#ThrowbackThursday: Tribute to Hefner & Petty

Each Thursday I retweet a posting from the past.  This one honors Tom Petty and Hugh Hefner who died in the past week.   So grab one glass for each of them and let’s have a toast for these two icons!


On our recent trip to Vegas we were told that the Playboy Club at the Palms is the last in the world. I did not know that. I remember as a little girl driving into Chicago with my family and passing by the old Playboy Building downtown and then seeing the Playboy Club. The costume is still a very classy look and I think good old HH developed a really chic look. In fact many famous women were once Playboy bunnies before they became famous. I can’t say their names here, but there was a famous feminist, a rock and roll star, a even the first model to ever earn more than $1million a year. Well I’d love to add my name to this famous list.

Can you name the inconsistencies in my costume from the real one? Can you name the famous ex-Playboy bunnies? Come in and see if I measure up. At least check out my cotton tail! CLICK HERE FOR PAGE 2 OF THIS UPDATE!



Off The Vegas Strip – The Palms

Me and My Bunny

The Palms sits off the Vegas Strip and gives you great views of the whole strip and also has several night clubs in one place.  They all aren’t open every day of the week, but they are all open on the weekends.
The tower does have an elevator that takes you up to the top where you will find the only Playboy Club in the world.  That is the only club that opens at 10pm.  The rest all open at 11pm.  If you don’t get there early, the lines can get pretty long on the weekends and the doormen start to decide who gets in and who does not.  If you are female, make sure you dress to party and they will put you in VIP line and you might not have to pay at all.
 The views from the upper deck are great.  Once Moon opens at 11pm, you can take the escalator upstairs to Moon from the Playboy Club.  (at left you can see the Rio All Suites – the red and blue hotel)  The cab ride over to the Strip is $10.  I like the Palms because they also have a great theatre (The Pearl) where you can see top acts like Toby Keith, Lady Gaga and Maroon5.  Moon is a cool club as the roof opens every hour or so and cools off the heat in the club.  Some nights they will just open it up during the summer because it is so warm inside.  It is so cool to dance under the stars.
I do recommend buying a VIP table inside by the dance floor though and you will get excellent table service.  This is also a good club to see celebrities.

Hail Caesar

Caesars also has nice rooms but I like their shopping and the Pure nightclub which many call the best on the Strip.  The lines are really long here, but it is really three clubs in one.  It also gives you access to the famous PussyCat Doll Lounge!  The Forum shops and restaurants are also incomparable if you’d rather spend your money than lose it gambling!
If you are going to stay on the Strip I do recommend staying at Casesar’s Palace but try and stay in the newer towers which have floor to ceiling window rooms and good views.  The other good rooms for photography are Bellagio, Mandalay Bay and the Rio.  Paris is nice but the rooms do not have floor to ceiling windows.  Mandalay also has an adult section of beach in the summertime where you can go topless, but photography is discouraged!

Besides Moon and the Playboy Club, the Palms also has Rain and Ghost bar.  They are all awesome bars.  If you aren’t looking to do a lot of gambling, this is the best place to stay in Vegas!  Rain also has resident DJ, Paul Oakenfold who plays every Saturday night beginning at 1am..  he is one of the best DJs in the world and the fire show is amazing as well as the futuristic looking dancers!

Moon Night Club