Movie Review – The Post

Well I must say that I was pretty excited to see this movie based upon the hype and the fact that two of my favorite actors (Hanks and Streep) starred in it.  I also have to say that I am not really a fan of movies that over-dramatize true facts.  I am not happy when I have to go back and read other materials to prove the accuracy of a movie.  There is definitely a “Hollywoodized” piece to this movie:

  1.  Nixon is made to look like a bad guy.  He is the one who wanted to end the war and save the reputations of his democratic adversaries Kennedy and Johnson.  The war was ended under his term while they carried it out.
  2. They create an anti-feminist scenario where you see Streep’s character walking through a bunch of admiring women after the Supreme Court ruling
  3. They created a fictional character Board member to be Streep’s fictional antagonist
  4. They created a character who was sent to spy on the Times, and
  5. MOST importantly I think the story while a part of history is overdramatized already because the Washington Post was not the main player here.  It was the New York Times.  The Post was one of many papers and not THE Paper nor the Leader.

That said, the movie does capture a historic moment and how people did not trust the government at that time.  For me as a very young kid I missed all of this.  I didn’t even know or really feel like the war was a big deal for me so I do appreciate the accurate re-account of the times.  I just wish they really told more of the truth and not try to taint our view just because the facts they had weren’t juicy enough for the movie.  The movie was still entertaining and I am sure many people will enjoy it. It should also win many awards .

I will give it 3 erections out of 5 and do recommend that you only see it when it comes out on Pay Per View.