Update: Celebrate New Year’s Eve Like @RebeccasOffice Did?

First Fuck

First Fuck

I was planning on a different update for the first of the year, but to celebrate my new living arrangement, my lover decided that on New Year’s Eve he wanted to finish the year while fucking me and then make sure I also got it again in 2017 to start the year.    We are definitely a social media couple and are always taping our love making on our phones in bed.  I think he loves the fact that my body now spends the night in his bed and gets to have me whenever he wants.  That is quite often I might add! I think I can safely say that Rebecca is under new management now!

Watch as first we slow it down in slo-mo here for you so you can watch the slow and erotic close to 2016 and then again we replay the real time pounding he gave me in 2017.  He couldn’t wait and I rode his cock so hard that I actually was so exhausted before midnight, but watch him wake me up in time for me to ring in the New Year.  It was so sweet he drank champagne out of my pussy and then sunk deep inside of me from behind just in time for the clock to strike midnight!
Did you end and begin the year this way?  If not CLICK HERE and RELIVE IT WITH ME!

Did Santa Grant Your Wish? NYE Office Party @RebeccasOffice !

Don't look back

Don’t look back

2016 has been a great year to remember, but I am looking so forward to 2017.  I think we are all going to have a lot of fun.  Sometimes I say you have to accept the past in order to move forward, but I am ready to just charge into 2017 and show off some new things for you.  Perhaps you will want to see more of me as I move on to become another man’s woman.  Maybe I will invite you into the bedroom of a wife who has not become the property of a black man.  Does that sound interesting?  I will still show you how my sex life of a man who really likes to fuck me uses my body.  His lust for me is amazing.  Sometimes I just wake up feeling him pumping his load deep inside me. When it came to Christmas, my wish was to wake up with a strong lover more often and I think my wish was granted.  Was yours?

So did you wake up the day after Christmas and find that your wish came true?  It did for me.  I literally woke up and found that I now am the proud property of a black cock. So I got up Christmas morning to see if Santa left me anything under the tree for this naughty little girl.  What do you think I found?  What did you find? .…..  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT IF SANTA GRANTED MY WISH FOR 2017.


Splash in the New Year! Welcome to 2014!


Happy New Year!  Well you might just say that I thought I’d enter the new year with a splash!  For those of you who have never been to California but have heard about California Girls, Hollywood, Movie stars and starlets, I thought I’d take you to the city of stars, or at least the most famous celebrity community outside of Beverly Hills. Yes, ladies and gents, it’s Malibu.  So famous that they named a female doll after it.  I hope to show and tell you about some little known bits about this area.  I also learned something about these kinds of photos and why you horny men love them.  I bet you didn’t know why.

I’ve always wanted to do a California girl photoshoot, but felt odd since I really am a Midwesterner, but after living here for the last 9 years, I think it makes sense that I  show you how the area has changed me.  I definitely can’t deal with the weather east of the Mississippi, so as we hit Winter, I wanted to show all of you a little California sun!  Perhaps this will help you thaw out if you are knee deep in snow wherever you are.  This is the way it shall be all year long!  Come in, the water is not too bad!

My first post of 2013 – Resolutions

Welcome to the new year.  Not sure how to get started this year? Do you have any new resolutions or ones that you have already broken or want to accomplish in 2013?  I am really excited about this year both in my professional life and here on Dreamnet and RebeccasOffice.  Lose weight, learn a new talent, or  improve yourself?  I love to make promises to myself and come through in the end with the glow of satisfaction.  Who knows what new sexual positions I might learn or what sexual talents I might add to my repertoire.  Want to know?  Maybe I’ll tell you.
Some people like to make resolutions!  I like to break em!  Share with me your resolutions. Do you want to add any resolutions to my list?  Shall I break them for you or shall we break them together?  You might have to come inside and show me your list.  CLICK HERE to see all my resolutions.

Ring In the New Year With Rebecca

Well 2011 has been a long year. Lots of struggles for me me personally that I know of, but lots of great opportunities as well. I don’t know if 2012 will be any easier and who knows what great adventures we will find in the new year, but I am always look forward. No use looking back

I always say, unless it holds answers to what I can do in the future. I sure hope you will ring in the new year with me. I do hope that you will join me in what will be my 9th year on Dreamnet. Looks like 2013 will be my 10 year party. Will you stick with me for that blowout? In the meantime, please join me as we jump into 2012!

Want to start off the new year right? I hope you join me as we look forward to 2012! I really look forward to showing you all something that you’ve never seen before. Perhaps I can take you along on some exotic and erotic adventures. Part of the fun of Dreamnet is introducing you all to a part of me that you’ve never seen before. My husband likes to say that he married an adventure. So let’s celebrate the New Year. Come on in, and let’s pop your cork. I like to drink right from the bottle! CLICK HERE!