50 Shades of Rebecca

Made in the Shade

We are having heat waves all throughout the United States this summer. It is just unbearably hot. So there is nothing better than following me. We can beat the heat together. In fact I prefer to stay out of the harsh direct sunlight. I would much rather hide in the shade and not get burned and dehydrated out there. What have you been doing to beat the heat? I am so excited this week to show you not only the flora of my garden, but also a little bit of my flower between my legs. I don’t know if I can help cool you like an ice cold drink or air conditioning, but if you can bear with me, I promise to keep you cool.

This summer share some time with me in the shade. If the shadows are really good, perhaps we can play together and provide natural air conditioning. They say that Fifty Shades is the hottest novel out there. Perhaps you and I can keep it cool. I promise if you come in and take a look around that you’ll at least feel refreshed. So come on in and take a cool and refreshing sip of life. CLICK HERE!

Welcome Home: Would you like Dinner or Dessert?

One of the great parts of working in the financial brokerage sector in the Western US is that although your day starts very early, your day ends early and you miss all the traffic going home. Better yet, for a woman, you can get home to welcome your man when he comes home. For me, it is always nice, to freshen up, get sexy, and make him a meal that would put a smile on his face. You see, although I am a provider in the house, I still like to treat my man like a king. Just think of me as the perfect welcome mat when you come home. Let’s just say my husband doesn’t work late very often.

Does this work for you? You might wake up in the morning to an empty bed, but when you get home, I will have already warmed it up for you. Come on in and try it out. After that commute home, loosen that tie, open the door, and see what awaits you not inside Rebecca’s Office, but Rebecca’s Home.

In-Room Stripper

Room Service?

One of the things my boys like to do to me is tease me by making me do a striptease in their rooms. Usually by the time we get back to the room after a night of dancing and drinking I am so ready for it. I’ve usually already pulled my panties off and am ready to slide down their long pole and begin a long night of dancing between the sheets. But lately I’ve found that they would rather sit back and make me dance and strip for them. It is so frustrating as I’d rather just throw myself into their strong arms. What do you think? Is this any way to treat a horny lady?

Hey guys, sometime a girl wants to be romanced. Sometimes we just to be tossed down on the bed, have our legs spread, close our eyes and enjoy the ride. But if you want a little pre-sex dance, then maybe you just ought to enter the room, get a front row seat and watch my show. I’ll be sure to get your engine revved up.

Sin City Holiday Greetings Update

Sin City Greetings

You know me.  It might be the eve of Christmas, but I’m still working hard for you.  Or is that working late to get you hard?…Hmmm…Yes this is the holiday season and time to celebrate.  I really mean it.  Take the time to reflect on what you have that you really enjoy and cherish it.  For me, I just worship the wonderful life and friends that I have!  That means I also love all those members, especially the ones that send me little emails and messages of encouragement.  You all give that feeling that makes me want to go out and play outside of my marriage and share the love with others.   You may not think that Sin City is the right place to spend the holidays, but if you’ve never been, try it and you’ll like it!

Have you been to Vegas lately?  Let me take you high over the brightest and naughtiest city in the Western Hemisphere!  When in Vegas, you gotta get naked!  Grab those binoculars and take a look around inside my club!