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So how do you know a slutwife when you see one?  Or rather how do you treat one? Or how does one become one?  It doesn’t matter what a slut wife prefers whether it is White men, Black men or Asian men or even women.  You have already seen in Part 1 of this series that a Slut Wife is a woman who sleeps with many men because her main partner or husband can’t satisfy her alone and in this case my lover knew how to get me hot and wet.  In Part 2 my lover gave it to me in the ass, something I would never have done before but I loved doing something I’d never done before.  In Part 3 you will see that a Slut Wife can never get enough.  Watch as you will notice the pillow is still in the same place after he gave me anal.  He thought he was done.  He was already dressed, but I wanted more…….

One of the reasons my ex let me play in the first place is that he said he couldn’t keep up.  He felt like he wasn’t good enough or that he needed help in satisfying me.  So part of the reason why I became a slutwife is that I needed a man who could keep up with me. As you will find in this video, I am not a one and done kinda gal!   CLICK HERE AND SEE IF YOU CAN HANDLE ME AND KEEP IT UP.

Member Erotica: Chapter 22 – Life of a Black Cock Slut

Part 22. Rebecca Spends Time With Her Black Master Again.

When Rebecca got up on Monday her body was still stiff and went to the bathroom to have a shower and when she had finished and got ready for work.  Her mind though drifted towards her new life.  It was getting complicated and her body was constantly craving sex.  She suddenly snapped out of it as she remembered she had a few meetings to go to that morning and she was going to be late.

At lunch Rebecca went out and had something to eat and drink and then went back to the office.  She checked her emails and saw that it was 1:05 and saw that there was an email titled: “Where are you?”  She read it and immediately walked to the door and locked it. She had forgotten that she needed to perform. She went to the drawer and got her tools.  She did a striptease for the camera stuck the plug up her ass. She showed the camera her pussy and then pleasured herself until she squirted all over the floor.  She then got on all fours and licked up the cum and rubbed up the rest all over her body. She enjoyed the release.  It was a nice break from a normal day.  When she looked at her email.  She read the email:  “Thank you.  Don’t make us remind you.  Tomorrow we want you to wear white underwear.  We also want you to leave your soaked panties in the drawer when you leave the office.”  Rebecca erased the email and went back to work.

An hour later Trevor her Black Master told her that he was back and wanted to see her after work at his place. Rebecca sent him a text telling him that she would be there after work and could not wait to see him again.  She lied that it had been over a week since she had a black cock and that she was really horny.

As she was driving she wondered if she should she tell Trevor about the daily masturbations for the security cameras and the episode with the officer. After thinking about it for some time, she decided not to tell him just as she did not know how he would react. When Rebecca arrived she walked up to him and jumped into his arms and he put his hands on her ass and pulled her body close to his chest and they French-kissed like two lovers who had been apart for a long time.

As they were kissing, Trevor’s hand went under her skirt and began to rub her clit through her panties and Rebecca reached her hand down to his cock and started to stroke it on the outside of his pants. She now remembered how large his cock was.  It was definitely larger than all the rest.  Rebecca said to Trevor “I am glad that you are back as I have missed your huge black cock inside me” and Trevor looked at her and said “I missed my slut slave too.” He then told her to get undressed and when she was naked he told her to sit on the bed and she saw the look of lust in his eyes.  He looked at her in her black shelf bra, black stockings and heels and whistled.

“Did you miss me my little slut? I bet you were so horny you couldn’t stop touching yourself.” Rebecca just nodded as she watched him get undressed.  His dick dangled further down than she remembered. When he was naked he stood in front of her and she saw his beautiful huge black cock dangling almost to his knees. Rebecca almost drooled.  Trevor then reached down between her legs with his fingers and started to touch her vagina and said “You are wet for my black cock” and he pushed two fingers into her wet vagina and started to finger fuck her vagina. Soon his fingers were making wet squelching noises and she closed her eyes as she began to squirm and moan as she was getting close to a orgasm. Then she screamed out loud, “Ahhhh, oh my god! Don’t stop!  Oh god, Yes….” She had a powerful orgasm and squirted on his fingers and then he took them out.  Rebecca open her eyes to see him playing with his huge black cock inches from her face and she saw pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock.  Rebecca reach out to touch his cock and started to slowly stroke it, and licked the cum off his cock. He grabbed her hair and she leaned forward and wrapped her lips round the end of his cock to use her tongue to lick more of the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. He then began to slowly push his cock into her mouth and started to gently thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. “Oh I wish you had traveled with me.  I made some sexy arrangements for you. I am going to make sure you get all the black cock you can handle.”

Rebecca was moaning as he fucked her mouth and she reached up and began to caress his balls and then he let go of her hair for a moment and reached behind himself and soon found a dark material which he tied around her head, covering her eyes in darkness. He then pulled his cock out of her mouth and she felt helpless yet safe as she waited in the dark for what he was going to do next. He then asked her “What does my black cock slut want me to do” and Rebecca whimpered “Whatever my master wants.  I want to belong to him and have him do whatever will pleasure him most.” He told her to lay down on the bed and open her legs and she waited for him to fuck her as he got on the bed. Instead of his cock he used his fingers to pull her vagina lips gently apart and Rebecca began to moan as he pushed his tongue into her vagina and rubbed her swollen clit with his fingers.  It felt so good yet she still wanted his huge cock which kept brushing up against her ankles. She began to wrap her legs around him and pushed to get more of his tongue into her vagina. Rebecca then started to scream out “I’m fucking cumming” as she had a powerful orgasm and her body started to shake and she squirted all over Trevor’s face. He then stopped and quickly moved up her body until his cock was touching the entrance to her vagina. He looked her in the eyes and kissed her on the mouth. and told her “I am going to fuck you with my big black cock” and Rebecca screamed out “Please fuck me”. He slowly pushed his cock into her vagina and he kept pushing more of his cock into me until he was touching her cervix and Rebecca began to wrapped her legs around his back and her arms around his neck. Trevor continued to fuck her harder and she pushed her body up to get more of his cock into her vagina and she began to moan as she felt another orgasm build up inside her body and soon she was screaming out, “Oh give it to me.  Please Trevor, give your girl your seed. I need it.  I want it.” She had another powerful orgasm and covered his cock with her cum.  He loved her begging.  Something had gotten into her over the last week.  This made him fuck me harder and he pushed his cock all the way into her vagina touching her cervix as he flooded her vagina with his cum. She was shaking again as she screamed out, “Oh yes, it feels so good and warm. It’s all mine. Yes.”  Rebecca thought about how good it would be to have his stiff cock penetrating her every night and having his sperm inside her.  This caused her to suddenly shake as she had another orgasm.

Trevor was not done yet.  He had taken a Viagra and his cock was still hard.  He told her to get on her hands and knees and he got between her legs and pushed his cock all the way in.  He started to fuck her hard and fast again. Rebecca wrapped her legs around his back, digging her heels into his back and telling him “Fucking fill me with more of your black seed and breed me.” He loved her filthy talk.  He loved how he had turned this seemingly normal businesswoman into a black cum slut.  He started thrusting as hard as he could.  It hurt his pelvis each time he slapped into her.  Soon Rebecca’s body was shaking as she had another powerful orgasm and she screamed at him “Please tell me what I need to do.  Please tell me how I can be yours.” Soon he was pinning her to the mattress as he fucked her and soon he was ready to cum and he pushed his black cock into her vagina and he told her “I am going to fill your vagina with my black seed and breed you.  Your pussy belongs to me and my black brothers. Do you hear me?  You are to never have a white cock touch your pussy again. Got it?”  Rebecca replied, “What about my husband?”  This angered Trevor who pulled her head back by the hair and boldly said, “Fuck your puny husband. I am your Master and that is all that matters. You will never touch his cock again and he is to never ever touch your pussy again.” Rebecca didn’t reply. She wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. His cock started swelling.  The thought of her not touching a white cock again ever obviously turned him on.  With one last deep thrust she felt his big black cock throb as he fill her vagina with his black seed. Her vagina gripped his cock to milk all his cum. When he had finished filling her vagina, he took his cock out of her vagina and his cum leaked out of her vagina onto the bed sheets and Rebecca fell down onto the bed satisfied and exhausted.  Sex with her Black Master was different.  Not only was his cock a physical turn on, but the emotional control he had over her made it extra special.  It was like every time she had sex with any black man, she felt like he was there and she was doing it for the both of them. He took the blindfold off and then he got on the bed and told her to clean his cock so she moved to the bottom of the bed and obediently put her tongue on the tip of his cock and slowly licked her cum and his cum of his cock and then put it into her mouth and sucked it hard and was touching her balls at the same time and he started to fuck her mouth and soon she felt his balls tighten as he was ready to come and she felt his cum fill her mouth and she sucked and swallowed it all until she had milked all of his cum from his gorgeous black cock and when he had finished she let his cock fall out of her mouth and some of his cum leaked down her face.  She knew he liked that.

He then turn round pulled her up by his side and embraced her. Rebecca did the same and she told him how much she loved being with him and missed him.  He looked at her and told her that on Friday he had a surprise for her. He told her that she would have to wait until Friday, but that it would be something special. That was all he would say. When Trevor looked again he saw that she had fallen asleep. He got up, took some photos of the cum leaking out of her mouth and pussy.  He went to the website to document her 50th load of black seed.  A milestone. He noticed a couple postings on the site and saw some grainy video.  He looked closely and saw that it was video of her masturbating in her office.  He smiled and sent a note to Carl telling him “Nice Job”.

As she slept, he spent his time arranging the surprise for Friday as he wanted it to be something she would never forget. After a few hours Trevor went over to the bed and woke up Rebecca. When she asked what time it was and he told her that it was late and she checked her watch and saw that it was 10.00 pm. “Oh shit,” she said. She got up and went and got a shower and then when she was finished she got dressed kissed Trevor, and said she could not wait for her surprise on Friday. She quickly left and drove home, but as she was driving she could feel his cum leaking out of her vagina and onto the car seat as she had forgot to put her panties on. She had left them on the floor. She decided to wipe her pussy with the inside of her skirt and get it dry cleaned.  Gosh she felt so trashy.

As soon she had arrived home and as she entered the house she saw that her husband had fallen asleep on the couch as he must have been waiting for her.  He had left her many texts and calls, but she had been asleep and not answered them. She had forgotten to tell him that she would be late.  She pulled a blanket over him and went upstairs to bed.  She would have to talk to him in the morning.

Member Erotica – Rebecca Becomes a Black Cock Slut – Part 6 continued

The Life of A Black Cock Slut

Part 6:  Rebecca Is Taken To The Dungeon For Training  (continued)

After a few minutes her Black Master got up got some cold water in a glass and threw it over Maria’s face to wake her up. He was not finished with her yet and she suddenly woke up erect as soon as the freezing water hit her. She looked at her Black Master, suddenly realizing where she was  and that she had passed out.  She was slightly disoriented. He said, “So you are ready? You have had your punishment and now it is time to feel pleasure”. He then uncuffed her wrists and legs from the frame and the collar and the bar between her legs and told her to walk across the room over to the leather bench.  Maria found it a bit hard to walk after having been suspended on the x-frame. The Black Master put the flogger back on wall as he had finished with it for now and came back and told her to bend over the leather bench. She bent over the bench tentatively and he cuffed her wrists to the holds on the floor and then he cuffed her ankles to ring holds on the floor on either side of the bench. She was spread eagled over the bench and her legs started to wobble as she dropped her body onto the bench. She was too weak to resist Maria then felt his tongue on her clit as he started to lick her vagina with his tongue. Maria struggled, but his expert tongue felt so good. It was better than being whipped or spanked she thought. She tried to raise her legs to give him a better angle, but the pleasure was so good as she fell back onto the bench, threw her head back screaming loudly with pleasure. He closed his lips around her clit and sucked hard. Maria bit her lip to try not to show him how good it felt.  His mouth was amazing.  Her Black Master knew exactly how to turn as the sensations grew out of control. It was amazing.  She had been anticipating a hard beating of pain and suddenly she was feeling such intense orgasmic pleasure instead.  He was playing with her.  First extreme pain and then extreme pleasure. He then put two of his fingers into her tight vagina and pushed his fingers back and forth inside her, feeling the velvet smooth wetness of her vagina. Her Black Master then curled his finger tips with a beckoning motion and rubbed directly over her G-spot.  This man was in control of Maria’s body as she started to shake uncontrollably from the powerful orgasm that went through her body. She lost control of her emotions and let out a loud scream of pleasure that left her legs limp and her body exhausted.  She was disgusted that this horrible man had given her such intense sexual pleasure, but she enjoyed it.

He then took his fingers out of her vagina and her juice started to leak from her vagina and her body was covered in sweat. She was exhausted.  She thought to herself how amazing that last orgasm was.  This man really pushed her buttons harder that anyone else ever had. Suddenly she screamed as she felt a hard smack on her right butt cheek.  The sting from the pain immediately drew a tear.  What had she done wrong?  Her Black Master said, “I told you not to speak.” Maria said, “I’m sorry..I..” and he interrupted, “For a punishment you will beg me for five smacks on each butt cheek”. She looked up and was scared. “Please hurt me and spank me hard Master.  I am sorry for disobeying. I am yours to punish with spankings.” He smiled and then started on her right butt cheek and then her left butt cheek and after he had giving her 5 smacks on each butt cheek, there were tears in Maria’s eyes and her butt cheeks were red with large hand marks clearly outlined on her butt which was stinging. She was glad that it was over has she did not know how much more she could take. He smiled at the pleasure of making her weep.  He could see her drooling from trying not to scream. She was totally submissive to him.  Her Black Master then moved his fingers to her vagina and as he rubbed her said, “This is mine to use for my pleasure and use anyway and anytime I want, do you understand?” Maria obediently and reluctantly said, “Yes” as he yanked on his choke chain, leaving a mark around her neck. He unclipped the cuffs on her wrists from the bench and then he unclipped the cuffs on her feet. Maria used all her energy to push herself up and sit on the bench. Her Black Master then got up and left the room. She was left on her own and she looked around the room for a way to escape.  The door was the only way out.  She wondered what he was he up to and after ten minutes he returned with a bottle of water and gave her the bottle. She needed it as her mouth was dry and she needed to cool down as her body was still hot and covered in sweat. When her thirst had been quenched she gave back the bottle which was half full.

Her Black Master led her across the room and she sat down on a small table that was by the bench. He then told her to get up and he stood behind her and started to play with her nipples. They started to get stiff and hard from his touch. Although she could not see, he was facing her toward some hidden cameras that were capturing every moment. He then told Maria to lay down on her back on the bench. Once again he secured her wrist cuffs to the bench and then spread her feet and secured her ankle cuffs to bench as well. Her Black Master saw that her vagina was still leaking her cum on the floor from her orgasm she had before. He scooped some off with his fingers and licked them. He then bent down by her head and gave her a long kiss as he unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his pants, and throwing them to the floor. He was now standing in front of her naked with his huge black cock erect. Maria looked at it and knew she wanted it in her vagina. But that was not what he had planned. He then went to a wall unit next to the freezer and picked up a glass, throwing in some ice cubes. He return to Maria and put the glass on the small table by the bench. He asked, “Are you ready to experience a new sensation that your will grow to enjoy?” He then took one ice cube out of the glass and started to trace it in circles around her left breast and watch as the heat of her body started to melt the ice cube and then he moved it to her right breast and did the same and the heat from her body was melting the ice cube. It was cold and tickled her nipples, making them stiff.  It was a sharp contrast to the heat growing between her legs.  When it had melted until there was not much left, he put it into her belly button and then he got another ice cube and trace it round her body and then when that had melted he put that in her belly button as well and after some time both ice cubes had melted and the pool of water in her belly button, was spilling off her body.  Maria then heard a rattle of a chain and she saw him holding a small clamp just before he applied it to her left nipple. She whimpered as she felt a sharp pain.  She knew what was coming next as he then clamped her right nipple with the other end of the chain.  She felt the sharp pain again. He pulled the chain gently and the tugging made her scream out in pain not because of the pain but the potential horror of her breasts being tugged on by her nipples She then saw a clamp being attached to the middle of her chain, and immediately started to struggle as she knew what was yet to come as the other end of the second chain was secured straight down her body, between her thighs and he use two fingers on her vagina and felt on how wet she was and then she felt a sharp pain has her Black Master put a clamp on her clit. Once again she screamed not from the immediate pain of the clamp on her clitoris, but in anticipation of how much it was going to hurt if he tugged on it.  She sat perfectly still with tears welling up in her eyes knowing if she moved it would hurt more. Every part of her body was tingling from pain and pleasure that it was hard to distinguish between the two. He then told her, “Suck my cock, bitch” and she then begged for his cock saying, “Please may I suck your cock my Black Master?”  He laughed to himself watching this polished woman so helpless and wanton. He was going to turn this white polished and privileged woman into a whore for the common black man.  He stood in front of her mouth and she opened it. He moved just within her mouth and she stuck her tongue out. She could just about reach the end of his cock and she flicked the tip of his cock and then he move forward sliding it between her lips and filling her mouth pushing against her wet tongue. Her saliva started to coat his cock and some of her saliva dribbled from her mouth and landed on the floor. He then started to slide his cock back and forth between her lips in a steady motion and he fucked her mouth for a few minutes and then he push his cock deeper in her mouth and she felt his balls banging against her chin and she felt him slide further in her mouth until it reach the back of her throat and then her gag reflex caused her eyes to water and she started to feel a cough start to build and then he grabbed the back of her head with his cock all the way in and she felt like she was going to pass out, but then he pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Maria started to gasp for air and she was trying to swallow her own saliva, but was having trouble being on her back. She did not see her Black Master and then she felt his hands on her hips and he was between her legs pushing her legs apart and then she felt his cock at the entrance to her vagina.  She was ready. He thrusted hard forward burying himself deep in her vagina. She gasped at the warmth and girth of his cock.  She was going to be used and abused by her Black Master for his pleasure and then he withdrew his cock until there was just the tip of his cock inside her and then he forced himself back into her vagina as his abdomen and thighs slammed against her ass. He did this over and over again pushing in deeper each time and she knew that he was fucking her hard for what she had done before when she had hit him and shouted at him. He was yelling at her.  “This is what you deserve you fucking slut.  This is your destiny you whore.” She was going to know that if you disobey him again then this is what she can expect. Her body was shaking from the pounding and her mind was crying from the filthy thoughts he was telling her.  Now he was giving her pain and pleasure all at once as he would pull on the chain and her nipples and clit causing her pain but she was now getting turned on with the fucking and pain and she was totally lost in another world as she was helpless and her body was in shock.  It did not care anymore as she was building to another powerful orgasm. Then Maria screamed out loud as she had another powerful orgasm.  It was long and uncontrollable. This turned on the Black Master as she heard him start to moan as he pushed his cock deeper into her vagina and she felt him explode into her vagina.  It was long and hard streams of cum  as he hit her cervix with his black seed and he said, “I am going to breed my black cock slut.  Baby, you have a pussy that is made for sharing!” As he was filling her vagina, he pulled on the chains and the force pulled all three clamps of her nipples and clit and she screamed in pain. Yeas pulled out of her eyes and the sharp pain ached as the blood return to her nipples and clit and the sensation she was feeling was blowing her mind and she nearly past out from the combined pain and pleasure. She wanted to grab onto her breasts and clitoris to make sure that they were still attached to her body, but her restraints had her body helpless from the attack.  Her body was covered in his sweat and her Black Master slowly pull his cock out of her vagina and a trickle of his cum oozed from her vagina and ran down and landed on the floor.

Her Black Master then unclipped her wrists and ankles from the bench and then he took off the collar as well. He told her to turn over and bend over and he then took the butt plug out of her ass.  She had almost forgotten it was in there. He then told her to get up and follow him, but she found it hard as she was weak and walked slowly behind him, following him into a room where he switched on the light on. She found that it was a bathroom and he told her that she could use the toilet if she wanted and she went and used the toilet. He stood there watching her.  Nobody had ever watched her do that.  She saw large clumps of cum drip into the toilet as she peed. When she was finished he told her to have a shower to wake her up.  The water felt good on most of her body except her nipples, clitoris and ass which stung when the streams of warm water hit her.  After a quick shower she dried off and he lead her back into the Dungeon. He then gave her her clothes and told her to get dressed. She was happy that this was over for the day. She dressed slowly as her body was aching all over.

When Maria was dressed he lead her upstairs, opened the door and told her to wait. He went to see his friend, gave him something in an envelope (the video tapes) that Maria could not see and said goodbye and thanks. He then turned and told Maria to drive back home.  She drove back to the hotel and could feel his eyes undressing her as his rough fingers played with her pussy the whole drive back the hotel. Maria shed tears all the way home for several reasons. Before he got out he looked at Maria and said,  “From now on you will not disobey me again or answer me back do you understand?”  Maria just nodded as she wanted to just go home and forget all about what she had been through. He left the car and she drove all the way home wanting this nightmare to end as she wanted her old boring life back, but she did know if that would ever get back to a normal life again and what other surprises he was going to put her through.

@RebeccasOffice Wants You To Be A Dreamgirl

Dreamnet Lifestyle

Dreamnet Lifestyle

One of the questions I get asked most often by members is how they can get their wife or partner to become a Dreamnet girl or an interracial swinger.  Well I think the former is easier than the latter.  Do I recommend the lifestyle?  Of course I do!  But the lifestyle is not for everyone, so I thought I’d talk a little bit about why I chose to become a Dreamgirl and how that came to be in case it isn’t clear!  I have to say that one of the best things is that I get to dress sexy unlike the way I dress on a normal basis.  So if you want your girl to become a Dreamnet girl or an interracial swinger, keep reading and I will give you a few tips and ideas.

Do you think that your wife, girlfriend or spouse would like getting compliments from other men?  Do you think it will give her more confidence about her body?  Dreamnet has really helped me gain more confidence about what men like about me and it has helped me to see and find other women like me to help me realize that doing this is very normal.  I really started out doing this just to see if men found me attractive.  The next think you know, I am realizing all my sexual fantasies CLICK HERE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT WHY THE DREAMNET LIFESTYLE IS AMAZING.

@RebeccasOffice Lives The SlutWife Lifestyle

I often am asked by people new to my site about who was my first?  How did I get started? How did you become a slutwife?  What do you like about your lovers?  Of course I get asked lots of other things too.  It is funny because before I ever started this site, I didn’t know what a cuckhold, MILF, cougar, or Slutwife was.  I guess the best thing I can tell people is to not try so hard.

Rebecca Is A Slutwife

Rebecca Is A Slutwife

I think once my husband told me he was okay with me sleeping with another man and then I tried it, my true feelings and emotions came out.  The sex was incredible.  I found the perfect lover and we had sex wherever and whenever we could.  He really knew how to eat me out, he introduced me to anal sex, he introduced me to the reverse cowgirl position, he spanked me, and he filled my pussy like no other man could.

This video shows you one of our afternoon rendez-vous.  I loved how he would call me up and tell me to put on some pearls, some lingerie and stockings under my suit and to meet me in a high class hotel for a drink.  He would run his hands up my skirt as he would get me loose and drunk.  His hands got me hot, his gaze would undress me and his words would become my command.    So what is a slutwife you ask?  I can’t describe it, but if you watch this video, I think you will get the picture.  Click Here To See.