What Time Is The Best for Sex @RebeccasOffice ? Find Out When I’m Horny

What is your favorite time for sex?  When are you the horniest?  The morning?  The afternoon?  At night?  Ever since I moved in with my boy toy, I have had so much more sex.  I doubt there are many women having as much or even better sex than me.  I literally have had sex morning, noon and night.  This is much different than my marriage when it was the same time all the time.  I’m now finding that sex is great at any time of day.  I have found though that there is a certain time of day thought that I really love sex.  I bet you’d like to know what that time is.  How about you?  Do you have a favorite time to have sex?  When is the best time to make love to you?

There is a certain time of day when I cannot resist a nice hard penis.  I want it in my mouth, between my legs, etc.  I don’t care who it belongs to or what.  I just need to have it.  This is your chance.  If you can catch me and have a nice sized penis, you might get lucky with me.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT TIME OF DAY I AM SO HORNY THAT I HAVE TO HAVE IT!

Talented Members – Photo Augmentation for @RebeccasOffice by @1965pakman

As I have mentioned, I have lots of talented fans.  I have had people send me sculptures, I have had a fan from Vegas send me a hot caricature they made after watching me dance in a strip club, I have a member who writes me weekly hot fiction, I have several mainstream movie producers (one of whom has an Oscar that I got to hold), and I have a friend who makes great pieces of Digital Art from my photos.

Today I wanted to show you some of the art that my friend Scott produces for me on Twitter.  I love it and his adoration for me.  It really makes my day when he does these kinds of things.

To know that I have captured his eye and that he appreciates me in this way is very special that I decided to dedicate this post to him.  People ask me for favors all the time and they don’t realize that there are many loyal fans that have done so much without ever having asked for much in return.  I want to thank Scott for his wonderful dedication.

If you haven’t followed me on Twitter, you should.  You don’t have to be a Twitter fanatic.  You don’t have to even tweet.  Just follow my tweets. http://www.twitter.com/rebeccasoffice and you will see the wonderful work of my friend Scott.

I have added a few pieces of his work here.

Please enjoy and leave some positive comments for Scott!!!

Rebecca has a public sex fantasy

GangfantasySo a couple week’s ago I took you to this public restroom, well I didn’t tell you it is a big fantasy of mine.  It is no mystery that I love being exposed to all of you and watching me naked in public.  It is also probably no mystery to all of you that I am a bit of a submissive.  But I am a bit of a nice innoocent girl because I would never ever really want that to happen.  I mean, nice girls like me don’t do this kind of thing.  Well what I really want is for someone just to take me and have their way with me in public and maybe even bring a few friends.  Think that can be arranged?

Yes, that is right.  My biggest fantasy is to have a rough gangbang in a public place with multiple strangers.  Well maybe not too rough or disgusting, but at least really naughty such that they make me scream in pleasure and beg for more.  CLICK HERE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I NEED.


Rebecca’s First 2016 Pictorial Starts From the Back

Start Your Year Here

Start Your Year Here

Welcome to my first pictorial of 2016 (last week was a video). Well I was thinking that the best way to begin the year would be to give you a look from my back side. Does that make sense? I sure hope you will follow my adventures this year. I am always looking to give you something new to keep you coming back for more and I think I have a few really cool new tricks up my sleeve. So here I am where it begins every year. I’m starting the year in bedroom before the work year begins. I’ve drawn out all my resolutions and am ready to share my year with all my wonderful members. Are you ready to make 2016 special? Let’s do it! I still haven’t had my first good roll in the hay yet!

I know you love my ass. Does it look good to you? Let’s start back asswards and get this year off to a wonderful start! This year is the year of my members! I want you to tell me your resolutions and predictions for us in 2016. CLICK HERE to tell me how 2016 will be!

Join Me and My MILFY Friends

AssLipsYou guys are so wonderful that I thought I’d share some more of my real life with you. I love it so much that I really wish I could share even more. I have these really cool girlfriends who make me laugh and have taught me how to enjoy life since I moved out here. So before last weekend I had a bunch of my girlfriends come over to play by the pool and in our garden and hired a photographer to take sexy photos of us while we tried on our Halloween costumes and sipped cocktails by the pool. With all of these half naked MILFs running in and out of our home I bet the postman was wondering what was really going on.

So come on in and pick up a camera and take some photos of me or your favorite girl. Look, it is my friend Sally. Why don’t you take some sexy photos of the two of us. She’s really fun and playful. You know what they say about blondes, but do they really have more fun? CLICK HERE to see who had more fun!

Dreamnet Forum Daily Picture Posts

Have you been following my picture posts in our Dreamnet Forums?

Which do you like?


MILF Mondays

MILF Mondays


TITTY Tuesdays

TITTY Tuesdays


ASS Wednesdays

ASS Wednesdays


Throwback to 1992



F**KMe Fridays

Rebecca Under Surveillance for InsideHer Trading


Rebecca’s activities with Dreamnet have always brought on suspicion.  What does she do after work when she leaves the trading floor?  Is she posing nude on the web?  Where does she go?  Who is she meeting up with?  She’s always been successful, but we have been wondering why she is always so secretive.  We decided to follow her and find out if our suspicions are true.  Is Rebecca deceiving all of us?  What is her secret?  Shhhh, don’t let her know she’s being followed.

Surveillance is tricky work.  We can’t let Rebecca know that we are following her sexy booty.  We want to catch her in the act and then expose her and any accomplices.  This could be the biggest bust of the year if we catch her in the act.  Okay, she’s on the move.  Hurry up, I have a feeling we are going to unveil a great deal about Rebecca today.  Click here to discover her secret!

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie


I am always getting requests for different kinds of scenes or pictorials. I must say some of you have quite an imagination. I can’t always do everything, but I sure try my best. Of course I am able to prioritize sometimes for those who provide a little gift or incentive. Well a magazine offered me quite a sum of money to see my pink. They claim that I don’t show it enough in my shoots. The money was quite good so I took it. In order to take those photos and be chosen though, I had to take a bunch of photos so I did a test shoot. I think the photos came out quite nicely, so here are the other photos used to help them make them choose! I has asked them what they were looking for in a pussy, but they said they’d just like to see it first before commenting. Maybe you can tell me what you think.

The last photo in the photoshoot is the one I submitted. I can’t believe what they told me was the clincher. The words they used to describe my pussy actually made me laugh. Come inside and take a look and let me know if you think the same. CLICK HERE!


Welcome to 2012 – Something Old & Something New


Wow, you guys are so demanding, but since it is 2012 and you know I live to please you, I will comply. So many of you reacted to my satin tuxedo dress when I posted it last week that before my New Year’s party, we took more photos to share with you this week in the dress. Hey I love a good party dress, so why let it go to waste? Oh and as I promised, I am going to try and make things special this year. So be sure you also check out my archived video release this week. It’s a pre-Dreamnet video so it is extremely raw but I think you’ll enjoy it. Think of it as a new year’s present to you all. I’m glad to have you with me in 2012 so let’s get this party started on the right foot and have a great year. Even if 2012 turns out to be a bummer, you and I will have some good memories together for sure.

So are you the kind of person that likes to look back at the past or straight ahead for the future! I’m a forward looking girl but you can definitely check out my rear, so with me it is always okay to look back and maybe even whistle if you liked it. You want to see this pictorial as I’m going to tell you what’s coming this year. Are you ready? Did you want to drop your balls on me? Let’s get it on in 2012! CLICK HERE!


From the Archives: The Making of Rebecca (9+ Min. Video in Full TV Size) ~ This is the first of some very raw old footage way before I ever joined Dreamnet. I often get asked how I started on Dreamnet and quite frankly I have one answer, but my husband has another. You see, he knew I’d be doing this way before I did. I never would have done this on my own, but he slowly transformed me over time. As you know, I’m surely not your prototypical webgirl, so he had to do a lot of convincing to get me not only to bring up the topic, but also to get me to do this. This video is one of the earliest we found. We hope you will understand some of the grainy nature or hiccups but this is OLD footage. In this early video you see that my husband got me used to being blindfolded and bound. I can’t remember how or when this started but we did this every time. He’d pretend to be someone else. Sometimes a stranger. Sometimes someone he knew I thought was attractive. Sometimes an old boyfriend. He only bought black dildos and videotaped almost every sexual encounter we had.

You’ll see that I had a hairy pussy back then. Remember, at first I thought these would be home videos we would destroy, but here we are and now you get to see me in all my vulnerability. I hope you enjoy. More to come! CLICK HERE!