Help Me with my Spring Wardrobe!

Happy First Day of Spring!

Well I really have Spring Fever now!  My break is over and I am back to work, but can only find myself daydreaming about anything but work.  You know how Charlie Brown’s teacher sounded like “Wa-wa-wa”.  That is what I feel like too when listening to my conference call this morning!

I do need to update my wardrobe for the beach though.  Fortunately I have a credit at that I need to use.  I’m looking at some items and was hoping you might help me figure out what I should get.  Here are some links. They are also having a sale til 3/22.  So if you see something you like, please let me know.  It could be what I show you or something else.

Time is a wasting, so let me know!  Here are some things to check out for me. Since you know me, I think you can tell me what would look good on me.

Update: Let’s Make America Great Again

I was doing some Spring cleaning and came across some old shirts.  I was really inspired by one of them and with all of my energy from Spring, I thought I’d let you know my thoughts on the slogan of  “How @RebeccasOffice Will Make America Great Again.”  Now if any of you are turned off by politics or American propaganda, don’t worry, this has nothing to do with that.  I have ideas, but they are all sexual!  I really want you to hear some new thoughts I have that have come about from recent events.  If you didn’t hear, I am now the Queen of Spades for 2017.  That means I am feeling in the mood of making orders and proclamations!  Spring always brings New Hope and with that I shall give you all something new to hope for!

Of course my boyfriend thought it would be great to get outside and get you all in the mood.  I know some of you are still buried in snow.  He thought it would be fun, but let me tell you as your inspired leader, that it was freezing here still, but I got naked just for you and somehow did not catch a cold.  Hopefully my sexy efforts will inspire you as well to join my cause and make America great again  CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW YOUR FEARLESS NAKED LEADER.

Check out Rebecca’s Creampie!

Creampie Rebecca

Creampie Rebecca

Well it is definitely Spring.  My boyfriend woke up so horny the first day of Spring and we had sex all day.  I literally never made it out of bed.  Well okay, there was the moment when he took me to the edge of the bed and made me bend over and take it from behind, but that was it.  I think he caught Spring Fever and was so horny that he wouldn’t let me sleep.  By the time morning came I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.  He still had a huge erection so I just told him to take me as he wanted.  And boy did he take me and left me a little gift.

After he had his way with me, my boyfriend decided to take some photos.  I hope you enjoy them.  During the photos I suddenly felt something between my legs and out came his sperm.  Yes a creampie.  He definitely wanted you all to see that he tried to impregnate me.  So did you get horny this Spring??  CLICK HERE if Springtime makes you HORNY!!

Rebecca Has Spring Fever!

Catch My Spring Fever

Catch My Spring Fever

It’s that time of year again when the flowers start to bloom and the warm air comes around and I start to feel horny all the time wanting sex! It is like I want sex all the time! Do you feel that way too? It is like it is a side effect of El Nino where I get hornier earlier and earlier every year every year! Talk about your global warming! You know what the biggest side effect is? It means I don’t need to wear underwear! It is nature’s way of telling us that we need to change our clocks and put away those warm coats and scarves and be free! It also means that we need to start cleaning up from the crazy winter. Are you ready to step outside with me and feel that sunshine on our bare skin and soak in those vitamins from the sun?

It doesn’t really snow here, but it does rain or at least can be damp on the West Coast of the United States. Yes Spring has sprung and some of my fans have bought me a whole new wardrobe for this year and I can’t wait to wear all my new clothes outside! Of course they gave me some nice new lingerie too and those will be fun to wear to bed! Are you ready to see me bloom in the warm sun? If you have the fever CLICK HERE to come here and tend to my garden with me!!

Rebecca Chases the Clouds Away

All of this Global Warming stuff has everything really screwed up. It used to simply be about April showers bringing May flowers, but the weather patterns have changed and now it rains in May so much that the flowers don’t really come until June! Well we all know that being wet isn’t so bad! In fact getting drenched is what you love about a woman. Well my days of wet T-shirt contests are all gone, but you need not get my clothes wet to see what’s underneath. The crazy rains and weather of May have left me ready to to break loose this summer and give you a tease of what is yet to come. You might call it Rebecca’s Monsoon of love. I’ll shower you this summer with everything I’ve got.

I just love the summer weather. I don’t really need an excuse to wear less clothes, but it sure helps to wear shorter skirts, no bras, or nothing at all. Do you want to get a little peek at my summer wardrobe? I think we’ll be a little bit more colorful this year. More brights and whites. Let’s replace this rain with sun and fun okay? Are you ready? Let’s go.