For @RebeccasOffice 1 BBC is Never Enough!

You would think that now that I have a BBC every day that I would be satisfied, but I have found that I can’t get enough.  I need two or more all the time.  I just love being submissive and having multiple satisfying orgasms.  Fortunately my boyfriend loves sharing me with his friends.    Watch as he allows his friend to take me bare and make me do naughty things that I would never have done before.  In 3 hours they made me cum 6 times.  I love being penetrated constantly and having all my holes explored.  So be prepared for the insatiable wife should you venture down the hot wife path.

Yes, even one BBC is not enough.  Check out the way they stretch my pussy and ass.  I could not believe I took them balls deep.  I get so out of my mind that they even had me do ATM! .  CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH.

Rebecca Owned and Doubled By Members Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 and Finale of my Double Teamed by Members Video!
After making my secret videos for my present for my husband I thought we were done, but they weren’t.  I had enough footage for my video, but they still had more memory left on their cameras and kept on fucking me until the camera ran out of memory.
I loved that these guys wanted to keep me until they didn’t need me anymore.  It is also nice to know that I gave them pleasant memories of our night together that they could keep forever. For me, I was so weak and used from being fucked for almost 9 hours straight!   All I can remember is that they wouldn’t let me take a shower before I left.  When I went home late that night, I had their cum dripping out of me and onto my dress, my hair was a mess and had cum in it, My make-up was smudged, and my clothes were wrinkled.
The best part was that they both wrote me that evening and told me how much they had enjoyed using my body that day.   To me, hearing a man tell me how I satisfied them is the best part about sex.  CLICK HERE to see what I did to satisfy them.


@RebeccasOffice new Member MMF Video Update

All I Need are 2 Good Men

All I Need are 2 Good Men

Welcome to Part 2 of my Double Teamed by Members Video!

As you can imagine, when these guys stole me away for a day, they didn’t just take me once and leave me.  They took me again and again and again.  I have to admit that at first I was shocked.  What was supposed to be a simple little video anniversary present for my hubby turned into a cum fest for two of my members.

Fortunately I have a secret desire to pleasure almost any man and be his personal fantasy.  I wanted to put on a good show for my husband too.  I knew the camera was rolling and that he would enjoy the way these guys were just stretching out my pussy and making me so wet.  These guys were so naughty though.  Their wives didn’t even know where they were either!

I have to admit thought that I succumbed to their every whim.  Swallowing their cum, deep throating their cocks, and feeling their cum drip out of my pussy as it overflowed turned me on so much!  I am such a bad girl.  Do you like that?  I just love submitting to a man’s desire! I love it when they are aggressive and just take me.

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Rebecca Takes On 2 Members! – Video Update!

I am often asked if I will sleep with my fans.  Some people even say they won’t be my fan unless I will sleep with them.  I get proposals from Dubai, Asia, Florida to California and Texas to Michigan on daily basis.  I just get way more inquiries than I could ever handle in my busy life.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t or won’t.  It just has to be convenient and mostly at my own discretion for safety.
So people have asked if I would even sleep with anyone but a black man.  I already have a video on Dreamnet with a member and he told me that I should show the other one we did.  I forgot that we did, so he sent it to me.
Oh my, I remembered that I was feeling horny and that I had decided to secretly go out and meet him and make a video that I could send to my husband for a surprise Father’s Day present.  But what I didn’t realize is that he brought his buddy along to make it extra special.  I had never had two white guys at once, but I was so horny.  Nobody knew where I was and these guys had told their wives they were out golfing for the day.
I had no idea and was surprised to find two men in the room.  They thought it would be fun to give my husband an extra special Father’s Day present and they dumped load after load in me and we had sex in the room for over 10 hours that day.  They even once unloaded in my mouth and pussy at the same time.  And then one came inside me dumping his load right after his buddy left one inside me.  I think they call that a “double snow ball”.
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