Meet the @RebeccasOffice Mystery Employee of the Month. Recognize Her?

I don’t often tout my employees of the month for their beauty, but this month’s recipient deserves every minute of it.    She doesn’t technically work with me because she is a remote housewife employee.  She has been working here since 2006 and is a partner of my parent company RADMedia as well!  She first built her relationship with us in the Southeast region and has recently moved to the Northeast and is doing a super job.  What is amazing is that in last month’s blog poll my members voted her as the 3rd most similar online personality that they find in common with me.  When you meet her, you will see why she is such a great salesperson.
When I sent her the note via social media to let her know that she was the Employee of the Month, she was so shocked and flattered.  She has moved from a sexy secretary into a sexy salesperson.  Our clients just melt when they hear her speak and when they see her they can’t speak and finally when she puts her touch on them, they are just flat sold.  Have you done business with her before?  You need to see for yourself.  Oh here is the kicker, she has already agreed to do a larger pictorial to show you how she sells.  CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOU GUESSED RIGHT AND HAVE SEEN OUR EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH BEFORE. Shhhh! DON’T TELL ANYONE!
PS – When you finish looking at this pictorial, you should definitely go and join her website!!

Update: Rebecca likes to Strip at Home and at Work. Come See

Evertything comes off but the shoes.

Evertything comes off but the shoes.

If you are like one of my long time employees, Richard, you have a shoe or foot fetish.  So when he heard that I was going to be under new management, he wanted to make sure that his Boss would still be looking good for him and strutting around the office.  He really enjoys watching me teeter around in platform shoes.  When I put these new shoes on, I suddenly felt uneasy.  Not only was I about 5 inches taller, but I felt 5x sexier.  It reminded me of my earlier days at the strip clubs.  I am going to do a video with these shoes, but I was so excited I had to put these on first, try them out and model them for you as it was raining outside and these shoes are definitely not for stormy weather!  In fact these shoes are only good for stripping.  Have I told you my thoughts on stripping?

Do you have a foot fetish or shoe fetish? Do you like going to strip clubs or having women perform for you?  Have you seen my stripteases?  Let me tell you about stripper shoes and why I think the only place these are good for are strip clubs.   CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT ME TO STRIP FOR YOU.

@RebeccasOffice Wants to know if You Still Need a Valentine

Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day?  I was going to give a Valentine’s update last week, but thought it would be better to do it after the holiday and give all my fans a chance to celebrate with me wearing some special gifts bought by some of my fans just for this occasion!  I do believe Valentines is a very romantic occasion and I do believe it is a time when a man treats a woman with all of his love that he can afford to give her.  And a woman gets sexy for her man.  I am a bit of a traditionalist in that way.  Well this little number I am wearing shows you what I did wear for my guy on Valentine’s Day for real.  I can prove it too!
So would you be my Valentine?  Would you Be Mine?  I have to thank my special friend (you know who you are) for this week’s special gift that I wore for this Valentine celebration.  So if you want to re-celebrate Valentine’s Day and see if it is better the second time around with me, come on in! CLICK HERE if you want to be my Valentine!

Went Shopping this Weekend

Ah holiday shopping is all done.  Even did some shopping in Beverly Hills for this week’s update.  I sure hope that it goes over well.  I went shopping in some of the ritziest areas around.  Of course I didn’t spend a fortune.  I really did more window shopping than anything.

Need Matching Shoes

Need Matching Shoes

As I’ve said, I still think that we are in somewhat of a recession.  There are bargains out there but I honestly don’t believe you should even be buying something that is a good deal if you don’t need it.  In fact, I believe in “dress for less” so that is why I went bare bones this week.  I couldn’t afford a complete outfit.  That is going to make this week’s update a little bit more risque, but oh well.

I hope you come window shopping with me this week.  Well the only thing you’ll be looking at is me…so bring your check book! He He.