Member Erotica: Life of A Black Cock Slut – Part 25

Chapter 25. Rebecca Is Used By Carl’s Mate JB At Her Office.

When Rebecca got home, her husband was waiting for her.  He had sent the kid’s out so they could talk.  He noticed that she was disheveled and could smell the sex on her. He knew that glow about her.  It showed when she had been totally sexually satisfied and he had not seen that look in a long time.  She sat across from him in the living room and he handed her a cup of coffee.

“Have a good time” he asked.  Rebecca looked up and nodded.  She had a tear in her eye.

“I’m sorry.  I should have told you.  I met a guy a couple months ago and well…..” she hesitated and then continued. “he is everything you are not.  And I need him in my life right now.  He loves me the way you can’t. I don’t need a husband anymore.  I need a lover who makes me feel sexy and naughty and free.  I need a lover who can sexually dominate me and that is not you. I’m sorry.”  Al, her husband, could not believe what she was saying.  What she was saying both excited him and scared him at the same time.  It also made him relieved. He did not feel guilty now.  He had been sleeping with his assistant and other women behind Rebecca’s back for years and here she was apologizing for cheating on him.  He pretended to look hurt, but inside he was smiling.  He was no longer the only guilty one.

“I thought this is what was happening all these nights you have been out.  So what do you want?  I understand I am not able to satisfy you.  Are you asking for a divorce?  Are you leaving me?  What about the kids?  Look, you are the mother of our children and I want you to be happy.  I can’t stop you.  What do you suggest?”

Rebecca paused. This was going better than she imagined. “This is new to me. The kids don’t need us around all the time anymore.  I have told my lover that I want to spend more time with him and he asked that I not have sex with you anymore.”  She realized with all the crazy se she’d be having that she did not want to expose her husband to any sexual diseases as well. She continued, “I think we will tell the kids that I will be traveling more and when I do, I will be spending time at his place.  When I am hoe you can choose to be here, but we will not be physical with each other for as long as I have my lover.”  She debated telling him more about Trevor and how she was only fucking hung black men, but decided this would be her secret. She explained this would be the current situation but over time she expected to be spending all the time with him as the kids moved on to college and out of the house.

The conversation lasted for another couple hours.  Al realized something different in his wife.  He knew her fairly well and that Maria, now Rebecca, was doing some risky exploring with this new man in her life.  He wasn’t sure if it could last, but this was perfect for him.  He would start to pursue his assistant as well.  Perhaps without her around all the time, he could further that relationship. As he saw it, this would become an open relationship and they were going to help each other.  At the end of the conversation they gave each other a hug and told each other they were sorry, but wanted the best for each other.  They would continue to have further conversations over the rest of the weekend about details and when she expected to possibly be “traveling” more often.

Monday morning finally came and Rebecca was ready to move on.  She has texted a bit with Trevor who indicated that he was close to finding a new place for both of them.  She could not wait until they moved in together and start her new life as his lover and black cock slut. Rebecca went to her office and got on with her job with new vigor. As the day went on she noticed that she would have to work late as she had a lot of work to catch up on. She did not mind staying late as she was not in a hurry to get home. She also kept thinking about what happened over the weekend.  She was suddenly free to do what she wanted sexually.  She felt liberated now that she wouldn’t have to worry about what she wore when she left the house.  Her family and her neighbors would not see people coming in and out of her home or see her coming in or out with her black men.  Rebecca was still hard at work as everyone left to go home and the office was quiet so she took off her blazer, rolled up her sleeves and sat at her desk until it was dark out and she finally had finished. She was so relieved as she cleaned up and put back all her filed and began to relax.  The air conditioning had turned off in the building and she unbuttoned a button on her blouse when she looked up at the camera in her office and realized that she had not giving Carl a show today, so she decided to give him one to remember.

Rebecca went to her desk and opened the drawer with her dildo and butt plug and put them out as she smiled at the camera and then she walked in front of the camera, turned on “Sweet Cherry Pie” on her office stereo and started to do a slow striptease removing her clothes one item at a time until all she had left were her conservative heels and then she got the butt plug and put it into her mouth to get it nice and wet she then bent over and reached around with her hand and placed the butt plug at the opening of her ass and slowly pushed it in. She moaned loudly at the camera in a pleading way and then she moved her hands and opened the lips of her vagina to show the camera that she was getting wet. Rebecca then slowly walked over to the couch and lay down. She spread her legs towards the camera and then she got the dildo and put it in her, first sucking it as if it was her lovers big black cock until it was wet enough and then she placed it at the opening of her vagina and slowly pushed it all the way in. She made sure that her face could be seen between her spread legs and then she closed her eyes and imagined that her Black Master’s cock was fucking her vagina. She was getting turned on as she fucked her vagina with the dildo and soon her body started to shake as she was having a powerful orgasm and she was screaming out loud “I’m cumming!  I’m a fucking black cock slut. Oh My God. Oh My God it feels so good!” and she started to squirt, the stream of liquid soaking the couch and when she had finished she started relax as she slowly came down from her orgasm. Rebecca then opened her eyes and took the dildo slowly out of her vagina and put it into her mouth and cleaned her cum of the dildo, while staring at the camera. She then put it down on the floor.  Her vagina was still convulsing from the powerful orgasm and she was exhausted so she decided to closed her eyes for a bit to relax before she went home. She continued to rub her clitoris with her legs spread and her eyes closed.

Rebecca started to fall into a nice REM cycle when she heard the front door of the office slamming shut and locked. When she opened her eyes she was shocked to see a black man standing by the door and then he before she could react and run, he walked over to the couch and ordered her to “Unzip my pants”. Rebecca started to get up and run as she said “No”, but he quickly grabbed her by the wrist, threw her back down on the couch, and demanded,  “We can do this easy or hard.  Unzip my pants now, bitch,” and he raised his hand as if he was about to strike. So Rebecca reached up and unzipped his pants and he told her, “Now take out my cock.” She obeyed and reached through the fly of his boxers and wrapped her hand around it.  It was thick and she had a problem getting it out as it was big and he told her “Take off my pants and boxers”. Rebecca knew what was coming as she unbuckled his belt and unhooked the clasp on his pants and pulled his pants and boxers down to the floor. He stepped out of them and pushed it up against her face. She looked up and saw his big black cock hanging between his legs. He then told her to stay on her knees and put my cock in your mouth and suck it. Rebecca remembered she was still on camera and looked at the camera as she opened her mouth and he forced his cock all the way inside her mouth until it was pressing against her throat. Slowly at first, Rebecca moved her head back until the tip of his cock was between her lips and then she moved forward taking all the cock into her mouth again. She slow sucked his cock over and over again and at times she would lick the tip of his cock between her lips. As she was sucking his cock, she would look up at him and hoped he would tell her to stop, so she could feel it between her legs. His balls were heavy with cum and hitting her chin.  When he did stop, he told her, “Fuck your breasts with my cock” and she removed his cock from her mouth and moved closer as she held each breast in each hand and nestled his cock between them and slowly moved her breasts up and down his cock, spitting on it as he then told her,  “Lick the end as well”. He watched as she lowered her head as she stroked his cock with her breasts, taking the tip of his cock between her lips and licking it. His cock was rock hard and soon he felt that he could not hold on any longer and would cum, so he told her to stop as he wanted to fuck her.

He then told Rebecca to stand up and walk over to her desk and bend over forward gripping the edge of her desk with her hands.  She looked out the window across the way to the other tower where she could see cleaning personnel cleaning some offices.  She could hear him walked up behind her and his reflection in the window as he grabbed her hips and kicked her legs apart as he told her “spread your legs like a good white MILF does”. Rebecca felt the tip of his cock slowly push against the lips of her vagina apart. “Are you ready to do your duty?” And then he forced his cock all the way into her vagina as he pulled her body toward him and it slipped in without much trouble as her vagina was still wet. He pumped her over and over as he slammed into her as he was screaming, “Does this dirty bitch want to be used and fucked?” and she was screaming reply “Fuck my vagina hard with your big black cock” and he slapped her ass leaving a red hand print on her left cheek of her ass and then he slapped her ass and left a red hand print on right cheek, Rebecca screamed each time he slapped her ass as it was painful. He started to force his cock harder and faster as he went deeper into her vagina and he felt her body shake has she had another powerful orgasm and screamed out as she squirted covering his cock with her cum. He was telling her, “You like the way I fuck you with my big black cock.  I can tell” and all Rebecca could say was “I love the way you fuck my vagina with your big black cock as I am your submissive bitch to use.”

He was in no rush to cum yet and he stopped fucking her as he wanted to see her beg. She started to cry out for him not to stop as she wanted to feel his big black cock in her vagina again. He smiled.  He loved watching this smart woman totally naked in her office begging to be defiled. He couldn’t wait to drain his cock inside her, but he loved the power. He just pulled his cock out further and then he slowly put his cock at the entrance to her vagina and just when she thought he was going to tease her, slammed his cock in as far as he could as Rebecca screamed out in joyous pain. He gripped her hips as he jammed his cock  deeper into her vagina. Rebecca was begging him to fuck harder as she wanted to cum again and soon he felt her body shake as she had another powerful orgasm and she screamed out, “Oh yes.  Oh yes, I love it. Oh my god. Ohhhhhhhh” as she squirted all over his cock. He was soon moaning as well as he pushed his cock into her vagina. This gal was such a horny slut and he hadn’t ever fucked a white woman bare before. Then he made one last thrust as he started to moan out “I am going to cum and fill your vagina with my black seed and breed you with our kid.” As he came Rebecca had another powerful orgasm as she felt his cum fill her vagina.  She was scared at the thought of this guy impregnating her, but it felt so good. He kept coming and coming and there was so much that some of it leaked out of her vagina and down her legs. When he had finished, he pulled his cock out of her vagina and then she felt the butt plug being pulled out of her ass. It made a pop sound and she was in shock.  His cock was still hard as he then pushed his cock into her ass. “No, Please!  No!” she screamed out in pain as he forced his cock into her ass and gripped her hips as started to fuck her hard. Rebecca was begging him “Please don’t fuck my ass! It hurts! Your cock is too big. Please slow down so I can get used to the size of your cock.” But he didn’t listen.  He was enjoying using her ass for his own pleasure.

Rebecca was trying to move, but he let go of her ass and moved his hands to her head and forced it down into the desk, pinning her head down as he was fucking her ass. Rebecca kept begging him to slow down as it was hurting her. But he did not care as she was there to be used by any black man who wanted her and he told her “You are a black cock slut to be used by any black man who wants you.  Do you understand?” Rebecca just said “Yes” with tears in her eyes. He was so forceful.  He didn’t seem to mind that she was in pain.  In fact he seemed to enjoy it.  Soon Rebecca was getting used to having his big black cock fucking her and was telling him “Fuck my ass you bastard as this ass is yours to use.  Make it hurt.” and he told her “You are a dirty slut. You love being fucked in the ass by black cocks don’t you?” Rebecca did not say a word as her body was shaking again.  She was not in control.  She had another powerful orgasm and her cum and his started to leak from her vagina onto the floor  and then she felt him grip her hips with both of his hands as he push his cock into ass as far as he could and he let out a roar! Then she felt his cock fill her ass with his cum as it pulsed deep inside her asshole. She just collapsed onto the desk and when he had filled her ass he pulled his cock out of her ass and then told her to clean his cock so she got up and turned round and slowly began to use her tongue to clean all the cum from his cock and when she had finished he got up and said “Carl was right. You are a black cock bitch and a great fuck” and before he left Rebecca asked him what his name was he told her that he was Carl’s friend JB.  He took a bunch of pictures of her with his phone and she generously posed for them. He then unlocked the door and walked out of the office and she was left alone and she fell back on the couch as she was tired and exhausted and she noticed that cum was still leaking from her vagina and ass onto the couch.

Rebecca looked up at the camera and knew that Carl was watching and she decided to give him a treat so she got her panties and put them on to try and stop the cum that leaking from her vagina and ass and then she got down on her hands and knees and started to use her tongue to clean up the cum from the floor and desk. When she had cleaned as much cum as she could, she turned round and looked at the camera with cum on her mouth and just smiled and then blew a kiss at the camera and said, “Thank You”.

Rebecca then started to get dressed and got some tissues from the toilet to clean up the cum on the couch. Before she left the building, Rebecca phoned her lover and asked him if any of his friends had any part time work she could do as she would be will to do anything as she wanted to pay for their new life together and he said that he would asked around and let her know as soon as possible. And then she left the office and went home. As she walked to her car she could feel the cum leaking down her legs and she stuffed some tissues into her panties to try and soak up the cum.  This was different.  Rebecca was happy and excited.  She wanted more.  She was so excited that sex was so good and that she was free to have as much as she wanted.

Member Erotica – Chapter 19 Part 2- Rebecca Sold at Auction

Each week, my fans post a new story of erotic fan fiction about me.  Hopefully they help you fantasize about me.  I do help them by telling them what I do like or not like and how I might react so that it has a sense of reality and will turn me on as well

Part 19. Rebecca Is Sold At A White Slavery Auction Fundraiser Part 2. by Trevor

As they were driving, Carl told her that he had always wanted to fuck her since he first saw her fucking her Black Master in her office that day and knew that he had to have her.  She asked how he knew and he told her that he watched the whole thing on the security cameras that he monitors in the building.  Rebecca was worried that not only was she in the car with Carl, but his two friends were in the back as well.  She thought she recognized that they were also employees at her building.  Carl told her that they saw that she was up for bid, but knew they could not win, so they went to her officemate, showed him the tape and advertisement that featured her in the auction and they agreed to buy her for him as long as they let them have her next and that they promised to keep this secret at the office.  She was scared that not only was her secret life exposed to Trevor, but to security at work, the janitor at her doctor’s office, and now her co-workers.  She did not know what they had planned for her, but she realized her secret was in real trouble. She wished that Trevor was there with them to explain it all. After some time they arrived at the place and she was surprised to see that it was the building were her office was and the two friends got out and then Carl told Rebecca to get out as he got out as well. He grabbed her by the arm, opened the door and led her with his two friends to the elevator and got in and he pressed the button for her company’s floor and up the lift went the elevator until it stopped on the floor of her office.  Rebecca asked, “What are we doing here?  We aren’t going to do this in my office!!  We should go somewhere else.” Carl ignored her and she was dragged to her office.   They all went in and Rebecca noticed the security camera in the corner of her office and realized that is how they saw her having sex and probably had caught her masturbating numerous times. She could not believe that she had been monitored all these years and never noticed the camera.  They would also capture tonight’s action too. Carl and his two friends sat down on her couch and she stood there in front of them. Carl then turned on some music and told Rebecca to strip for them like she does at the clubs.  Rebecca hesitated as she realized they had seen the tape of her at the strip club too!  She just stood there looking at them and wondered what she was in for, but then Carl looked at her and said, ”Do I have to come over there and do it myself? Listen you whore. You might be smart and beautiful, but you sure don’t listen well.” Rebecca knew that he could hurt her if she did not do as he commanded, so she slowly started to take her dress off while gently gyrating her hips.  She hated being this object for Carl and the other security guards as they pulled out their black cocks and started stoking themselves.  She did it well though.  Rebecca was not going to do things poorly.  If she was going to seduce these men, she was going to do her best.  After a few minutes she stood there in her thong, heels  and stockings tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but Carl looked at her and told her to move her hands and to turn round so that they can get a look at “the ass of a white whore that they would be fucking.” Rebecca slowly turned around to show them.  She heard some get up.  It was Carl and he walked up behind her, pushed her hair to the side, reached around to cup her breasts, and kissed her neck, licking behind her ears.  That was her sensitive spot and she got goose bumps.  He whispered in her ear, “You are mine tonight, but I want to remind you I will always be watching you.”  He turned her chin to look at the surveillance camera. “Every day  when I get on duty around 2pm I want you to lift your skirt, pull your panties to the floor and stick your finger in your pussy for me so that I know you are thinking of me.“   He turned her around and looked into her eyes as he got hold of both nipples and pinched them hard.  Rebecca let out a loud whimper and whispered, “Please……”  He smiled and said, “Is my sex slave going to do as her master wants?” Rebecca looked at him and nodded as tears ran down her eyes. He let go of her nipples and she felt them throbbing. Carl then grabbed her by the waist, pulling her towards him and kissed her hard on the lips, rubbing his hard cock against her panty covered vagina.

Carl didn’t waste any time and was soon pushing  Rebecca down to her knees to caress his hard cock through his pants and he reached down and started to fondle each breast, caressing the soft smooth flesh, and running his fingers across her hard nipples. Carl moved his hand down to her panties and slipped his hand inside and feeling her vagina he could see that she was wet and she moaned as he dipped a finger inside her a few times and she then moaned even more when he caressed her clit, falling back on the floor and spreading her legs. Carl joined her on the floor and enjoyed exploring her mouth with his tongue as she explored his mouth with her tongue as she kissed him back. Then she pulled her mouth from his as she moaned. Rebecca was moving her hips against his hand. Every time he thrust his finger into her vagina she got wetter and then she would tense up as she was on the verge of having an orgasm. Suddenly Rebecca went limp and her body started to shake as he continued to rub her clit.  He wanted her to feel as much pleasure as possible and she started to scream, “Oh god yes,”  as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted all over his hand . When she stopped cumming he pulled his hand from her panties and licked her cum from his fingers. When Rebecca had recovered she looked over to the couch and saw his friends were still naked and watching them.  They were jerking their cocks and she saw that they were both hard and big. They weren’t her type as they were older and slightly obese.  Their cocks didn’t look like cocks, but large pieces of meat. Carl then got fully undressed and for the first time she saw that his cock was big and rigid with veins popping out. She got ahold of it and started to jerk his cock slowly until he pushed her down and told her to lick his balls. She moved to his cock and wrapped her lips round his cock and started to slide her mouth up and down it as she continue to play with his balls.  She spat on it and let the drool run down the shaft as she licked down the trail of her spit.  She sucked his cock long enough to let him know that she wanted to be fucked and then stuffed his balls in her mouth and played with them using her tongue.  “Damn, you are a fucking amazing white little bitch,” he slurred as he squirmed under the control of her mouth. Rebecca was enjoying feeling him squirm. She was in control.  Rebecca then slipped his cock out of her mouth, leaned forward and put his cock between her breasts and squeezed them together and he slowly fucked them, enjoying the feel of her soft smooth fleshy globes against his cock. She then looked at him and said,”You can all cum all over my breasts if you want, but not until you have all fucked me with your big black cocks.”

Carl then told her to get up and he led her to the desk and pushed everything of it onto the floor and then he ripped her panties off as she shrieked, and then pushed her down onto the desk and he spread her legs and used his tongue on her vagina, tasting her cum that leaked from her vagina as she moaned in pleasure as he held her legs apart by the ankles. As he spread her lips of her vagina he inserted his tongue and started to fuck her vagina with his tongue. At the same time his friends, came around to the front side of her desk and offered their cocks to her.  She reached out and started to jerk their cocks at the same time and alternating sucking their cocks. Rebecca’s body was soon shaking as she felt another orgasm build up. She had no leverage as her body slid back and forth over her desk.  Her legs were lifted off the ground and Carl’s cock eased into her pussy and started to rock. Carl pumped fast and hard.  His balls swung and slapped her clitoris with each thrust. She was not going to last much longer and she started to jerk their cocks faster. Carl kept up his assault on her vagina as he wanted her to cum over and over again. The slapping of her ass against his stomach popped with each thrust.  Soon Rebecca screamed again as she had another powerful orgasm and squirted all over Carl’s face.  As she came, he stopped and licked as much of her cum as he could and then continued fucking her vagina with his tongue. “I’ve waited so long to taste this pussy.  I have been fantasizing about fucking you for so long!”  Just then Carl’s friends were ready to cum so they told her to open her mouth and each one stepped up and pushed their cock into her mouth and filled it with their cum.  Their cocks smelled musty and their cum tasted salty, but somehow it turned her on to suck it down.and then she started to gag with so much cum in her mouth. Carl stopped what he was doing and when Rebecca had swallowed their cum she begged him to continue as she wanted to cum again, but he told her that she had to beg him before he would fuck her. So she started to beg him to fuck her with his big black cock and he said “No, not until you promise me that you will service us” and then waited until she was desperately begging him to fuck her vagina with his big black cock.  “I promise, that I will be your sexy building tenant and give you a show every day.  Is that what you want?  I want your cocks here in my office.  My master only serves me once a week and I need black cock after work.  Please fill me up.  Please.  I will be your office bitch.”   Rebecca got off the desk and went to the couch and sat down, spread her legs and pulled her vagina open and shouted at him “Come over here and fuck me with your big black cocks.” Carl looked at her on the couch with her legs spread and his animal instincts took over.  He went over, got on his knees between her legs, and was about to put his cock into her vagina when she grabbed it and tried to put his cock into her vagina. He stopped her and told her ‘You will only get my cock when you beg me nicely to fuck you’. She suddenly realized what a slut she had become begging these three men to put their cocks in her pussy while she willingly spread her legs in her office.  Tears started to drip down her cheeks.  “Please don’t make me beg.  I just need you to fuck me.  I want to feel your cock swell and pulse inside me.  Please put your big black cock in my vagina and fuck me hard.” He got up and sat down on the couch next to her and grabbed her chin and kissed her passionately and told her to  straddle his cock.  She gently  got up and stood facing away from him straddling his legs.  She reached down between her legs, grabbing his cock and slowly lowered herself onto his cock until she had almost all of his cock inside her.  The angle forced his cock to rub up against her g-spot and she almost instantly started to squirt.  She bounced gently up and down slowly so she wouldn’t cum too quick.  He cupped her ass and helped her hips move up and down.  He couldn’t see her face but heard her crying moans. Carl moved his hands to her breasts and started to fondle them as she slowly moved up and down on his cock. The other two guards watched as she closed her eyes as she was enjoying the pleasure of his big black cock fucking her vagina.  Seeing this beautiful woman that before tonight that had only seen walk across the marble lobby in her work suit, they could only imagine what it would be like to fuck all the gorgeous white businesswomen in their building.  The best thing was that she was facing the security camera and it was capturing it all.  Rebecca slowly leaned forward putting her hands on Carl’s knees and let out a crying moan.  As her hair fell forward over her face while he rubbed her breasts she could not believe how much she was enjoying this older man’s cock while his two fat friends slobbered and played with their cocks and laughed.

Carl was enjoying the feeling of her hot and slippery vagina and how awesome it was. Even better was he also enjoyed caressing her hard nipples and soft breasts and that she appeared to be enjoying herself.  He knew this would not be the last time his cock would be enjoying this pussy. He did not want to cum yet as he wanted her to enjoy the pleasure of his big black cock fucking her vagina. Rebecca was fucking him harder and moaning ‘Fuck me Carl.  Oh god I love it.  Fuck me harder and faster with your fat cock. Make me cum’,  and he reach down with his hands and started to caress her ass with his fingers.  This seemed to get her more excited as her vagina grabbed his cock in a tight grip and then he felt her body shake as she had another powerful orgasm and squirted her cum all over his cock, onto the floor and the couch. While he was looking at her he saw that she took great care of her body and was more fitter that the younger women he saw every day and then she started to fuck him harder and faster as her vagina seemed to get hotter and wetter.  She wanted another orgasm and he could feel his own orgasm build up.  As he started fucking her harder with her big tits flopping everywhere, he imagined all the future fuckings he’d have and soon.  She was screaming, “ooohh yes… don’t stop fucking me!”  So he continued to fuck her harder. But soon Rebecca had stopped and she dropped down all the way onto his lap until his cock was fully embedded in her vagina and she started to shake as she experienced a new level of pleasure and screamed again as she had another powerful orgasm. Carl could feel her spasming vagina and fucked her faster until he was ready to cum and he pulled her down onto her cock until he was touching her cervix and then he moaned as he filled her vagina with his black seed and told her that he was going to fill her with his black seed and breed her right in her own office.  The thought turned him on and she felt his cock twitch inside her vagina has he filled her with his black seed. When he had finished she slowly got off his cock and fell down onto the couch.  She was exhausted physically and emotionally.  She could not believe how amazing it was to fuck Carl and put on this performance for his two buddies.  She hoped he was done too so she could get some rest before Trevor came to pick her.  She actually wondered if he knew where she was.  Secretly he did as he was in the building security monitor room watching her on the CCTV. Carl had other ideas though and told his two friends, “I’m done she’s all yours.”  Rebecca protested, “Wait, I thought only you bought me. They didn’t buy me.” Her complaints were ignored as she was pulled of the couch by her hair , pulled to the lobby of her building and told to get on her knees.  Before she knew it, their cocks were in her hands and she alternated sucking them.   Back in the control room, Trevor adjusted the camera to capture the event, carefully making sure that her firm’s name, Maddock Douglas, was not captured in the video.

The fatter and taller of the two men, Greg,  told her “Suck my big black cock you slut” and she readily opened her mouth and licked his cock and cupped his balls as he forced the fat head of his cock into her mouth and she sucked it as best as she could as she tasted his pre-cum. She continued to lick his cock as more of cum leaked out of his cock while the other man told her to get up and bend over the coffee table.  This was the little coffee table in the lobby where clients waited by reception.  Rebecca was still sucking the Greg’s cock when she felt Willie behind her bend down and start to lick her clit and put a finger into her vagina and started to finger fuck her as Carl’s cum was still running down her thighs.   Rebecca’s legs started to shake as they became weak.  Soon she was shaking all over from having another orgasm and wasn’t squirting but flowing liquid on his finger and onto the lobby floor.  “Oh my god, please, I can’t take anymore.  This isn’t right.  Carl please.  Make them stop.”

Carl was now taking pictures with his phone and said, “I can make them stop, but then they will tell everyone about you.  You wouldn’t want that would you?  We like you being our own little white board room whore.  Can you do that for us?”  Rebecca realized that they were blackmailing her, but they were right.  She looked at Willie and begged him to fuck her.  He removed his tongue from her pussy and moved up and started to rub his cock against her vagina and she moved her hand to guide him into her vagina. When she grabbed his cock, she realized that not only was he chubby but that Willie has a very thick cock.  He pushed his cock fully inside her wet vagina which offered no resistance as he started to fuck her.  It felt so good and tight and she almost choked on the Greg’s cock as she gasped for air. Willie started to fuck her hard and each time he pushed his cock into her vagina this pushed the greg’s cock deeper in her mouth.  These two huge men each over 250 lbs, had a combined weight of 5 Rebeccas Rebecca could feel their bellies against her ass and face.  The human mass sandwiching her in the lobby was starting to turn her on.  She looked down and saw that Carl’s cum had dripped onto the Company brochures displayed on the coffee table.  The riskiness of it all started as she felt another orgasm build and she started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and nearly fell down from all the orgasms she was having. She could barely stand.  The cock in her vagina stopped and then started fucking her again and she was taking more and more of it inside her each time he fucked her and she was pushing back onto is cock to get him deeper and deeper into her vagina.  ‘She could hear them talking, “Damn, this is the best pussy I’ve ever had.  She smells so good and is so soft. “

The cock in Rebecca’s mouth was still leaking pre-cum and she took the cock out of her mouth and shouted ‘Fuck me harder with your big black cock’ and then she put the cock back into her mouth and started nibbling on his cock with her teeth. She felt her vagina start to convulse and tighten on the cock fucking her and then she felt him push his cock deeper into her vagina and she started convulsing as he was filling her vagina with his black seed, both of them screaming in relief. When he pulled his cock out of her she felt his cum leak out of her vagina and then Greg said, ‘It’s my turn’ and pushed her roughly on the floor and as she lay on her back with her legs apart he got on top of her and pushed his cock into her vagina as she screamed out as his big black cock was pushed hard into her.  Greg was huge and he pushed the whole force of his weight onto her little frame.  Rebecca could hardly breathe as she felt his 6’3” 280lb frame tear apart her body.  Rebecca tried to wrap her legs around the man who was fucking her, but she couldn’t.  He took his cock out and pushed her legs over her chest and the cum from her vagina was leaking down her ass and onto the floor. “Damn, this pussy is overflowing,” he laughed.  He stuck two fingers in her pussy, scooped out Willie’s cum and shoved it down Rebecca’s throat.  “Eat this bitch!”  Greg pushed his cock back into her vagina and stood up.  She wrapped her arms around his neck as he walked into the conference room and sat her on the table and started thrusting.  He was going in deeper inside and was touching her cervix more. She was begging for him to fill her vagina.  She had no energy left.  She started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and begged him to “Just cum in me.”  Normally she would have been grossed out to be fucked by such a large man, but she just succumbed to his power. Greg started to fuck her harder as he was nearly ready to cum and he started to push his cock deeper in and then he couldn’t hold out any longer and filled her with his cum. When he had finished, he pulled his cock out and the cum in her vagina leaked out again onto the floor. With all three men spent, she hoped that this was the end, but then Carl came up and grabbed her, flipped her around on the board room table until she was on her hands and knees and he went behind her and he put his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her until his cock got rock hard,  but then he stopped and pulled his cock out and pushed it back into her ass. “No!”, Rebecca screamed.  She cried and whimpered, “Please no!”.  As his cock sunk into her anal cavity, she felt her body lose what energy she had left. Rebecca could not speak. He squeezed her ass and told her to beg for it.  Rebecca said nothing.  Finally he spanked her hard and told her to beg for it.  He started spanking her and finally on the 4th spank, Rebecca cried out, “Ok, ok….please stop and fuck me in the ass.  I promise you I will do whatever you want whenever you want.  Please just cum in me now.” Carl smiled looking at this broken down woman begging for his cum.  He slammed his belly against  her ass and grabbed hold of her hips as he was fucking her. She was starting to enjoy the pleasure of feeling his cock fill her ass and soon he felt Rebecca’s body shake has she had another powerful orgasm and screamed at him to fuck her ass and fill it with his black seed.

Just as her pussy stopped convulsing, she felt him push his cock into her ass as far as it would go and then he stopped and filled her ass with his cum as he let out a roar, “oh god, white ass feels so good. Fuck I always wanted to fill a white bitch’s ass.” Rebecca collapsed onto the table as she was exhausted. Carl pulled his cock out of her ass and the cum leaked out onto the floor. Rebecca felt like her power cord had been taken out of her ass.  Carl and his friends left her laying on the table, took photos of her lifeless body, got dressed and then left the office.  They went back to work in the security room and unconnected the drive that stored the video and made copies. Rebecca and then they wiped it off the box so no one will see it and then they watched her on the monitors with her Black Master and said that he should go get her and handed him a copy of the drive with the video of the night.  The Black Master asked if they had deleted the video on the Corporate cameras so that no one could see it.

They told him they should get her now as the next security crew would be coming in a couple hours and they needed to do their rounds before they came in.  They reminded him to use her key card (and handed it to him) and that he should probably clean up the mess before waking her up.  They all looked at the monitor and saw Rebecca laying naked and spread eagled in her conference room.  Greg said, “Man I want her again, but we have no more time”.  It must have been about 30 minutes Trevor spent cleaning up desks and throwing out trash in Rebecca’s office.  There were fluids everywhere.  Finally when satisfied cleaning the lobby and her private office, he went back to the conference room and saw her laying passed out and covered in cum. He bent down and picked Rebecca up. She was so pleased to see Trevor and she put her arms round him as he help her get up and she kissed him hard on the lips and said ‘I am glad you are here as I have missed you’. He carried her to her private washroom and help her clean herself up.  Her stockings were torn.  Her panties were ripped.  He just threw on her blouse and skirt turned the lights off and cleaned up the rest of the mess in her office and put everything back in order.  She was slumped on the couch holding her head.  He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.   As he held secured her, he felt a wetness and looked back on her couch.  There were 2 huge wet spots and she had leaked onto the couch.  He had no time to clean up the mess and left the building. He took her down to the carport security area where he had parked his car,  got in and drove to his place.

When they arrived he helped her out of the car, carried her inside, helped strip her naked, and put her to bed. He looked at the red marks on her ass and the soreness around her pussy and ass and smiled.  He could not believe what had become of her.  He kissed her on the cheek and said good night and she was soon asleep. While she was asleep Trevor took the drive out of his pocket and connected it to his laptop and watched the video. He then edited the best bits and converted it into a video that he could put up on the RebeccasOffice website and then he put the drive away into his secret place, got undressed, turned off the light, got into bed,  spooned Rebecca and put his arms round her as she slept.  He noted the smile on her face.  Was that drool or cum dripping out of her mouth?

Erotica- Rebecca’s Journey To Becoming The Queen of Spades Chpt 1

Chapter 1. About Maria and how It All Began

This story will tell how Maria Ferrante a single white female from a rural suburb in Ohio will give up everything in her old life to become Rebecca, The Queen of Spades after a chance encounter which changed her life forever.

In her late 30’s , standing 5’ 4” in her bare feet and weighing is 115 pounds, she is an intelligent independent woman who moved to Los Angeles for more excitement both at work and her social life. Her greatest physical asset is her ass, but she was innocently unaware of her appeal. Maria had many suitors, but she was too busy with her career which left her without a boyfriend or husband.  She did not mind though.  Men were just a drag on her life. She often told her friends that guys just slowed her down and she liked fucking them and not having any residue in her life.

After a successful start to her career in New York, she moved to her new home in West Hollyood in favor of a more vibrant night life and better weather.  She had created her own financial professional service business for her high net worth clients where she provided financial management by doing accounting and taxes for many in the entertainment industry. In her spare time Maria spent her weekends with her friends clubbing and drinking in Santa Monica and Hollywood. She met lots of men that way, but rarely did those relationships last beyond a couple dates.  The men were too aggressive for her and not very much worth her time.  They were animals and not strong intellectually.  She rather actually liked taking charge of the relationship so that she could be the person who dumped a guy rather than being dumped.

She had stopped dating guys her age as they were all intimidated by her success.  Like New York, guys in Los Angeles were smooth talkers and she saw right through them.  She ended up dating younger guys who didn’t know better and were fine with a meaningless romp in the hay with a cougar.  The men she picked were usually young white males who made her feel young again and she knew that in the morning they’d be gone and out of her hair, so that became convenient and it fits in with her life style of not being tied down to the same man. Maria was enjoying her life and her business was doing so well that she moved from her flat into a new house and was starting to enjoy herself, but all that was going to change the day of her chance encounter that would change her life forever.

Maria had taken the week off so that she could get her house sorted out and the day that would change her life began as usual. Maria got up and began her normal routine of drinking Intellgentsia coffee and reading the newspaper. She loved being alone where she could sit around in her bra and panties with a robe on to cover them. Just then the doorbell rang and it startled her as she was not expecting anyone. She got up and looked out of the window and saw that there was a cable company van parked outside her house. She saw a tall young black man at the door. Maria had forgotten that she had called the cable company to come and fit her home up with cable. Maria had just moved into her house a few weeks ago and was finally getting the cable fitted so that she could watch HD television and get high speed wireless internet. Maria opened the front door and apologized for the way she looked, but he didn’t mind as he looked her up and down to try and get a peek into her robe. Maria had always been told that black men are only after one thing, but she honestly had not spent much time in the company of black men.  She had no idea about the mythical difference between white and black men.

Maria took him to the room where she wanted the cable to be installed and while he went about his job Maria sat down on the couch and continued to read the Journal and finished drinking her coffee. After catching up with her team at work, she checked in on the cable guy and asked him if he would like something to drink and he said a bottle of water would be fine, so she went to the kitchen and came back with the water, but as he got from behind the TV she realized that he could see right up her robe and saw her thong.  Maria looked down and saw him smiling and looking up her robe.  It took a second, but she blushed as she grabbed her robe tightly and went back to the couch and sat down embarrassed. She also apologized for interrupting him. He said, “You don’t need to apologize. I certainly don’t mind as you have such a nice ass’.   He winked at her and started to laugh.  Maria smiled back nervously.  She then went back to reading her Journal and the Herald Times, putting the paper in front of her face so he could not see the smile on her face. She was turned on.  She would glance up occasionally to check him out as his head was behind the TV and she noticed the bulge in his pants. She eyed his cock, thinking to herself that his cock could not be that long as it snaked halfway down his leg. Maria had only been with white men and their cocks were about 5”. This was at least 10”.  As she was daydreaming behind the newspaper, her legs spread once again giving him a nice view up her robe. She failed to notice that he had crossed the room on his hands and knees and was now a few feet from her looking up her robe at her pussy and around the paper at her as her eyes closed and mouth opened. When she opened her eyes their eyes met again. Maria jumped up and started to apologize, but he said to not worry about it.

His cock was a huge bulge still in her pants.  He said to her “After all I got to see your panties and it’s only fair that you want to see what I have.”  Maria tried to say something but all that came out was, “I’m sorry.  I just couldn’t help but stare.  I haven’t seen one that long. It can’t be real.” He replied, “Well I can promise you sweetheart that it is real.  Have you ever seen a black man naked?  You know that they say, “Once you go black, you never go back.”  She had never heard that before.   Trying to change the subject, she said, “Mighty assured of yourself.  Well, I need to get ready. How much longer will you be taking to get this set up?”  He told her about another hour.

Embarrassed excited and confused, Maria went upstairs while he finished. She went upstairs to her bedroom and sat down on the bed to catch her breath and try to relax. Maria thought to herself “I guess it must be true what they say about black men” and then took her clothes off and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Maria took a long hot shower and she was still turned on and decided to rub her pussy to help relieve herself unaware that she was being watched. When she stepped out of the shower she screamed and pulled the towel over her body when she saw the cable guy was in the bathroom waiting for her.  She saw his hard bulge between her legs and tried to run, but he grabbed her and started to kiss her on the lips. She tried to fight him off and screamed at him to leave her alone, but he was too strong.

He said to her, ‘I watched you cumming and I know that you want it .  You should stop pretending you don’t.”  She started to scream at him and fought hard to get away from him, but he kept a tight grip on her wrists to keep her under his control.  She told him that if he did not let her go she would call the cops, but he laughed and just kept hold of her. He said to her, “Once I have finished with you, you will be begging me for more.” Maria realized that no matter how hard she fought, she could not win.  Maria needed a plan of escape. She decided that if she gave in, he may loosen his grip on her and she could escape from him. He started to try and kiss her again, but she turned her head. He turned her round and took one of his hands and smacked her hard on her ass.  She screamed and told him it hurt. He looked her in the face and said, “I saw you looking at my cock and I know you want it bitch and you will love it.” he snapped at her. Nobody had ever used that language with her.  He tried to kiss her and this time Maria let him and when he touched her pussy he stuck a finger in her it sent a shiver through her body.   Helpless to his strength, she then kissed him hard on the lips.  His cock was so hard.  Suddenly he dragged her to her bedroom and sat her down on the edge of the bed and told her “Don’t worry bitch I am not going to make love to you, and once you feel a real cock inside you, you are going to want me to fuck you like the white slut you are”. Maria hit him across the face “I am not a white slut you bastard.”  He then looked at her and said, ‘You are in for a big treat’. He grabbed her wrists tight over her head and kissed her again. Maria knewt she was going to be raped by this tall black man, but she was not going to give in easily.

He stood over her and bent down to kiss her again and this time he grabbed her hand and put it on his cock and moved it up and down to let her know what he wanted her to rub it. Maria was shocked at how big it was and could not believe that cocks could be that big. She started to get scared as it kept growing, knowing that he wanted to put it in her vagina and that it would not fit. As she was rubbing it, she realized that she was doing it on her own without his help and then she started to move her hand away, but he got hold of her hand and put it back on his cock and told her ‘Don’t stop bitch you know you like rubbing it’.   She knew what she had to do.  She needed to make him cum prematurely. Maria then went to the belt on his pants and unfastened it. As she pulled his pants down she saw is cock spring up at her as he was not wearing any underwear and she just looked at it.  She was mesmerized at how thick and huge it was. She then grabbed hold of it and tried to put her fingers round it, but it was too big in her small hand. Maria then started to stroke his huge cock and it was still growing. Maria thought to herself that it must be ten inches long and thick as well and she knew that there was no way he could fuck her with his huge cock and she reasoned that if she sucked his cock and made him cum. he would leave.  That is what she did when she wanted a guy to leave. He then he told her to suck his cock and she thought that once he cums he will be gone.

Maria tried to get his cock into her mouth, but all she could get in was the head of his cock and she started to suck his cock in the hope that he would cum soon, but after 15 minutes he took his cock out of her mouth and told her to lay down on the bed. Maria looked at him and said, “No please don’t.  I can’t. I can’t fuck you as your cock is too big and it won’t fit”, but he moved his fingers to her vagina and said, “Look at your vagina and feel how wet it is.”  Maria knew that he was right as she was indeed soaking wet. He pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs wide and brought his cock to her pussy.  Maria protested and begged him not to.  Maria slapped him across the face and said, “if you are going to fuck me, please put a condom on”.  She reached across to the night stand and found a condom in the drawer and she gave it to him but he said ‘Go on and put it on yourself’ and she tried but it would not fit.  Finally she got it over the head of his cock and it ripped.  He chuckled at her and said, “These condoms are made for white boys and not for black cocks’. He then pushed her back on the bed and got between her legs.  Maria pleaded, “No please don’t.  Please.  Nobody has ever been in me bare.”  She was crying, “Please be gentle.”  He forced her legs apart and slid his cock into her pussy.  “Please don’t cum in me.  Please.”   She begged him to pull out and not to cum in her and he agreed as he did not need some white bitch trying to get child support from him. He got between her legs and started to rub his cock on her clit and then he push his huge black cock into her vagina and he told her “Once I have pushed my cock into your vagina you will be stretched out and you’ll never feel a white boys cock anymore. No white cock is ever gonna satisfy you,” he gloated.

When he pushed the head of his cock in her vagina she instantly felt the head of his cock push against her g-spot and had a mini-orgasm.  She was silent.  She had never felt such a thing.  Her pussy lips tightened around his cock as it disappeared inside her.  “Oh my god, it feels so big.  Please stop.”  She felt stretched just from the head of his cock and then he started to push more and more of his cock into her vagina until she felt she could not take anymore. Tears were pouring from her eyes.  Not only had she never had a cock this size before, but the feeling of his warm cock as it pulsed against her skin felt so good.  As she got used to his cock she was able to take the whole of his cock in her vagina and then he slowly started to fuck her and she was starting to feel her orgasm build up in her body and she started to scream at him to fuck her hard with his black cock. As his cock was fucking her it would rub against her clit and soon she was having another powerful orgasm. Soon he was fucking her hard and she came a few more times as her G-spot was being rubbed in ways it had never been touched.  She had never cum that much in her life and then she was close to another orgasm again and she screamed at him,  “Oh god, Please fuck me! I’m cumming!! Don’t stop! Fuck me – fuck me, fuck me with your big nigger dick!”   She wanted him to cum.  Her pussy was suffocating.  She knew her next words would get him, “God I love it.  Give me a little black bastard child. Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes!! Fuck me!” When the repair man heard those words, he knew that she was his.  This woman wanted him so badly she was willing to let him cum in her bare pussy.  He looked her in her beautiful eyes.  He could not believe this rich white bitch was begging for it.  He asked her.  “Are you sure you want me to cum in your pussy?”  She looked him in the eyes and her mind said, “No”, but all that came out of her lips was, “Yes, I want to feel it”.  He exploded as his cock flexed in her pussy and she felt him fill her vagina with his cum.  He let go of her wrists and collapsed on top of her and they lay there for a few minutes in their sweat. Suddenly Maria realized what she had done.  She had let a complete stranger fill her vagina with his cum and she could get a disease or get pregnant. His cock still jerking filled her.  Trying to pull off of him was painful.  As she finally pulled the mushroom head of his penis, she saw how it pulled her labia lips outward.  They looked red and stretched.  She had never seen them like that before. Finally she was able to get off his penis and limped into the bathroom to pee and get the cum out of her vagina.  It dripped out of her as she peed.  She cried and wiped her eyes.  She had never been fucked so violently before and she loved it.

When she returned to the bedroom she did not know what to do.  He was still there naked on the bed with his eyes closed.  Maria returned to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed.  Finally he sat up and she saw his huge black cock and held it in her hand one last time.  She couldn’t believe that had been inside her. He could tell she was still in sexual shock.  She hadn’t said a word. He had never fucked a white woman before, but had seen this kind of reaction before and decided to play it cool.  He pulled his pants up and went downstairs and finished hooking up her cable. When she finally came downstairs she had her robe on and he told her that he had set up her cable and before he went he gave her his card and told her to call anytime for cable and internet repairs.  He turned and was ready to leave.  She was shocked he was just going to leave.  He could see in her eyes that she did not want him to leave.  No guy had ever done this to her.  He was her first bare cock and she didn’t even know his name.  She belonged to him.  Before he could reach the front door she grabbed him and kissed him. After the kiss he turned and left. Maria was in shock at what had just happened. She had just had the best fucking in her life and she did not know that she could have that many orgasms.  For the rest of the week Maria could not stop dreaming of his cock. When she went out with her friends and let young white guys buy her drinks and pick her up, her enthusiasm was not there.  When she went to bed with a young surfer dude she could not feel his cock and was not satisfied. She had to wait until he had gone before she would lay on the bed and start to rub her clit thinking about the cable guy before having an orgasm.  It was still not enough.  She needed the real thing.  Even went she went out with her girlfriends that week she found herself looking at the groins of black men. She knew that if she wanted to enjoy sex again then she had to think about picking up black men. The question is that the black men did not seem to approach her in the bars.  Maybe she was going to the wrong places or they were intimidated by her.  Also, her friends might find that to be a little awkward.

Maria found out later on that she was not pregnant and she knew that she had to go to the doctor and get some birth control so she will not get pregnant. And from that day Maria would start a journey that would lead her to all sorts of adventures meeting black men until she would eventually be Rebecca the Queen of Spades.

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut – Part 5

Part 5 Rebecca Goes To The Doctor

Maria drove home and on the way she stopped at a late night pharmacy to get the morning after pill and a bottle of water. When she got home, she went upstairs to her bedroom and as everyone was asleep, she quietly took her coat off and then undressed, putting her dress into the laundry basket to be taken to the cleaner as she wanted to wash out the cum stains and smoke smell. She then went into the bathroom and used the toilet and then washed herself hard in the shower to get all the cum off her body and out of her hair. She scrubbed and rinsed a few times has she was ashamed with herself for allowing this to keep happening. She then collapsed in the shower and started to break down and cry. After some time Maria stopped crying and got out of the shower, dried herself down and then got her laptop out. She entered the name of her doctor’s practice and went to the repeat prescription part of the website and clicked on the pill and then click on enter and then she got a message saying that it would be ready for picking up Thursday which was tomorrow so she left the website and switched off the laptop and she would later make an appointment for a check up to make sure that she had not got any sexual diseases and then she went to bed to get some rest as she had to get up for work in five hours.

When the alarm went off Maria got up and quickly got ready for work.  She kept blocking the events of the previous evening.  She did not feel like eating and all she wanted was drink of coffee.  As she got in the car she smelled the stench of her Black Master’s cheap cologne. On the way to work, she phone up the health screening centre to make an same day appointment and was able to get one for 3:00pm in the afternoon.  Being in the financial markets on the Pacific Coast, this worked perfectly as she did not need to leave early.  This would leave her ample time to go to the pharmacy and pick up the pill and then go to the health screening centre before heading home.  Hopefully her Black Master would not have her meet him before 7pm.

Later that day she got a text from her Doctor telling her that her appointment had been changed to 6:00pm on Friday. Ugh, hopefully that was not going to screw up her weekend!  As the morning went on Maria was glad that it would soon be time for her to go and get checked and stop the worry about the five strange men who had fucked her the previous evening. She was really worried that they could have given her a sexual disease. Just then Maria got a text.  She was scared to read it at first but was relieved to see it was from the pharmacy telling her that her prescription was ready to pick up. After work, Maria got her stuff.  She checked her messages one more time and was amazed she had not yet heard from her Black Master.

Maria left her office and went to her car and got in and drove to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription. She checked the time and decided to go home and have a quick snack before she went to the health screening centre for her appointment at 2:00pm. Maria hid the birth control pills in her bedroom so that her husband would not find them and starts asking question. She had her snack and then she got changed and put on a pair of jeans, tshirt, flats and a jacket and then checked the time and drove to the health screening centre. Maria arrive at the health screening centre 10 mins. before her appointment and went in and went to the front desk and told the woman who she was and then sat down waiting for her turn.

When it was Maria’s turn she went in the room and the nurse told her to get undressed, put on a paper gown, get on the exam table, and put her feet in the stirrups.  The nurse then took a swab and inserted it in her vagina and placed it in a test tube. The nurse also took a blood and urine sample and sent it to the lab next door to be tested. She liked the lab.  It was the same one all the porn stars used in LA.  Privacy, accuracy and speed were important there.  The nurse told Maria to get dressed and wait in the waiting room for the results or head to the Starbucks across the street which should take about 90 minutes to 2 hours. She could not deal with the angst and just waited in the waiting room staring at her phone looking for a message from her Black Master.  She wondered if she should write him, but thought it would be better to leave her good fortune alone. Finally, the nurse called Maria back into the room and told her that she was clear of all sexual diseases. Maria sighed to the nurse and then left to go home with a big weight off her mind knowing she could relax when she gets home.  She cried all the way home with tears of happiness.

Maria got home and showered and then went to make dinner for her family and then she watch some tv.  It was a normal evening and went to bed to get some rest. She was thankful that she didn’t hear from her Black Master, but worried that something bigger might be planned. When morning came she knew that after work she would have to go to the Doctors after work for her checkup. Maria went into work on Friday as normal and still did not hear from the Black Master and then when 5:00pm came round she left her office and drove to the doctors. She had thought it odd that her doctor would schedule her appointment after work on a Friday.  It was very unusual.  he got there 10 mins. before her appointment and went in but there was no one at the front desk so she rang the bell and called out if anyone was there.  After a minute a tall black man in a doctors coat came out and asked if she were Maria and she said yes. He said that Dr. Sudberg had to leave early and that if it was alright, he would be doing her checkup as he was Dr. Sundberg’s new associate.  Maria hesitated.  Dr. Sundberg had been her only OBGYN since she was 16. Maria said that it would not be a problem.  He then brought her into Examination Room 5 he then asked her if she would like a drink of water and she said yes so the doctor went and got her some water from another room. Maria hopped up on the examination table and waited. He returned with the water and gave it to her and when she drunk it all.  He then started asking her how she was feeling and if there was anything he needed to check on. She was feeling a bit dizzy. Shemtold him that she had just gotten back on the pill. He asked her why and she decided to tell him.  She would never have told Dr. Sundberg.  She mentioned she had been having an extramarital affair and she did not want to get pregnant.  The doctor asked her if she had been sleeping with black men.  She thought it was very unprofessional and noticed the bulge in the young doctor’s pants. Just then she got light headed and she dropped the cup and quickly fell back onto the examination table. The young doctor did not realize the sleeping pill would react so fast. He picked her up and carried her to room 4, put her on the exam table, stripped her of all her clothes, tied each hand to each side of the exam table, and put each leg into the stirrups and tied them as well. He went next door and switch on the video into room 4 to record what he was going to do to her and then he went back into room 4 and got his phone and took some photos for later.

He then got undressed and waited for her to wake up. He did not want to move forward until she was conscious and see her shock on her face. He wanted to make sure it was all captured for future viewing. After 10 mins. Maria started to wake up and she saw that she was naked and could not move and then she saw the doctor naked and his big cock was hard and she knew that he was going to force and abuse her and there was nothing she could do. Who was he? What happened to her doctor? Was he part of something that the Black Master had arranged? How did he do that?  She tried to tell him to let her go and that she would not tell anyone what he had done but he just looked at her and said “Rebecca I have been waiting for this all day and there is no way I am going to let you go so shut up” and he smack her on the face. Before she could recover from the blow, he pushed his cock to her mouth and told her to open her mouth and suck his cock you black cock slut. She opened her mouth and he pushed his cock into her mouth and started to fuck it hard and fast.  Maria was unprepared and started to gag and choke on his big cock. He got hold of her head and held it while he abused her mouth hard and telling her she was a dirty slut who likes black cocks. After some time he told her he was going to come in her mouth and to swallow all his cum and not to let a drop fall from her mouth or she will feel his hand across her face.   So she did the best she could and swallow it all but she felt sick. The doctor then took his cock out off her mouth and wiped it on her face and then went to her legs and bent between them. He started to lick her clit and push 2 fingers into her vagina and finger fucked her hard and fast and he kept this up until she started to scream that she was coming.  “Yeah bitch, I bet you like cheating on your husband with your black lovers, don’t you?” and he stopped right away and Rebecca was screaming at him to finish so she could come, but he told her that he will only let come when she begs him to fuck her with is big black cock so she said, “Please fuck me”, but he said that is not good enough and she started to swear at him to fucking put his big black cock into her vagina and fuck her hard with his big black cock.

The doctor waited until Rebecca started to cry as she begged him to fuck her as she needed to come and then he went between her legs and started to rub his cock up and down her vagina as she got wetter and wetter and he then forced his big black cock into her vagina all the way in and did nothing and Rebecca was trying to fuck him by rocking her hips. He then started to fuck her hard and fast,calling her a dirty white slut who likes to be fucked by black cocks and he then fucked her and she was screaming to fuck her hard like the slut she is. He stopped and took his cock out and she screamed at him to put his cock back into her vagina and fuck her, but instead he got on top of the table and got between her legs again and forced his cock into her again and fucked her hard telling her that he was going to breed her. After some time Rebecca started to scream that she was coming and to fuck her hard. She screamed as she had a powerful orgasm and pushed up to get more of his cock inside her. Then he started to fuck her harder and faster and then he pushed his cock all the way into her vagina until his cock was touching her cervix and then he told her he was coming and then she felt his cock flood her vagina with his cum and he left his cock inside her vagina until he had finished. After a few minutes he removed his cock and his cum started to leak out of her vagina on to the sheet.  Maria thought that he was finished and he would let her go, but that did not happen.

The doctor got off the table and untied her hands and then untied her legs and told her to get off the table and then he told her to turn round and bend over the table and then he got some lube and put it on his cock and then he forced his cock all the way into her ass.  Rebecca started to scream telling him that he was hurting her and to stop, but he just pushed her head down onto the table pushed deeper into her ass hard and sometimes he would take his cock nearly all the way out, but then he would then force slam his cock back into her ass. He started to fuck her and Rebecca was in pain and kept begging him to please stop as she was in pain and did not like it, but it only seemed to make him fuck her ass harder. After some time the pain went and was became more comfortable and she pushed back to get more of his cock into her ass and told him to fuck her hard and she was moaning that she was coming.  He started to get faster and she knew that he was going to come soon and then she had another powerful orgasm and screamed for him to come and fill her ass with his come. Then he stopped and she felt him fill her ass with his cum and then he waited a few minutes until he had fill her ass with his cum and then pulled his cock out and his cum started to leak out of her ass on to the floor with the other cum from her vagina. Rebecca lay on the table as she was total fucked and needed to rest, but he had other ideas and told her to get up and kneel on the floor and suck his cock again until he came and she slowly got up and got down to her knees and got his cock and sucked it and he got hold off her head and forced more of his cock into her mouth and fucked her mouth hard with his cock and after some time he told Rebecca that he was coming and he took his cock out of her mouth and came over her face and chest and then when he was done he told her not to move and he got his phone and took some more photos of her covered in his cum.

When he had finished he told her to get dressed as he was finished with her for now, but you will be back for more of his cock. So Rebecca got her clothes and got dressed with the cum still on her body and coming from her vagina and ass and then when she was ready he lend her to the front door and open it and he let her out so she went to her car and when she got in she got some wetwipes from the car and did her best to clear herself up and make herself look normal as best as she could and then she started to cry and feel sick with herself for letting the doctor do it to her as she did nothing about it and she could do anything about it has he has photos to show as proof that she enjoyed it. Before Maria started the car and drove home she remembered that the doctor called her Rebecca and that she liked to be fucked by black cocks and that she was called a black cock slut by her Black Master and how where the Doctor and Her Black Master connected but at the moment all she knew was that she was on the pill and that she could not get pregnant and that helped to make her feel a bit better after all that she had happen to her but at this moment all Maria wanted to do was to go home and get out of her clothes and take a shower to get rid of all the cum from her body and try to get some sleep so Maria started the car and drove home.

When the doctor went back in he stopped the video and took the tape with him and would make a version for the Black Master which will show that Rebecca enjoyed it.

Member Erotica – Life of a Black Cock Slut Part 2

The Life of A Black Cock Slut

Part 2 – The Morning After by Trevor

Maria was woken up by her alarm clock telling her that it was time to get up as she had to give a presentation to a new customer. As the markets open early on the West Coast, she was always up and out of the house before anyone else woke up.  So Maria got up and went to pick what to wear for work today she got a business suit out of the wardrobe and then she got a white blouse and a matching bra and panties and a pair of nylons and a pair of shoes.  As she straightened herself out, she became ill as she suddenly remembered that she was sluggish not because of a lack of sleep because she had been raped the night before. Her body suddenly went into shock as she saw that her body was covered with bruises and her vagina was throbbing from all the abuse she suffered last night following her rape. Her mind had tried to block it all out as if it never happened, but her body reminded her of the pleasure and pain she had received.

Maria slowly made her way to the bathroom and used the toilet, feeling the sting of pain as her urine passed out her sore labia. As she switched on the shower and gave her body a good soaking, she felt the sting again from the hot water.  It was as pleasurable and painful as the fucking. While she washed herself she started to get flash backs of her rape and how she let her attacker use and abuse her like a dirty whore. Maria moved her hand to her clit and started to wash Her washing soon turned to rubbing it because she needed to come as she was starting to get wet thinking about the prior night and she started to rub faster and faster until she came with such force that she screamed out loud that she was coming. She had the most powerful orgasm in her life and she had to hang on to the rail before she fell down.  She hoped nobody else heard as they were still all asleep.

After she had come down from her orgasm Maria got out of the shower and toweled herself dry and went into the bedroom to get dressed. She first put her bra and panties on and then she put each leg into her nylons. She then put the blouse on and stepped into her skirt and tucked in her blouse. She then put her shoes on went back to the mirror and put on her makeup. When she had finished, she picked up her jacket, car keys, and briefcase and went downstairs.  The automatic coffee maker had her coffee ready as usual for her drive in to work.  She never ate on the way into the office.  There was always a breakfast buffer there to grab and go. As she put her jacket and looked in the mirror to check that she was ready, she noted that there was no sign of the marks from last night. If there was one thing about Maria, she was not easily flustered.  The events of the night before would not affect her.  She had the focus of a tiger.  She would put it out of her mind and maybe never think about it again.

Maria arrived at work and carried on as if nothing had happened.  The drive to work was mental meditation as she played out the meetings and reports she needed for the day. She went through her weekly presentations in the morning and stopped for lunch and in the afternoon as if nothing was wrong.  In fact, she was having quite a normal day until later in the afternoon she got an email on her phone and read it. Shewas shock at what it contained. It said, “Meet me at the Rosslyn Hotel at 112 W. 5th St. at 8.00 pm tonight and knock on room 10. Wait until you are summoned to come in” and it was sign “The Black Master”. Maria was confused and did not know what to do and just left it in case it was a joke, but five minutes later she got another email with a attachment and the message, “Remember Last Night” and it was signed “The Black Master”. When she looked at the attachment she saw that it was a photo of her naked on the ground covered in cum and she saw that it was the car park where she was raped and now she knew that the email was from her rapist as she had feared.

She went to the toilet and took her phone with her and went into one of the stalls and locked the door. She emailed the rapist and said that she could not come and sent it. A few minutes later she got an email from her rapist saying that if she did not turn up then what would her husband, family and friends say when they got some photos of her with a big black cock fucking her signed The Black Master. Maria started to cry.  She knew she had no choice but to go tonight.  Maybe she could oblige him and get the photos back.  She sent an email saying that she would be there tonight and then she got another email telling her to dress like a whore and not to wear a bra or panties. Maria was feeling scared.  A whore? What does a whore wear? Her legs started to shake yet she also was feeling wet between her legs.

As the markets close early on the West Coast Maria left work at 3pm promptly instead of doing her normal extra work that often kept her til 5pm.  Even some of the people in the office noticed she looked a little flustered.  This was not normal .When Maria got home she found a note from her husband telling her that she did not have to wait up for him as he was going to be late home. So she went to her bedroom and had a look at what clothes she should wear to the hotel. The Rosslyn was in a bad part of town and was known as being a hotel controlled by crackheads.  She had a look at her skirts and found a short leather one at the back of her wardrobe, and put that on her bed and looked for a blouse to go with it. After some looking she found a black one and put that on the bed as well and then she look in the drawers for some nylons and found a pair of fishnet holdups and put them on the bed and a found a pair of boots as well to go with her outfit.  It reminded her of the gal in Pretty Woman.  She had time to  make a bath up so she could have a nice long soak before going to such a dirty place. As she was soaking she started to think about what going to happen to her.  She didn’t want to fight this time.  Maybe if she let him, he wouldn’t hurt her and she started to rub her clit as she was getting wet and needed to come and started to rub her clit harder to make herself come and then she started to have a orgasm which was so powerful that she started to squirt in the bath.

After Maria had recovered from her orgasm she started to wash herself all over and when she had finished she got out of the bath and used the towel to dry herself. When she was dry she put some lotion all over her body to make her skin feel soft  and sprayed herself to make herself feel pretty. She then went back into the bedroom to get dressed. After she put on her clothes she looked at herself in the mirror and laughed. She looked like a whore getting ready for business. She checked the time and knew that it was time to go and she picked a long coat to wear so as to cover up what she was wearing. She didn’t want to be mistaken for a real street whore.  She got in her car and drove the 40 minutes downtown.

She got to the motel and it was worse than what she had seen.  There were scary homeless people walking around.  There was tons of parking on the desolate street, but she anywhere she parked her Audi A6 was a ripe target for vandalism. She parked under a streetlight and made her way past the men standing in the lobby whistling at her.  She stood at the elevator as all of them made comments that she blocked out.  Finally the elevator came and she made her way to room 10 and knock on the door and waited for her Black Master to say come in. After a few seconds he said come and shut the door. She opened the door and entered.  It was dimly lit from the street lights outside. The door shut behind her.  Her Black Master whispered in her ear from behind and told her to take off her coat so he could see what see was wearing. She put the coat on a chair and he saw what she was wearing and told her to lift her skirt up to prove she was not wearing any panties. He told her to take off her blouse and then her skirt, leaving her only standing in her fishnet hold-ups and her boots.

He then told her to walk over to him and then he told her to put her hands behind her back and to turn round. As soon as she did so, he tied her hands together with a pair of handcuffs and then told her to face him and get down on her knees. He then pulled his zipper down and his huge cock popped right out swollen and rigid.  The pungent smell of his black cock suddenly brought Maria back to the events of the night before.  She remembered it was not as pleasant as she had remembered. He then told her to open her mouth and suck. Before she could react, He put his hand on the back of her head and shoved his cock in her mouth.  Soon he was thrusting hard and fast fucking her throat raw. She tried to breathe through it doing her best not to gag and choke. Maria tried to take control and swirl her tongue along his length drool running down her cheek. He fucked her mouth slowly, but then he started getting faster, his thumb and forefinger then came together pinching her nipple hard and she starts to moan around his cock. He then shoved his cock again hard into her throat one last time and suddenly started groaning as he shot his cum into her mouth.  Maria was not ready and started to choke as her eyes teared up.  She was gagging and he then pulled her hair back hard so that she looked up at him with tears in her eyes as his cock slipped out of her mouth.  He tells her to swallow all his cum, but some of it drips down her body.

Her Black Master then strips until he’s naked and tells her to get up and lie down on the bed with her legs as far apart as they can go.  Maria knows what is coming as she stares at the ceiling.  She suddenly sees his silhouette standing over her as he gets between her legs and she feels the tip of his cock brush against her vagina and he lines himself up with her and pushes slowly until just the tip of his cock is inside her and then he slams his cock all the way in. He feels bigger than she remembered.  Her legs tied behind her, she can’t push him off as her instincts tell her.  He picks up his pace and his hips slap hard against her thighs and she can feel herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. He is so bog she feels like a virgin and he touches a g-spot that she never knew she had.  He starts to rub her clit harder until she explodes and her body tenses as she has an powerful orgasm. Maria’s body starts shaking from the orgasm and she tells him to keep going and fuck her harder.  “Is that what you want, you whore?”, he asks.  Maria nods her head.  “I can’t hear you”, he says.  Maria responded verbally.  “Tell it to me and tell it to me loudly”, he commanded and slapped her hard across the face.  Maria felt the sting, “Yes, fuck me like your whore.  Give it to me hard,” she screamed. Her assailant slammed so hard into her vagina he made her come again.  After watching her cum he started to push his huge cock in deep causing her to moan.  Maria was spent and she tried to put her legs round him to force more of his cock inside her as he started a slow build up to fuck her harder and then he trust his cock in as deep as he could and started to grip her tight as he slams into her one last time and filled her vagina with his black seed and tells her, “You are my black cock slut”, and stays in her vagina until he has filled with all of his black seed. He pulls his huge cock out of her vagina and his seed starts to leak out of her vagina and he gets his phone and takes some photos of his black cock slut.  Maria naively asked if she could have all the photos back now.  She has told nobody of this and that hopefully she has done everything he wanted.

Her Black Master looked at her up and down and laughs, “You stupid stuck up bitch.  You have nothing to worry about as long as you keep your legs spread and your mouth shut.  Those photos will stay with me and you and our secret will remain that way as long as you do as I say.”  This was blackmail she thought!

He tells Maria to get up and he turns her round so that he can undo the handcuffs and let her hands free.  As Maria rubbed her sore wrists, her master shocked her again, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” Maria shook her head.  She knew that her response wasn’t going to matter.  This man was going to take her ass virginity.

He could see the fear in her eyes as he pulled out a whip and told her to lie face down on the bed and spread her legs. Afraid to move, she sits there like an animal as he goes into the bathroom and comes out with some oil and gets on the bed and starts to use the oil to get her ass ready for his huge cock.  He starts to used one hand to open her hole and starts to trickle oil into it so that it runs all the way down her anus and into her vagina. And then he uses his other hand and massages her ass running his fingers up and down. Maria suddenly flinched and let out a tiny scream as she felt his finger slide deep inside her ass. It actually felt easier and less painful then she thought it would  until she felt a second finger enter her ass. “Ughhh, slow, it hurts,” she complained.  At first he started to push in slowly and gently but he soon began to speed up and do it more forcefully and this was making her moan. Maria cried, “Please… it hurts.  Please take it slow,” She could feel the knuckle of his fingers banging against her anus and she was getting a chilling vibration in her vagina from it. It wasn’t long before she felt an orgasm start to build very rapidly.  Her body was enjoying it and it got stronger has he pushed his fingers faster into her ass. Soon Maria was lifting her ass pushing back against his fingers.  What was she doing?  Maria felt her body betraying her. “Oh you like it.  You really are a dirty whore.  I knew it, “ he said, “Tell me you like it.  Tell me this ass belongs to me” as he started to probe deeper in her ass. Maria gasped “Yes Yes Yes, I’m your dirty whore and this ass belongs to you”.  She wanted him to stop.  What was he doing to her?  She felt so dirty for liking it.

Maria then screamed. She was coming and she had an orgasm. Her master was so turned on he started grabbing and slapping his new toy on the ass, leaving a red hand mark on each cheek of her ass.  Maria forgot this was only his finger until he told her to get on all fours.  Maria was slow to react, but he forced her into position and then knelt behind her and put some oil on his cock as he placed it at the opening of her puckered hole.  Maria took a deep breath like a woman on a roller coaster before it takes a big dip as she expected him to force his cock in one go but he press it against her sphincter and pushed it gently but firmly. Maria screamed in agony, “NO!!!  Please stop,  It won’t fit.  I’ll do anything, pleas don’t” She started to tense up but as he he kept the pressure on she felt herself open up a little and then a little more until suddenly his huge black cock was fully inside her. Maria was paralyzed and afraid to move.  He grip her hips and slowly started to fuck her ass with a slow rhythm.  Maria couldn’t believe that cock was all the way inside her. Her master spit on his cock to lubricate the area as he moved in and out.  Maria never felt so helpless in her life.  The strokes became longer as her body once again relaxed as he would almost pull out and then he would force himself back in and start fucking her faster and telling her, “This what you always wanted to have your ass fucked with a big black cock?” Maria responded, “It hurts, I’ll do anything, please stop.  I beg of you.  I’ll do anything.” “That’s my girl,” he said, “But I don’t care how much it hurts, you are going to do anything I ask and you are going to learn to like having my cock in your ass.”  He then put his hands around her neck in a choking hold.

“Yes Yes Yes please fuck me with your huge black cock in the ass” she begged. As he fucked her ass she began to feel the approach of her orgasm and she gripped the covers. No longer resisting she was letting him use her ass.  It was her first anal sex and although it hurt, it wasn’t as bad a she imagined it would be.  She just wished it wasn’t this man to do this to her.  Then she felt her orgasm and it felt like the strongest she had ever felt and she just scream out loud that she was coming and told him to shoot his cum in her ass. She felt him grip her hips and started to stop fucking her and push his cock in her ass and then she felt him shoot his cum in her ass.

For a minute or so he stayed inside her convulsing with more cum until his cock started to go soft and he pulled it out. It made her groan with regret as she realized it felt good.  It slipped from her ass and she collapsed on the bed. Once again he got a his phone and took some more photos of her flat on the bed with cum dripping out of her ass. Maria was spent.  He went and got the wine and a couple of glasses and poured some wine into each glass then got his cock and started to jerk his cock until he was ready to come and aimed his cock at one of the glasses of wine and topped the wine with his cum.  He came over to the bed and gave the glass with his cum to Maria and said, This is to show that you will do anything for your Black Master,” Maria drank all the wine with his cum and gave him the empty glass. It tasted awful.  He then told Maria to put her clothes on and get out of there until he called for her again.

He watched his new slave dress. Dry cum in her hair and all over his body as he smiled at his handy work.  He had broken down this bitch.  He noticed her ass was red and gaping as she bent down to put on her skirt.  She would have a hard time shitting and using the bathroom for a couple days.  Finally she put her heels on, but before she left he put his hands around her neck and looked her in the eyes and told her that from now on she will obey him and any request he sends she will do what it says without any question. Maria nodded.  He told her, “From now on you will only be known as Rebecca as your life has Maria has ended and tomorrow to will start your new life as Rebecca The Black Cock Slut do you understand?” A new name? Maria was confused.  He turned her toward the mirror.  Her hair was a mess.  Her makeup was smeared from her crying.  Her clothes were wrinkled.  She looked at herself.  She thought to herself, “That is not me.  That is definitely Rebecca, the White Slut Whore”.

Maria walked out of the room and there were men outside the door smoking and touching her as she walked down the hall.  They said vile things to her and she teared up.  She heard her master yell into the hallway to the others to leave her alone and that she belonged to him and that if he caught any of them touching her that he’d cut off their cock.

As she exited the hotel, Maria was finally relieved.  She realized she wasn’t walking straight, but was happy to see her car still there with all of it’s wheels.  The locals were watching her and laughing.  She felt them closing in and she picked up her pace and quickly jumped in the car, locked the doors and raced out of there.   As she looked back in her rear mirror to make sure she was not followed, she cried again.

“White Slut, we own you” someone had written on her rear window.

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut – Chapter 1

Editor’s Note – This is a story and any resemblance to actual people or events should be considered coincidental.  I do love stories written by my members.  It turns me on and I masturbate to them to hear what men would do with me if they could.  I love men who are well written and spoken with fertile imaginations.  As for the stories themselves, I only publish ones that I enjoy. This particular one I like because the author seems to really understand the way a woman thinks.

  The Life of A Black Cock Slut By Trevor

Part 1 – The Rape

This story is about a normal married white woman named Maria Ferrante who at one time had a good life with a husband and 2 children and also a well paid job she enjoyed and to all her friends and family she was a happy go lucky person who enjoyed life, but she had one problem in life and that was that her husband was not good in bed and when her husband made love to her he would only last about 5 or 10 minutes and she was always left horny, so when her husband fell asleep she would go into the bathroom and use the dildo that she hid in the bathroom and rub her clit with her finger and then when she was ready she would get the dildo and insert it into her vagina and switch it on and lay back and let the dildo do it’s magic and then wait for it to bring her to a powerful orgasm.  She would squirt and she had to put a towel over her mouth so her husband would not hear her come. When she would come down from her orgasm she would wipe the dildo and put it back in its hiding place and make herself look normal. This was her daily routine and she got used to it, but she wanted more. Instead of doing something about it she just carried on with her life for years. It just became her way of life.

Maria’s life was about to change the day she walked out of her office after she had had to stay late to finish some work she needed the next day. By the time she left her office it was starting to get dark. The thought of going home didn’t excite her much as her husband hardly ever had sex with her anymore and when they do have sex her husband hardly satisfied her and she was getting tired of sneaking into the bathroom to finish herself. Sometimes she thought “Why do stay with this stupid idiot anyway.” To make matters worse she had to park her car at a car park that was three streets down from her office as the car park she normally used was closed early. After Maria had locked the office door she headed down the street and as she walked to the car park she passed by “Harry’s Bar” and thought “I need a little something to eat before I go home and deal with my husband.” She walked into the bar and went and found a seat at the bar, ordered a drink and a sandwich and began to unwind.

At the other end of the bar was a large black man with a rugged athletic look who had been there since the afternoon and was in a mood after not getting a job after all the interviews he at been on and was pissed off at life and just wanted to get drunk. After sometime he looked across the bar and spotted a white businesswoman sitting alone who must have been in her late 30’s dressed in a black business suit at the other end. When she went to the toilet he noticed her shapely legs in black nylons and black heels and her nice round ass swaying from side to side and her breasts were bouncing up and down as she walked to the back and he thought she was a good looking white woman that any man would want. He wanted to go back and check her out, but he waited for her to return from the toilet and she sat down at the bar and continued to order another drink. After another drink Maria looked at her watch and decided it was time to go home and go to bed as she had to get up for work in the morning. As she headed for the door, the black man, paid his tab, got up and then followed her out the door not far behind her and stayed in the shadows as he tracked her down the dark street, waiting for the right moment to introduce himself.

Maria started to walk down the dark street and was busy checking her phone and found a text from her husband letting her know that he would not be home tonight as he had a problem at work and did not know how long he would be and not to wait up, possibly sleeping at the office. Maria was fine with that. She would spend some time with her dildo and she could take her time to bring herself to an orgasm. She did not hear her stalker get closer to her and was oblivious to his presence as she was concentration on her phone but then she heard footsteps approaching fast behind her and when she turned round she saw the large black man she saw from the bar. She had seen him looking at her and she made sure not to look back. She knew this might be a bad situation and started to quicken her pace to try and get to the car park where her car was in the hope she would be safe from this large black man in case he had bad intentions.

Maria was almost running when she got to the garage, but it was dark. She looked back but she could not seem him anymore and thought that she was safe. But then she felt a hand grab her mouth and another hand grab her jacket and drag her into the dark car park and he told her to be quiet or he will hurt her. The large black man told her that he was going to take his hands away and if she started to scream he was going to rip her nylons and panties off and fuck her in the ass right now. Maria immediately stopped struggling.  Her assailant was definitely more powerful than her. He moved his hand down to her skirt, pulled it up and put his hand on her nylons and panties. Once again he asked her if she understand and Maria nodded her head yes. Maria quietly begged him not to hurt her and she told him he could have her credit cards and money that was in her purse if he let her go. She started to shake with fear as she did not know what was going to happen to her, but knew that she was about to be raped. At the same time Maria’s body betrayed her.  She had already been thinking about her dildo earlier and now it started to get wet between her legs and her nipples started to get stiff. She thought why is she getting turn on by the situation she was in?

Just then her rapist got hold of her by her hair and told her “You’re mine now to do with exactly how I please and I’m going to rape you and dump my cum in your worthless cunt.” Maria was startled by his aggressive words.  This was not the kind of fantasy she was imagining to have with her dildo. Realization kicked in and she started to cry and tried to struggled against him but he grabbed her hips and forced his cock against her pelvis. Her panic took over and her survival instincts made her struggle as she was kicking like a wild woman and flailing pounding him with her fist, but she was no match for this gigantic brute of a man and soon gave up the fight realizing the inevitable when he slapped her across the face. She realized was going to be raped and it was going to be hard. He then dragged her to the exit door which lead to the stairwell and closed the door. It smelled like pee from all the homeless who slept there.  Sobbing she pleaded with him. “Please let me go I promise I won’t tell anyone about this. He looked at her with a stone expression and said You’re not going anywhere! he snarled.

He pulled her jacket of and then moved his hands to her blouse and ripped it open as the buttons started to fly off in all directions and ending up on the ground. As Maria’s blouse was ripped open her breasts bounced out covered only by her black bra. He then ripped the bra off and her breasts popped free revealing her firm ripe mounds. The remainder of her blouse and bra were quickly pulled off and discarded on the ground. She was feeling a heat building between her legs that she had not felt before.  This man wanted her and the passion he showed was more than any man had ever given her. He stood her up and then began to lift her skirt stroking the inside of her thighs as he went. He then said “how nice it is you are wearing nylons for me which I love to feel against my cock.” He then reached for her ass and began to fondle it. He turned her round and force her to bend over and touch the stairs. She tried to struggle and run, but he grabbed the top of her waist band, pulled her back and tore her pantyhose apart and took them off and then she stiffened in fear as he pull down her panties and she knew that this made it harder to run with them round her knees.  It was going to happen.

Maria closed her eyes shut as she felt his fingers found her vagina and he started to rub her clit making her cry out as he toyed with the lips of her vagina.  She grabbed the stair rail harder and begged, “Please don’t hurt me.” Her vagina was starting to drip with her juice and she gasped as his fingers probed inside her making her start to shake with the arousal. Maria then started to beg him “Please Stop, Don’t Do that, Please Leave Me Alone.”  She was sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. The man then grabbed her hands and put them round her back and use the torn pantyhose to tie her wrists together he then grab her skirt and ripped it apart and threw the ruined skirt on the ground. She began to panic when she heard the zip of his jeans come down and felt the head of his huge cock rub her wet slit.

Maria then gasped as the head of his cock slipped into her vagina and it made her jump and cry out as he pushed her down and shoved his cock deep into her vagina sending pain and pleasure flashing through her she almost black out as his cock spread her the tight walls of her vagina. Maria’s head was jammed onto the cold concrete stair.  The smell of urine filled her nose as her hands were behind her back still.  This was so dirty! ‘Why me?” she thought. Maria then found it a struggle to breathe as he pushed his huge cock into her completely and she felt like she was being ripped apart. The girth of his cock was so fat.  He grunted as he fucked her tight vagina and she started to sob as she was being fucked and her body started to respond in ways she didn’t understand.  Her vagina started squirting to help lubricate his cock and make it more comfortable. He reach round and pitch her nipples as he bent over her fucking her hard and deep and he yanked her hair as he plunged harder and faster into her vagina. “Oh you are so wet.  You like this bitch, don’t you?” His thrusts became frantic as he used all his force to fuck her as hard as he could. He was enjoying the thrill of fucking a white woman knowing that he will leave her with a black baby in her belly.

Maria was now in survival mode. She put her mind in a different place. She was trying desperately to forget what was happening to her in the hope that he will get his pleasure and leave her.  She would then go to the police station, report the incident and go to the hospital. But her dark side started to enjoy the pleasure she was getting from his cock, fucking her vagina. She looked up and saw a security camera.  She hoped someone would be monitoring and call the police.  They were monitoring but they were jerking off too. This was hot.

“There you go, that’s it enjoy my huge cock in your vagina.” He then started to force his cock into her with a more violent thrust than the last one as his balls banged against her ass, making a slapping sound. She started to scream with the pain begging him to sop. “You’re hurting me!” When the walls of her vagina flexed around his cock she felt pleasure and when she relaxed she felt pain and this horrified her that she could be enjoying this. The thrusts from his cock started to become more intense and he roughly pulled her up towards him and open her legs wider. She wanted him to cum inside her now and end it.  She knew that she had to do whatever he asked to make him cum has she feared for her life. She also had to admit that this sex was so different.  He had already made her cum more than her husband had in the last 3 years. In a way it  was better than she could ever imagined with her dildo.

Maria could feel his cock now nudging against her cervix and she was getting weak and sore from the force fucking she was getting from his huge cock and what seemed like a long time he stop and said to her. “You’re starting to like it aren’t you and you know you want my huge cock buried inside you fucking you until it hurts.” She tried to move but he just slipped his huge cock deeper into her ravaged vagina and the pain was blinding. Her knees were scraping on the concrete with each thrust.  She started to sob hysterically from the pleasure and pain she was getting from having his cock in her vagina and she started to cum over and over again as her tight vagina started to squeeze his huge cock deep inside her. Then he started to shove deeper into her than before. “Cum please she screamed.  I want it.”  She wanted it to end.

With those words then he tensed one last time and exploded deep inside her and flooded her vagina with his black seed and spewed a large amount of his black seed into her vagina.

He pulled his huge cock out and pushed her to the ground and said, “You liked that didn’t you?  You liked being fucked like a cheap whore,” and Maria looked up and nodded yes and he forced her to her knees  again and rubbed his cock against her lips and forced his cock into her mouth. She tried to pull away as his cock stank and it was huge and hard again, but he grabbed her hair and face fucked her hard as the cock was sliding in and out of her mouth her lips started to wrap around his shaft and started to lick the head of his cock. She could barely fit it in her mouth.  He suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot a blast of hot cum on her face and she open her mouth to catch the rest of his cum which splattered on her lips, mouth and her chin. Maria thought that he had finished, but he pushed her to the cold and dirty ground and began to part her legs again until they were spread eagled.  Maria turned around and looked up and her eyes soon fixed on his huge black cock.  Who is this guy?  He came twice and  it was still hard and full of blood and she knew what was going to happen.

He got down between her legs and told her to put his cock in her wet vagina and she did it without much fuss because she wanted it inside her.  She felt the head of his warm cock slip into her vagina and she felt her labia being spread by the huge cock. She closed her eyes and then watched his cock disappear inside her as he began to push his huge black cock into her again this time with more ease but with some discomfort from the soreness of all the friction. He pushed into her vagina which was lubricated by the cum that was already dripping out of her. The sensation of his cock was delicious, dark and dirty. As his cock passed the entrance to her still tight and sore vagina she felt terror and overwhelming joy as his cock drove deep inside her. Maria could not believe that his huge black cock had entered her wet vagina again and she could feel the immense pressure of him forcing her open and taking control of her vagina Part of her wanted him to just ram it all the way in deep and drive her senseless.

He was fucking her slowly at first and then her started to fuck her harder and faster and he began to buried his cock deeper inside her and Maria unconsciously began to raised her legs up in the air to allow his cock access to her vagina and then he said You fucking whore I’m going to cum in your vagina so deep you know you want it so just let go and don’t fight it. This time he fucked her faster and faster his cock drove deep into her and she started to scream that she was coming and wanted him to breed her with his black seed and give her a black baby. Maria had surrendered completely to her attacker as her continued to fuck her.

Maria could not stop the grunts and groans that where coming from her mouth each time his cock sank into her vagina and she had started to enjoy the feeling of this huge black cock filling her vagina. He stop and started to pull his cock out until just the head of his cock was in and then he forced his cock back in and started to build up speed slowly at first and then speeded up and she started scream with lust and he told her, “I knew you’d be a good fuck the moment I saw your Corporate Ass walk into the bar.  I knew you just needed to be taught how to enjoy it.  I’m going to teach you how to respect the power of the black cock.” With that he grabbed her thighs and started to jackhammer his huge cock deep inside her. He wanted to fuck all resistance out of her and make her his slut. He began to fuck her faster and she began to moan as he was giving her the brutal fucking she yearned for in her life. He had claimed her vagina as his own and he was fucking her like a common whore. And all she could say was “Oh Yes Just like that Yes,” she moaned and she wanted more and more of him inside her and she was more turned on that she had ever been in her entire life. She looked between her legs and saw this black stranger fucking her with his huge cock and she was lost in it all.

Maria was starting to lose control and knew that she had fallen prey to this huge black cock and she was fucked like never before. Then suddenly Maria felt her thighs and legs tighten as her vagina headed over the edge into a shattering orgasm. And then she screamed as the waves of ecstasy overtook her and she had a thundering orgasm and her whole body started to shake. She thought, “Wow, so this is what an orgasm feels like.  What have I been missing?” She was returned to reality by his voice saying, “I’m going to cum inside you you dirty whore” as he kept fucking her until he shot his black seed inside her vagina and filled her up. Maria could feel him pump his black seed deep inside her and blasted her vagina with his cum. After he had come he left his cock inside her for a few minutes to make sure he had fill her up with his black seed to make sure he had breed her. After some time he pulled his cock out and stood over her and look at the slut and the power he had over her as cum dripped off his cock and onto her belly.. Maria was lying on the ground with cum over her body and leaking from her vagina and she had been used for degrading sex by a black man. At least it was finally over and she could report this to the police.  Then she’s go to the hospital for DNA samples.

He pulled out his phone and took a photo of her ravaged body with her face in shock and he took some more photos of her as well as a short video. What was he doing?  Why would he want evidence on his phone? He pulled her wallet from her purse and took a photo of her driver’s license and business card with her name and address on it and then tossed it on the ground. He told her if you tell anyone about what happen or tell the police then I will send these photos to your husband, family, co-workers and friends and see how you explain photos of you naked with cum leaking out of your vagina. Before he left he untied her hands and left her on the floor.

Maria laid spread eagle with her cum filled vagina and naked body on display for any body who come along to see. What would she do now? Video surveillance footage would show that she begged for it and liked it.  She watched silently as he walked away and disappeared into the night. Everything was silent and Maria could feel the cum leaking out of her vagina and her body started to feel numb.  After 5 minutes she got the energy to get up and pick up what was left of her clothes and put her jack on and put her panties on and made her way to her car. She look in the trunk to see if she had any other clothes see could wear and she found an old pair of sweatpants and she put them on with her jacket and got in her car and drove home in the hopes that her husband was not there yet.She couldn’t go to the police now.  She’ll just take her pill, hope she didn’t get a disease from the guy and pretend it didn’t happen. When she got home she saw that her husband was not home so she quickly opened the garage door, drove her car in the garage, and shut the garage door behind her. She got what was left of her clothes and took them inside.  She took her jacket off and her panties and threw everything into the laundry bag and hid them in her wardrobe.  When she got up in the morning for work she would put them in the waste bin throw out the evidence. She looked at her naked body in the mirror and she saw that her body was covered in bruises and there was cum leaking from her vagina on to the carpet. She got a pair of old panties to wipe up the cum and put them in the wash basket in the bathroom and used the toilet and wiped her vagina.  Then she turned on the shower and had a shower to try and wash away the dirt and at the same time she got flash backs of the rape and started to sob.  Why did she like it so much?

After Maria had finished her shower she got a towel and dry herself down until she went back into the bedroom turn the bedside lamp on and turn the main light off and looked for a nightdress and cover herself with the sheets and try to get some sleep, and put an end to a horrible nightmare.  She tossed and turned all night, sobbing.  She woke up several times with nightmares and flashbacks.  This unfortunately would be just the beginning of her nightmares.

Look for – Part 2 The Morning After