Movie Review: Lion

So I thought I’d get this out there before the Oscars air tonight.  My favorite movie of the year is Lion.  Not only is the story just so heart-warming and sad, but the movie is shot so beautifully.  The story is about a little boy in India who gets separated from his family and after almost 25 years starts a journey back to find his family.

Did I mention this is a real story.  Did I cry?  You bet I did.  I saw lots of great movies this year, but I found this one to be the best of them all.  Forget La-La Land.  Every so often a musical comes out and wins awards.  I love Emma Stone, but that movie is overrated.

As for the show?  I love the dresses of the Oscars actresses, but I am not really into the acceptance speeches and politics of it all.  Just wake me in the morning and tell me who won!  Yes I hope it is Lion.

What was your favorite movie?  I obviously liked Rogue One but that movie isn’t winning for anything but special effects.

Rebecca’s Movie Review – Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

thDo you like a good action movie?  I do.  Sometimes it is just good to go to the movies and not have to think or use your brain.  I just want to move to another world and get away from my everyday life.  That is why went to see the new Jack Reacher movie the other night.  Approrpiate the title is Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. HA HA.  Well the truth is that we always go back…or is it black?

Well I loved the first movie formula and Tom Cruise tries to replicate it all:

  • Corrupt action
  • Rogue Vigilante
  • Female needing hunky man who likes to bare his chest
  • Scar under left cheek
  • Snarky funny action scenes
  • The old guy mastermind
  • The tough bad guy soldier who fights Jack to the finish

You’d think with all of that, that it would be great, but something was missing.  I think the story wasn’t as good as the first one.  I also think there were too many sensitive moments for Jack which made him seem weaker.  I almost fell asleep during the movie too.  We went home and watched the original again and agreed that there was something missing.  Maybe more insight into why Jack is the way he is.

It is up to you if you want to see the movie, but I am going to recommend that you wait for it to go “on-demand” .  I give it 2 1/2 erections!


@RebeccasOffice Movie Review – Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins

I love movies that are true stories or depictions.  They help me to enjoy the cornucopia of people in this world.  Mind you I am not a Meryl Streep fan, but this was awesome.  I actually went t the theater in the middle of the afternoon and there were maybe a half dozen people in the audience.  The movie is about an eccentric woman from the early 1900s who helped patronize the New York theater scene.I actually know many people like her in my life as I am sure you do too.  Here is someone who thinks highly of herself, but is so out of touch with the rest of the world that she has no idea how people perceive her.  Normally we’d all look at her and despise her, but in this case you really come to appreciate and through understanding, accept and applaud this woman.

Florence Foster Jenkins is a film that also captures the modern world of social media and real world culture.  We are all too familiar these days with these televised talent shows where normal people sing for celebrity judges and come to the harsh realization that they are not as good as they sound..

I was even inspired to look up more about her true life story.  There is a whole documentary on her on Youtube and you can hear her real recordings as narrated by friends.

I highly recommend seeing this in the theater and watch it as if you are at a concert.  See if you can stop from snickering, or laugh just like everyone else.  It is so funny.  The guy from Big Bang Theory was my favorite.  5 erections for this one for sure!!

Movie Review – 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane

Sometimes you watch a movie and wish you could get the 2 hours of your life back.  That is what I thought after watching this movie.  In a sense the movie does a good job of keeping you guessing up until the last 30 minutes.  So in that sense it holds your attention making you wonder why everything happens the way it happens.  Then in the last 30 minutes you get the answer and…………………it sucks.  And then everything that happened before still goes unanswered.  You are still left wondering what happened the last several hours and why you are left standing there dumbfounded.  If you want to watch a similar movie, watch “The Room”.  It is much better.  I give it two erections out of 10….and they weren’t even that stiff!!


Movie Review – Creed

creedI was curious to see this movie as I saw that Sylvester Stallone got a good review for his acting in the movie.  I also did not like the last one or two of the Rocky series so I was a little cautious.

The movie did not disappoint me.  It had the Rocky formula that people like and it was updated appropriately to keep up with the times.  It still was not as good as the earlier movies in my opinion, but it was better than the recent disappointing movies.  I also like the cinematography.  Notice the fight scenes that go with one camera in one long shot without multiple cuts and angles.  That was really a nice touch.

Sylvestor Stallone’s acting was good but not great, but who sees Rocky movies for the acting?  I don’t.  The story was good and in the end I was rooting for the main character!

I give the movie 4 erections!

Movie Review : Terminator Genisys

I'll Be Back

          I’ll Be Back

No this is not fine film.  This is the Terminator gosh darn it!  I did not see this in the theaters and waited for it to be shown in our house on a Friday night where we could watch some mindless entertainment.   They actually had filmed some of the Los Angeles scenes near our home, so we had been interested in seeing if we recognized any local points of interest.

Well the big pull for this movie was that it brought back the Governator in his original role and it did not disappoint.  Lots of references to the predecessor movies and I think a pretty ingenious yet confusing plot.  But who cares if you sat there and said “How did that happen?”

I was thoroughly entertained and did not fall asleep at all.  I gave this a solid 3 out of 5 blowjobs!

Rabbit Reviews – what happened to a scale of 1-10?

Rabbit’s Review of Rebecca’s Office

Okay so I just got a review from an adult site of 65 out of 100!!  That equates to a 6.5 out of 10.  Believe it or not the rating is above average on the site and other than my girlfriend Elli, I tied for the highest rating on Dreamnet.  The good thing is that the users grade on a curve and actually seemed to be more insightful.  The reviewer had several errors on his report which he fixed after I pointed them out so I am glad he did.

Maybe some of you can go to my review Rabbit’s Review of

Just hit the “Rate” button.  Be honest.  I’m not asking for 100, but I think something in the 80s is a more accurate score, don’t you think?