Rebecca gets both a Creampie and a Facial in this Queen of Spades Tribute

Wow, when Rebecca won the 2017 Queen of Spades title, we were so proud of her.  We could only imagine what it must be like for a woman to go from a suburban upper middle-class mother and businesswoman from eastern Ohio to the most popular interracial black-owned slut in the World.   That is a pretty amazing journey.  When we told her what we wanted to do for this update and asked her what she thought, she said, “ I don’t even want to think about it.  It is kind of overwhelming.  I mean, I didn’t even know what a Queen of Spades was until a member told me a year ago.”   So we asked her boyfriend to find some of her ex’s old footage having sex and then show us how he does it.  So we created this little mash-up.  There are 17 years between the two videos when she first started and now.

What you’ll first notice is that the older footage sound quality is a little poor but you can hear them watching porn (interracial we assume) with lots of toys around and hear how quiet she is when she orgasms around the 8 minute mark.  Her husband knew he had a star on his hands back then.  Watch as he blows all over her face and makes her look at the camera.

Now move forward 17 years and watch and hear how hard the sex is and how much our Rebecca begs and cries for his huge cock.  Now that is why she won the Queen of Spades title!  We at Our Naked Secrets congratulate her and all her fans!  What an achievement!


@RebeccasOffice Feminism is Dead in The Bed

I laughed the other night when I heard on a Prime Time TV show that a white man said to a black lady “I’m ready to go black and never go back”.  Laughingly I thought interracial dating was just set back a decade.  Honestly when I stopped sleeping with my husband a few years ago, I left because I found superior lovers and not just lovers of my body, but my whole self.  You see most men realized that I wanted to be submissive with my body, but many missed that I wanted to let go with more than that.  Fortunately my lover, Dom, figured that out without my having to tell him.  I might be submissive in private, but when the man knows every desire within you and presents them without my asking, her just puts me in heaven.  There is no need for me to try and be a strong woman at home now.  My man is always right and his desire is my command.
I owed you an update into my new sexual life and what has been going in since I moved into my new place. I think I have yet to go a day in 2017 without at least one orgasm.  Having this much sex and being more active than a 20 year old and still having the best sex of my life.  I couldn’t be more blessed. You should try it.  CLICK HERE TO SEE and HEAR WHAT MY LOVER DOES TO ME.

@RebeccasOffice Special Members Announcement & Queen of Spades Interview Preview


So I decided to do a BIG updated interview after speaking with Drew from Queen of Spades magazine.  What is a Queen of Spades? According to the Urban Dictionary, it is an indicator of a white woman with a sexual preference for black men. It can be seen on tee shirts, thongs or even as a tattoo. Also a way for a white woman to let potential black lovers know she is available.  Usually a Queen of Spades is a married white woman that enjoys sex with multiple(2 or more) well hung black males at a time, on a frequent basis. The woman is typically a swinger and engages in sex with the permission of her husband. The wife may maintain one or more steady lovers and refer them as her “boyfriend”, “her bull” or that she is “black-owned”. Frequently the husband and wife film the wife’s escapades for future enjoyment.

When the magazine asked me a couple of years ago, I was hesitant.  But I think the time has come for me to set the record straight.  But as members of my site, I thought I’d let you know first.  It is about time I let you in on some secrets ahead of the release of the interview.  Do you want to know what is happening?  CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT MY BIG NEWS.

After you see the news, please only message me privately!  There is more good stuff.  I’m sure you will want to hear straight from me.