Update: Giving Thanks to The Real Women of @RebeccasOffice

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

This time of year I always look back on those who have helped me along the way.  Rebecca’s Office is not just a website business, but it has been an effort of a community of women who bring you the best in real sexy content.  I have been so lucky to have hired and presented to you many of my beautiful colleagues over the years.  Many people ask me all the time about the other women who have worked with me that they have seen on these pages and I thought I’d sum it up for all of you and present you with some never seen before photos that will be sure to make you consider my Office as one of “The Greatest Places to Work in America”.  Now I must warn you, not everyone has been a great employee.  We have had to let some go.  Want to meet all my interns, my founding partner, my top salesperson, my interim President, and my temp employees?  How did I pick these women to work with me?  Check out the size of their butts!  These are just some of the women I want to introduce you to.  We all know American women are what make America great.  Let’s give thanks to them! (Some old photos and some never seen before photos).

Where are they now?  People ask me all the time whatever happened to many of the girls who have worked here with me.  So you want the scoop on Taylor Upton, Christina Noir, Dreamnet Jill, Samanthan, Milan etc. (15 girls plus me)?   You’ll have to check out this update as I open their personnel files and tell you what happened to all of the women who have worked for me.   CLICK HERE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THE REAL and FANTASTIC WOMEN OF RebeccasOffice.

RebeccasOffice New Rates – Rewarding Rebecca

As we end June and jump into July and I finish what will be my 11th year on Dreamnet, we have been thinking about all the wonderful people who follow us here.
I for one have always touted that I prefer those members who have been with me from the very beginning and treat them just like I would as if we were in a real long-term relationship.  I’ve not once taken a break from my weekly updates here on Dreamnet and many of you don’t take breaks from all of your wonderful worship of me.
So Dreamnet has decided that it is time to give my loyal followers a little break for all of your support.  Now when you SIGN UP OR RENEW for my site and you plan to stay with me for a bit, you will be rewarded.  See, your commitment to me and RebeccasOffice.com and Dreamnet does have rewards…  Below is a breakdown of the new benefit.

Membership Sign up: $19.95, renewal rate is $17.95.  If you keep your membership for three months, your renewal rate will drop to just $15.95 a month on the 4th month of membership and each month there after as long as you are a member…  There is also a three month recurring option:  $54.95 for the first billing and then on the next 3 month billing it will reduce to $44.95.  It will rebill at $44.95 every three months there after as long as you are a loyal member to my site.. CLICK HERE for the new rates and renew now.

My Apology, My Punishment


Dear Fans,

I’m so sorry for being a flirt and leaving you with raging boners.  A couple of my lovers have told me that what I did last week in my “Flirty” update was not nice and that I needed to pay for what I did.  And now I am apologizing.  I did not mean to hurt anyone.  I just want you all to want me and lust after me.  If that means I need to be held captive and take my punishment, then that is what I will do.  I didn’t meant to hurt you all, but I guess I will have to take my medicine.  So I am here.  Punish me.  Tell me what you want to do to me.  I’m a big girl and will admit my mistakes when I am wrong and suffer the consequences.

 Humbly,  Rebecca


To  Rebecca’s fans,

 This is Rebecca’s husband..  We are sorry that Rebecca flirted with you last week and gave you all blue balls.  She has no idea how much that hurts.  We got lots of letters saying how cruel that was to torture you all like that.  I listened to her lovers and they said we needed to publicly punish her.  We hope we were able to ease your pain.  We caught Rebecca when she wasn’t looking and have prepared her for you. 

CLICK HERE to see Rebecca punished!

The Small Town Slut

I am a small town girl and always have demanded attention. One fantasy of my mines has always been to be not only the head honcho of a small town, but also to be the town floozy. It was like the days of the wild west when the girl in the saloon served beers to all the men, got them drunk, slept with the men, and then stole all of their gold from their pockets while they lay naked on the bed after a romp in the hay. Oh the power I’d wield! Who says a girl needs a six-shooter to create law and order. This sounds terrible doesn’t it? Well I’ve always clamored for the attention and being a good girl sometimes puts me behind the eight ball. I want to get things that the bad girls seem to always get.

Hey bartender, do you think that this town is big enough for the two of us? Well maybe I challenge you to a dual. You don’t think a little lady like myself could run this town do you? Well sometimes a good girl gone bad has more power than you think. You don’t believe me? Then come inside and I’ll show you that I can be real bad. In fact, I’m going to prove it to everyone. Come on pardner, saddle up and let me show you around. CLICK HERE

Rebecca’s Secret Hideaway….it’s a secret

Secret Hideaway

Have I waited this long to tell you about my secret
hideaway? Yep. It is a peaceful place I run off to when I want to get away from
everything in my home. Some of you have your “Man Cave”. Well I have my “Nest”
at the top of my house where I surround myself with fantasy. I figured it would
be time to show all of you where I go to get away from it all. I also have some
great memories here. It is my room of memories from all the great trips in my
life. I bet if you look closely, you can find some pretty interesting artifacts.
So come on up to the top of my world. Study close as there will be a quiz at the
end of this pictorial! : )

Some people say I shouldn’t be alone in this
room. Well I beg to differ. That is why I am inviting all o you up to my special
room. I think you’ll find that it offers some very interesting opportunities. I
personally think that there are some great things you and I could do here. BTW,
you won’t believe it, but I have never ever had sex in this room. I swear that I
never have. Well, maybe when you take a look, you can give me a sense of where I
should do it. So come on up, come on in, and let’s have a party. CLICK HERE

Do you play with Stiff shafts & White Balls?

The many of you who are following me on Twitter and Facebook have been asking about my golf game. Additionally I was recently asked by an industry organization if I would join them as a “Golf Gal” at a tournament where each tee and hole would be hosted by a girl in a bikini on the course this summer. This is an intriguing opportunity although I sure hope the golf course is okay with the idea. Honestly I’d rather play on the course rather than be a golf babe. So have you got the balls to swing with me? Let’s find out. I’ve never been on a course in a bikini, so I thought I’d try and figure out what that might feel like. Maybe I can just lay down in a sandy bunker and get a tan.

In addition to this pictorial, a member of my site sent me a hat from his country club. Can you figure out the golf course from the logo on my hat? If you can figure it out and have been or are currently a member of my site, send me an email with the name of the golf club and you will win a free month of membership to my website. Are you ready? Come on in, check out my hat and let me swing your club around. CLICK HERE!

Will You be My Valentine?

Despite the fact that I grew up on a rural farm, my parents were always impressing on me that I needed to practice the social graces. I was always sent to practice “how to be a lady” when I was growing up. This including had to talk, walk, dress, etc. I know it sounds old school, especially since the other 6 days of the week, I would forget everything they were trying to teach us. Nevertheless, I was a good student and today since I live in a big city, many of the things I learned I am able to practice in today’s world. I find that trying to be classy though is such a snobby thing, so I try to be sassy as well. I hope you feel that I impress that on you. In every update I try to impress upon you that I am a proper woman with class, but at the same time one who likes to stray from the straight, the narrow, and the boring.

My husband says I am the ideal woman. He could take me to a White House Press conference yet at the same time I’d feel equally as comfortable at a Southern country picnic. He is right. I like to pride myself on the fact that I can feel comfortable in any environment. So today I want to show you that yes the modern woman can me both classy and sassy at the same time. In fact, I want you to take a look and tell me what you prefer. Do you prefer a woman to be classy or sassy? CLICK HERE!

Rebecca’s Liquor Cabinet & Contest

Where does a girl hide her liquor? I’ll never tell, but I can tell you how she likes to hold her licker. Either way it can be very refreshing. Honestly I’ve been trying to kick the habit, so my husband removed all of my favorites from the cabinet and hid them, but I’ve found a few bottles here and there. Now I have to sneak around the house to get to that sweet taste on my lips. Besides, after a long day I need a little wetness on my lips. My gosh, you don’t think I have a problem do you? By the way, I don’t like to drink alone. You can be my designated licker. Think you can do that? Yeah, I think you’ll be under the table. (CONTEST ALERT) And if you are one of the first 2 to tell me the nickname of the expensive wine in the member’s section of this pictorial, I’ll give you an additional month free membership.

My liquor cabinet has some pretty late hours! Do you think you can help out? I’ll sneak out around a little after midnight. Meet me in the kitchen and I’ll show you where the secret stash is. We’ll have to be very quiet. Do you want to see how well I hold a woman like me holds her liquor? Then I will see you there. Don’t forget to bring your ID, I only serve those properly aged.