@RebeccasOffice Movie Review: Roman J Israel, Esq

I couldn’t decide what movie to watch this weekend.  I am obviously holding my breath in anticipation of the new Star Wars movie in two weeks.  Fortunately my partner recommend that we see Roman J. Israel, Esq.  What a great movie.  I think Denzel Washington puts together a great Academy Award Winning performance while Colin Farrell looks spectacular in a suit.

What I really like is that the movie takes place in my environment.  In fact, the place that he purchases in the movie is indeed close by my office: https://stayinglevel.com/los-angeles/accommodations/  These are really great rentals if you are visiting the Los Angeles area.

And then of course they show the beautiful Santa Monica area where I just hung out this weekend along the beach enjoying our December sun.

I am leaving out a lot of detail about the movie because it really is an interesting movie as it deals with a lot of society’s issues today (especially as it related to black people) in a very tasteful manner.  Great makeup and he kind of reminded me like Eddie Murphy from “The Klumps”.  It was kind of like Rainman meets The Klumps meets Jackie Brown meets Boys in Da Hood.

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I give it 5 full erections!

Movie Review: Annabelle Creation

So do you like scary movies?  Have you seen the Conjuring movies and the first Annabelle movie?  Then this movie is great for you.  Now, you don’t need to see those movies to understand how this movie fits in.  They actually do a good job of splicing this together in the end.  That said, I do suggest you see all of these movies in the order in which they were made.  Can you believe there really is an Annabelle doll?  For real?  Yes, this is a true story.  The doll though does not really look like the one in the movie.

So the movie picks up from before any of the other movies and explains how the doll came to be.  Of course the movie has those scenes that make us cringe.  Opening doors that nobody should open or choosing to be alone even when scared.  Oh my gosh you just want to curl up in a ball and run!  I think I screamed out loud 4 times while watching this movie.  The director does a great job getting you to the edge of your seat and  building the tension in your body.

This movie will make you jump!  I give it a 3 out of 5 erections.  Freaked me out for sure!


Movie Review: Lion

So I thought I’d get this out there before the Oscars air tonight.  My favorite movie of the year is Lion.  Not only is the story just so heart-warming and sad, but the movie is shot so beautifully.  The story is about a little boy in India who gets separated from his family and after almost 25 years starts a journey back to find his family.

Did I mention this is a real story.  Did I cry?  You bet I did.  I saw lots of great movies this year, but I found this one to be the best of them all.  Forget La-La Land.  Every so often a musical comes out and wins awards.  I love Emma Stone, but that movie is overrated.

As for the show?  I love the dresses of the Oscars actresses, but I am not really into the acceptance speeches and politics of it all.  Just wake me in the morning and tell me who won!  Yes I hope it is Lion.

What was your favorite movie?  I obviously liked Rogue One but that movie isn’t winning for anything but special effects.

Movie Review – Lights Out

Light's Out

Light’s Out

I saw the new movie from James Wan – “Light’s Out”.  I loved it.  If jump at you movies are the ones that get you t scream and curl up in your seat, then this is the movie for you.  The best part of the movie is that the scares start right from the beginning and don’t end til the very out.

If you aren’t scared of the dark, you will be now.  The movie comes from the director of the Conjuring and uses a very similar formula.  What really got me about this movie is that it is one of those movies where the whole audience cringed, screamed, and laughed at the same time.  Yes, the laughs come from “Ben”, the dumb boyfriend who tries to help and unexpectedly finds himself in a situation that is more than he bargained for.  Well if that is what it takes to get the woman of your dreams, then he earned it!

My disappointment is that I am not sure this movie can have a sequel.  It might be able to create a prequel though.  I hope they do so that we can get more character development.  I give this a 4 out of 5 erections!

Rebecca’s Movie Review – The Conjuring 2

Conjuring 2

Conjuring 2

If you know me well, scary movies is not my thing.  But my boyfriend loves these movies so I went along.  It is an extension of the original Amityville Horror movie.  I think he loves these movies because he likes to hear me scream and grab for him for comfort.  There are plenty of suspenseful moments and I have to say the movie was well done.  I am definitely not going to turn out the lights anytime soon!  I give this one 4 erections out of 5.  I definitely recommend seeing The Amityville Horror first!



Movie Review – Daddy’s Home

Daddy's Home

Daddy’s Home

So I saw Daddy’s Home.  The tagline is “Which Daddy Would You Choose?”  Honestly, I’d choose both.  Will Farrell reminds me of my own husband, the kind of guy you live with..  Salt of the earth incredible dad.  Mark Wahlberg is a provider of other manly functions if you know what I mean!  Of course his body and body double’s body look great, but he is not my type!  LOL!

Cute movie with the classic self-deprecating Will Farrell role and Mark Wahlberg role.  For any parent who is a step parent or has remarried, this is a very funny but true type movie.

Which type of daddy are you?  They needed one more kind of daddy there for me! 3 erections for me.  You could see this on video

Thanksgiving Update – Rebecca Behind the Scenes

Go Behind The Scenes

Go Behind The Scenes

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  Before I forget, just a big thank you to all of you who every day make me smile and happy that you enjoy what I do here.  It really is a labor of love and it goes both ways.  I appreciate your communications and your comments.  So thank you for letting me have fun!  Every week I send a video or photo set I think about how you all have no idea how it comes about.  I have a great girlfriend who has helped me come up with something new each week.  This was a little different, so I thought I’d give you more insight as to how these come about……..
As many of you know from my movie reviews and such, that I am a big movie buff.  So my girlfriend calls me and says she knows a great place to take some outdoor photos as she had just gotten back from helping on a big movie shoot and wanted to know if I could get out with her to take some photos since they had wrapped up shooting .  It is such a cool historic setting.  You would never have known the history that went on here.  In fact I was really shocked at all the graffiti.  But even crazier was that some famous actors had just stood right where I was standing and filmed a huge 2015 blockbuster film right here.  I am such a big fan of the star of this film.  It was hard for me to focus on taking these outdoor photos, but I just imagined myself being a part of the movie crew as well as hanging with some of the hunky movie stars.
So yes this area showed up in a real movie setting for a blockbuster film in 2015. Which movie?  If you can figure it out and send me via email only the name of the movie and a synopsis of how that scene played out in the movie.  You must also be a current member of my site to win. I will have some good hints for you inside.  I hope they help but don’t give it away. CLICK HERE to go BEHIND THE SCENES!

Best Movie Orgasm Ever?

I  was just reading my husband’s Maxim magazine and there was an interesting survey about the greatest movie orgasm as I guess there are a few movies this year up for an Academy Award.  Hmmm, maybe they should have an award for the Best Orgasm by a male or female in a comedy!  They had only 5 but I added the last 2.  So what do you think?

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