New Year’s Eve – Dreamnet MILF style

Well I’ve been getting the question….”What does a girl like me do on New Year’s Eve?”  The answers is really nothing.  i hate to burst all of your bubbles, but I’m not a real porn star.  I’m just your normal working woman who lives a normal life with a small hobby on the side (okay, its a little more than a hobby, but it doesn’t change me).

I will be going out to dinner with family and stop by a friend’s house for hors d’oeuvres and a drink, but we’ll then go home , put little ones to bed and then count it down with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest on TV.  We’ll pop open a bottle of champagne and toast to each other and kiss each other good night.

No sex?  Yep.  None. It’s just another night and besides, if one of my lovers called, I could change my plans, but really I’m sure they are having a better time drinking and goofing around. 

So if any of my guys are listening, I still have no plans of this moment.  If you want me to be your party girl, I’m available.  I just don’t want to drive too far.  Lots of crazy people out there on NYE.

Yes, that’s the way a girl like me spends NYE.  A quiet night at home in front of the TV waiting for that special guy to call.  Not so glamoous, eh?  If you are around, send me an email and I’ll probably be home to respond.

Rebecca’s Decade of Decadence

Happy New Year!

Not only is this the end of the year, but it is the end of a decade and I just want to end it in style.  I’ve been doing quite a bit these past few months to get things done before the decade is over.  I’ve also been writing down some of my milestones from this decade.  It is pretty crazy to think about where I was in 2000 and 10 years later look at myself and see what I’ve become.  Sexually I have grown quite a bit for sure.  Why don’t you come and share some time with me as I tell you about the decade that changed me.

As I sat waiting for my husband to come back from his seminar I wrote my memoirs for the last decade.  It sure made me horny and I couldn’t resist.  Come in to see how I ended the decade in style.