Join @RebeccasOffice on a Real TV Commercial Shoot

I really miss my gal pal who had taken the majority of my photos until last year.  So when she told me she was shooting a low budget cable commercial and wanted to know if I could model in it, I agreed as long as I could get something out of it.  There was minimal pay for it ($200 plus expenses), so she agreed to make sure that she took some extra photos during our down time for RebeccasOffice.
I am working on a totally separate sexy artsy-fartsy fashion project where I need some anonymous photos, so I decided to tag along for a day trip with her.    She is quite the talented artist and uses digital photo editing to play with the photos to really give you this journalistic feel.  It was a blast.  I got a free flight, free haircut, free manicure and pedicure as well.  I think you might find some of the images quite breathtaking.  She is quite good at this and created a nice soft touch to each photo.  Some of them obviously can be used for this new project while others might just have to stay here with you!
Once again you get to see me in my real element.  My girlfriend was a bit concerned that my photos might look a lot like her commercial so we made sure to do lots of costume changes. That is why I was naked sometimes.  Now the question will be if you eventually recognize my pictures on my other site to find my alias! I do need your help though.  I need you to choose between the last two photos for the front page of this site.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE WE WENT. DO YOU RECOGNIZE WHERE WE WERE? COME IN AND SEE.
PS – You should expect to find this commercial on the Travel Channel.  I will be doing lots of eating and drinking in the commercial.


New Update: Slut Walk and Fap In Public with @RebeccasOffice

So now that Rebecca has moved on, her husband no longer has access to her.  In fact he had not had sex with her for over three years before she moved out.  Fortunately her boyfriend loves his new little sex toy and doesn’t mind sharing what he does with Rebecca.  In fact, what he loves to do is send us videos that he takes with his camera.  We know that Rebecca’s cuckold husband loved watching his wife’s transformation and probably must erk off thinking about what Rebecca is up to these days.


What we love about Rebecca is how these videos are actual videos of a real housewife and that the sex is not planned.  This is not some professionally paid sex that had been arranged.  You are watching a real woman who has moved out of her home and then moved in with her black lover and submits to his sexual wishes.  This is what makes her videos so much hotter and special.  We love it when he makes her go outside in high heeled shoes and makes her slut walk in public.

We like seeing her strut and shake her stuff….We hope it turns you on like it did for us.  Wait til you see the message on her shorts!  Please lubricate appropriately.

Do you like jerking to mobile videos of Rebecca?! Click Here.

Rebecca Wants You to Give Her a RIde

Going My Way?

Going My Way?

I was told never talk to strangers and to never accept a ride from one.  WellI was never told what would happen if I was the one who needed the ride.  What if I was stranded on the side of the road and the people passing me by were told that they weren’t supposed to give me a ride?  I mean here I was driving along when my engine died along one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the United States, Pacific Coast Highway 1.  We are talking about, other than Alaska, the Westernmost part of the continental United States.  Yes, Hawaii I there to my left a few thousand miles.  Well here I was stranded.  Would you please give me a ride?  I’ll do anything.

 What has a girl got to do to get a ride around here.  I mean I know you aren’t supposed to pick up strangers, but don’t I look innocent enough?  Or is it your wife or girlfriend who won’t let you stop and help pick up a woman in distress?  Is it money you want?  A kiss on the cheek?  On where is a good trucker when you need one with a little bed in the back of his cab.  CLICK HERE and let me know if you’d pick me up.

Rebecca Update: Naked Public Flashing and Special Member Message

Reb121015 - (02)Is there anything sexier than public displays of nudity?  I’m such an exhibitionist. Sometimes after work I just want to get out of my uncomfortable suit and walk around naked.  Clothes can be so restricting. Don’t you think?   It is fortunate though that I can live in a state where it doesn’t get too cold.  That said I don’t think the local authorities would appreciate my walking around the streets in my lingerie. I have to make sure I find good places to just take it off and be free. The nudity police are always on the lookout for me this time of year though.  I think they spotted me though.  I know a great hiding place though….. hurry let’s go.

Yes the police are after me.  You know those men in uniform. They want to catch me, frisk me and check all my crevices for illegal things. There was a famous actress a few years ago who was protesting against fur.  She and her fellow protestors walked nude right down Sunset Blvd.  Later after she got out, she said that the officers fondled her while she was in custody.  Hmmm, sounds like fun to me! CLICK HERE to see REBECCA NAKED IN PUBLIC!
There are some of you who might be wondering what happened to my Yahoo Group and my Facebook pages.  I am extremely busy with so many members that I find it difficult to communicate through so many platforms.  I was becoming very removed from those two areas and thus I have stopped using those social media areas for communication.  As always, email, Twitter  and my blog will remain the best ways to communicate with me.  They mean more because those who communicate with me in those channels show me they are taking the time to talk.

Urgent: Mandatory All Hands Meeting in Rebecca’s Office

All Hands Meeting

All Hands Meeting

I bet you are wondering why I am calling you all here today. Well, to be honest, I’ve noticed some slacking around the office and I think we need to pick up the energy around here. No more complaining. No more leaving the office early or showing up late. We are going back to old school work ethic tactics. Rewarded for good behavior and punished for bad behavior. Hey where is everyone? Can we make sure everyone is in the room before we begin?

Do you want the latest on what is going on in Rebecca’s Office? Someone complained to me that I needed to take more office photos, so here you go. We divided our company up recently and I took over the HNW and risky portfolio businesses and moved us into hip new offices so I though it would be a good time to give you an annual report of what is going on around here. CLICK HERE to see what we covered in the meeting.

Rebecca is the Catch of the Day


What I love about living on the coast is the available fresh produce and fish.  There is nothing like going down to the fish markets and buying seafood from the markets right after they come in off the boats.  You don’t pay the marked up prices and you get the freshest sea food.  Not to mention, the guys are big hunks and I love watching them flex their muscles.  You might say that I like to go fishing for fresh food as well!

Today I went to the piers to see what the catch of the day or see what might have been caught in the nets.  Some crab?  Some shellfish?!  Maybe a mermaid?  LOL!  I actually got caught up in the moment of the day as well.  It was Brilliantly sunny with the fresh air.  Maybe it was the oysters that I slurped up, but it got me so horny I had to take off my clothes!  CLICK HERE to see the CATCH OF THE DAY!

Copies for Only $0.49

Only $0.49

So I was off to a conference in Illinois, but they lost my luggage!  I had all my copies of my presentation in my luggage and needed to go and get more made.  I was on my own with no assistant to help me.  It was early in the morning and the hotel’s business services group wasn’t even open yet!  So much for 4-star hotels!  Finally I found a copy store in the Loop.  Making copies is no easy task anymore.  The choices are so difficult.  Black and white, color, landscape, portrait, bonded paper, etc.  Oh well, it’s not my money.  So off to the copy store I went.  They told me it would be an hour before they’d be done.  What to do?

Chicago is a great place to visit, but I was stuck with no clothes and waiting for my presentation that I needed to give that afternoon. So if I sit on the copier, will they charge me $0.49 or $0.98 for a copy of my bum?  What do you think?    I must say, that Midwesterners are the most hospitable people even on a Monday morning!  I hated waiting though.  Come on in and see how I passed the time!