Join @RebeccasOffice on a Real TV Commercial Shoot

I really miss my gal pal who had taken the majority of my photos until last year.  So when she told me she was shooting a low budget cable commercial and wanted to know if I could model in it, I agreed as long as I could get something out of it.  There was minimal pay for it ($200 plus expenses), so she agreed to make sure that she took some extra photos during our down time for RebeccasOffice.
I am working on a totally separate sexy artsy-fartsy fashion project where I need some anonymous photos, so I decided to tag along for a day trip with her.    She is quite the talented artist and uses digital photo editing to play with the photos to really give you this journalistic feel.  It was a blast.  I got a free flight, free haircut, free manicure and pedicure as well.  I think you might find some of the images quite breathtaking.  She is quite good at this and created a nice soft touch to each photo.  Some of them obviously can be used for this new project while others might just have to stay here with you!
Once again you get to see me in my real element.  My girlfriend was a bit concerned that my photos might look a lot like her commercial so we made sure to do lots of costume changes. That is why I was naked sometimes.  Now the question will be if you eventually recognize my pictures on my other site to find my alias! I do need your help though.  I need you to choose between the last two photos for the front page of this site.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE WE WENT. DO YOU RECOGNIZE WHERE WE WERE? COME IN AND SEE.
PS – You should expect to find this commercial on the Travel Channel.  I will be doing lots of eating and drinking in the commercial.


What Time Is The Best for Sex @RebeccasOffice ? Find Out When I’m Horny

What is your favorite time for sex?  When are you the horniest?  The morning?  The afternoon?  At night?  Ever since I moved in with my boy toy, I have had so much more sex.  I doubt there are many women having as much or even better sex than me.  I literally have had sex morning, noon and night.  This is much different than my marriage when it was the same time all the time.  I’m now finding that sex is great at any time of day.  I have found though that there is a certain time of day thought that I really love sex.  I bet you’d like to know what that time is.  How about you?  Do you have a favorite time to have sex?  When is the best time to make love to you?

There is a certain time of day when I cannot resist a nice hard penis.  I want it in my mouth, between my legs, etc.  I don’t care who it belongs to or what.  I just need to have it.  This is your chance.  If you can catch me and have a nice sized penis, you might get lucky with me.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT TIME OF DAY I AM SO HORNY THAT I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Rebecca Always Aims To Please Her Members

What Can Rebecca Do For You

What Can Rebecca Do For You

A couple of weeks ago I shared the first part of a video where two of my members stole me away from my husband and had their way with me for a couple days.  I have to say it was exhilarating.  It is part of what I love about being a Dreamnet girl.  Actually it is probably my favorite part which I don’t often experience.  I am on Dreamnet still after 13 years because I like to hear and feel the inspiration I bring out of a man.  I love seeing and feeling that passion and desire.  It is why I want people to write me and tell me how they feel after each week’s update and how it made them feel and hopefully want me more.

When I released this video I heard people tell me how jealous they were or how lucky those guys were.  I heard some people say they wished it was them and told me what they’d do instead.  Yes! Yes! Yes!  This is what I love!  I want to hear it!

When I showed up at the room and they surprised me, I was shocked but pleased that these two guys would plan this out.  They told me that I was their favorite porn star and that I would be theirs.  It was true.  Nobody else knew where I was.  I wanted to please them.  I first let them take out their cameras and take photos with me and then I let them do some photos of me for their own personal pictorials.  I then played with them as you saw in the video, and then they take some after sex photos before they took advantage of me some more.

I loved hearing them tell me what they were going to do with me and good it felt to cum inside me and spank me.  Their animal desire was turning me on.  They called me slut and all other derogatory words and I loved being theirs for the evening.  Hearing them roar as they came was so-so gratifying.  I always imagine all my members doing that and calling out my name!

So take a look at these member photos.  Is that what you’d do with me?  No?  Please tell me what you would have done differently!  I want to know.  CLICK HERE and tell me what you’d do for me as a member.




If @RebeccasOffice was your MILF

If I Was Your MILF

If I Was Your MILF

I can’t believe it.  School is out and my husband decided to take the kids on a little trip.  I conveniently stayed back for work at my new job.  It also meant I could have my boyfriend come and live with me for a week.  It also meant that I could really pretend what it would be like to live with another man and do things I don’t normally get to do.  So on the first night I decided to welcome him to his temporary home, removing all photos of our family and put on a sexy dress and told him we would go out and have some fun.  When he came home and came upstairs to find me in this dress, he grabbed me, kissed me and told me that he wanted to remember this forever.  He took some photos of me and said I would be the perfect wife for him and then took me out on the town dressed like this.

Would you like to come home to me dressed like this every day?  Is this how your wife would like to be dressed when you come home after a long day?  I’d like to see the smile on a man’s face and the lust in his eyes when he walks in the door.  I miss that. CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT I’D LOOK LIKE AS YOUR WIFE.


Is this Dress Appropriate for @Rebeccasoffice ?

WorkattireI love these new clothes that my fans bought be for my new job.  Sometimes I just wonder if the clothes are too sexy.  They are so nice that I know the men just might look at me or even fantasize.  I notice sometimes when I see men in the office, they have huge erections in their pants and sometimes a wet spot.  I try to dress conservative for my office mates and my clients, but as some of my fans have asked, they’d like me to be a little more sexy at the office.  It is not a normal thing for me to do, so let me know what you think of this dress.  Does it work for you?

So could you work for a woman dressed like this at work?  Might it distract you if all the women were sexy at work?  Let me know if you think this is appropriate or inappropriate attire.   CLICK HERE and let me know if I should wear this to work.

Rebecca has a public sex fantasy

GangfantasySo a couple week’s ago I took you to this public restroom, well I didn’t tell you it is a big fantasy of mine.  It is no mystery that I love being exposed to all of you and watching me naked in public.  It is also probably no mystery to all of you that I am a bit of a submissive.  But I am a bit of a nice innoocent girl because I would never ever really want that to happen.  I mean, nice girls like me don’t do this kind of thing.  Well what I really want is for someone just to take me and have their way with me in public and maybe even bring a few friends.  Think that can be arranged?

Yes, that is right.  My biggest fantasy is to have a rough gangbang in a public place with multiple strangers.  Well maybe not too rough or disgusting, but at least really naughty such that they make me scream in pleasure and beg for more.  CLICK HERE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED.


Rebecca Update: Proper Milf Naked in Public Gross Restroom

Rebecca in Public

Rebecca in Public

I really do like being sexy in public.  Part of being on Dreamnet has expanded my horizons.  Being sexy in the bedroom is one thing, but going out in public dressed provocatively has been something new for me.  In real life I don’t do much out of the norm and dress fairly conservatively.  My normal idea of adventure is going out to a nice spa and having a nice massage with a facial and fragrant massage oils.   I’d much rather stay at the Ritz rather than going camping in the woods.  Some of my friends say I am a princess.  Well, let’s go out and see what you think.  Let’s just say this place is not my cup of tea.  Would you go to the bathroom with me?  I’m scared to go alone.

I was always told to never go to the restroom alone.  I’ve actually been to this restroom before, but I was not alone.  More about that next time, but I was hoping you could go with me.  I don’t like going in alone.  It’s dirty and it smells real bad.  Do you think you could help me?  I’m such a germaphobe..  CLICK HERE and let me know if you think I’m a Princess.

Rebecca in Gangland…not Greenland

Rebecca Captured in Gangland

Rebecca Captured in Gangland

My photographer knows I like to take risks so when she told me she wanted to got to one of the gang areas to take some photos I was a little scared and excited.  She scouted the area and told me that if we got up before 8am.  We were so nervous.  What if we got caught?  What might happen to us?  Would they punish us for invading their territory?  We both agreed we would give up our bodies if we needed to.  What happens when two women head into dangerous gang territory scantily dressed?  You need to see.  Anyone looking for a bodyguard job?

Okay we got up early and it was cold.  Looks like they partied in the location the night before.  There were a few bums sleeping around, but when we entered the area nothing but broken bottles and graffiti could be found.  I love dangerous situations.  It makes me feel naughty  I was hoping we might even get caught.  CLICK HERE to see Rebecca in Gangland!!

Update: It’s Official March MadnASS Month #ass


I was looking around and I see there are such special designations for Drinking Wine, Black Pride, etc. Well I think there should be a month dedicated to a beautiful ASS. So I am declaring March to be “Worship a Woman’s Ass” Month. What do you think? So it shall be forever known as March MadnASS. I also want to invite you join in some traditional March Madness College Basketball fun. Every year I have a pool dedicated to my office pool. If you don’t have an account yet, be sure to go to and set up an account. I want to see you in my tournament pool. I shall give an award to my top current member in the pool as long as they beat me! In the meantime, let’s take a look at some photos of me in a sexy black negligee sent to me by one of my Ass Worshippers!

Are you ready for March MadnASS? Are you a worshipper of the ASS? Do you want to slap it, touch it, spank it, lick it? Well then this is your month! Contribute to the cause and make March the month of the ASS! And then play in my fantasy league and show me you are the King of March MadnASS! CLICK HERE to see MY ASS!!


Update: I Want to See Your Chinese New Year Monkey!


Spank Your Monkey

Spank Your Monkey

The year is moving along and this year we are celebrating Chinese New Year, the Year of the Monkey. Why is it important? It is because I was also born the Year of the Monkey as well. I love celebrating other cultures. We have celebrated Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest and other holidays over the past here in my office, so this year I thought I’d teach you a little bit about why I like this holiday and also have a little fun with it. Besides, when people talk about spanking their monkey, we know what they are all talking about, right?

 I think I’d like to watch you spank your monkey really hard against me. So yes I am a bit of an Asiaphile. I did go to Asia almost 2 years ago and I loved it.I love the culture and the people. There is a reason why there are more Asians in this world than any other ethnicity! They love to have sex! So you want to learn about the sexuality of people who are born in the year of the Monkey? There are many secrets. CLICK HERE to see REBECCA’S Chinese New Year Secrets!