@RebeccasOffice Sunday Thoughts & Concerns: Opinions Wanted

This is kind of a serious topic and probably not very politically correct, but I want to hear thoughts.  As many of you now know, my ex-husband had been secretly videotaping and photographing me in private for many years even before we were married.  He was very kinky and had a plan. I was innocent, so I had no idea it would lead to where I am today.

It is true that my ex-husband/boyfriend had me wear sexy clothes and would often spank me, try bondage and discipline and other things on me.  I’d go 24 hours tied up and blindfolded naked to a tree in the backyard or to our bed while he played with my body.

It became a daily part of my life and he would share photos of me naked on the web.  In many cases I had no idea that people on the old bulletin boards were looking at these photos.

So now move ahead 20 years and my boyfriend has been looking through everything and has found these photos and videos.  They are poor quality, but he says they are some of the hottest things he has ever seen.

So some of this stuff might make people mad to see what my husband used to do to me, but I am okay with it.  If he did not do this to me, I would not be here today,  It was sexy.  Nobody ever thought of me physically as sexy until he taught me how to do it.  My question is if you all care to see this kind of content.  Please respond to this post and provide any thoughts positive or to the contrary!  Is this material you’d like to see?



Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut – Chapter 30 (NYE)

Chapter 30. Rebecca Rings In The New Year With Her Black Master. by Trevor

When Rebecca got up the following morning, she was feeling very sore. The Black Santa gangbang party had left her legs and body aching as she lay there with her lover’s thick arms around her and his hug hands around her breasts.  Waking up next to Trevor she was pleased to be in bed with him. He made her feel safe and taken care of.  She reached between her legs and felt his semi-stiff cock.  It felt warm and still wet.  She touched herself and felt the sticky remnants of the cum that had dripped out of her pussy and dried in her pussy hairs . He had given her a new life over the past 8 months.  A life she never knew existed and one she surely had never imagined acting out.  Rebecca slowly slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to wipe the dried cum out of her pussy and pee.  She winced as her pee stung her sore pussy lips. When she crawled back into bed, she saw her Lover and Black Master was awake and typing something on his computer. He knew that she would be leaving him soon and was sad that he would be alone as she would be spending Christmas with her family.

As she got dressed and before she left he got hold off her, kissed her and told her that he loved her and that she was very special to him. The holidays would be lonely without her and that he wished she could spend more time with him and that she was not to let anyone touch her so that he would be her first cock of 2018 and her last of 2017.  He told her how he wanted to spend the holidays with her in the future and hoped this would be the last one without her.  Rebecca was touched, but she still had a family.  She could not leave them.  She needed her husband still.  How was she going to maintain these two lives?  She still needed him to take care of the family.  Her family and close friends would never understand.

When Rebecca arrived home she found her husband at the kitchen table. He had been crying. He had a look in his eyes she had never seen before.  He looked at her and pushed a manila envelope to her and left the room.  She opened the envelope and gasped.  In it she saw photos of her naked and fucking black men in her office, in a Santa suit in the alley, in a strip club, and on a car in a garage.  Attached was a note from a private investigation agency detailing her whereabouts and with whom.  Tears ran from Rebecca’s eyes. She pulled out some papers.  They were divorce papers with post-it markings for her to sign.

What Rebecca had not known is that over the past week, Trevor and the security guards and a couple of the guys at work had sent daily emails to her husband with videos of Rebecca enjoying herself while getting fucked by black men. Al had been tormented by these emails.  When he saw the first one, he thought it was a fake.  His wife would not be in a strip club with black men.  Then he saw her office.  And she was talking to the camera and she sounded like such a slut.  This couldn’t be a wife. He just couldn’t believe the 4 videos were showing her taking on several black men and having wild orgasms.  It made him sick. He then hired the PI to try and trace the emails and follow her.  He tried to talk to her but she was always tired and coming home late and sleeping before he could ask.  Then he knew that she was going to be out with her “guy”.  The PI had followed her to a fleabag hotel in the rough part of downtown and taken pictures of them dressed in Santa costumes had watched as his wife would scream her commitment to black cock as the PI took video from behind a garbage bin in the alley way.

Rebecca was mortified.  She ran upstairs after her husband and found him sobbing on the bed.  They were crocodile tears though.  He couldn’t believe his good fortune.  He wasn’t the bad guy anymore for cheating on her all these years.  Now it was all her fault.  She was this disgusting whore and he had his chance now.

“Al I’m sorry.  We don’t need to get a divorce.  I can’t split this family apart.  I don’t need a divorce,” she said.

“Forget it Maria.  Now I know why you wanted to change your name.  You wanted this new life.  I know you have been bored with me, but I had no idea that you had become this filthy whore.  And then you let these guys fuck you in our own bed?  In the house where you have a family?  Fucking strange men without a condom?  Sucking black cock in a smelly alleyway?  I don’t really know you anymore. I can’t believe how you changed.  I thought you met some young hunk at the office.  I had no idea you were screwing the security guards at work and anyone else who looked homeless. My gosh! Who are you?”

Maria bowed her head.  He was right.  She had become Rebecca. Somehow she thought she could do both at once, but it had all caught up with her.  “Look, I’m sorry, I never meant for it to come to this….”

Al cut her off, “Look, I’m not mad. I just am not in love with you anymore and you obviously don’t love me.  I think if you read through the papers, this will be a 50/50 divorce and I am being totally fare.  I am not going to embarrass you. I just can’t share a bed with you. I just ask that you move out and give me primary custody for the kids.  You will have visiting rights.  I don’t know what you want to tell the family or people at work, but I will go with whatever story you want to tell.”  Maria had tears in her eyes and tried to speak, but Al put up his hand, stood up, walked over to her and kissed her forehead, “We’ve had a good run. It is just time for us to go our own separate directions. I just can’t look at what you have become.  You can start moving out today. You should look at the papers before you sign, but I need you to be gone from here.  The kids are out right now at a party.  I am going to tell them you had an emergency with a client that needed to be fixed before 2018 for tax purposes and would be away on business through New Year’s.” Al left the room leaving Maria in tears.  She was right.  She had ruined their marriage.  It was all her fault.  She had become a slut and she could not and did not deserve to be sleeping there with him. She had become too dangerous.  She shut the door to the bedroom, grabbed two suitcases, and a travel overnight bag.  She packed as much of her clothes and toiletries as she could.  She couldn’t stop crying.

“What have I done?” she thought to herself as she packed. Her mind was racing. She needed to leave.  She dragged her bags down to her car and started the car.  Where would she go?  It was the holidays and all the hotels were booked.  She couldn’t go to see family and friends.  She had only one person in her life who cared for her. She knew where she would go now.

When she got to the hotel she grabbed her bags out of the car and locked it and took the lift up to his floor.  Her arms ached from the heavy bags.  She knocked on the door and her Black Master was surprised to see his submissive at the door.  He helped her with her bags as she raced into the bathroom.  He could hear her sobbing and just waited for her to come out. When she came out she handed him the divorce papers and told him what happened.  Trevor tried not to smile.  His plan had worked.  Her husband had gotten so upset that he couldn’t live with her.  Trevor was hoping the emails would do this and now she was alone.  He was now the person she turned to.  Trevor had all that he wanted, but he would work this gradually. She was very vulnerable now and he would use the time to build he trust such that she would be putty in his hands.  He told her that he couldn’t believe that he did this.  How could he leave her?  He told her that she was always welcome to stay and that her husband’s loss was his gain.  He would see if he could get the new condo to see if we could store some of her items until it was ready in a couple of weeks.   She went back in the bathroom to fix her make-up and he smiled knowing that she was now primed to be his sex toy.

He told her she needed to get her mind off things and she agreed.  He knew of a good way to do that and told her that he was taking her to the SLS Hotel to celebrate the New Year.  She paused for a second.  “Are you sure?  I just need you right now. You are all that I have.  I just want you to let me know that you want me.  I need to know somebody wants me right now.” Trevor walked over and gave her a big hug.  “I will always be here for you.  I know what you need and I will make sure that you are always satisfied when you are with me.  I understand this is a tough time, but I am not going to let this ruin your holiday.  He handed her a drink that he had spiked.  She took a sip and agreed that she needed to get out and put her mind on other things. He told her to take a nice long hot shower while he picked something for her to wear. Sometime later Rebecca came back into the bedroom and saw that he had laid out a sexy short black dress, black bra, black panties, black holdup stockings and black boots.  Rebecca smiled.  She loved that Trevor was not going to let her ruin the mood.  She got ready and when she was dressed her Black Master looked at her and told her, “Damn, now what right minded husband would leave you. He is going to regret leaving you.”  Rebecca smiled. Trevor packed their toiletries and extra clothes in a bag.  When ready they left the room and got into the car and drove off to the party. When they got there they went to the front desk, their name was checked on a list and the bell boy was called over. He was an older black man and he led them to the lift and up to the floor.  He handed Trevor the key and led them into their room.  Trevor gave him a tip and left them as they went into the room and started to settle down. Rebecca was happy to be spending the night in a posh room with her Black Master instead of his residence hotel.  She needed this.  He then told her that she will spend the night celebrating her new independence as her Black Master’s sex slave and bring in the New Year as well.

He then told her to take her dress and her underwear off, but leave her panties, holdups and boots on.  She obeyed.  He then got a blindfold and put it over her eyes. Rebecca shivered in anticipation.  Trevor pulled a butt plug out of a bag and put some lube on it. He then told Rebecca to bend over. She got up and bent over the bed. Suddenly Rebecca felt the cold gel as he forced the plug into her ass.  She let out a small scream as she was not ready for it. He then told her to get down on the floor on her knees and wait for him.

Rebecca heard him walk away and pick up the phone and talk to someone and after a few minutes on her own she heard the door open and someone walk in and they started to talk and she was thinking that he found someone to entertain her tonight. Then she heard her Black Master tell the other man she is all yours, her husband left her and you can do anything you want.  She even likes it a little rough as well. Then her Black Master walked over to Rebecca and removed the blindfold. When she got accustomed to the light she saw that the older black man was standing in the room naked with a big black cock between his legs. Rebecca looked up at Trevor.  He bent down and whispered, “I didn’t know you were coming back to me and I already had NYE plans, but you don’t need to be alone tonight.  You need to be taken care of.  Tonight begins the rest of your life.”

The elderly man walked over to Rebecca and told her “Are you ready to be used, slut?” and Rebecca hesitated “I think so”. The man then told her to unzip his pants and take his cock out. Rebecca knew what to do and opened her mouth and started to lick the tip of his already large cock with her tongue.  It smelled dirty.  She held her breath and continued. She moved down slowly until she got to his balls and took one ball in her mouth and sucked on it while stroking his cock.  It was so big  As she felt her hand rubbing it up and down, she looked up and realized it had to be at least 11”! Then she swapped and put his other ball in her mouth and sucked on it while continuing to stroke his cock.  She spat on his cock and let it drip down the shaft as she stroked him harder and felt his cock grow even more. Rebecca then moved her tongue to the tip of his cock and then sucked it in her mouth.  She was moving too slowly for him. She suddenly felt him grab her hair and push her head down to get more of his cock into her mouth and she started to choke.  Her arms were flailing but he pushed her hands down and soon he was thrusting is cock deeper in her mouth as she coughed and choked.  He grabbed the back of her neck and forced his cock deeper into the opening of her throat and soon she felt something fill her throat and knew that the taste was his cum in her mouth. When he took his cock out of her mouth she felt it drip down her chin and he looked at her and told her “Swallow all of my cum bitch” and when she had finished she lookup at him and said, “Thank you for your cum sir”.

He then told Rebecca, “Clean the cum off my cock you little white whore,” and she brought her mouth to his cock and slowly licked all the cum of his cock and when it was all cleaned she removed her mouth, smiled and said,  “Thank you sir”. He then grabbed her by the hair, lifted her tiny body up and threw her on the bed and ripped her panties off and he saw the butt plug in her ass and he told her “I am going to love pulling the butt plug out and fucking your white ass”. Rebecca felt him put a hand on her hip and then she felt him slowly pull it out. She screamed in agony as her body stiffened and tears rolled down her face.  Finally it was all the way out and he grabbed both hips and forced his cock into her ass.  Rebecca cried, “Please no.  Please no” and it hurt as she felt herself being split apart, her legs and body paralyzed as he slowly started pushing back and forth, “Oh shit.  It hurts.  Please be gentle.” She closed her eyes as he thrust his cock harder and harder making it hurt each time he fucked her and at the same time he smacked her ass repeatedly with force. He grabbed her hair as he kept fucking her deeper and deeper.  Rebecca started to feel paralyzed as this went on for  20 minutes.  He kept asking her if she liked it.  She kept telling him yes and that she wanted more.  Suddenly she felt him cum and her body shook as she had a powerful orgasm, pumping her ass with his cum and after he had cum he pulled out his cock and shoved the butt plug back into her ass, smacking her ass one last time. He then put his cock back into his pants and said thank you to Trevor as he left.

As Rebecca is lay on the bed shaking after being fucked in the ass her Black Master got naked and walked over to her and asked her “Do want me to touch you?” She looked at him and begged him to use her vagina and fuck her with his big black cock. He gently shoved three fingers into her wet vagina and he told her “You are already wet. Do you want me to put my big black cock in your vagina and fuck you?   Do you want this cock to own you and love you?” Rebecca said “Yes Master, I am yours and only yours. Please take care of me. I promise to please you however you like.” He then laid her on her back, held her legs apart and slowly slid his cock into her vagina and began to thrust his cock harder and harder into her vagina.  Rebecca screamed out “Oh God, I love this cock.  I’ll do anything.  Just please keep me. Don’t leave me.” Soon Rebecca felt her body shake as she had a powerful orgasm and came all over his cock. This made him fuck her harder as he jack-hammered her pussy and Rebecca had orgasm after orgasm. After about 4 orgasms she felt him push his cock deeper into her vagina and then he came and filled her vagina with his black seed. “You’re fucking mine now, slut”, he screamed as he came harder than ever.  Rebecca loved it.  It felt like he was peeing into her pussy and she never felt so fulfilled as he kept cumming and cumming.  The thrusts felt good and he begged her to cum with him.  Rebecca pushed back and felt her liquids push forward as she squirted while he flooded her pussy, soaking his cock, as their combined fluids dripped out onto the bed. When he had filled her vagina he pulled his cock out and some of his cum dripped out onto the floor.  He told her to turn round and he yanked the butt plug out forcefully.  Rebecca swore and screamed as it ripped her asshole on the way out. He commanded her to clean his cock. Rebecca obediently used her tongue to clean his cock of all his cum.  It smelled gross. It smelled like weeks of sexual stale fluid and piss. When she had finished he told her to take the rest of her clothes off and get in bed. Rebecca took her underwear, stockings and boots off and join him in bed. It was wet and uncomfortable, but at least she wasn’t alone.

They weren’t done yet. Trevor got behind her and spread her ass and began to lick her asshole and spit in it before sticking a finger into her well lubricated ass.  “What are you doing?  Pleas God no.  Not tonight.  Please trevor, no.” she begged. But then he stuck in another finger and fucked her ass with his fingers until she fell silent in her protests and her body trembled as she cried has another powerful orgasm built up. She screamed out and suddenly he looked down and saw tons of liquids flooding out of her pussy as she squirted a couple cups of liquid that started pooling around their knees on the bed.  Rebecca cried out with tears in her eyes, “Oh my god, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” After Rebecca came down from her orgasm she felt Trevor’s soft kisses on her neck and telling her “Don’t worry.  You are the most beautiful woman.  You are my ultimate woman. It is because of you that my life is changing for the better.  I need you as much as you need me.  I will not let you leave me.” Rebecca closed her eyes and smiled. She had forgotten about the divorce and conversation with Al.

Trevor said all the right things as he caressed his love slave.  He looked in the mirror and could not believe his good fortune.  She looked happy and he was happy that she seemed content to be with him.  He felt her arm reach behind his head as she turned her head and sucked on his tongue.  Her other hand reached down and stroked his cock.  “I want your cock in my ass before the new year starts as my belongs only to you now.  Are you ready for it?  When I sign those divorce papers, I will be giving you the first right of refusal to own my body.” He loved the way she talked.  He loved how smart and sexy she was.  He didn’t speak.  He just pushed Rebecca forward and onto all fours.  Her hand had jerked his cock stiff and she felt the head of his cock at the opening to her ass.  Her ass still was tight and he gently pushed his cock into his lovers ass. Her cries and grunts turned him on.  He knew that it was painful, but she wasn’t resisting. Instead, she rached back, grabbed his ass and pushed him deeper as her cries of pain got louder.  He realized she was taking it because she felt like she owed him.  He stopped for a second because he was about to explode and he could tell that Rebecca was breathing hard and needed a few seconds to relax.  He kissed her and sdai, “Don’t worry baby, this cock loves you.”  Then he started to thrust his cock into her ass and picked up the pace and at the same time. He grabbed her hair and pulled on it like reins on a wild horse. Rebecca was pushing herself back onto his cock to get more of it into her ass.  The pain was unbearable, but Rebecca was out of control and wanted to feel the whole thing. She was enjoying the pleasure of taking all of her master’s cock into her ass.  She wanted to feel it explode.

Soon Rebecca was begging Trevor to fuck her ass harder and faster and he started to thrust harder and faster into her ass just as her body started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and screamed out “I love you.  You are the best lover ever.” and she squirted on the bed sheets again as she came. Rebecca then felt him rubbing her clit as he was fucking her ass.  “Oh my God!  Shit.  Oh no!”  Rebecca was numb.  She wasn’t sure if she was cumming again, peeing or pooping.  She was afraid of the latter as she had never felt like this before with sex.  Her pussy started farting as the air escaped her body.  Then soon she was having another powerful orgasm.  But Rebecca was confused.  It smelled like pee. This time she screamed out, “I’m cumming!” as she was embarrassed that Trevor might think she was peeing.  Soon he whispered in her ear that he was cumming and his body shook and his cock began to expand in her ass before it pumped loads of cum in her ass. This set off another, but more powerful orgasm and she squirted more liquid from her numb pussy soaking the bedsheets with liquid that was now flooding off the bed. The sheets were ruined.  Finally all the feeling in her legs disappeared and she felt flat onto the cum soaked bed with a splash as trevor fell on top of her as well with his cock still in her ass.  The two lay exhausted and when his cock finally shrunk to a limp state, he pulled his cock slowly out of her ass.

Rebecca then looked at the clock by the bed and saw that there was a minute left of the old year and he whispered in her ear “I love you so much and can’t wait to share are life together in 2018 in our own home” and he kissed her hard on the lips and she turned around to push her body against his and kiss him. She felt so lucky not to be starting 2018 alone.  They could hear the rest of the guests count down to the end of 2017 and then heard the fireworks go off and they wished each other a Happy New Year as they kissed each other one last time before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Member Erotica: Chapter 23 Part 1

Chapter 23. Rebecca Becomes A Submissive Slave For A Group Of Black Men Part 1.

Rebecca got up early and her body was sore from the night before.  It was only Tuesday. Usually she had the weekend to recover, but with so little sleep she was tired. After meeting Trevor straight from work on a Monday night and having sex with him to make up for not seeing him the prior week, she still had to go to work.  After getting dressed she went down to the kitchen to make herself a coffee.  She found her husband eating breakfast.  He had fallen asleep the night before and she hadn’t woken him up when she came home.

He looked at her.  “What happened? We were so worried. You didn’t answer your phone or texts?  We had to make our own meal.” He was looking at her not mad but afraid of what she might say or tell him.  She looked at him nervously and a tear ran down her cheek.  She walked over to him.  She kissed him on the lips.  She couldn’t lie.  “I’m sorry. I love you.  I really do, but I have been having an affair.”  Her husband didn’t blink. She continued, “I’m sorry.  It didn’t start that way. I don’t love him like you.  It’s different.  I just need him.  He gives me something different that we’ve been missing.”

Al looked at her.  He saw her sorrow.  He hadn’t told her about the dozens of women he had slept with behind her back or the nurse at work that he had been fucking for the past three years.  He couldn’t be mad at her, especially when he felt relieved.  Relieved that it wasn’t just him that had been unfaithful. He tried to look angry.  “Do I know him?”.  She shook her head, “No, we met at a bar.  Look, I need to get to work.  I will discuss this with you later.  Just know that I still love you.  I just can’t have sex with you for now.  I don’t want to okay?” Al nodded.  That was fine.  He didn’t know how to tell her he wasn’t interested in having sex with her either.  “I get it.  It’s okay. I just worry about the kids.  I told them you were working late and lost all track of time.  We’ll be okay.  I’m not mad.  We just need to communicate better.  I understand I have been busy at the hospital. I don’t blame you. Well hopefully you have to remember I am heading up to San Francisco today.  I’ll be back Thursday night.  We’ll talk about this this weekend”.  He kissed her and went upstairs.  Rebecca turned and left.

As she drove she was relieved that Al took it well and she wouldn’t have to deal with it right away. She would still perform for Carl the rest of the week. She was enjoying the shows she was putting on for him.  She knew the other black guards saw them too and she smiled when they gave her winks. The rest of the week she put on a daily lunch show. She loved the power and control over their cocks.  It made her feel good. When her husband returned Thursday late, she was asleep.  She left him a note that she was going out on Friday with her lover and would not return til Saturday.  They would talk more on the weekend.  She had a shower and the she put on her white bra, white panties, white suspender belt and white stockings and then she looked at herself in the mirror and saw Rebecca the black slut who craves black cocks.  She was so excited for this day.  She wasn’t hiding anymore.  She already told her husband she was fucking someone else.  He didn’t know who or that they were black, but now she was free to do what she wanted. She was enjoying letting Carl see her play with herself until she squirts all the floor of her office and then kneeling down on her knees and cleaning it up with her tongue.  It excited her to let him fantasize about her.  When Rebecca was dressed and ready she left the house and drove to work and when she got there she saw that Carl was not on the door which meant he would be watching the security camera’s and waiting for her performance at lunch time when everyone had gone.

When she got to her office she switch on her laptop and checked her emails and saw one from Trevor and it was title: “Are you ready for your surprise tonight” and started to read it “I want you to meet me at the hotel at 6.00 pm as I am taking you somewhere special as I have a surprise for you. You will be late out and will not be going home till late so it is up to you what you tell your husband the reason why you will be late home or even the next day”. After Rebecca had read it she decided that she would surprise Trevor that she told her husband that she would not be home and that she had been having an affair.  She wanted to see his face though when she told him. Rebecca checked the rest of her emails and found one from Carl and it was title: “Today better be good my little camera slut!” and Rebecca knew that she had to perform for Carl this lunch time to keep him quiet and then she deleted the email.

At lunch time when everyone had gone Rebecca locked her office door and got the dildo and butt plug from her drawer.  She turned on some music and then she slowly took her blouse and skirt off, stripping for the camera as she stood in front of camera sucking the dildo and butt plug in just her underwear as she looked directly in the camera. She then took her bra and panties off and  was just wearing her suspenders and stockings and high heels. She put the butt plug into her mouth to get it wet again and then she bent down with her ass in front of the camera and slowly pushed the butt plug into her ass.  She loved it and made sure to gasp loudly and showed the camera her ass with the butt plug in. Then she slowly walked to the couch and lay down and spread her legs. Shegot the dildo and put it in her mouth and sucked it like a cock until it was wet enough and then placed it at her vagina and slowly pushed it in all the way in and then began to slow fuck her vagina with the dildo, closing her eyes and fantasizing that it was her Black Master’s cock fucking her vagina. She was getting turned on as she pushed the dildo faster into her vagina until her body began to shake as she was having a powerful orgasm and screamed out as she came and squirted her cum onto the couch and relaxed as she came down from her orgasm and then she took the dildo slowly out of her vagina and licked it clean of her cum and then got off the couch, got down on her hands and knees and cleaned all her cum off the couch and then used her wet panties to clean what was left. She looked up at the camera and grimaced as she slowly took the butt plug out of her ass, got dressed and put her panties in the drawer with her dildo and butt plug. She blew a kiss at the camera and told them to have a great weekend.  Back in the control room Carl was cleaning the cum off his pants. Rebecca then checked that her office looked normal and spayed some air freshener to hide the smell of sex and then she unlocked her office door and went back to work.

Rebecca had finished cleaning up just in time before everyone came back before heading  to the meeting she had for afternoon. She then spent the rest of the afternoon finishing her administrative duties until it was time to head to Trevor’s place.  She was getting tired of his cheap hotel.  She wanted a better and more private place.  Rebecca went to the bathroom, refreshed her makeup and straightened up.  Rebecca drove to the hotel to meet Trevor eager to find out what the surprise was. Rebecca walked up to Trevor and put her arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips and rubbed her vagina against his hard cock as he grabbed her ass. She was horny and wanted a cock in her pussy.  After a few minutes Trevor let go of Rebecca and told her that she had to get ready for her surprise so he showed her what she was to wear and she was shocked what he had laid out on the bed. The outfit was a black lacy push up bra, black satin panties, black garter belt, black stockings and black “Fuck Me” heels.  She took a look at the skimpy outfit and asked him if it was all and Trevor said yes. Rebecca took off her coat, got undressed and, took a shower. She then came back and put on her outfit for the night’s surprise. When she had finished she stood there looking at herself in the mirror for Trevor to look at and he was pleased with how sexy she looked. She hoped they weren’t going out as she was basically in her underwear and her ass was not even covered in those panties.  He told her to put her coat on and to give him the car keys and to follow him. When they got to the car and He helped her in so that her coat did not open, he helped her with her seat belt and  leaned in and put a blindfold over her eyes so that she could not see where they were going and then got in the car and drove to where the surprise was. What Rebecca didn’t know was that Trevor was taking her to a place where a special group of black business men who had paid for Rebecca to be their submissive slave for the night.  Carl had gone into Rebecca’s files at night and found the contact information for all of her black clients and had emailed them a link to the RebeccasOffice.com website. So these men were going to get the chance to sleep with their personal financial advisor.

When they arrived at the at the house he got out of the car and went round to Rebecca’s side and open it, helped her out, and then led her to the front door and rang the bell. A black man opened it, smiled, but did not say a word and he led them both in. He led them to a room and Trevor sat her on a couch after he took her coat off.  Rebecca had a sense for what was about to happen.  She was excited at the thought of sleeping with one or more strangers.  She was so horny after teasing Carl all week. Trevor then stood her up and took the blindfold off. Rebecca stood there in her underwear she saw that there was a group of black men in the room. She opened her mouth in horror as she realized that she recognized all these men as her clients. “Noooo”, she said as she looked at Trevor. Trevor told her “Don’t worry Rebecca.  All of these men know your little secret and have paid a little extra for your services.  They have all agreed that they have always wanted to fuck you and that they sure hope that after tonight you will continue to give them great service to keep their accounts with you.  Tonight you will be their submissive slave and your body belongs to them.  They loved the brilliant mind that you have given them, but tonight it is your body they want. You will do whatever they want you to do without complaint and you will fulfill their every wish do you understand?” Rebecca looked at him, smiled and said, “Yes”. Trevor did not know yet that Rebecca had already told her husband that she was committed to Trevor and her new lifestyle. He was making her life easier.  Some of these guys she already wanted to sleep with.  Now they were paying for the opportunity. Sleeping with these guys to keep their accounts would be an easier way of keeping them.  Before he left, Trevor told her that he would pick her up when they finished with her. He walked to one of the men and talked with him for few minutes.

When the door was shut Rebecca looked at all the men and began to shake with fear as she did not know what was going to happen to her.  Rebecca then noticed that there was a camera in the room and the red light was on meaning that it was filming what was going to happen to her for Trevor to watch afterwards. Then one of her clients, a burly black gentlemen she knew as Hillard, started to walk towards her. He put a collar round her neck and it had the word “Slut” in silver on it and he told her to put her hands behind her back and he handcuffed them.  She whispered to him to be gentle, but he only got more forceful. When in place, he spoke to her and told her “While you are here you will only answer “Yes Sir” to any one of us when we tell you to do anything and you we will call you “Bitch” do you understand? Rebecca had no choice but to say “Yes”. The man then led Rebecca to the rest of the men and then he forced her down onto her knees and she was soon surrounded by these men who started to take out there big black cocks and they lined up in front of her and she soon lost her fear of being alone with these men and began to get turned on know that there was all these cocks waiting to fuck her. The man to the left of her pushed his cock into her mouth and she began to suck it and as he tried to push more of his cock into her mouth she started to gag, but she did not care. She liked being dominated. As she was sucking the man to her left she wished that her hands were free so that she could stroke the other cocks in front of her and she was so turned on watching the other men stroking there cocks in front of her face.

Rebecca’s panties were getting wet from the powerful orgasm she was having being used by all these black cocks and then the man on her left took is cock out of her mouth and as she turned her head to the front, her mouth was spread open and two cocks ere jammed into her mouth.  She could barely breath as she gave them a quick suck just to tease them before turning to her right and saw that another cock was leaking cum.  Like a vampire to blood  she thought that he would soon be ready to cum so she put it in her mouth and sucked the cum fast so that he would cum quick. Then the man to her left grabbed her head and pulled her mouth off the cock she was sucking and pushed his cock into her mouth as he came and filled her mouth with his cum.  Rebecca was not ready for the cum as it struck the back of her throat. She coughed and tried to swallow his cum but it leaked out onto her chin and breasts.  Her eyes watering, another cock was pushed into her mouth from the man in the middle. Rebecca tasted his pre cum from the tip of his cock and was sucking it as she recklessly craved anything placed near her mouth.  She could feel his cock pulsing immediately and he fill her mouth with his cum slamming her head all the way to the edg of his balls as he yelled, “Take that bitch!”. The men cheered and then some of the men who were playing with their cocks were soon cumming all over her body. She was getting a cum shower from the rest of the men in her hair, on her face, on her ass, and her pussy. She wanted to swallow every last drop of cum from every one of the men. Rebecca felt her head being pulled forward again as another cock was pushed into her mouth and immediately exploded in her mouth, filling it with cum and her eyes started to tear up as she started to breath through her nose to stop from choking. It was overwhelming. The cum started to dripped from her mouth down to her chest as she cried.  It was too much for her.  “Please…..Please…..” she begged. The cock in Rebecca’s mouth pulled out and her head was turned to her right and another cock was pushed into her mouth and she started to suck it hard as she wanted him to cum quick. Her vagina was throbbing waiting for someone to fuck her and hard and use her when she felt two fingers being pushed into her vagina.  She moaned, “Yes, oh yes, fill that hole too!” When he started to finger fuck her, one of the men said “This bitch is wet and needs some black cock filling her pussy”. All Rebecca could do was moan as her mouth was full with a big black cock.

The man who’s cock was in her mouth stopped and pulled it out and then held it in front of her mouth and then when he came he covered her face and breasts with his cum and she stuck out her tongues trying to catch his squirts. The fingers in her vagina made her have another powerful orgasm and se just moaned and whimpered that she wanted more cum. Rebecca’s mind started to swim. She lost track of all 11 cocks. When they finally all had their cocks sucked and had cum, Rebecca just collapsed onto the floor exhausted. Some of the men took photos of her semi-conscious body with her face and body covered in all their cum while a couple others dropped another load into her mouth which was slightly parted. As she looked at them through her half closed eyes she wondered what else they had planned for her. She wished that she could clean some of the cum from her face as some of it had dripped into her eyes which were stinging.


To be continued in Chapter 23 Part2.

Member Erotica – Chapter 19 Part 2- Rebecca Sold at Auction

Each week, my fans post a new story of erotic fan fiction about me.  Hopefully they help you fantasize about me.  I do help them by telling them what I do like or not like and how I might react so that it has a sense of reality and will turn me on as well

Part 19. Rebecca Is Sold At A White Slavery Auction Fundraiser Part 2. by Trevor

As they were driving, Carl told her that he had always wanted to fuck her since he first saw her fucking her Black Master in her office that day and knew that he had to have her.  She asked how he knew and he told her that he watched the whole thing on the security cameras that he monitors in the building.  Rebecca was worried that not only was she in the car with Carl, but his two friends were in the back as well.  She thought she recognized that they were also employees at her building.  Carl told her that they saw that she was up for bid, but knew they could not win, so they went to her officemate, showed him the tape and advertisement that featured her in the auction and they agreed to buy her for him as long as they let them have her next and that they promised to keep this secret at the office.  She was scared that not only was her secret life exposed to Trevor, but to security at work, the janitor at her doctor’s office, and now her co-workers.  She did not know what they had planned for her, but she realized her secret was in real trouble. She wished that Trevor was there with them to explain it all. After some time they arrived at the place and she was surprised to see that it was the building were her office was and the two friends got out and then Carl told Rebecca to get out as he got out as well. He grabbed her by the arm, opened the door and led her with his two friends to the elevator and got in and he pressed the button for her company’s floor and up the lift went the elevator until it stopped on the floor of her office.  Rebecca asked, “What are we doing here?  We aren’t going to do this in my office!!  We should go somewhere else.” Carl ignored her and she was dragged to her office.   They all went in and Rebecca noticed the security camera in the corner of her office and realized that is how they saw her having sex and probably had caught her masturbating numerous times. She could not believe that she had been monitored all these years and never noticed the camera.  They would also capture tonight’s action too. Carl and his two friends sat down on her couch and she stood there in front of them. Carl then turned on some music and told Rebecca to strip for them like she does at the clubs.  Rebecca hesitated as she realized they had seen the tape of her at the strip club too!  She just stood there looking at them and wondered what she was in for, but then Carl looked at her and said, ”Do I have to come over there and do it myself? Listen you whore. You might be smart and beautiful, but you sure don’t listen well.” Rebecca knew that he could hurt her if she did not do as he commanded, so she slowly started to take her dress off while gently gyrating her hips.  She hated being this object for Carl and the other security guards as they pulled out their black cocks and started stoking themselves.  She did it well though.  Rebecca was not going to do things poorly.  If she was going to seduce these men, she was going to do her best.  After a few minutes she stood there in her thong, heels  and stockings tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but Carl looked at her and told her to move her hands and to turn round so that they can get a look at “the ass of a white whore that they would be fucking.” Rebecca slowly turned around to show them.  She heard some get up.  It was Carl and he walked up behind her, pushed her hair to the side, reached around to cup her breasts, and kissed her neck, licking behind her ears.  That was her sensitive spot and she got goose bumps.  He whispered in her ear, “You are mine tonight, but I want to remind you I will always be watching you.”  He turned her chin to look at the surveillance camera. “Every day  when I get on duty around 2pm I want you to lift your skirt, pull your panties to the floor and stick your finger in your pussy for me so that I know you are thinking of me.“   He turned her around and looked into her eyes as he got hold of both nipples and pinched them hard.  Rebecca let out a loud whimper and whispered, “Please……”  He smiled and said, “Is my sex slave going to do as her master wants?” Rebecca looked at him and nodded as tears ran down her eyes. He let go of her nipples and she felt them throbbing. Carl then grabbed her by the waist, pulling her towards him and kissed her hard on the lips, rubbing his hard cock against her panty covered vagina.

Carl didn’t waste any time and was soon pushing  Rebecca down to her knees to caress his hard cock through his pants and he reached down and started to fondle each breast, caressing the soft smooth flesh, and running his fingers across her hard nipples. Carl moved his hand down to her panties and slipped his hand inside and feeling her vagina he could see that she was wet and she moaned as he dipped a finger inside her a few times and she then moaned even more when he caressed her clit, falling back on the floor and spreading her legs. Carl joined her on the floor and enjoyed exploring her mouth with his tongue as she explored his mouth with her tongue as she kissed him back. Then she pulled her mouth from his as she moaned. Rebecca was moving her hips against his hand. Every time he thrust his finger into her vagina she got wetter and then she would tense up as she was on the verge of having an orgasm. Suddenly Rebecca went limp and her body started to shake as he continued to rub her clit.  He wanted her to feel as much pleasure as possible and she started to scream, “Oh god yes,”  as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted all over his hand . When she stopped cumming he pulled his hand from her panties and licked her cum from his fingers. When Rebecca had recovered she looked over to the couch and saw his friends were still naked and watching them.  They were jerking their cocks and she saw that they were both hard and big. They weren’t her type as they were older and slightly obese.  Their cocks didn’t look like cocks, but large pieces of meat. Carl then got fully undressed and for the first time she saw that his cock was big and rigid with veins popping out. She got ahold of it and started to jerk his cock slowly until he pushed her down and told her to lick his balls. She moved to his cock and wrapped her lips round his cock and started to slide her mouth up and down it as she continue to play with his balls.  She spat on it and let the drool run down the shaft as she licked down the trail of her spit.  She sucked his cock long enough to let him know that she wanted to be fucked and then stuffed his balls in her mouth and played with them using her tongue.  “Damn, you are a fucking amazing white little bitch,” he slurred as he squirmed under the control of her mouth. Rebecca was enjoying feeling him squirm. She was in control.  Rebecca then slipped his cock out of her mouth, leaned forward and put his cock between her breasts and squeezed them together and he slowly fucked them, enjoying the feel of her soft smooth fleshy globes against his cock. She then looked at him and said,”You can all cum all over my breasts if you want, but not until you have all fucked me with your big black cocks.”

Carl then told her to get up and he led her to the desk and pushed everything of it onto the floor and then he ripped her panties off as she shrieked, and then pushed her down onto the desk and he spread her legs and used his tongue on her vagina, tasting her cum that leaked from her vagina as she moaned in pleasure as he held her legs apart by the ankles. As he spread her lips of her vagina he inserted his tongue and started to fuck her vagina with his tongue. At the same time his friends, came around to the front side of her desk and offered their cocks to her.  She reached out and started to jerk their cocks at the same time and alternating sucking their cocks. Rebecca’s body was soon shaking as she felt another orgasm build up. She had no leverage as her body slid back and forth over her desk.  Her legs were lifted off the ground and Carl’s cock eased into her pussy and started to rock. Carl pumped fast and hard.  His balls swung and slapped her clitoris with each thrust. She was not going to last much longer and she started to jerk their cocks faster. Carl kept up his assault on her vagina as he wanted her to cum over and over again. The slapping of her ass against his stomach popped with each thrust.  Soon Rebecca screamed again as she had another powerful orgasm and squirted all over Carl’s face.  As she came, he stopped and licked as much of her cum as he could and then continued fucking her vagina with his tongue. “I’ve waited so long to taste this pussy.  I have been fantasizing about fucking you for so long!”  Just then Carl’s friends were ready to cum so they told her to open her mouth and each one stepped up and pushed their cock into her mouth and filled it with their cum.  Their cocks smelled musty and their cum tasted salty, but somehow it turned her on to suck it down.and then she started to gag with so much cum in her mouth. Carl stopped what he was doing and when Rebecca had swallowed their cum she begged him to continue as she wanted to cum again, but he told her that she had to beg him before he would fuck her. So she started to beg him to fuck her with his big black cock and he said “No, not until you promise me that you will service us” and then waited until she was desperately begging him to fuck her vagina with his big black cock.  “I promise, that I will be your sexy building tenant and give you a show every day.  Is that what you want?  I want your cocks here in my office.  My master only serves me once a week and I need black cock after work.  Please fill me up.  Please.  I will be your office bitch.”   Rebecca got off the desk and went to the couch and sat down, spread her legs and pulled her vagina open and shouted at him “Come over here and fuck me with your big black cocks.” Carl looked at her on the couch with her legs spread and his animal instincts took over.  He went over, got on his knees between her legs, and was about to put his cock into her vagina when she grabbed it and tried to put his cock into her vagina. He stopped her and told her ‘You will only get my cock when you beg me nicely to fuck you’. She suddenly realized what a slut she had become begging these three men to put their cocks in her pussy while she willingly spread her legs in her office.  Tears started to drip down her cheeks.  “Please don’t make me beg.  I just need you to fuck me.  I want to feel your cock swell and pulse inside me.  Please put your big black cock in my vagina and fuck me hard.” He got up and sat down on the couch next to her and grabbed her chin and kissed her passionately and told her to  straddle his cock.  She gently  got up and stood facing away from him straddling his legs.  She reached down between her legs, grabbing his cock and slowly lowered herself onto his cock until she had almost all of his cock inside her.  The angle forced his cock to rub up against her g-spot and she almost instantly started to squirt.  She bounced gently up and down slowly so she wouldn’t cum too quick.  He cupped her ass and helped her hips move up and down.  He couldn’t see her face but heard her crying moans. Carl moved his hands to her breasts and started to fondle them as she slowly moved up and down on his cock. The other two guards watched as she closed her eyes as she was enjoying the pleasure of his big black cock fucking her vagina.  Seeing this beautiful woman that before tonight that had only seen walk across the marble lobby in her work suit, they could only imagine what it would be like to fuck all the gorgeous white businesswomen in their building.  The best thing was that she was facing the security camera and it was capturing it all.  Rebecca slowly leaned forward putting her hands on Carl’s knees and let out a crying moan.  As her hair fell forward over her face while he rubbed her breasts she could not believe how much she was enjoying this older man’s cock while his two fat friends slobbered and played with their cocks and laughed.

Carl was enjoying the feeling of her hot and slippery vagina and how awesome it was. Even better was he also enjoyed caressing her hard nipples and soft breasts and that she appeared to be enjoying herself.  He knew this would not be the last time his cock would be enjoying this pussy. He did not want to cum yet as he wanted her to enjoy the pleasure of his big black cock fucking her vagina. Rebecca was fucking him harder and moaning ‘Fuck me Carl.  Oh god I love it.  Fuck me harder and faster with your fat cock. Make me cum’,  and he reach down with his hands and started to caress her ass with his fingers.  This seemed to get her more excited as her vagina grabbed his cock in a tight grip and then he felt her body shake as she had another powerful orgasm and squirted her cum all over his cock, onto the floor and the couch. While he was looking at her he saw that she took great care of her body and was more fitter that the younger women he saw every day and then she started to fuck him harder and faster as her vagina seemed to get hotter and wetter.  She wanted another orgasm and he could feel his own orgasm build up.  As he started fucking her harder with her big tits flopping everywhere, he imagined all the future fuckings he’d have and soon.  She was screaming, “ooohh yes… don’t stop fucking me!”  So he continued to fuck her harder. But soon Rebecca had stopped and she dropped down all the way onto his lap until his cock was fully embedded in her vagina and she started to shake as she experienced a new level of pleasure and screamed again as she had another powerful orgasm. Carl could feel her spasming vagina and fucked her faster until he was ready to cum and he pulled her down onto her cock until he was touching her cervix and then he moaned as he filled her vagina with his black seed and told her that he was going to fill her with his black seed and breed her right in her own office.  The thought turned him on and she felt his cock twitch inside her vagina has he filled her with his black seed. When he had finished she slowly got off his cock and fell down onto the couch.  She was exhausted physically and emotionally.  She could not believe how amazing it was to fuck Carl and put on this performance for his two buddies.  She hoped he was done too so she could get some rest before Trevor came to pick her.  She actually wondered if he knew where she was.  Secretly he did as he was in the building security monitor room watching her on the CCTV. Carl had other ideas though and told his two friends, “I’m done she’s all yours.”  Rebecca protested, “Wait, I thought only you bought me. They didn’t buy me.” Her complaints were ignored as she was pulled of the couch by her hair , pulled to the lobby of her building and told to get on her knees.  Before she knew it, their cocks were in her hands and she alternated sucking them.   Back in the control room, Trevor adjusted the camera to capture the event, carefully making sure that her firm’s name, Maddock Douglas, was not captured in the video.

The fatter and taller of the two men, Greg,  told her “Suck my big black cock you slut” and she readily opened her mouth and licked his cock and cupped his balls as he forced the fat head of his cock into her mouth and she sucked it as best as she could as she tasted his pre-cum. She continued to lick his cock as more of cum leaked out of his cock while the other man told her to get up and bend over the coffee table.  This was the little coffee table in the lobby where clients waited by reception.  Rebecca was still sucking the Greg’s cock when she felt Willie behind her bend down and start to lick her clit and put a finger into her vagina and started to finger fuck her as Carl’s cum was still running down her thighs.   Rebecca’s legs started to shake as they became weak.  Soon she was shaking all over from having another orgasm and wasn’t squirting but flowing liquid on his finger and onto the lobby floor.  “Oh my god, please, I can’t take anymore.  This isn’t right.  Carl please.  Make them stop.”

Carl was now taking pictures with his phone and said, “I can make them stop, but then they will tell everyone about you.  You wouldn’t want that would you?  We like you being our own little white board room whore.  Can you do that for us?”  Rebecca realized that they were blackmailing her, but they were right.  She looked at Willie and begged him to fuck her.  He removed his tongue from her pussy and moved up and started to rub his cock against her vagina and she moved her hand to guide him into her vagina. When she grabbed his cock, she realized that not only was he chubby but that Willie has a very thick cock.  He pushed his cock fully inside her wet vagina which offered no resistance as he started to fuck her.  It felt so good and tight and she almost choked on the Greg’s cock as she gasped for air. Willie started to fuck her hard and each time he pushed his cock into her vagina this pushed the greg’s cock deeper in her mouth.  These two huge men each over 250 lbs, had a combined weight of 5 Rebeccas Rebecca could feel their bellies against her ass and face.  The human mass sandwiching her in the lobby was starting to turn her on.  She looked down and saw that Carl’s cum had dripped onto the Company brochures displayed on the coffee table.  The riskiness of it all started as she felt another orgasm build and she started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and nearly fell down from all the orgasms she was having. She could barely stand.  The cock in her vagina stopped and then started fucking her again and she was taking more and more of it inside her each time he fucked her and she was pushing back onto is cock to get him deeper and deeper into her vagina.  ‘She could hear them talking, “Damn, this is the best pussy I’ve ever had.  She smells so good and is so soft. “

The cock in Rebecca’s mouth was still leaking pre-cum and she took the cock out of her mouth and shouted ‘Fuck me harder with your big black cock’ and then she put the cock back into her mouth and started nibbling on his cock with her teeth. She felt her vagina start to convulse and tighten on the cock fucking her and then she felt him push his cock deeper into her vagina and she started convulsing as he was filling her vagina with his black seed, both of them screaming in relief. When he pulled his cock out of her she felt his cum leak out of her vagina and then Greg said, ‘It’s my turn’ and pushed her roughly on the floor and as she lay on her back with her legs apart he got on top of her and pushed his cock into her vagina as she screamed out as his big black cock was pushed hard into her.  Greg was huge and he pushed the whole force of his weight onto her little frame.  Rebecca could hardly breathe as she felt his 6’3” 280lb frame tear apart her body.  Rebecca tried to wrap her legs around the man who was fucking her, but she couldn’t.  He took his cock out and pushed her legs over her chest and the cum from her vagina was leaking down her ass and onto the floor. “Damn, this pussy is overflowing,” he laughed.  He stuck two fingers in her pussy, scooped out Willie’s cum and shoved it down Rebecca’s throat.  “Eat this bitch!”  Greg pushed his cock back into her vagina and stood up.  She wrapped her arms around his neck as he walked into the conference room and sat her on the table and started thrusting.  He was going in deeper inside and was touching her cervix more. She was begging for him to fill her vagina.  She had no energy left.  She started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and begged him to “Just cum in me.”  Normally she would have been grossed out to be fucked by such a large man, but she just succumbed to his power. Greg started to fuck her harder as he was nearly ready to cum and he started to push his cock deeper in and then he couldn’t hold out any longer and filled her with his cum. When he had finished, he pulled his cock out and the cum in her vagina leaked out again onto the floor. With all three men spent, she hoped that this was the end, but then Carl came up and grabbed her, flipped her around on the board room table until she was on her hands and knees and he went behind her and he put his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her until his cock got rock hard,  but then he stopped and pulled his cock out and pushed it back into her ass. “No!”, Rebecca screamed.  She cried and whimpered, “Please no!”.  As his cock sunk into her anal cavity, she felt her body lose what energy she had left. Rebecca could not speak. He squeezed her ass and told her to beg for it.  Rebecca said nothing.  Finally he spanked her hard and told her to beg for it.  He started spanking her and finally on the 4th spank, Rebecca cried out, “Ok, ok….please stop and fuck me in the ass.  I promise you I will do whatever you want whenever you want.  Please just cum in me now.” Carl smiled looking at this broken down woman begging for his cum.  He slammed his belly against  her ass and grabbed hold of her hips as he was fucking her. She was starting to enjoy the pleasure of feeling his cock fill her ass and soon he felt Rebecca’s body shake has she had another powerful orgasm and screamed at him to fuck her ass and fill it with his black seed.

Just as her pussy stopped convulsing, she felt him push his cock into her ass as far as it would go and then he stopped and filled her ass with his cum as he let out a roar, “oh god, white ass feels so good. Fuck I always wanted to fill a white bitch’s ass.” Rebecca collapsed onto the table as she was exhausted. Carl pulled his cock out of her ass and the cum leaked out onto the floor. Rebecca felt like her power cord had been taken out of her ass.  Carl and his friends left her laying on the table, took photos of her lifeless body, got dressed and then left the office.  They went back to work in the security room and unconnected the drive that stored the video and made copies. Rebecca and then they wiped it off the box so no one will see it and then they watched her on the monitors with her Black Master and said that he should go get her and handed him a copy of the drive with the video of the night.  The Black Master asked if they had deleted the video on the Corporate cameras so that no one could see it.

They told him they should get her now as the next security crew would be coming in a couple hours and they needed to do their rounds before they came in.  They reminded him to use her key card (and handed it to him) and that he should probably clean up the mess before waking her up.  They all looked at the monitor and saw Rebecca laying naked and spread eagled in her conference room.  Greg said, “Man I want her again, but we have no more time”.  It must have been about 30 minutes Trevor spent cleaning up desks and throwing out trash in Rebecca’s office.  There were fluids everywhere.  Finally when satisfied cleaning the lobby and her private office, he went back to the conference room and saw her laying passed out and covered in cum. He bent down and picked Rebecca up. She was so pleased to see Trevor and she put her arms round him as he help her get up and she kissed him hard on the lips and said ‘I am glad you are here as I have missed you’. He carried her to her private washroom and help her clean herself up.  Her stockings were torn.  Her panties were ripped.  He just threw on her blouse and skirt turned the lights off and cleaned up the rest of the mess in her office and put everything back in order.  She was slumped on the couch holding her head.  He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.   As he held secured her, he felt a wetness and looked back on her couch.  There were 2 huge wet spots and she had leaked onto the couch.  He had no time to clean up the mess and left the building. He took her down to the carport security area where he had parked his car,  got in and drove to his place.

When they arrived he helped her out of the car, carried her inside, helped strip her naked, and put her to bed. He looked at the red marks on her ass and the soreness around her pussy and ass and smiled.  He could not believe what had become of her.  He kissed her on the cheek and said good night and she was soon asleep. While she was asleep Trevor took the drive out of his pocket and connected it to his laptop and watched the video. He then edited the best bits and converted it into a video that he could put up on the RebeccasOffice website and then he put the drive away into his secret place, got undressed, turned off the light, got into bed,  spooned Rebecca and put his arms round her as she slept.  He noted the smile on her face.  Was that drool or cum dripping out of her mouth?

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut Part 19: Rebecca Auctioned into White Slavery

Part 19

When Rebecca got home everyone was fortunately still asleep, so she quietly entered the house and slipped into bed without making a sound and put on a t-shirt and panties and she was still mad.  By the time she woke up it was mid-morning and her husband was already gone.   She stared at the ceiling recounting the previous night and morning.  She was scared about the filming.  She played back the whole evening in her head.  It wasn’t the forced  hard sex, but the possessive violation of her privacy with all those people watching and filming.  She did not know them.  What if someone she knew had seen her or someone else sees the movie? What her Black Master had done by using her to pay off a debt and left there while she was forced to be filmed having sex with strangers like a whore made her feel so violated. Rebecca rolled over and felt a wet spot.  She put her hand down and realized that she had been dripping cum out of her ass and vagina.  She felt herself and could feel the cum that had dried up on her body and panties.  It flaked off her abdomen and onto her sheets.  She slowly got out of bed and her legs wobbled as she pulled the sheets off her bed.  She did not want her husband to see the stains.  She walked to the bathroom and was horrified by what she saw.  Her makeup was smeared all over her face.  Someone had written on her back in marker, “White whore for black cock”.  She had dried cum in her hair and dried cum on her breasts and lips.  She licked her mouth and tasted the sweet salty taste.  She closed her eyes as the taste reminded her of the night before. She thought she heard someone coming up the stairs and she quickly jumped in the shower to literally wash the night off of her.  As she felt the water run over her body, she closed her eyes.  How many loads of cum had she taken?  She needed to take her pill!  Then she thought the ass fucking she had been given.  For some reason she didn’t remember it as painful, but as amazing.  In fact the whole night wasn’t a total loss.  The sex had been great and she loved cumming with those men.  Her body was in pain but she had the rest of the weekend to recover.  She thought about it and was amazed that she was still horny despite what had happened.  It had been the most intense night since she had been introduced to this new life, yet she wanted more.  This sex had become worse than a drug addiction.  She needed to talk to her Black Master though.  She couldn’t let that tape get out.

As usual Rebecca slipped into Maria the housewife mode for the rest of the weekend.  It was getting easier to do, but she hated lying about her whereabouts.  She spent the rest of the weekend acting like she enjoyed her life as mother and housewife and spent the weekend with her family and friends because she knew that when the weekend ended she would be looking forward to being with her Black Master again.  At one point her husband asked her if she was okay as she had been out 3 straight Fridays and she apologized saying that work had been tough and that she needed to buckle down for a bit.

On Sunday, she got an email with an attachment and a message.  It read, “Wow, this is amazing.  I never really knew what a horny dirty slut you are.”  She opened the attachment and saw herself begging for black cock and asking for more as she received a 10-man bukkake.  She was so loud as she screamed out about what a whore she was.  She quickly ran into the bathroom and closed the door to watch in privacy.  Was this really her?  She had never watched herself having sex before.  She was getting so turned on to see herself on video.  She replied to her Black Master’s email.  “Thank you.  I can barely walk after last night, but I’ll be ready for anything next weekend.”  He did not reply.

As usual the week rolled along and she did not hear from him.  She got another video attachment Tuesday eve with only a short message, “Bet you can’t wait to get more of this.”  The video was a close up of her getting it in the ass that past weekend.  As she watched herself, she remembered how humiliating it was.  Not that she didn’t enjoy the sex, but that this man was using her lifeless body so easily for his pleasure and that he had total disregard for her body.  She replied that yes it was hot and dirty and she wanted more of it, but next time wanted it more gently .  Once again there was no response.  It was Thursday afternoon Rebecca got a text from Trevor that said  he wanted her to be at the hotel at 6pm on Friday and also she will be out for the night and will not be home until the next day. Rebecca had to arrange with her husband not to expect her until Saturday again and texted her Black Master that she would be there and wanted to know what he had planned for her. She thanked him for the videos as well. Once again he did not respond.

When Rebecca got home she told her husband that she was going to be out again on Friday eve to work all night on a presentation and stay at the company’s corporate housing as she did not want to deal with the Friday traffic jam.  She would probably sleep in and not be back until later Saturday especially if she didn’t finish on Friday night.  She then went to bed and fell asleep. When she got up she found out that her panties were wet from a dream and she got out of bed, took her t-shirt and panties off, and then had a shower.

When she was finished, she got dressed and left for work and grabbed her bag of clothes for the evening.  She could not wait to see her Black Master and what he had in store for them. After work, Rebecca went downstairs to her health club.  She did not have time to work out.  She hopped in the shower and took out her clothes, fixed her hair and makeup, and quickly got dressed before heading out.  When she got to Trevor’s hotel and walked into his room she put her arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips as he grabbed her ass. Then Rebecca stopped kissing him and smacked him hard on the face and said this was for leaving me alone and being forced into making a porn movie just so you can clear your debt with your friend and you better not use me like that again or you will never see me again and he looked at her and said that it will not happen again.

Rebecca saw that he his own outfit for her to wear: A Short Black Dress, Black Bra, Black Panties, Black Stockings and Black High Heeled Pumps. She kept her pearl choker necklace on, took off her clothes and got dressed.  Rebecca asked him what he had planned for her tonight and he said that a friend of his was hosting a White Slave Auction and that he would bring someone for the auction.  Rebecca asked, “You mean someone is going to bid on me?  To do what?”  He replied, “ You will spend a whole evening with the person who buys you and let him do whatever he wants to do to you. “ Rebecca looked at her Black Master for a few minutes and then said, “Well what if I don’t want to?”  He looked at her sternly and said, “You have no choice.”

Rebecca looked at him.  “About last weekend, I’m okay with all the sex.  I just don’t want other people I don’t know taking videos and photos of me.  I loved the sex.  The videos and photos can be for you and me only. I was so turned on by the ones you sent me this week.  They made me so wet just watching me.  I didn’t realize how hot those videos are.  Is that okay?”

He looked at her and lied, “Yes, that is fine, so tell me what you liked about it? I like watching you myself.  I like watching how you were this little prude woman stumbling out of a bar 4 months ago and now you are the prefect slutty whore for black cock.”  He didn’t understand what she was talking about with the videos.  He hadn’t sent her any, but herhaps his friend, the director, had sent them. He continued, “I had no idea you would become like this.  It is so fascinating to watch. I like watch white chicks get their first black dick, but you are by far the best ever.”  She looked at him, “Yes  I agree. The sex I have been having is so good.  The cocks are huge and the intensity is so amazing.  I ove that these men know what they want and they feel that they want it from me.  He smiled and put his arm round her and led her out to the car and unlocked it and they both got in and he then started the car and drove to the auction.

While they were on the way, they ran into heavy traffic and he told Rebecca to spread her legs and he moved his hand up her leg until he was rubbing her vagina through her panties. She moved her panties aside so that he can easily rub the lips of her vagina. Rebecca was enjoying the feeling she was getting from him rubbing her vagina and soon she was feeling a orgasm build up inside her and told him to rub her faster and when he did this she was soon holding his hand and screaming out has she has a powerful orgasm and squirted on the seat and his hand. She looked up to her left and saw a trucker watching them.  He caught her eye and gave her the thumbs up.  When Rebecca had recovered from her orgasm she looked at her Black Master and said, “Find somewhere to stop as I want you to fuck me hard with your huge black cock.”

He soon pulled off the highway and around behind some deserted buildings and stopped the car. Rebecca got out, pulled her panties down, bent over the front of the car and told her Black Master to take her with his big black cock. So he went behind Rebecca and got his cock out and forced it into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  He wasn’t fully hard at first, but it started to stiffen and Rebecca was screaming out to fuck her and make her cum. And then Rebecca felt a orgasm build up inside her and she screamed at him to fuck her harder as she was going to cum and then when he pushed more of his cock into her vagina she had another powerful orgasm and squirted and covered his cock in her cum. When he felt this he began to fuck her harder and then he stopped and told her that he was going to fill her vagina with his black seed and breed her. When Rebecca felt his cum fill her vagina she had another powerful orgasm and squirted again on his cock .   Reality then set in.  She was about to be auctioned off.  She needed to get cleaned up.  When he pulled his cock out his cum and hers were mixed together and leaked out of her vagina onto the ground and he then said that we should be going as he did not want to be late and miss out on the fun. They both got back into the car and drove to were the Fundraiser/Auction. Rebecca had to stop in the restroom to wipe up the cum.    When she was ready, Trevor led her to a room and told her to Strip down to her underwear and shoes.  When she entered the room she more women getting ready and they were all white. A big black man came up to her and put a collar round her neck and then clipped a chain to it and a sticker with a number 10 on it and was placed on the front of her panties and she was told to wait until her number was called.

Rebecca watched as each woman’s number was called and led by the big black man through a curtain to the stage were the White Slavery Auction was to take place.  She was the last one.  She heard the other women go from anywhere from$3K to $12K.  One girl told her this was her second time and that it was fun to be bought and see what a man would want from her that he would pay that price.  After some time it was Rebecca’s turn and she was led to the stage where she was hooked up to a post.  The light was bright and she had to squint.  She couldn’t see anything, but she could hear the people talking and hear that there were quite a few people out there.   and she stood there for all the men to look at her.  The auctioneer came out and started to promote her,  “For our special final auction of the evening, we bring you Rebecca.  Many of you have seen the photos and promotional video.  She is new to the interracial world but as you have heard, she already has quit a following.  Well educated and trained by her Black Master, she will submit to your every desire or you can let her dominate you.  She has a voracious appetite for black cock and no condoms are necessary.  She has been tested and is clean.  She likes to use, abused, spanked, talked dirty to. “ He came over and pulled out her breasts and pulled down her panties to her thighs and put his hand between her thighs.  “We will start bidding at $1K”.  Soon it was going up  to $10,000 and more and more men were bidding for Rebecca and she saw her Black Master smile at her as he knew that she would make a lot of money and soon he was right as the bidding at gone up to $50,000 and that was the winning bid. When the hammer went down, someone near the back raised his number card up. Rebecca could barely see the man who had bid and won her and was a bit disappointed as she saw that he was elderly.

She had wanted it to be a young fit man, but she had to accept the result. She was led back to the room to get dressed and the collar and chain was taking off and her Black Master was waiting for her with the Auctioneer.  He thanked them profusely and told them that they had reached their goal of raising $100K for the schools.  Rebecca was upbeat.  It was nice to know that this was for a nice cause.  She asked if he knew the winner and he told her he had never seen him before, but he had already paid. When they were finished backstage, they went out to meet the  man who had bought her.  Her Black Master led her to his table and he told her to sit down.  He was in his late 60s, fit for his age, dressed in a classic tuxedo, clean shaven and bald.  The man signaled for her to sit on his lap and she complied.  If a man was going to pay $50K for an evening, he definitely wanted something.  The old man put his hand on her leg and started up her leg.

The Black Master sat down as well and said, “You have wonderful taste.”  The old man smiled and said, “When I viewed your site, I knew I had to have her.”  Rebecca looked at him quizzically.  “What site?”  The bidder suddenly realized he had spoken too much as the Black Master said, “Oh before this auction I put these videos online in a private location for people to see, so they knew what they were bidding on.  It worked, and that is why people bid so high. ” He looked at the bidder to make sure he understood that Rebecca knew nothing about RebeccasOffice.com, the site he had set up to showcase the exploits of a regular woman who he was converting into a slut.  The bidder got the idea.  “Well yes,” said the bidder.  “Actually I have you for the evening, but I must be frank that I just represent the real money.  Although I will have you this evening, I have some backers who gave me the money and let me purchase you. They will seek you out at future auctions or sooner for themselves.”  They discussed the arrangements for her weekend and her Black Master also arranged for him to pick her up late Saturday.  The Bidder  offered Rebecca a drink and started to talk to her as  he was touching her, whispering in her ear and playing with her vagina through her panties.  His cock grew under her leg and she knew he was packed. She saw her Black Master look at her and she knew that she had to let him

“That sounds very nice, might I be able to meet these mystery bidders?” asked Trevor.”  Just then, he saw Rebecca’s eyes get big as she saw something behind him.  “Yes, here they are.” And the Bidder pointed to three young black men in their 30’s.  Trevor introduced himself and they just smiled at Rebecca.  He knew something was up.  Rebecca had yet to speak.

“Hello Maria,” the leader said.  She didn’t reply.  Trevor suddenly realized that she knew these men.  He smiled.  “You know Rebecca?”  he asked them.  “You might say that.  We work for her,”  said the tallest of the three black men.  He looked at Rebecca who now hung her head and was sobbing.  She was discovered and she knew her life as Rebecca was no longer a secret.  The three men smiled with a sinister look on their faces.  He gestured to the bidder, “Carl also works in our building, but Rebecca probably is too busy to notice the man that holds the door for her every day.  He also monitors the security cameras in the building.  We figured that since Rebecca loves having sex on her desk, that sometimes after hours we might want to get into the building and have some fun with her.  So Carl can help us too.”

Trevor saw a tear in her eye.  He did not know what to do as she did not want him to leave as she was worried that she was going to be on her own with these men and did not what they were going to do to her, but he looked at her and then said he is your new owner for the weekend.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek and then whispered in Carl’s ear, “Make sure to send me video and photos”.

After sometime Carl got up and told her that it was time to go and she slowly got up and followed him outside to his car which was a flashy sports car. Rebecca thought that it may be fun to be his slave for the weekend and he opened the door for her and she got in.  When he got in, he turned towards her and told her that she will be his sex slave and if she pleases him then he may reward her, but only if she does as she is told.  Rebecca said that she will be his sex slave and let him do whatever they want to do to her and then he started the car and drove off.  Carl said, “I’ve been thinking about you every day for the last year.  I fantasize about you all the time.  I do hope you will make my dreams come true.”

@RebeccasOffice Feminism is Dead in The Bed

I laughed the other night when I heard on a Prime Time TV show that a white man said to a black lady “I’m ready to go black and never go back”.  Laughingly I thought interracial dating was just set back a decade.  Honestly when I stopped sleeping with my husband a few years ago, I left because I found superior lovers and not just lovers of my body, but my whole self.  You see most men realized that I wanted to be submissive with my body, but many missed that I wanted to let go with more than that.  Fortunately my lover, Dom, figured that out without my having to tell him.  I might be submissive in private, but when the man knows every desire within you and presents them without my asking, her just puts me in heaven.  There is no need for me to try and be a strong woman at home now.  My man is always right and his desire is my command.
I owed you an update into my new sexual life and what has been going in since I moved into my new place. I think I have yet to go a day in 2017 without at least one orgasm.  Having this much sex and being more active than a 20 year old and still having the best sex of my life.  I couldn’t be more blessed. You should try it.  CLICK HERE TO SEE and HEAR WHAT MY LOVER DOES TO ME.

Update: Should @RebeccasOffice be renamed Rebecca’s Kitchen?

Now that Rebecca has taken on new living arrangements we hear that she has become domesticated and is cooking up a storm!  Her boyfriend claims that she is an amazing cook and that now that he has her as his personal chef, he’s got her cookin’ something hot every night when he gets home.  Lucky dog!  Have to say that we like Rebecca’s lack of apron.  We’ll lick all the sauces off her body and fingers.  We’d like to show her our own little rolling pin and spatula.  Rebecca might be cooking at her new housewarming party.  Hopefully we’ll get an invite or we’ll have to crash it.

Come see what Rebecca has going on in her kitchen.  We can’t guarantee your tastebuds will be on fire, but we are pretty sure that you will enjoy the presentation.  We must warn you though.  This is not an a la carte menu.  Everything here is 5 star quality with a prix fixe tasting menu.  CLICK HERE TO RESERVE A SEAT AT HER TABLE.


Rebecca is a Slave for You


People are always asking if I’m dominant or submissive.  I really am not one or the other.  I do admit I like confidence in my lover and that someone who knows what they are doing between the sheets is pretty attractive in my book.  Well for that matter it works that way for me in the board room as well.  If you are put together and have your act together I can really get wet between the thighs although you might never know.   SO I guess you might say that at work I can be pretty dominant during the day just because I have more people reporting to me.  Then when I get home I like to relinquish control.  My husband says it is an amazing transformation once I walk in the door and lay down.

As my favorite singer sings….I’m a SLAVE for you!  But then again I can be Becca…BITCH!  Take your pick.  Actually many of you know to never call me Becca if you don’t want to see that side of me.  Want to see my transformation?  Do ya?  Okay, honestly, I’m just a nice sweet girl.  I’m a terrible actress.  Just CLICK HERE and tell me if I look like I can be a BITCH.  I am so obedient.