The Secret of Mrs. Claus


Were you naughty or nice?  That always has been the question, hasn’t it?  Well let me tell you, the naughty big little boys out there get something good too.  That husband of mine parades around with that white beard and that bright red outfit all night long, leaving me home alone.  Isn’t that the story you hear?  Well, I go to all the places he doesn’t.  Yes Mrs. Claus takes care of all the naughty one’s out there.  We naughty ones celebrate a little differently.  Yes, he might be looking at his list and checking it twice, but Mrs. Claus doesn’t care who was nice.

 Want something spicy for the holidays!  I have your free shipping for you as well.  I am the one who believes the holidays are for everyone and in true Christmas spirit makes sure nobody is left out in the cold!  If the Jolly Old Soul has left you with nothing this holiday season, come on in and let Mrs. Claus take care of you.  I’ll keep you warm and cozy.

Santa Needs Help! Rebecca to the Rescue!


I got the call from the North Pole and it appears Old St. Nick once again under-estimated and over-ate this holiday season.  He needed help and I was in the giving mood.  Who doesn’t want to be one of Santa’s little helpers?  The only problem with being a Santa’s helper is that you have to wear the silly uniform.  Those little elves have the worst gig.  The long hours, the terrible location and lastly the ghastly uniforms.  They don’t even get time off during the holidays working for that jolly old fellow!  I mean, even Frosty the Snowman gets to go outside and play in the show with the reindeer.  Well, like I said, who could say NO to Father Christmas!  Can you help me too?!

Like I said, tis the time to get out there and help others.  This means even if I have to put on this silly little uniform, then I will humiliate myself to make sure everyone out there gets a toy!  Now for your job, they are called Santa’s “Little” helpers.  That means the uniforms are a little tight.  Can you help me out?  Come on in and help me take this off!  CLICK HERE


Merry Christmas Interracial Cookies

I know many of you out there might not celebrate the Christian holiday, but to many it is more than just a religious holiday.  It is a day of gathering with ones you love and care about.  It is about celebrating the goodness in al.

Oh who am I kidding?!  It’s about commercialism, football, basketball, lavish gifts and tons of eating!  LOL!

Well whatever you like to believe, I wish you a wonderful day!  I have been doing lots of baking and cooking, but let’s just say my mind wandered a bit today.  I was thinking about 3somes for some reason, so I put a little twist on the idea of a Black and White cookie.

I sure hope you all enjoy.  Tell me which ones you prefer!


Santa Knows where all the Naughty Girls Live

So we all know that jolly old soul in the red suit. Such a cheery gentleman, don’t you think? We all know how his name really is Kris Kringle. We know about his army of toy makers and flying reindeer, but you all probably wonder how he got that laugh! You know the one that everyone knows. When you were a kid didn’t you leave out the milk and cookies for Santa? I used to do that every year when he would slide down the chimney. I’d even bake my very special secret recipe chocolate chip Oreo specials. Then one year I forgot. I felt bad, but I didn’t have the time. What did I get? You guessed it. A lump of coal in my stocking.

All those years of cookies and I miss one year and get a lump of coal. Holy snowballs! I cried for a whole year then realized that I’d pay him back and give him a lump or two! Let’s just say the lump was not in the stocking, but in that crazy red suit. Come on in and really find out why Santa is such a jolly old soul and laughs such a jolly laugh. Yep….HO- HO –HO is how he finds us. CLICK HERE!

Rebecca’s Reindeer Games

Anyone up for Spin the Elf?

Okay, I’ve got a problem. A problem with Santa that is. Why does he mock us girls all the time yelling. “Hos, Hos, Hos!” What did us sluts and hos do to deserve his wrath? Didn’t he always tell us that Christmas is the time for giving? I mean seriously, what does that mean for Mrs. Claus? Does this make her the Madame and Santa the pimp? We’re his real elves just trying to bring peace, laughter and pleasure to all the little naughty little boys out there. The smiles on their faces are so reflective of the wonderful gifts and the joy we bring them! That’s okay. Who needs that jolly old fella anyway to have a happy holiday season.

I mean it us elves, reindeer and everyone else who really make it happen at the North Pole. Without us Santa would be Scrooge. Want to get behind the scenes look at what really makes Christmas? Come on in and let’s play some reindeer games!!

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I’ve been a naughty girl but you know you can put me on your naughty list as usual.  I always love those terrible gifts you give.  Do I miss not getting that sweater or diamond ring?  No.  So this year as always you can have your bad little elves send me whatever you want.  They always know how to punish me with outfits that are a little too tight or embarrassing to wear in public.  I’ll take my medicine as usual.  In case your elves do some shopping this year, here are some places to go (oh and feel free to get something for Mrs. Claus as well):

You can definitely punish me with, very uncomfortable high heels,  stripper poles, sexy shorts and skirts sets, or some nice whips and candy canes for me to suck on!  I’ll be waiting for you to show me your North Pole and will be waiting in anticipation when you cum down my dirty chimney! LOL!

As always,

Your naughty Vixen (I’ll pull on your North Pole tonight), Rebecca