebecca was given a break.  She knew Trevor was busy and she spent the weekend sneaking some items into boxes and hiding them away for when she eventually could start living a double life with Trevor full time. She had been so flustered too.  The attack had been so aggressive and her body took a couple days to recover.  Her pussy felt so loose too.  Trevor knew though that Rebecca was okay.  He could see it in her office performances. Carl had passed along some of the surveillance tape performances on to Trevor.  He too noticed that her pussy seemed to look stretched out, but was a lot wetter.

Rebecca knew that she was being slutty by fucking herself with toys on camera almost every day.  What she didn’t know was that her site membership had grown to over 3000 members and at $10 a month, Trevor was making $15K/mo net off of sharing the images and video of his slut white girlfriend.  After three months he was now rolling in enough dough to make a nice deposit and customization for his new place.

When Friday came round Rebecca was looking forward to seeing Trevor.  She had already texted him that she told her husband she’d be away with him for the weekend and that she had told everyone else that she was traveling.  When she got to her office, she got a text from Trevor telling her to meet him straight after work. Rebecca was ready by 3pm and drove through traffic to Trevor’s place. When Rebecca arrived she saw that he had laid out a sexy outfit for her to wear.  She was disappointed that he didn’t want to have sex. It had been over two weeks since she had slept with and made true love to him, but he told her that his good friend Damian had come to town. “I told him all about you and he wants to meet you, so we need to hurry up and get changed and ready for dinner.” So Rebecca got changed and put on the outfit which was a very short tight black miniskirt with a black blouse, sheer bra and panties and a pair of stiletto heels. She accessorized with a faux pearl necklace and earrings.  She looked at herself in the mirror as she applied her lipstick and she looked like a whore. She wanted to get Trevor excited and show off for him in front of his friend.  When she was ready he whistled, kissed her, ran his hand over her ass, and gave her a coat to cover up and then he led her out. He drove them to his friend’s hotel in Santa Monica, Shutters on the Beach. When they arrived he led her into the hotel and she noticed a few men enjoying an early happy hour drink glanced at her legs and heels, staring and smiling at her as she walked through the lobby of the hotel.  When they got into the elevator, Trevor pushed the button for the top floor. As the elevator rode up, he helped her out of the coat.  Rebecca felt naked.  The blouse was tight and she could not button the blouse over her breasts. When the elevator reached the top floor they both got out and she follow him to a room. Two black men getting into the elevator let them out and whistled as she walked out, giving fist bumps and a wink to Trevor.  Little did Rebecca know that they had just come from the room she was heading to.  As they walked the hall to the room, she could barely walk in the plush carpet and she could tell that her ass barely hid under the hem of her skirt as she kept tugging at it to keep it down. They knocked on the door and his friend Damian opened the door.

When the door opened, there stood a handsome black man with a huge smile on his face and he said “Trevor, my boy, nice to see you and you must be the lovely Rebecca who has stolen Trevor’s heart,” she responded with butterflies in her stomach as she stared at this gorgeous man dressed smartly in brown slacks with a black turtleneck. “Hi nice to meet you,” she uttered as she tried not to stare at the bulge in his pants.  She reached out to shake his hand and he gentlemanly kissed it.  He invited them both into his room and they both entered the spacious state room. His friend greeted Trevor and said “It has been a long time my friend and you are right, she is something special.  A definite upgrade over the trailer trash you’ve brought me before. This one has an ass with class,” he spoke as he held her hand and looked her up and down like a piece of merchandise, lifting her skirt and pinching her butt and laughing when Rebecca jumped.  Damian led them to the couch and went to get them a glass of wine.  Rebecca sat at the edge of the cushion and tugged at her skirt with her knees held together like a continental woman.  Trevor told her that Damian was kind of his business mentor and that he had taught him everything.  When Damian returned with a couple of glasses of cabarnet, he handed a glass each to Rebecca and Trevor.  Damian smiled as they all clinked glasses and toasted to the weekend. Rebecca knew deep in her loins that she was going to be fucking this man at some point.  There was no hiding his desire.  Rebecca did not notice the slight aftertaste in the wine that were remnants of a slight relaxant that would reduce any fight that she might later have.  Trevor had showed the tape to Damian of the events at her house from the week before and assured her that she would be compliant.  The three engaged in flirty conversation and Damian explained that he was from San Francisco and came down to LA often and now that he met Rebecca, he thought he’d come visit more often.  Trevor told him that he would always have a place to stay when he visited after they got their new place together.  Damian kidded that he would need a key of his own.  Just then Trevor looked at his phone and told them to carry on as he had to call the real estate agent as they had some outstanding questions and he had to fax some forms over.  Damian told him that if he needed privacy that the hotel had a great business center with a fax machine in the lobby. Trevor took a key to the room, told them he’d be back as quickly as possible and left, leaving Damian and Rebecca on the couch.

Rebecca suddenly found herself alone and Damian came over and sat right next to her and put his hand on her knee.  She was nervous alone in the room with Damian, a stunningly attractive man who she had just met.  She started to sip her wine, when his hand slipped under her skirt and under her panties.  She almost choked and spilled her wine.  “I don’t think Trevor would approve. I’m your friend’s girlfriend,” she said, but she did not move his hand. He poured more wine and gave it to her. “Relax, we know what we both want,“ he purred. She sipped it as he moved closer and smiled. He put his arm around her to make her feel relaxed. He then took her glass out of her hand and put it on the table as he kissed her neck.  Rebecca started to swoon.  “Don’t you know you are with him because of me?  I was the one who told him that he needed to find a bored white woman and turn her into a whore for black cock. He did well.  I hear you are quite the natural.” He kissed her and told her to stand up and take off her blouse and skirt so he could see what she looked like.  He had seen her on film, but he wanted to see her up close.

Rebecca asked, “What if Trevor comes back?” Damian told her not to worry.  He had shared his white women with Trevor before. This was just going to be the an ongoing repayment.  As she started to take her blouse off she was getting wet standing in front of him. She was driven by the lust in his eyes.  The way men looked at her with animalistic intentions drove her.  He stood up behind her reached between her breasts and unfastened her bra, cupping her breasts in each hand as he kissed the back of her neck. She felt helpless.  The drugs were taking effect as her head kicked back into his chest.  He pinched her hard nipples as she reached down and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood there in just her panties and heels. The heels gave her a good 6 inches which was helpful against his 6’3” frame.  As he reached inside her panties she knew that he could feel that her panties were getting wet from her pre-cum leaking from her vagina.

He licked her ear lobe lightly as his finger deftly slipped between the folds of her vagina and he whispered, “I taught Trevor everything.  He works for me and has shown me all your videos.  I just had to come and meet you myself.  I love your passion for cock.  I can see that you are a great and giving submissive lover. You and I are going to be great together.  Don’t worry,  whatever is Trevor’s belongs to me too.  You are now a part of our network of white whores we have trained, but I think you might be the best.  Don’t you?”  Rebecca nodded as his fingers softly massaged her pussy and made her lips. wetter.  She replied, “Yes, I am the best.  I want to show you.  I’ll be your #1.”  Rebecca was always up for the challenge and she was going to show Damian that she was the best.  She felt his cock stiffen and press against her.  It was her instinct.  When challenged she knew no other way other than to meet the challenge. She was going to show him how good she is.  She kicked back her head and kissed him passionately and said, “I’ll be the best slut ever.  Make love to me. I’ll show you.”  She raised her hips to push his fingers deep inside her.  He bit her ear lightly, “That’s a good girl, but sluts are girls who do it for money.  You’re a whore who fucks black cock because she likes it and can’t get enough!  You are fucking because you love black cock and making them happy. That makes you a whore.  The money collected is for Trevor.  Don’t worry about it.  You are going to make him a rich man.  You will make him really happy. Don’t let him down.”  Rebecca nodded.  She understood. “Yes, just give me that cock.”

Rebecca then lowered her panties down her thighs until they slid to the floor, turned around and stood up straight so he could see her naked body and she stepped out of them and walked up to him, and pushed him to his knees  until her vagina was near his face and she said to him “I know you want me.  I want you too, but I want it slow and hard.” She waited for him to lick her pussy but he stood up and put his hands under her ass, lifted her up and held her close and leaned into her and kissed her on the neck as he whispered into her ear. “I’m the one who gives orders. If you do as I tell you, you will enjoy yourself, I promise,” and Rebecca just said “Yes, I want you. I want you to please you.  I want to be the best white whore ever for black cock.” He smiled and knew that she was his submissive whore. Rebecca began to lick his ear as sensuously as she could and whispered “Let me show you how well I have been trained” and she dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard cock.  Her eyes popped as she saw the mushroom shaped of his cock.  It was a large head. “Ohhh yes”, she said before surrounding his cock with her lips.  Damien watched as his cock disappeared in between her lips and she pulled out her phone to take a selfie video while sucking his cock. She slobbered all over his cock and spat on it to get it wetter.   She jerked his cock with her hands as she sucked.  “My gosh it is so huge. I can’t wait to have it in my pussy.  I love your large knob on your cock.  And yes, I am your ultimate whore, not Trevor’s”. He then took the phone from her hands, aimed it back at the bed and took his clothes off. He sat on the couch and told her to kneel on the floor facing him and then he told her “Now put your mouth back to work on my cock”. Rebecca did not like taking orders. She was going to show him she didn’t need to be told.  He pulled her hair forcing her head down towards his cock and Rebecca shoved her lips over the head of his cock and quickly deep throated and choked and gagged on his cock, turning her eyes red with tears and coughing up saliva which she used to lubricate his cock.  She cupped his balls with one hand and slowly started to lick the base of his cock gradually lubricating his shaft up to the head of his cock.  When she reached the head of his cock he yelled, “Fuck, you are fucking incredible. Damn my cock is aching.” He had never seen his cock this big. She had only just begun and his cum was oozing out of the head of his cock.  Rebecca licked the precum from his cock two or three more times, looking him straight in the eyes before he told her to continue sucking his cock. Rebecca spat and sucked as she began her long sucking torture of his cock for 35 minutes alternatively stroking and sucking it.  She moaned as she imagined what his cock was going to feel like in her pussy. “Oh I want this. This is gonna feel so good inside me.” It was now a foot long and extremely thick.  She was worshipping his cock like a crazed woman.  She was so engaged she did not notice that Trevor had snuck back in the room and was secretly filming.

Finally Damian told her to stop licking his cock and start to suck his balls and he pulled her face down into his crotch. Rebecca squealed for a second as he told her to keep licking his balls.  She played with his balls in her mouth as he writhed in ecstasy and roared his pleasure, “My God, you are a fucking whore.  I love it. Damn it bitch, I have never met a white bitch who wanted it so badly!” He then suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head off his balls and got up and told her to get up. Rebecca screamed partly because she wanted to keep sucking and also because he was hurting her.  He pushed her back on the floor, ripped off her stockings causing her shoes to fall off. “Put your shoes back on, you whore,” he demanded as Rebecca reached for her stilettos. As she crawled to them he spanked her hard, causing her to scream.

Damien realized that Rebecca was still raw and not yet used to being told what to do. He was going to show her. He then picked up her panties and nylons as Rebecca whimpered while putting her shoes back on.  She was crying as he walked over to her, kicked her in the ass, causing her to fall over.  He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the hallway. Rebecca screamed.  “Shut up bitch,” he demanded as he dragged her. “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’ll suck it better, I promise,” she cried as she stumbled into the bedroom trying to keep up with him. He walked her to the bed and forced her to bend over as he let go of her hair. He had her where he wanted her.  Here was a highly successful woman who was used to success.  She wanted to be good at everything and she was willing to do anything to be the perfect little whore.  She was having to use her body to please men and he was going to make sure she worked at it. He then took her nylons and tied her hands together behind her back, but instead of being scared her vagina was getting wetter as she was excited. He then got on the bed and told her, “Get on your knees.” Although she obeyed immediately, she found it hard to kneel down with her hands tied, but he grabbed her hair until she was upright and then he pulled her face towards his crotch and told her “Get your tongue out and start licking my balls again.” Rebecca took a mouthful of his balls in her mouth and sucked on them.  After a few minutes he pulled her head up and forced her mouth onto his cock and told her, “Now suck my cock bitch”. Rebecca immediately chocked herself on his cock. Her face was in anguish as she spat on his cock again and started to take his cock deep in her mouth and sucked on it greedily.   Damien was in heaven.  He had never seen a woman suck so hard to please him.  His cock was straining against his skin that he had to push her off and slow her down. “Take it deeper down your throat and slower like a good whore”, he groaned. He pushed her head down into his crotch and saliva was spewing from her nose and mouth as she gasped and moaned. She was gagging on his cock and he leaned back watching her sucked his cock deep and after a couple of minutes, she could feel his cock was close to cumming and she needed him to cum in her mouth and fuck her vagina. “You wanna cum in my mouth?  You want me to swallow it?  Feed me.  I live on black cum. Mmmm, your cock is so big! Give it to me Daddy.”

Suddenly he grabbed her hair again and pushed his cock inside her mouth and she felt his cock jerk as he came in her mouth and she tried to swallow all his cum, but some of it leaked out of her mouth and dripped on her breasts and she made sure his cock was clean by sucking and licking up all his cum. When she was finished he smiled at her. Rebecca then looked up and said, “That’s what I am trained to do when a black man fucks my mouth or vagina then I will clean his cock.  Did I do it to your satisfaction?” and he looked at her and said “Will you clean my cock after I fuck your ass as well?”

Rebecca didn’t respond at first.  She then asked him if he would untie her hands so that she could show him.  He reached over and untied her hands and then watched her get up and wobbled over to the bathroom.   He heard her peeing and then heard the water running.  When she returned, she had a warm cloth and got between his legs and sucked on his limp fat cock.  She reached under his balls and he felt her wiping his asshole with the warm cloth. It felt so good as she put the cloth down and started stoking his cock hard again as she sucked his balls and slowly rimmed his asshole with her tongue.  His cock became instantly erect.  He then reached down to her vagina and pushed a finger in. When he pulled it out he found out that it was wet and he moved his finger to her clit and started to rub it. Her mouth moaned as he touched her clit. “Yeah baby, lick it.  Clean my ass with your tongue.  Get up in there and stick it in you my dirty girl.”  Rebecca obeyed and stuck her tongue way up his ass. Once his cock was stiff again, Rebecca got up on the bed and started to squat over his cock in cowgirl position.

As she lowered onto his cock, she was full of anticipation as his mushroom head touched her pussy lips and slid between her pussy lips.  She put her hands on his chest to balance herself as he grabbed her breasts. Rebecca slowly slid down over his pole and suddenly she felt some pressure and resistance.  “I think your cock is too fat, I can’t get it to go further.”

Damien then grabbed her ass and started to smack it, pulling her hips down and after a few hits, Rebecca closed her eyes and pushed down hard and slid all the way down. Their body slapped together as her ass hit his thighs. “Oh my god, OH MY GOD!  It is so big, Stretch me out. Oh Damien,” Rebecca was losing control as her pussy start creaming a white frothy substance.  Damien looked up and saw the ecstasy on her face as her hair hung down over her face.  She was pumping herself riding his cock.  Her mouth was open and her eyes closed.  She was moaning loudly and focusing on the feeling as the head of his cock seemed to be rubbing up against the wall of her anus with each thrust and it was driving her crazy. Suddenly she screamed, “I’m going to cum, baby” and soon her body was shaking as she had a powerful orgasm and screamed out loud, “Oh, it feels so good. Oh yes. Oh my god! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It feels so good,” she cried.  Her orgasm lasted a minute until she collapsed on top of Damien and made out with him thanking him as his stiff cock continued to slide in and out of her pussy.  After she finished cumming she got off his cock and licked up the cream around his shaft and balls.  “Oh I want to taste myself.  Mmmm, yes.  I love tasting myself.”  She cleaned off his balls, asshole and cock slurping away loudly.

Damien was in wonder.  Trevor had picked an amazing one.  He had seen dozens of hot wife whores like Mandy, Janet and Jackie, but Rebecca was a whole different level.  “Oh baby, yeah tasted yourself on my cock. Damn! ”  Then she stopped licking and got back up on the bed, turned around into reverse cowgirl position and put his cock up against her asshole. Rebecca purred,  “Oh this is gonna hurt.  Be slow.”  She leaned back and once she found the right angle, slid his fat cock head past her small opening.  “Uhhhh!”  It felt so tight and he didn’t move.  For a second he could hear her catching her breath.  “Oh baby, it feels so tight.  I love it.  Just be gentle.”  He reached under and grabbed her ass cheeks as she leaned forward and put her hands on his knees. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and his cock slid deeper inside her ass al the way to the bottom.  “Oh fuck it feels so good.  I’m such a whore.  I love it.  Oh fuck. Right there. Right there, don’t STOPPPPPPP!”  Suddenly Damien felt liquid pouring all over his legs as Rebecca cried out, “Ohhhhhh shit! Oh……… I can’t stop”.  Rebecca was reaching between her legs rubbing her clit as she squirted all over his cock and legs.  His balls were soaked and he looked at a mirror and could see her pussy was spraying uncontrollably all over his bed like a sprinkler head. He could feel the liquid dripping all over and pooling on the sheets and dripping under his body. Her squirting was soaking the sheets! She kept rubbing her pussy as she orgasmed for almost two minutes. Rebecca’s legs started shaking and she fell back as his cock went balls deep in her ass.

Damien then took control.  He gently pulled out of her ass. “What are you doing?” she asked. He flipped her over onto her stomach and then pulled her back to the edge of the bed.  He pulled her legs together and put her hands on her ass and told her to spread her ass cheeks for him. Her ass was a nice gaping red color as he slowly slid his cock back into her ass. “Ohhhh slow.  Please slow. Oh it is so bigggggg!” she cried as each inch of his cock slid back in deeper and deeper. “Please be gentle,” she begged.  He was not going to be gentle.  He was going to tear her ass apart.  This ass was made for black cock and he was going to enjoy it.  No woman had taken it like she did.  He knew it hurt her but she was not complaining like the others.  Rebecca’s head was buried in the sheets. “Drink it up baby.  You soaked my sheets”.  There were pools of liquid on the bed from her squirting and Rebecca bit the sheets and started slurping up her liquids as Damien picked up the pace.  He started fucking her ass like it was her vagina.  His pelvis slammed against her ass and Rebecca was screaming loudly and crying, “Gentle!  Oh my god it hurts! Please! Owwww, please stop, you’re hurting me.” Damien reached forward with a firm hand around her neck and pushed her face into the mattress, “Shut up and enjoy it.”

Rebecca was crying as she sucked the liquids from the soaked sheets and closed her eyes.  Damien was pounding her ass hard and she could feel his sweat dripping on her back.  She spread her ass cheeks to try and open up her ass and it helped a little. Suddenly he stopped and flipped her over on her back.  He lifted her up and pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs wide and back over her head.  He climbed on top and told her “I am going to fuck you and breed your white ass”. He moved up between her legs and with his cock in his hand he rubbed his cock up and down against her ass and said, “Beg for it”.

He was looking deep into her and he looked at her and repeated “Beg me to fuck you with my big black cock,” he demanded as he was rubbing her clit with his cock. Rebecca heard his demands and felt a fire in her belly.  “Yes, rip me apart.  Shove that cock in my ass and fill up my ass with your cum.  I want it.  You know that is what a white woman wants.  I am your property.  You want to do it.  You want me to enjoy it.  Oh you want to see your cum dripping out of me and loving it.”  She could see the fire in his eyes as she begged. He forced the head of his cock into her tiny asshole and Rebecca took a huge breath while inhaling to stifle her scream of anguish. He slowly began to force more and more of his cock into her ass. It felt better than when he was doing it from behind.  He then began to start thrusting his cock into her ass harder and at the same time he started to squeeze her nipples hard as he was fucking her.  Rebecca screamed in ecstasy and agony as he pumped her. He watched as her resistance slowly turned into submissiveness as he tortured his ass. It seemed like he had been fucking her for hours as he took his time. When she would go silent he sometimes would stop and then wait for her to beg for him.  “Cum on baby.  Cum in my ass.  You know I want it.  Give it to me baby. Mmmm.”  Rebecca stuck several fingers in her mouth to wet her fingers and reached down to rub her clit again. She started squirting again and spraying like a fountain and the liquid dripped down between her legs and lubricated her ass and his cock.  She continued to plead for it as he was fucking her and she started to shake more as she had another powerful orgasm and screamed at the same time.

Rebecca started to wrap her legs and arms around his body to pull more of his cock into her ass and kissed him hard on the mouth as he was fucking her. Finally she looked at him and told him to bring him up some weekend to San Francisco and let her be his personal hole. He could hold on no longer upon hearing those words. The thought of kidnapping her away to San Francisco and breeding her all weekend was such a turn on.  She could feel him fuck her faster as he forced more of his cock into her until he was touching her cervix and then he moaned out and roared as he started to fill her ass with his black seed and telling her “I am filling your asshole with my black seed.  Next time I will breed you,” and after he had filled her he laid his 260 lb frame on her body.  Finally his cock began to soften and he pulled is cock out as he sat up to look at her ass.  He spread her asshole and his cum started to leak out onto the bed sheets.  After he rolled off her he looked at her and said “You know what you have to do,” and Rebecca sat up and started to clean his cock of all his cum mixed with her ass liquids off his cock.  She did not hesitate as he watched this highly educated woman have sex like a whore.  After she had cleaned his cock and balls he pushed her back on the bed. He got off the bed and he grabbed her clothes and told her to get dressed, throwing them on top of her soiled body.

While she was getting dressed he went in the bathroom and texted Trevor who was in the other room. Trevor quickly ran out of the room to pretend like he was still gone. He then made a pretended text to Trevor and told her that he was trying to figure out where Trevor was.  As they talked, they heard the card key open the door and in walked Trevor.  Rebecca and Damien were back sitting on the couch drinking wine.  Trevor apologized for taking so long as they had trouble with the fax and shyly asked if they had a chance to get acquainted.  He knew the answer, but played it coy.  Damien replied, “You have a wonderful lady, my friend.  You are quite a lucky brother.”

Trevor smiled as Damien gave him a secret wink.  The room smelled like sex.  Rebecca was confused as she just assumed it was all planned. Trevor walked over to Rebecca and helped her up from the couch and gave her a kiss.  Damien looked at the clock.  It was 8pm and they were right on time for dinner reservations and told them they needed to get downstairs. Damien led them out of the room.

The hotel restaurant was great. Rebecca was famished as she had built up a huge appetite. She was just uncomfortable with her soaked panties and The three had a bunch of laughs about old stories of Damien and Trevor as kids and after dinner they went back up for a night cap. When it was time, Damien said, “I hope to see you next time I am in town” and Rebecca just said “Sure anytime” and gave him a wink. When they got to the car Trevor asked her if she enjoyed meeting Damien.  He wanted to see if she would divulge what happened.  She said he was the nicest of his friends, but nothing about the sex.

They drove back to Trevor’s place and when they got back to the room he told her to get undressed and get some sleep. She was exhausted and just dropped her blouse and dress to the floor and climbed into bed. As soon her head hit the pillow she was fast asleep. Trevor watched the video of her being fucked as Damien had already sent it over an ftp server.  It was nasty and raw.  He would later edit it and put it on the website sometime next week. Once he had finished, he got undressed and climbed into the bed with Rebecca putting his arms around her and fell asleep as well.  During the night he would fuck her and fill her with his seed. He loved how this woman just curled up in his arms and entwined her body in his.

Life of a Black Cock Slut – Chapter 17: Rebecca Taken To A Club

Part 17 Rebecca’s Black Master Takes Her To A Club For White Women.

When Rebecca woke up the following day she had a dry throat and went to get a drink of water. When she went back to bed, she saw Trevor and his large flaccid cock.  She had not awoken to such a cock before and knew exactly how to wake him up.  She slowly put her lips around his cock and started sucking him.  She was gentle not to wake him.  After a few minutes she felt him move and he opened his eyes and saw Rebecca sucking his cock. He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed down on his cock as he was nearly ready to cum. Rebecca started sucking him faster until he thrust his hips and stopped and moaned as he filled her mouth with his cum. As soon as he filled her mouth, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and some of his cum leaked out and fell on the bed. When they had finished Rebecca got up and went to take a shower as he fell back asleep. She got dressed in the bathroom and when she was ready she got on the bed and kissed Trevor hard on the lips and said ‘I love you my lover’ and Trevor said ‘I love you too’.  Rebecca got up walked to the door but turned round and before she left she whispered one more time, ‘I Love You.  Please call me’ and then said goodbye and then drove home.

When she got home everybody was still asleep so she quietly went in and went to the bedroom to change her clothes into some casual clothes and went downstairs to wait for her family to get up. Rebecca was glad that it was the weekend as it meant that she could get some rest and relax and enjoy herself. Rebecca tried to act normal but she was finding it harder not to want to go and spend it with her Black Master and Lover Trevor. She was obsessed with his cock.  As the week started, she waited for the text from her Black Master.  She even texted him on Tuesday but did not hear back.  Then on Thursday she got the text from Trevor telling her to meet him at the hotel at 6:00pm on Friday as he had a surprise for her and not to be late. Rebecca had a smile on her face after she got the text and sent him one back saying that she cannot wait to see him.

The weekend could not come fast enough for Rebecca. On Friday afternoon she quickly left the office and drove home. People at work had noticed her behavior had changed recently, but figured it was just something going on at home.  When she got home she saw quickly went upstairs and started to find something to wear and then got ready for her night with Trevor. She had told her family she’d be out again and they decided they were going to see movie without her.  When Rebecca was ready she checked herself in the mirror and then she got what she needed and drove to meet Trevor.

When she got to his place she went in and she saw Trevor waiting for her. She went up to him, hugged him and kissed him hard on the lips. She felt his large hands grab her ass while they were kissing. She loved how he was aggressive with her body.  After some time kissing they split apart and he led her to the bed where he had laid out the outfit he wanted her to wear. She got undressed and put on a leather top, leather skirt, leather bra, leather panties and black stockings and thigh high leather boots. When she was ready she stood in front of him and he liked what he saw.  She looked like a tough biker chick.   He kissed her and then he said it was time to go and she followed him out to the car. Rebecca asked him where are yo taking me and he said it was a surprise and he started the car and drove off. After some time they arrived at a normal looking building on Wilshire in Beverly Hills.  Trevor explained it was called ‘Club Joi’ ( and he told her that he had a surprise for her. When they walked to the club, Trevor told him he had a reservation and the man at the door checked that his name was on the invite list and opened the door.

They walked in and he gave the lady at the reservation desk his ID and she gave him a key on a chain and two towels. Rebecca grabbed his arm and followed him as they walked along a corridor until they came to the changing rooms.  The place was loud and dark.  She could hear lots of people shouting and laughing.  He led her to the changing rooms and they went in and her told her to get naked down to her boot.  He took all her clothes, put them in a locker with his clothes and the towels. He locked the locker and put the chain with the key around his neck. They left the locker room and went to the bar in an area called the Exhibitionist area for a drink. Rebecca saw that all the women were white and the men were all black and Trevor told her that it was a swingers club but night was a theme night were white women come to get fucked by black men and hope she was prepared to be fucked.

While they were at the bar Trevor introduced her to some of his friends and although being naked, she was definitely impressed with all the cocks. She also noticed many women had the same tattoo as her. After some time her Black Master told her it was time and led her to a room called the Indian room.  When she went in she saw that there was a big bed in the middle of the room on a platform.  Trevor led her to the bed they stood their for a couple seconds before other black men with their white women came in and stood or sat around the edge of the room.  Rebecca was really amazed to see there were so many women like her who had black master.  She suddenly realized they were there to watch them as they sat down.  Then she realized they were not there to see Trevor, who walked to the edge of the room where he started kissing a redhead.  Rebecca was shocked to see her lover’s cock in the hands of another woman and did not notice the two big well hung black men who came into the room and walked up to her.  Just as she turned to see them, one of them put his hands on her head and she knew that she was to suck both of their cocks so she got down on her knees and she grabbed his cock with her hands and started to play with their cocks, stroking them stiff and then she put one of the cocks into her mouth and tried to get as much as she could into her mouth and she started to gag. She started to suck his cock as she played with the other one and then she try to get both cocks into her mouth, but could not get them both in as they were so big.

Rebecca was enjoying play with two cocks at the same time as they reached down and played with her breasts. She was getting wet and could not wait for them to fuck her. As she was playing with the cocks her vagina was getting wet and she wished that one of them would throw her on the bed and fuck her hard.  One of them mumbled to her.  She looked up at the guy who had his cock in her mouth and he repeated to her, “ Yo baby, are we fucking you with or without condoms?”  Rebecca looked over and saw that Trevor was fucking the redhead.  With jealous rage, she said, “Breed me.” Just then they both picked her up on put her on the bed and one of them spread her legs and got between her and got hold of his cock and started to push his cock into her vagina.  Rebecca spread her legs and started to fuck her hard and fast.  “Yes, fuck me!  Give it to me harder, ” she screamed.  The other one got on the bed by her head and pushed his cock into her mouth and fucked her mouth as the other one was fucking her vagina. As she was being fucked by the two studs she was getting turned on knowing that she was being watch by all the couples in the room and getting more cock than the redhead.  It turned her on that a man she didn’t know was fucking her hard.  She scream out as she had a powerful orgasm and started swearing at the stud to fuck her harder with his big black cock. As Rebecca was getting fucked, her Black Master was also in a threesome with the redhead and her date.  All the other couples were fucking as well and it turn into a orgy. Rebecca started to scream as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted on the stud’s cock and then the stud who was fucking her mouth told her that he was cumming and forced is cock more into her mouth as she begged him to give it to her.  With a loud roar he filled her with his cum.  It was too much as she couldn’t hold it all and came out the side of her mouth and when he had finished he took it out and some of his cum leaked out of her mouth.   Rebecca reached up and scooped back into her mouth and swallowed it.  The stud who was fucking her stopped, spanked her ass and took his cock out and lay down on the bed and told her to get on top of his cock and put it in her vagina and start fucking him. Rebecca moved on top of his 9” cock and mounted him.  She slowly slid down his cock and tried to take the whole length in her.  At one point she hesitated and he spanked her and told her to “take it all”. He grabbed her breasts and pulled on her nipples and she cried out as she eased down until her ass touched his balls.

While Rebecca was fucking his cock the other stud leaned her forward got behind her and started to push his cock into her ass.  Rebecca was paralyzed. Itt gave her some pain, but once he was in her ass and he started to fuck her she got use to his cock as the two took turns pumping her. “OhMy God,” she kept screaming.  She started to enjoy being fucked by two cocks at the same time. As Rebecca was being fucked she could feel another orgasm build up inside her and her body shaked uncontrollably. “Oh God, I’m going to come,” she cried.  She tried to get more of the cocks inside her and was telling them to fuck her harder and cum inside her.  She wanted to cum and then she had another powerful orgasm and fell down onto the stud under her.  “I’m yours, just use me”  And then both studs told her that they were both about to cum and pushed both their cocks inside her and then they filled her vagina and ass with their cum and she had another powerful orgasm as they all three squirted together.  After they had finished they both pull their cocks out of her vagina and ass and their cum started to leak from her vagina and ass and she turn round and lay down on the bed as the two studs got up and left the room. As she lay there she saw that nearly all the couples had left apart from a couple of females who got on the bed and one got between her legs and started to lick the cum from her vagina and ass and the other female started to kiss her hard on the lips. As this was going on her Black Master was watching her with the two females and he was playing with his cock. Then the female kissing her moved down her body until she was with her friend and the female licking vagina pushed two fingers into her vagina as she was cleaning the cum from her vagina. The other female rubbed her clit and this sent Rebecca over the top and she was soon having another powerful orgasm. She squirted on the face of the female licking her vagina and she sucked the cum from her vagina with loud slurps.  The two women then kissed, sharing Rebecca’s juices in their mouths.  Rebecca was sure that it was mixed with the cum of her black lovers from earlier in the evening.

Suddenly she and her Black Master were alone as the two women ran off giggling. The Black Master went to the bed.  Rebecca hit him.  “I can’t believe you fucked another woman”.  He laughed and said, “You are mine, but I can fuck whomever I want, but I will only cum in your pussy”.   He laughed that she was jealous.  He played with his cock until he was ready to cum and then came all over her face and body. When he was finished Rebecca scopped some of the cum off her chin and put it into her mouth. Her Black Master then said that it was time to get dressed so he led her to the locker room and said they should both have a shower and she follow him to the shower room had washed each other and when they had finished they both got dry and then he open the locker with their clothes and passed Rebecca hers and he got his and they both got dressed when they were ready he put his arm around her and they walked to the front desk and gave the locker key and towels to the woman and left the club and when they got to her car Rebecca hugged him and said thank you for a great night.  It was actually a very easy night.  She still wanted more.  She kissed him hard on the lips and then they drove back to the hotel.

And after sometime they got back to the hotel and they both got out and he locked the car and they went into the room and Rebecca got undressed and gave the clothes she had worn to her Black Master and then she put the clothes she came in back on and when she was ready she went up to Trevor and put her arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips. She reluctantly let go and said thank you my lover and I will miss you and then he said I will miss you as well and then she said bye and drove back home.

Member Erotica Chapter 15 (Part 3) – Overnight Romance

Part 15 Rebecca Spends The Night With Her Black Master Part 3.

Rebecca woke up early and she saw Trevor asleep next to her asleep with his arm around her and his hand cupping her breast.  She slowly got out of the bed trying not to wake him and went to the bathroom. It was odd to wake up next to him. When she came back, she got in the bed and pulled the covers off Trevor and got hold of his cock and put it in her mouth and started to suck it. It was already hard.  She loved seeing it in the daylight.  Its dark skin looked so inviting and she loved the way it glowed in the morning light.  Rebecca then moved her fingers to her clit and started to rub it fast as she sucked Trevor’s black cock. She felt him move and she looked up to see him awake, staring and smiling. He told her to get on him and she maneuvered into a 69 position as she sucked his cock while he was pushing his tongue in her vagina, fucking her with his tongue. He wet a finger and pushed it in her ass and fucked it with his finger. Rebecca loved morning sex and she had not had it in a long time.  Her husband hated it.  There was something about waking up next to a strong man and just having the animal instinct of sex with a large cock.  After some time it was too much for Rebecca and she screamed out that she was having an orgasm and she squirted on Trevor’s face.  He sucked on her labia and took as much of her liquid as he could.  Then she felt Trevor push his cock hard into her mouth and he held her head in place as he exploded deep into her throat as she nearly choked.

When he had finished filling her mouth with his cum, Rebecca took his cock out of her mouth and got off him.  She turn round and said Trevor, “Can you please fuck me with your huge black cock and make me pregnant?” She knew she needed to arouse him to get him hard again.   He liked the idea of impregnating her.  She looked him in the eye, laid back on the bed, grabbed her ankles and spread her legs. Trevor’s cock sprung to life as he watched this upper white class MILF invite him to drop a load in her high class pussy.  Here he was in a 5 star Santa Monica hotel sleeping with the most beautiful white woman he had ever laid his eyes on and just a couple months prior she was crying as he forced her doggie style in a piss-smelling stairwell in a parking garage.  Trevor got between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her vagina.  Cum dripped from his cock and he told her that she had to beg him for his cock. Rebecca began to scream at him, “Fuck me. You have made me into a slutty whore and I can’t get enough of your black cock.  I have never felt so good.”  He kept rubbing his cock up and down her vagina lips, listening to her.  He loved the anxiety in her voice and though about the high class people in the next room who might here her.  It was making her vagina wet and she was trying to force more of his cock into her vagina but he resisted and he kept telling her to beg him for his cock. Rebecca kept on pleading, “Please fuck me.  I’ll do whatever you want.  I’ll leave my husband.  I don’t care, I want black cock only.”  Just then Trevor forced his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  He imagined living with her. Rebecca put her hands and legs round him and pushed her vagina up to get more of his cock into her and was telling him to fuck her hard like the dirty whore she is.

Trevor started to pull his cock nearly all the way out and then when she pleaded, “ “Please don’t stop. Fuck me. Please fuck me.” She begged him to fuck her he then pushed his cock all the way into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast and Rebecca was trying to get more of his cock into her vagina by pushing her hips up to try and get more of his cock. And then Rebecca felt another powerful orgasm build up inside her.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she screamed out loud as she had another powerful orgasm which made her squirt and soak the bed covers. Trevor pushed more of his cock into her vagina and touched her cervix and stopped when he felt it coming and unloaded an explosion of cum that filled her vagina with his black seed and whispered, “Feel my cum has I breed you and put a black baby in your belly.  Do you feel it?” Rebecca said, “Oh god, yes give me your black seed and breed me,” She kept hold of him while he filled her vagina with his cum. After he had filled her vagina he took his cock out of her vagina he moved it to her mouth and she cleaned his cock with her tongue, licking the cum from his cock. Rebecca then said to Trevor, “I want you to fuck me in the ass with your huge black cock my lover.” Trevor shook his head.  “Man, I need to grow another cock to satisfy your sexy body.  Or maybe I need to have another friend help me.”  Rebecca got on her hands and knees, drank 2 glasses of water and waited for him to get behind her.  Trevor got out his video camera and made her repeat her request.  Rebecca spread her cheeks and begged for it again. This got Trevor hard again.  He put the camera on the desk aimed at the bed, rabbed some lube and climbed between her legs..  Rebecca felt the bed move has he got behind her and he put some lube on his cock and then he placed his cock at her ass and slowly push it in. Rebecca gasped and begged for him to go slow as she felt a bit of pain but once it was in her ass and she got used to it he started to slide in and out of her ass and grabbed her hips as he was fucking her.  Rebecca closed her ass and squeezed her faced as he filled her ass her mind exploded with pleasure.

As he was fucking her ass Rebecca was speechless and she pushed back on his cock to get more of his cock in her ass and she grabbed hold off the sheets as he was fucking her. He could see the concentration on her face.  It was filled with intensity as he stretched her ass hole.  Rebecca moved her hand between her legs and started to rub her clit as he was fucking her and soon Rebecca was screaming out that she was going to cum and she had another powerful orgasm.  This time with no cockin her pussy, a huge puddle appeared on the bed. Good thing she had drunk all the water. Trevor continued fucking her ass as Rebecca kept rubbing her clit again trying to keep her orgasm alive until Trevor could match her. And then Rebecca felt Trevor push his cock in her ass and gave a large thrust that made her squeal an cum as she felt him explode with her His cock became so thick as it exploded with such force. He gave her a sperm enema as Rebecca collapsed in a pile of sweat screamed out that she belongs to Trevor her Black Master and that she loves him as she fell down on the bed exhausted.

When he had finished filling her ass with his cum he pull his cock out and his cum leaked out off her ass onto the sheet and then she turned to face him and cuddle him and said I love you and he said I love you as well and they both kissed each other hard on the lips. As they lay there Rebecca started to think about her life she had with Trevor her Black Master and how her relationship had grow and they had become lovers and how she had grown to love the time she spent with him and loved to be around him and hated it when she had to go home on her own without him.  She loved her life as Rebecca more than her life as Maria and felt safe in his arms. Trevor saw that they still had more time left before they had to leave and Rebecca said to Trevor that she just wanted to lay in each others arms for now and they just kissed and cuddle each other and fell asleep. After some time there was a knock on the door. It was their morning breakfast. Rebecca pulled the sheets over her naked body as her Black Master got up to let the waiter bring in their breakfast.

The young smartly dressed black waiter smiled as he saw Rebecca under the sheets and could see and smell that she had been freshly fucked.  He handed the bill to the Trevor who was watching him stare at Rebecca.  The waiter noticed that Trevor’s cock was still hard under his robe.  Trevor caught the young man staring and when the boy looked up, he looked embarrassed.  “You like what you see?” he asked.

The young man responded, “Is there anything else I can provide you?”  Trevor looked at him and smiled.  “Yes, in fact there is if you want a nice tip.”

Trevor walked over to the bed and pulled the covers off Rebecca and spread her legs.  “Have you ever been with a white woman?  They love black cock and frankly my girlfriend here has tired me out. Do you think you could show us some five-star service and pump a load of your young virile steaming hot black seed into her?”.  The young man hesitated for a second. Was this man really letting him touch this goddess?  Was this a joke?  A test?  He slowly moved onto the bed and got between her legs and started to lick her clit and then he got his fingers and put 2 fingers into her vagina and started to finger fuck her vagina has he licks her clit. As he was doing this he felt Rebecca move. The waiter looked up and noticed that Trevor had moved behind her and was pinching her nipples as she watched the young man play with her clit.

The young man knew he had not much time as his supervisors would be calling him soon.  He got up and kicked off all his clothes and resumed tonguing her as she looked in shock as her Black Master held her legs wide open with his ankles looked around hers while massaging her breasts as this stranger brought her to an orgasm. He asked the waiter, “Doesn’t it taste so good?  This woman has been trained specifically for black cockk.  She can’t have enough.  Enjoy it”.  The young waiter then started to pump his fingers faster and she felt her orgasm start to build up inside her and told Trevor the waiter was making her cum.  The young waiter kept licking her clit and finger fucked her as she was near to cuming and she let out another scream as she had another powerful orgasm and squirted again. The young man was startled by her squirting as he had never seen that before.  When she had finished cuming Trevor, told the young man, “Now finish the job and give her some of that black cock and give her some of that young bull action. The young man got up on the bed and Rebecca got her first look at the young man’s cock.  He was built like a horse.  “Oh no, I can’t take that,” she said.  Trevor quickly grabbed her wrists over her head and put his hand over her mouth.  He looked at the young man.  “Don’t worry.  She’ll fight a little bit, but once you stretch her out, she’ll be begging for more.”  The young man hesitated as Rebecca struggled but her Black Master signaled him to get moving.  He grabbed her legs to stop her from struggling and got his cock and pushed it all the way into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  Rebecca’s eyes bulged and she screamed under her Black Master’s hand and tears came out of her eyes as the young waiter stretched her sore cunt.  The waiter slowly started pumping.  It felt so good to him and the friction made his cock harder.  He could barely keep from coming so quickly.  By the 5th time he went balls deep into her pussy, Rebecca was starting to move with him.  He looked into her eyes to let her know he meant no harm and she looked at him and nodded that she was okay.  Trevor felt she was now relaxed and got up off the bed and started to film them.  He heard her whimper, “Yes” as the young waiter started to build momentum inside his whore’s pussy.  She reached down , grabbed his ass and dug her nails into his skin, trying to push him deeper. Then the waiter pushed his cock into her and touched her cervix. “Yes, give it to me, cum in me. I want it,” She was begging and that was the last straw.  The young man could not hold out a second longer and asked her if she really wanted him to cum in her.  She looked at him, “It’s all right, it will be our little secret.”  She looked at his badge on the floor, “Don’t worry Duncan, you will be tipped well for the huge cock”.  Duncan the waiter then released an explosion of cum like the way an overcooked tomato explodes in a microwave.  He filled her vagina with his black seed and bred her and Rebecca held on to him for dear life as he filled her vagina with a force that almost pushed her off the bed. It was perfect timing.  Just as he fell on top of her, his walkie talkie chirped, “Duncan, where are you?  Are you finished with Suite 401 yet?”  He quickly ran to his pants and told them that they had extra requests and he was just leaving.

Rebecca giggled.  He had pulled out so fast as his cock was dripping everywhere and leaking out of her too and staining the sheets.  She crawled over to him and sucked off his dripping cum before it stained his black waiter pants.  She used her tongue to clean the rest of his cock of all the cum. The waiter quickly got dressed as Trevor gave him a $50 tip.  And then the waiter was gone.  Rebecca was hungry and thirsty.

Trevor carried the tray over to the bed and put it down and they both had their breakfast. Rebecca was enjoying her time with her lover Trevor and when they had finished Trevor put the tray on the table and looked at Rebecca and said well it is time to get ready as it was getting close to checkout time, so he said told Rebecca to take a shower and he would follow. Rebecca went to the bathroom and stepped into the enormous shower.

The shower was enormous.  She felt like 5 people could fit in the shower.  As Rebecca was washing herself the door opened and Trevor got in and they both started to wash each other and Rebecca spent some time washing his cock and then she got down on her knees and put his cock into her mouth and started to suck him and she started to move her hand to her vagina and started to rub her clit as she was sucking his cock. Their bodies slid together as they ran their soapy bodies together.  Just then Trevor lifted her up and told her to turn round and bend over and he got his cock and put it in her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast. At first the soap stung her already sore pussy.  Rebecca started to put her hands on the wall of the shower as he was fucking her and she was telling him to fuck her with his black cock hard and she pushed back on his cock to get more of his cock into her vagina. She wanted to get every last drop of his cum out of him.  And then Rebecca felt another orgasm build up inside her and scream out, “Trevor please fuck me, I want you to fuck me hard with your black cock,” and she screamed out as she had another orgasm and nearly fell down, but Trevor grabbed hold of her hips to stop her falling and he then pushed his cock into her vagina and stopped and then she felt him fill her vagina with his black seed and when he had finished filling her vagina, he slowly pulled his cock out of her vagina and Rebecca turned round and used her tongue to clean his cock. When she was finished they both cleaned each other and held each other as the water ran over their bodies.  When they were finished they both went into the bedroom and started to get dressed.

After they packed up Rebecca put her arms round Trevor and kissed him hard on the lips and told him, “Thank you again for this special time we spent together and I love you so much,” and she said that she was so happy that he was her Black Master and Lover. Then they both left the room and when the elevator reached the lobby she put her arm around him as they got out and walked to the waiting car.  They passed by the waiter in the lobby and he gave them a wink. The valet took their bags and put them in the car and handed the keys to Trevor.  When they got back to the hotel, they both got out of the car and went into his room and Rebecca put back on her clothes from home. When she was ready she went up to Trevor and put her arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips and said, “I really meant it when I said I love you my Black Master and Lover.  I had a great time and don’t want to go.” Rebecca then let go of him and then started to leave the room and she turn around and he said, “I love you” and then she was gone and she got in her car and drove home.

Member Erotica – Life of a Black Cock Slut Part 6

The Life of A Black Cock Slut

Part 6 Rebecca Is Taken To The Dungeon For Training: Day One

When Maria got home she park the car in the garage.  It was Friday night and everyone was out.  She saw a message on the kitchen counter from her husband. “Where are you?  Took the kids to the movies. Text me when you get home.” She texted her husband that she was sorry and had gotten caught up in a tax meeting after work.  Once upstairs she took all her clothes off and threw them in her dry cleaning bag with the other cum stained clothes.

She then took a shower and scrubbed her body hard with soap and water to get rid of the cum and general filth that was covering her body. She could still feel the rough and dry hands of her doctor touching her.  She started to cry at the fact that she had been forced, abused and drugged by the doctor and in her haze she remembered his sinister laugh and grunts as he used her for his own pleasure. How though did the Black Master get access to her doctor’s office.  How did he intrude into such a private part of her life?  Was he stalking her and spying on her?  Did he have her honed tapped?  Was he watching her right now?  Chills ran through her body.  When she met her Black Master again she would have to find out how she did this so that she could prevent it from happening again. After Maria was finished she dried herself off and then she went back into the bedroom and put on a nightdress and then got into bed and to try and get some sleep.  It was now the weekend and she had not seen the Black Master for a couple days.  She hoped he would leave her alone for the weekend so she could rest and recover from her repeated rapes.  This had been a trying week.  A week she would like to forget.  Maybe seeing that it was Easter weekend, he would give her a holiday.

In the Morning Maria, woke up still in pain and her vagina was still sore from the abuse and when she got up to go to the toilet she found it a bit hard to walk as her ass was still sore as well. Everyone was still asleep as they had seen the midnight matinee.  Maria made herself some coffee, grabbed her dry cleaning bag and drove to the cleaners.  At the cleaners she dumped her suits and dresses onto the counter.  The old Chinese lady was happy to see her, but her smile slightly disappeared when Maria realized her clothes had a distinct sexual odor. She then saw the stains on the clothes. She had probably seen cum stains a thousand times and knew what it was.  Maria quickly took the receipt and left.  How embarrassing.

Maria enjoyed the rest of the weekend and forgot about the rape. She got to spend time with her kids who were home for the Easter break and acted like normal with her family and friends when they came over for a big Easter brunch.  She was not a big religious person, but she enjoyed Easter more than ever.  She dreaded the weekend ending when Sunday night came and it was time for bed as she knew not that she had work in the morning, but that she might be hearing from her Black Master. At least the rest made her feel a lot better and then when she had showered she put on her nightdress and went to bed and had her first peaceful sleep in a week.


The next morning, she jumped out of bed like a normal Monday with a bounce in her step and got to work in record time.  Still in the back of her mind, Maria was thinking will her Black Master be sending her a text soon and it was still nagging her about how far had he intruded into her life.  He knew where she worked and lived.  This man was capable of ruining her life.  Will she be able to have a normal life without being raped or forced this week? Maria was relieved when Monday passed without any contact.  Then Tuesday passed without incident as well until just before she went to bed and she got the text from her Black Master telling her to meet at the same hotel as usual and to come straight from work in her business suit but make sure the you are wearing nylons as well and to be there at 6:00pm the next evening. Maria was in two minds whether to tell him to get lost but then she knew that he could send the photos to her family and friends and how would she explain that so Maria sent a text saying that she would be there. How dare he?  He had duped her and made her feel like the ordeal might be over, but then he texted her out of the blue.  He was playing with her.

So the next morning she made sure she had put some nylons on before she went to work. Some men in the office even noticed thatMaria looked dfferent and gave her legs a second look.  At the end of the day she sent a message home telling her family it was going to be another late night and that they should get dinner themselves. She did stay late at work until 5pm and then took off for the hotel.

When she arrived, she got the spot in front of the hotel.  When the locals in front of the hotel saw her, they whistled and chuckled and made cat calls, “Oh momma looking real hot today.  She looking like she’s going high class with that ass.  Hey baby, why don’t you give me some of that fine booty too.”  Maria ignored the and went right up to the room. She knock on the door waiting for her Black Master to say come in and when he said come in, she opened the door, walked in, closed it and stood there waiting for him to tell her take off her clothes. She stood there silently for 2 minutes getting angry at him.  She was mad. Finally he told her to step forward to him and then she walked over to him and hit him on the face, calling him a bastard for setting her up with that doctor who drugged and raped her. All of her emotions came pouring out. She kept hitting and screaming at him as her eyes teared up and she started sobbing. He grabbed her,slapped her hard across the face knocking her onto the bed and he got on top of her and told her that he did not know what she was talking about. She yelled, “Bullshit, you know how he raped me at my doctor’s office”, but he slapped her again and told her she needed to learn to be more submissive and respectful to her Black Master and do has she is told. He made her tell him the story again in detail as she sobbed.  Once again he denied knowing what happened.

“My little slut, don’t you see what is happening?  Once you become a slut for black cock, you and your pussy let off a pheromone that attracts all black cock. You have entered into a rare club and whenever you are around black men, they can smell you and know that you are a white slut that can take their bull cocks.  Now that your pussy has been stretched, you walk sexier and sluttier than ever.  Haven’t you noticed the way black men look at you these days?” Maria thought about it and it did seem to make sense.  She had been getting more looks and the man outside the hotel was more forward with her earlier.

But what she did not know was that her Black Master had known the doctor was not a doctor, but the janitor who had recognized her on the website, as one of the patients in the building he worked in and had got turned on watching the videos of all her encounters on the website.  The reason Maria had not heard from her Black Master was that he had been busy setting up a website featuring videos and photos of her sexual training.  The janitor had gotten in touch with her Black Master by sending a email to him asking if he could fuck her.  When the Black Master responded, he sent a email saying that he would only let black men fuck her and if he could prove that then he would let him, but only if he knew that she belongs to him and that he would want the action recorded so he could put it on the website. The Black Master also instructed the janitor that he must not say anything to Rebecca about the website as he wanted her to be in the dark about how these men found her. He told the janitor that her Black Master was the only one who could schedule her for such encounters  and he told him that he could rape, use force and abuse her and that he must treat her like a black cock slut whore.

The janitor told her Black Master how he would get into the computer system and delete her appointment and then send a email telling her that her appointment had been changed to another day and another time so that when she came he would be the only one there and he could do whatever he liked and she would think that he was a doctor and not the janitor and he would give her a sleeping drug and get her ready for what he was going to do. Her Black Master said that he would be there 1 hour before and wait for her and when she went inside and she was asleep he would come in and set the video to record what will be happening and he can then edit it for the RebeccasOffice website and then members of the website can see how much she likes being fucked by black cocks.

Maria was calm now.  He decided that maybe today at the Dungeon he would have a “Queen of Spades tattoo put on her so she could see that black men would be able to clearly identify her.  After he had finished he got off the bed and then told her to get ready as she will drive to a place to learn how to be a good submissive slut as a way to let her know that she has no say in what was going to happen in her life from now on “do you understand you fucking whore?” and Maria lower her head and said yes in a quiet voice as she had seen what happens when he got mad and she was scared and fearful at what he may do to her for her outburst. Rebecca and her Black Master went out to her car and they both got into the car and he put in the address of the place they were going into the satnav and then Rebecca started the car and follow the directions from the satnav. After 30 mins. the satnav said that they had arrive at the address and her Black Master told her to get out of the car and lock it. She follow him to the house. It was a big house and it look like a old mansion when they got to the front door her Black Master turn to her and said, “Wait here and someone will come get you. You will not say a word while you are here to anybody do you understand?” Rebecca said yes as she did not want to get him mad again.

The Black Master entered the house, shut the door and she waited.  A few minutes later the door opened as she was met by a big black man who was over 6ft tall and well built. He said, “Oh Rebecca, I must say you are a fine specimen.  I hope we will get to become close friends. Your Master told me that he had a slut who needed a lesson in being a submissive.” The man slipped a dog choke collar around her neck to take her to the Dungeon.  She dd not see her Black Master as he lead her by a leash to a door, unlocked it, and switched on a light. The door lead to a flight of stairs and her Black Master told her to go down with him behind her and when she got down to the bottom of the stairs. She was shocked to see that it was a Dungeon and she began to shake and feared for her life as nobody was around to hear her screams as she did not know what he was going to do to her and she started to cry and said she did not want to stay but he hit her hard across the face, pulled the collar tight and told her that she had no choice and he dragged her by her arm and lead her to an x-shaped metal frame and told her to strip down to her stockings and lingerie, leaving her heels on. After she stripped, he told her to stand still and don’t move and then he went over to a cupboard and then return some lube and a butt plug and told Maria to bend over and don’t move. He put some lube on the butt plug and then forced it into her ass as she started screaming that it hurt, but he just laughed until it was all the way in.

He then went and got the collar again and put it round her neck and secured the buckle round the back and then he lead her to the x-shaped frame and told her to put her back on the frame and then he cuffed her right wrist to the frame and then secured the cuff firmly to the right side of the collar and then he cuffed her left wrist to the frame and then secured the cuff firmly to the left side of the collar as each cuff was secured it made a metallic click when each wrist restraint was secured to a metal O-ring at the back of her collar. He then spread each leg and cuffed each leg to the frame. He then placed a chrome plated metal bar on the floor and he knelt down and then he cuffed her right ankle to the bar and then did the same for the left ankle. Now her feet where secured to the bar and spread about 2 feet apart and she was secured at both ends. Maria started to shake with fear as she did not know what he was going to do her for what she had done.


Her Black Master suddenly appeared from the shadows.  He had been watching the whole thing. He then went to the wall on her right and took something down and it was a leather flogger and started to stoke the leather gently up each of her flanks and then across her shoulders and the sensation of being caressed by the leather flogger was bringing her skin alive with anticipation of the pain. Then with a flick of his wrist the tails whipped across her left breast stinging her nipple and he then applied a back hand sweep across her right breast. Maria try to pull against her wrist restraints, but they were firmly secured behind her head to the collar. She gasped in shock as the heat from the flogging of her breasts continued and then he began a steady rhythm moving his hand in a figure of eight as he carry on the punishment. Maria began to moan as it hurt and she wanted him to stop but after a minute or so the heat she felt began to radiate from her nipples and started to spread through her body and she realized that she was getting turn on and her vagina was getting wet with her arousal. Her nipples were also erect at attention.

Her Black Master kept flogging her body and then he moved the flogger lower stroking her inner thighs and then he expertly flicked his wrist and hit the lips of her vagina, causing her to scream in pain and pleasure, and then he hit her clit and she screamed out loud crying A few more lashes and she screamed that she was coming and then she came, her wetness leaking through her panties and her come from her vagina dripped onto the floor as she had pass out from the powerful orgasm she just had.

Her Black Master saw that she had passed out and stop what he was doing. He could see the tears rolling down her face and saw that her body was covered in sweat so he sat down and took a break and had a drink of bottle water.

To Be Continued………..

@RebeccasOffice is a special fantasy wife for this member

(Note from Rebecca) Often I have member’s tell me or write me their fantasies.  Recently a member told me after 10 years what his fantasy was and that he wanted to pretend he was “Mr. RebeccasOffice”.  I laughed, but when he told me and then sent me a wonderful donation and a dress to wear, I was flattered and said sure. What you are about to read is not the normal update summary from me, Dreamnet, or my husband, but are the unedited words of a member’s fantasy.  I also wanted to let you know that I am sorry for the lack of blue skies in these photos.  It is not LA smog, but rather the fires that are about 150 miles to my north.
Rebecca is the perfect slutty milfy wife and I love sharing them with you here on the pages of Dreamnet.  What is really special is that she doesn’t need to do this, but has become such a good submissive little whore for me. Watching my upper-middle class highly educated wife become a wanton slut over the past dozen years and sharing her pussy with all you strangers.  What is better is that whereas once she used to resist being sexy, she now craves being the whore that she is.  It is every man’s dream to have such a hot wife and sharing her with all of you guys.
I thought I would share some real naughty secrets about Rebecca that you should know about.  I have had to really pusher limits and behind the scenes you probably have no idea what a cum-sucking slut I live with.  I know that our neighbors would never guess, but all of you would never guess what it is like living with her.  She is even naughtier than the pages you see here.   CLICK HERE TO LEARN SECRETS OF REBECCA.

Member Story: How He Wants Me.

For over 13 years I have been on Dreamnet letting you men (and ladies) pleasure yourself over my photos and videos.  I have great members who inspire me with their words and gifts.  Recently a new member wrote me and I am not sure if he caught me at a strange moment, but he caught my attention.  I had exotic stories written to me before, but this one was different. He seemed to know me.  He seemed to know what I wanted.  At first I thought it was my own husband or an old boyfriend playing a trick on me, but no…this person knows what is inside me.  Read and let me know what you think……I think I want this…..

A Man’s best friend: The beauty of building & breaking (Short piece inspired by the lovely Rebecca)

I sat and waited for his order

I sat and waited for his order

As I softly poured her a large glass of cabarnet sauvignon from Wente Vineyards, I couldn’t help the subtle smile across my face. Similar to the wine falling, my mind was being filled with joy and fascination at her mere presence, her flawless femininity, her undeniable glow.

I had cooked her favourite Italian cuisine tonight. We’d spoken briefly and cordially but this was the real playing field now. With myself being from London that slowed our meeting process but i finally made it. WE made it. Face to face, mind to mind, kink to kink. Sitting across from me on the couch, her legs elegantly crossed and her hair elegantly propped, i instantly knew my target, aim and goal. This was no girl. She is all woman.

”Do you ever get told you’re an artist?” I asked politely as I handed her glass. ”Context is key. I do what I love and express that fully in my passion” Her truth teased my mind. ”I agree. You’re an authentic artist to me. Performance art of the mental & physical kind that is truly magnetic. Truly authentic. Here’s my reasoning, relax your mind, be quiet and listen close…..

I think you’ve found your happiness, your soul center and your truth along time ago.  With that progressive realization achieved, you turn effortlessly to your natural self-state. Not a moaning, complaining, insecure and abrasive female state. A state of grace. Giving without expectation of return. A state of experiment, experimenting every single day how you can help, assist or teach. Being a real woman without self-inflicted limits or doubts, you express that fully whether fucking, interacting of simply being. I didn’t want to hear her rebuttal. Was I firing aimlessly or did i connect?….I didn’t care.

Slowly reaching to her leg I gently rubbed her thigh, read her grin and offered to massage her feet. Her agreement was not in mere words but in the faintest, sexiest body language subtleties! I gently removed one heel and rested her pretty foot in my lap. ”Where was i!?” I genuinely inquired. The simplistic beauty and femininity of her feet clearly disrupting my thought. She has power, I said to myself. She IS power.
As I rubbed away slowly I continued my perspective on this amazing creature, this animal. The wild & untamed reward i hunted down with intent. Its so ironic. The art you produce and the aurora you give off is all centered and themed around giving. The reason you’re even doing that initially is……giving! By initially giving to your husband you’re then also giving to us. The admirers, the appreciators and of course the lucky fuckers who go knee deep in your gorgeous guts. That not only shows your focus but it shows supreme stability. Both attractive and powerful traits beyond mere aesthetics….Bottom line is you’re a pleaser babe. If YOU can’t help then YOU aren’t content. The polar opposite of selfish. The common disease today’s modern pool where some women excel in taking, begging and hoarding, you Rebecca excel in every other way. It’s in you, it is you. The beautiful place, space and mentality where real women belong. Some women believe they are submissive and some women know where they belong – knowing is stronger than believing.
It’s in your ‘knowing’ that you adapt so easily to life, parenting, marriage, work and art. Whether screwing slow & sensually or fucking relentlessly fast, you adapt accordingly with grace. Whether being treated like shit or treated like a princess, you adapt accordingly. What your men say goes and you will not DARE question or degrade their wishes. That direct lack of assistance is your idea of vile selfishness. It’s everything your fabric is not and everything you do not want offer. You are forever embedded inside the soothing world of compliance, domination and liberation of which your mind (not body) navigates with sheer ease. That, madam, is a strength not a weakness. A woman not a female. A goddess not a doormat.
Saying that, the artist Picasso once said how he ”enjoys turning a goddess into a doormat”’ – I naturally found this statement beautiful & profound. It resonated with me to the same extent your art does and i shall explain why. In my view, a conscious goddess has the will power & CHOICE to become whatever she wants, Nothing contradicts what she says is right. However, an original, ungoddess-like, limited and misguided female will never elevate to the status of a goddess. It’s in this paradox that you & your mind pleasures me. You’re a goddess, you’ve felt the euphoria and liberation of that notion but you’re intelligent and authentic enough that you will allow yourself to easily transform into a doormat. .Most importantly, you find the exact same joy in the ‘goddess mentality’ as you do the ‘doormat mentality’.
As I felt the release of my perspective & thoughts on this animal, I stood up tall. Locked eye to eye with her and reached under the cushion to reveal a leather dog collar. Simple yet effective, harsh yet beautiful, I wrapped it around my hand and told her to stand. She duly obliged. Silently. As we awkwardly approached, i rested my forehead against hers. Taking my spare hand, I loving wrapped it fully & firmly around her neck. I was in control. I took control by choice. More so shocked than struggling, she gracefully took the loving force and awaited my next words. I refused to take a ‘no’ and i think this was communicated instantly via mind.
Gazing deep into the windows of her soul i confidentially and loudly state my next move. ”I’ve made my intent awfully clear sweetheart. Despite everything i said, you need my training & taming. There is no way I’m letting a creature of your stature get away. This is hunting season and I am the victor….without 5 years of planning or a pathetic flip chart.”
Removing my hand, I stared at Rebecca’s every nuance. Her luscious short hair screamed the poignant phrase ‘less is more.’ Her strong eyes screamed ‘take me, but take care too’ and her lovable lips said nothing. Their silence was golden. Their silence was for me. Their silence was my approval….
Gently turning her around i wrapped my arms right around her petite frame and held my new woman, my new pet, my property. The dog collar still dangling in my grip I whispered in her ear ”This collar is your collar. It is the personification tool of your giving attitude. It is the symbol of where you, as a woman, truly belong. However, most importantly it is a symbol of CHOICE. The choice to do exactly as you’re told. The choice to be trained and treated like the mutt you are. The choice to give everything to the man who see’s you as nothing”.
As the few seconds wait felt like an hour, she gradually knelt on her knees in front of me. Stroking her hair and kissing her forehead twice, i proceeded to gently apply her collar around her neck. ”DREAM DOG” was appropriately scribed along the collar. As I held onto the leash, I stood tall and broad. This animal, this creature 19 years my senior was on her way to being fully trained*  tamed like never before.
”It’s the process and not the content that matters” I said proudly….
…..NOW FUCKING SIT!!! I shouted.




Letter To Fans: I’m Sorry. Should I be?

So I looked at my email today at lunch and found over 20 emails this morning from a fan with the following headers:

  • Depthless Basic Bitch
  • Ungrateful, Unfair Whore
  • Ignorant Prostitute
  • Wishing you the Absolute Worst, You witch
  • Cunt
  • Unfair Unappreciative Bitch
  • Degrading Dream
  • Fraudulent Female
  • Vile Disgusting Woman
  • Total Bitch
  •  Uninspiring, Unbothered and awfully TYPICAL Whore
  • and First ever Prude Prostitute

My mind was swirling.  Was he playing or really mad?  Was this part of his mind trick?

I'm so confused

I’m so confused

I wasn’t sure what to think at first.  I hadn’t really heard of him before until a couple week’s ago when he wrote me a very eloquent and smart email.  I don’t get those often, especially from non-regulars.  I always like hearing smart words from men who appreciate me and what I stand for and represent.  He really seemed to be into what I am at a deep deep level.

He wanted to tell me about the naughty thoughts I inspire but wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be offended and if anything was a little too far, I’d tell him.  So I told him to get ahead and write the story that inspire him.  So he wrote this long story.  I was impressed by the story.  It was very psychological and well written.  It didn’t get to the sexual part yet, but it sure had me wet with anticipation.  This guy wanted to write a story out breaking me down and seducing me.

The story was written on Friday.  It is called, ” A Man’s Best Friend: The beauty of building & breaking (short piece inspired by the lovely Rebecca)”.  I read it while stuck in traffic on my way out to see my boyfriend on Friday evening.  It got me so wet.  The story ended with me in a dog collar and him telling me to obey and sit.  I wanted more.  I told him to send more, but I guess that was not enough…

So then I got all these emails.  I’m sorry to everyone if you all feel I am not responsive enough or quick enough in my responses.  I am a busy person!  I have work, family, etc.

So what do you all think?  Am I bad?  Am I wrong? Do you want to hear his story?  I wonder what he is going to say when he reads this.  Well at least he is going to see that he got a long response out of me!!


Rebecca’s Never Go Back Video (Part 2) with forward from videographer

Never Going Back Part 2

Never Going Back Part 2

This is part 2 of the third party video taken a few years ago, but sent to me by the person who found it and recently shared it with me. With his permission I am giving you more information about the video by sharing the email he sent along with the video (I have edited it to protect some private info).

Dear Rebecca,

I can’t believe I finally found you. I have attached a video I took at the XXXXXXXX Inn a few years back. I believe the woman in the video is you (my apologies if it is not you, but I’m pretty sure it is). I am not sure if you remember me but I was the guy who got you some towels and a glass of water.

I remember meeting a guy in the hallway, who I would later find to be your husband, who saw my camera and told me I should go to the room across the way to see some hot action. When I peeked in the window and saw this huge black guy carrying you across the room and seeing that you were drunk with passion, I took out my camera and caught all the action. I was amazed to hear your moans and then when I entered the room it was like you didn’t even look at me because you were oblivious to anything as this man controlled your body. I remembered at one point leaving the room so your husband and others could get around the bed and you told your husband to leave. Then when he left, I re-entered the room and heard your lover tell you he was going to take off the condom and cum inside you. I could tell you were scared and hesitated but said, “okay”. I was instantly aroused and wondering who you were. The way you obeyed his every command and begged for his him turned me into an interracial fan forever. Later I was fortunate to be in the room after your lover came in your ass and he told me to get some towels for the two of you. I was surprised that you two did not even know each other’s names and that you had let a complete stranger cum in your ass and pussy. I watched as you two put each other’s contact info in your phones. I was going to get your contact information later so I could send these videos to you but when I came back later, the lights were out and the door was locked. I could barely make out that you had maybe 2-3 men on the bed with you, but your husband told me I needed to go.

I am so glad that I finally found you. Please let me know if you ever need me to take video again. I would love to capture that raw emotion again.

Your Fan,