Member Erotica Chapter 31 – Life of a Black Cock Slut

Chapter 31. Rebecca’s Black Master Gets Is Revenge Part1.

Rebecca woke up early on New Year’s Day and her body was sore after the New Year’s Eve party.  When she rolled over to kiss her Black Master he woke up. She told him that she needed to leave as she had agreed to spend New Year’s Day with her kids and pick up more of her belongings. Her husband was still upset with her and she had yet to sit down with her family to tell them her side of the story.

Her Black Master was not pleased as he had wanted to spend it with her. He reluctantly agreed and she said that she would be back on the 3rd.  They had a New Year’s Day brunch and then packed up and drove back to his place. When they got to his place she kissed him hard on the lips before he got out of the car and she said, “See you in 4 days. I wish I could stay here, but I need to get my stuff in order. I will be back on Friday, the 5th. You understand, right?”  Trevor nodded, but he disagreed and was upset.  He knew she was right, but it didn’t mean he was happy. He decided he was going to make her pay for not staying with him and when she left, he phoned a friend and asked him if he could do something for him. He told him that he wanted his new white slut to be taught a lesson and they discussed all the details. Afterwards they agreed about the plan.  They agreed that on Wednesday the 3rd, they’d put their plan to work.

The next two days Rebecca revealed to her family that her Company had given her a new assignment and that she was going to have to move away to help open a new office.  She had talked with Al about it and they had agreed it was for the best and that although it would be tough, it was the best for her career and that she would be back occasionally to visit.  Their dad would hire someone to come live with them to help take care of the house, do shopping and other things. There was lots of sadness but everyone understood.  It was of course a lie, but Al just wanted her out of this house.  Rebecca thought it would be a relief, but she was sad. She almost didn’t go through with it, but Al had reminded her that she needed to keep her “slutty cheating pussy” out of their house.

Rebecca’s first day of work for the new year started like any other day and as she went to work she parked her car and went in her building.  The office was fairly empty.  Most of the staff had taken the rest of the week off. Most of her own as the rest of the staff would be back next Monday. It was a new year, but Rebecca did remember to do her striptease and put on her lunchtime show for the security camera.  She enjoyed doing it. She had dressed a little sexier that day with a blouse that she had unbuttoned one extra button, a skirt that was a couple inches shorter than she would normally wear, and heels that were a couple inches taller.  Nobody would really see her like that at work but it still made her feel sexy and showing off to the security cameras was easy and anonymous.  The day flew by and she packed up to commute home.  She left the building and headed to the garage. It was empty except for her car and a van that was parked next to it. Rebecca put her bag in the trunk and was about to get in her car when a man jumped out of the van behind her and she felt a hand clamped around her mouth and then she felt a pinch as someone injected her with a knock out drug and soon she had passed out. One of the men picked her up and pulled her into the van. Her mouth was gagged and her hands and feet were taped and a blindfold was placed over her eyes. Her Black Master grabbed her keys and followed the van of the kidnappers to a deserted house on the outskirts of town. When they got there they stopped the in front of a deserted building and one of the men slid open the van door and carried the petite comatose financial executive, threw her over his shoulder and carried her into the warehouse and into a room which had a mattress on the floor.  He tossed her onto it and they left the room to wait for her to wake up and after 20 minutes they went back in the room and she was struggling and whimpering.  Trevor joined the other three men but stood behind a curtain and pushed the record button to began filming the action to put on the RebeccasOffice website.

When Rebecca woke up she could not see anything because of the blindfold and she felt someone near the mattress and he pulled the blindfold off and the gag out of her mouth.  The room was still poorly lit except for a dim overhead lamp that allowed just enough light for Trevor’s video camera. Her hands and legs were untied and she screamed out for help but one of the men told her “You can scream all you want bitch, but no one will hear you” and then she try to escape and struggled with them but one of the men slapped her across the face saying, “Shut up bitch and do as you are told”. Rebecca was stunned at first but kept on struggling with the men as they lifted her up and placed her on a chair with one of the men holding her hands behind her back. She suddenly realized these were the same men who had raped her in her home.  She began kicking and screaming, “No. Stop. Please don’t rape me,” but then one of the men held her arms above her head as the second man got between her legs and pushed her skirt up and ripped her panties off and stuffed them in her mouth to shut her up and slapped her across the face again and said, “It isn’t rape if you allow us to do it and you enjoy it. Now I suggest you read this note so that we can document your compliance.  If you don’t comply we know where you live and we can’t guarantee people won’t get hurt and it is all your responsibility. Do you understand?  If so, smile and read this.”  She thought about her family and their safety and nodded.  As she nodded, she felt her hands being released and she grabbed the note, wiped her tears and began to read:

“Hi my name is Maria Ferrante and I am a white whore slut for black cock.  I really can’t get enough and like to be dominated by black bulls.  What you are about to see might look scary and rough, but it is exactly want and love.”

Rebecca paused for a second and began to shake.  She wasn’t sure what to do next.  She looked up at her assailant, recognizing him from her house.

Rebecca noticed that they were all fierce looking big black men over 6ft tall. The man between her legs began to rip her blouse open and the buttons flew everywhere.  “That’s my favorite blouse,” she said, but they ignored her as the man behind her pulled her bra down and exposed her breasts and pinched nipples.  It hurt, but Rebecca could feel her body responding.  Her breasts were exposed for them to see and one of the men shouted out, “Look at the size of those breasts” and Rebecca felt so ashamed someone started licking her nipples. She was helpless as the three men swarmed over her. The man between her legs began to fondle, lick and suck her breasts and then he grabbed her legs at the ankles and pushed them back to her chest and the other man had no trouble holding her left arm and leg in his left hand and her right arm and leg in his right hand and Rebecca was crying and pleading with them “Please don’t hurt me I want to go home” but laughed and told her “Your going nowhere bitch anytime soon.”  A couple of flashes happened as someone took some Polaroids.

Then the man between her legs suddenly pushed a finger inside her vagina and she gasp at the feeling and closed her eyes. Her eyes watered and she began to moan.  He fucked her vagina with his finger until he felt her getting wet and then he slipped his finger out and she saw him pull his pants down revealing his hard black cock and it was big. As he moved between her legs she felt him spread her vagina open and with a hard thrust he forced his cock deep into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  “Yeah baby, you like it don’t you?  I’m gonna make you loose so the only cocks you’ll need are black ones.” He was right.  Rebecca could feel it going and then moaned, “Yes, it feels so good.”  This went on for some time until she felt him take his cock out until the head of his cock was left in her vagina and then she felt him forced his entire cock all the way in her vagina and his cock hit her cervix and she cried out, “Oh my God, you’re so big”. He stopped for a moment to kiss her and she responded. But he pulled away, saw her looking at his cock with lust as she reached down and spread her pussy lips herself and he responded by fucking her hard and fast and soon Rebecca felt a tingle start in her vagina and the other men let go of her and watched their mate fuck this white bitch as she changed from an unwilling captor into a whore.  He then reached underneath her and stood up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and he fucked her standing up as she bounced up and down on his cock. The man then pushed her back onto the mattress and grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the mattress as he was fucking her and soon the feeling became more intense for Rebecca. She tried to not let them know she was getting pleasure from the feelings she felt, but his dirty talk turned her on. “Yes, stretch me out baby,“ and soon she had a powerful orgasm and screamed out, “Fuck!  Don’t stop!  Right there!  You’re gonna make me cum! Arggggg!” And has she squirted on his cock he thrusted hard in her vagina and soon he pushed his cock all the way in and she felt his cock cum deep inside her vagina and he lay on top of her with his cock still inside her vagina. She could feel it continue to pulse for over a minute.

Rebecca felt his cock was still hard in her vagina and he then began to slowly thrust his cock inside her vagina and started to fuck her again and she soon started to response to the feeling of his cock in her vagina and moaned and he said “You love having a black cock in your vagina don’t you bitch.” He pushed deep and hard and repeated, “Don’t ya bitch.” Rebecca’s voice was his and shrill and half crying apologetically, “Yes I do.  I love it.” Soon she was having another powerful orgasm and screaming out loud that she was cumming. Her assailant kept fucking her and scaring her “Mmm, you love it. Oh yes, you are addicted to black cock. I’m gonna feed that addiction and teach you how to be a whore.”  He pointed at her little Queen of Spades tattoo and said “They will only need to look at your gaping pussy to know what you are.  You won’t need a tattoo. Then he stopped talking and pushed his cock deep inside her vagina and filled her vagina with another load of black seed deep inside her.  “Damn this little whole needs only black seed.” His cock was still pulsing when he wrote on her abdomen, “BLACK BREEDING HOLE”. Rebecca look on in shock as she watched him write the words and felt his hot load pump inside her and thought about how the best penis she ever felt belonged to a man she didn’t even know.  She was being humiliated and yet she was so turned on.  The thought of being so naughty and letting these men use her body to survive turned her on and suddenly she had another powerful orgasm and covered his cock in her cum. When he was finished he pulled his cock out of her vagina and his cum and hers started to leak out out of her pussy down to her ass and onto the mattress.  Rebecca’s legs began to shake. She felt weak and helpless.

The men then tied her wrists and ankles together. They started whispering and went behind a clack curtain where the Black Master had stood and watched and left her alone in the room. She pulled her legs to her body and lay on her side and curled up in a ball and cried as she wondered what next they were going to do to her and she decided that when they come back to attack her again then she would fight back and not make it easy, but she soon passed out.  The drugs had taken effect again and she feel into a deep sleep.

While she was asleep, they reinjected her with more sedatives and took more Polaroids with her BBC writings on her abdomen and then they wrote on her butt too in black marker.  They laughed and stuck their cocks in her unconscious mouth and came in it, smearing it all over her lips.

A couple hours later Rebecca was awakened by the sound of the men walking back into the room and shutting the door. Her Black Master silently remianed hidden behind the curtain.  As her eyes opened she saw that the three men were back standing around the mattress.  She licked her chapped lips and tasted the saltiness of their cum.  She had no idea what they had done when she was passed out. They were all naked and had big hard black cocks hanging between their legs and she readied herself to fight them. When the first man spoke it surprised her as he called her by name and said “Maria are you going to be a good bitch and do as you are told?” She wanted to know how they knew her name but instead she barked at them, “Don’t You Dare Touch Me or I will Kick You In The Balls”, but it was the worst thing to do and she did not realize until it was too late. Then they all pounced on her.  Over 600 lbs of male muscle jumped on her and the first man pinned her hands down and the second man spread her legs and forced his cock into her dry vagina. Rebecca screamed out, “No……..No you’re hurting me.  Why are you doing this?,” she screamed out as he was fucking her and he slapped her across the face.

“Mmmmm, I am going to make this pussy mine. My cock is the only cock that will give you pleasure after today. Oh yeah baby, I’m gonna follow you home after this and watch you.  You better not call the cops cuz we will be watching.”  She tried to put it out of her mind but she felt her body shake as she was having another powerful orgasm.  His cock felt so good as his cock rubbed against her clitoris.  As soon as his cock finished pumping, he swited with the second man and soon the second man was cumming and filling her vagina with his black seed. When the second man finished, he pulled his cock out of her vagina and the third man forced his cock into her vagina almost before the second man could pull out.  “Choo-Choo”, yelled the third man.  Rebecca had no idea what a train was and that it was what they were doing. They were not giving her pussy a break.  “Yeah, she is a cock whore. Aren’t you bitch?  You know you shouldn’t be doing it but you just can’t stop!  Your husband is gonna want to fill you up tonight and you will want it but his tiny little cock will be so unsatisfying.  Your stretched pussy will feel so unfulfilled you wll be begging for our cocks.”  He started to fuck her and soon the second man stuck his cock into her face and told her to suck his cock and he began to force his cock into her mouth and told her to suck it.  She opened her mouth and he forced it down her throat. Soon as he was fucking her mouth it was going down her throat every time and making her gag, but she got used to it as he was telling her “Suck that black cock bitch. She’s a little white whore.  I like it.  Let’s keep her”. Soon he was saying “I am going to cum in this whore’s mouth” and he held her head and told her “You’re going to take every last drop of my cum bitch and if you don’t swallow it all you will be sorry,” and then he came in her mouth and most of it was on her tongue and he told her “Open your mouth and show us all” and when she opened her mouth they saw his most of the cum on her tongue and he told her “Close your mouth and swallow it all down your throat” and when she closed her mouth it slowly slid down her throat, then reopened her mouth to show him she swallowed it all.

Suddenly the third man pulled out and turned her around and forced her head down on the mattress, pressing his hand on her head and pinning her head down. He then forced his cock into her vagina from behind and the first man pushed his cock into her face and opened her mouth and started to suck his cock. As the third man was fucking her vagina hard and fast Rebecca was having another powerful orgasm and she was moaning as she was sucking the first man. Soon the third man was filling her vagina with his black seed and when he pulled his cock out he looked over to the first man and told him “I’m going to fuck her ass” and Rebecca pleaded, “Please no!” but her words were garbled with the cock in her mouth. The first man looked at her and said “Rebecca we know you like to be fucked in the ass” so the third man pulled her ass into the air and began to spread her ass cheeks and the first man told the second man to go and get some lube and he went out and soon returned with a tube of lube. He told Rebecca to hold her ass cheeks apart.  When she resisted he whacked her across the butt and she screamed and sobbingly reached back to spread her cheeks as the third man spread some lube on his fingers and he slowly pushed his fingers into her ass. Rebecca’s eyes teared up as he slowly moved his finger in and out. He removed his fingers and slowly pushed the head of his cock to her ass pushed slowly at first but then he pushed hard and his cock was in her ass. Rebecca screamed out at the shock despite how good it felt.  She knew she was going to enjoy it, but she did not want them to see. As her ass was forced to take his cock and he pushed her face deeper into the mattress she was filled with warmth. Soon the resistance became an uncontrolled desire.  The sensation of his cock in her tight ass was even more incredible than her stretched pussy. She was whimpering, “Uhhh harder. I want it harder. I’m a bad whore and deserve it” and soon she felt him cum in her ass and he pulled it out.  His cum leaked out of her ass and the men all laughed, “Oh yeah, she’s addicted.  This girl ought to be paying us for our cocks!” Rebecca was tired and hoped they were finished as she curled into a ball.

But the first man got on the mattress and told her to put his cock into her vagina and ride him. Rebecca slowly rolled over and put his cock in her mouth to make it stiff and when he was rock hard she slowly got on top of him and put his cock into her vagina, lowering herself down onto his cock.  He grabbed her hips and forced it all the way into her vagina and then the second man got behind her, pushed her forward and forced his cock into her ass and they both fucked her at the same time. “We’re gonna double fuck you. Like our cum?  Want it Maria? Can we dump our black jizz in your pussy?”  Rebecca wanted to say yes but her body was shaking uncontrollably as she had another powerful orgasm and screamed out loud, “Fuck me harder”. And soon they were fucking hard in her vagina and ass and saying “This is a true whore who cannot get enough black cocks” and then the third man stepped up and told Rebecca to open her mouth and he forced his cock in her mouth. Soon the second man was cumming in her ass.  The cum from her ass leaked onto the cock in her pussy and relubed her pussy. “Oh god, this isn’t good,” she cried. Just then then the third man filled her mouth with his cum and when he pulled it out he told her to spit it on her pussy.  He pulled her head back by the hair and she spit the cum from her mouth onto her pussy and the first man’s cock which was still fucking her.  The first man pushed Rebecca onto her back and fucked her more until he was cumming in her vagina.  Rebecca had no more fight in her.  She had no energy left as these men had fucked the life out of her. When he was finished he pulled out his cock and then they all stood over the mattress and laughed.  She had cum dripping out of her holes and dried cum on her face with her mascara and makeup smeared.  She had not yet seen the writing on her body.  One of the men went out of the room and then he came back and without Rebecca seeing he injected the sleeping drug into her arm and waited for her to fall asleep. When she was asleep her Black Master came out from behind the curtain and told them to carry her to her car and put her in the front seat, staged it, locked the car, and threw the keys back in through the open slightly opened window.

He then thanked them for their help. They all drove back downtown where he went upstairs to his hotel apartment. He then edited the video and uploaded it to the RebeccasOffice website.  He then waited for her call.  He smiled deviously.  She would be his now.

An hour later, Rebecca woke up in her car when she heard a noise. Two homeless men were peaking in the car through the window.  It was almost dusk and she quickly assessed she was in an abandoned parking lot in an industrial park.  All she had on was her thong and her bra was pulled down around her waist.  She felt dried cum on her thighs and around her mouth.  She found her ripped blouse and tried to cover up as one of the men asked her to open the door and smiled.

When she sat up she heard her keys fall to the floor and quickly grabbed them, started the car and drove away.  As she drove away she noticed that her purse was open on the passenger seat.  They had taken her cash and the rest of the contents were strewn all over the place.  She pulled over to a safe place and noticed a dozen Polaroids and a note:

Maria, thanks for taking our cum.  We are sure you enjoyed yourself and took some photos for you to remember us.  You didn’t have enough money to pay our normal fee, so we just took whatever you had in your purse.  Now that we know where you live AND work, be ready for us.

She looked around for her skirt but it was nowhere to be found.  She couldn’t go back home like this. What would she say?  She’d have to go back to Trevor’s.  She had some clothes there.  It was now 10pm.  Her family would be worried.  She called home and left a message that she was going to be home in a couple hours.  Her husband was furious.

She arrived back at Trevor’s place.  She looked around and fortunately there was nobody around.  She was going to have to go out in her thong and ripped blouse.  She cleaned up the photos and note and threw everything in her purse.  She took a deep breath and jumped out of her car quickly locking it behind her and raced into the lobby and pressed the button for the elevator.  She kept her face down trying not to catch the eye of anyone.  As she waited a bunch of laughter erupted.  She suddenly looked at herself in the lobby mirror and saw the words, “Ass for Black Cock Only”, written on her ass.  She didn’t notice, but three of the guys laughing were the guys who had just fucked her.  Suddenly the elevator doors opened and she raced in.

She cried as she took the elevator up and when she got to Trevor’s door and knocked desperately.  When Trevor opened the door and saw her, he smiled inside, but faked his best look of horror, “Oh my god, come in!  Who did this to you?”  He held her tight.  “Are you okay?  Should I take you to the doctor?  Are you hurt?”  Rebecca shook her head.  She just wanted Trevor to hold her and keep her safe.  “Don’t worry I will take care of you.  Let’s clean you up.  We need to clean you up and get you home.  I promise you that when we move in together this will never happen to you.”

He helped her out of her clothes and let her take a warm shower and closed the door behind to give her privacy.