I’ve been a very bad girl, but that’s okay.

People ask me and my husband all the time about our relationship. Let me just say to all of you that we love each other and everything I do is what he wants. Does it cause some discomfort sometimes? Of course, but it is all good. There is no hiding it from my husband these days. When I came home at 3am in the morning the other day, he knew what I had been up to. To be honest, he’s lucky I even come home to keep up appearances. Sometimes I just stay out all night. There is no hiding it. What I need can’t be found in my house, so I need to go out and get it. At first it would be just weekends, but now it is like a bad scratch that I need to have itched. I go whenever I need it. Do I love my husband? Oh yes I do, but I can’t give him what he needs anymore either. It just wouldn’t be fair. When I came home on this eve, I caught my husband with his cock in his hand. I felt so bad…., but I couldn’t help him and he seemed disappointed. So I thought I’d dedicate this pictorial to him and all of you. I was bad, very bad….and I’m sorry. Well…just a little bit.

I’m not a bad girl and I’m sorry that I have to share this message to my husband with all of you, but this is an open marriage and Dreamnet has helped me to find my voice and my sexuality. There is no secret that I have become a bit of a slut for large cock since I came on here. It has been an amazing transformation for me, but please don’t hate me. My husband would like me to be even more naughty. I know, you must be wondering how much more naughty I can be. I know my husband still loves me and I love him too. I want you all to know this. So what happens when he’s sexually frustrated and I’m satisfied? This pictorial is a re-enactment of a little tete-a-tete we had the other night.…Want to dance with the Devil? CLICK HERE!

Rebecca’s Office Goes Red

I recently ran a poll in the Dreamnet Forums about the color of a woman’s lingerie and I guess I inspired a pretty heated debate. I never thought something that men rip off our bodies would be such a popular topic (see Topic in The Dreamnet Fourm!) Well it had a profound effect on one of my members who said that he needed to send me lingerie in his favorite color. Two days late a bra and panty set arrived and I felt it only appropriate that given the spirit I should wear red for the holiday. I don’t often get to respond to a user’s need that quickly so I figured I’d show all of you how I listen and try to address the needs of all my members. I hope you enjoy!

I know I gave you all a Valentine’s update last week but I figured why not give you all what you want! When this number arrived in the mail, I just had to slip into this. I never owned a balconette bra with my breasts exposed before. So do you like the color red? If you haven’t answered the poll in the Dreamnet Forum yet, check the link above and let us know your favorite lingerie color. Don’t like the color red? Well then come inside and rip this little number off my body! I’m ready for you. CLICK HERE!

Take Rebecca for a Test Drive

Okay, we are coming up on my 7th anniversary on Dreamnet and you know that I have a bit of an itch to change things up from time to time. I mean, I don’t like sitting still. Well go figure that my husband decides to have a mid-life crisis of his own. Like every man, he wants to dump the old model for the new one. Fortunately it was a car and not his wife that he wanted to replace. So he called up a local exotic car broker and asked if they could bring over a car or two to our house for a test drive. I don’t know what came over me but I got a little jealous. I thought I was his favorite ride! Yet he decided to bring over this hot young number. Maybe I needed to remind him of my benefits!

Part of a great relationship is reminding your partner or partners who is the Boss! Me, jealous? No! Well that is the challenge, so when he brought home a new toy, I needed to bring out the big guns! So if you had to decide, which motor would you want to start? I’ve been holding out. This week you see something you’ve never seen on this site. I have a guest on my site that you’ve never met before! Come in and see!

Little Red Rebecca Riding Hood

Who’s Afraid of THE BIG BAD WOLF? He just wants to eat me!

This is the story of Rebecca, an innocent wife and businesswoman from the ‘hood who was lusted for by every construction worker, bus driver and business person who laid their eyes on her ass. One day she found a red velvet jacket at the department store and fell in love with it so much that they called her Little Red Rebecca. Once hot day, Rebecca wore a minidress under that coat, and before she took off for work her husband reminded her not to talk to strangers or take off the coat before she got to work. He knew she was still innocent and could easily be tempted. She promised him that she would, but that morning would be the last of innocent Rebecca.

Does this story sound familiar? Well it is no fable. This story has a surprise ending and might not be the same as some other similar stories that you might have heard. All I can tell you that there is no moral to this story. In fact there are mo morals at all! Why don’t you sit back in bed, lay back close your eyes and let me read you a sweet story. If you get a little scared I promise to hold your hand or something else.