#ThrowbackThursday – My First Stripper Audition

Before I had a blog, I had no place to promote these old posts.  I figure I should post them each Throwback Thursday.    Check back again & re-discover more from my past:

Today’s post is kind of important to me.   A small part of what I do is dance publicly (not under this name) although some people recognize me as Rebecca. It is a thrill but very nerve-wracking.  It is partly why I still have RebeccasOffice.com because I am more comfortable on the internet than in person.   A couple guys I met with after entering the lifestyle suggested I try out for a club dancer job.  I was a bit of an exhibitionist, but I did not want to do it where I lived, so we drove out of town where I wouldn’t be recognized and answered an ad:

Originally Posted 12/1/04 after my my first tryout:

I saw the ad in the paper and thought I’d see if I could get the job!  The theatre was located in a seedy part of town and a big bouncer type guy named Darrell led me upstairs to the office, squeezing my ass several times while we climbed the stairs.

Talk about a casting couch.  I had a feeling I would be doing some very dirty dancing.  My competitive spirit got the best of me and I wanted to make an impression!  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT IF I GOT THE JOB!

@RebeccasOffice Pays off the Debt Cowgirl Style in Stripper Economy Part 2 video update

So the Compton strip club DJ had this enormous cock.  Did you see it in part 1?  The way it pulsed when I sat on his face scared me.  It was so dark and thick and moved like a snake.  When I grabbed it, it was so hard and he had such control over it.  I was so wet from his eating of my pussy.  This boy was so nasty.  He told me he was going to “Put a little ghetto in my pussy”.  He kidded me that from now I’d be the classy edgy white girl at the club and that the boys have been clamoring for an innocent girl like me.  LOL!  Me?  Innocent?
But he did warn me about some of the other girls being jealous.  I told them I don’t do jealousy.  I’m a lover, not a fighter.  All the talk got me so horny though.  I needed to feel his cock inside me.
 I slid down on his cock first in Reverse Asian Cowgirl and then into regular Cowgirl. As I slid down I thought his cock would never end.  My gosh he was so deep inside me.  When a cock like this gets inside me I can not hide my enthusiasm.   CLICK HERE AND WATCH ME TAKE A RIDE ON HIS LOVESEAT. This is my favorite position if you did not know already.


Update: Rebecca likes to Strip at Home and at Work. Come See

Evertything comes off but the shoes.

Evertything comes off but the shoes.

If you are like one of my long time employees, Richard, you have a shoe or foot fetish.  So when he heard that I was going to be under new management, he wanted to make sure that his Boss would still be looking good for him and strutting around the office.  He really enjoys watching me teeter around in platform shoes.  When I put these new shoes on, I suddenly felt uneasy.  Not only was I about 5 inches taller, but I felt 5x sexier.  It reminded me of my earlier days at the strip clubs.  I am going to do a video with these shoes, but I was so excited I had to put these on first, try them out and model them for you as it was raining outside and these shoes are definitely not for stormy weather!  In fact these shoes are only good for stripping.  Have I told you my thoughts on stripping?

Do you have a foot fetish or shoe fetish? Do you like going to strip clubs or having women perform for you?  Have you seen my stripteases?  Let me tell you about stripper shoes and why I think the only place these are good for are strip clubs.   CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT ME TO STRIP FOR YOU.

Can I be your Private Dancer?


After last week’s update I got lots of questions about my experience or experiences as a stripper.


For those who don’t know, I do not strip professionally, but have danced at least a dozen times on a pole in clubs. My first introduction came about long before Dreamnet. My husband had gotten me drunk in Vegas and we went to this hole in the wall strip club where we would not be seen and the drinks and hors d’oeuvres would were $2. We did not know it was Amateur night and after lots of prompting I somehow ended up on stage with 3 other women. I really don’t remember how I won, but my husband said the competition was poor and I took off everything when nobody else did! A few years later we met a guy who you’ve come to know as “The Boss” through my videos. I did not know he worked at a local strip club, but my husband bragged about my one experience. Well next thing you know, he starts taking me to his club having me give him private dances in his VIP room and occasionally I played around on a small pole stage in the slow hours for him. Eventually he had me dance for a couple strangers. I have to admit that I am not a good dancer (they call them feature dancers), but I got good in the VIP room giving lap dances. I have to admit I did enjoy the feel of a stranger touching me and standing up and gyrating in a smoky room full of men with erections and with the lights on me and then when in private seeing if I could feel them get hard in their pants as I sat on their lap and they let their fingers wander where they weren’t supposed to go.

Well I always wondered what it would be like to take these guys home and do it in the privacy of my own home. When I got my new stripper pole it gave me some new fantasies. I would probably have the same rules as the club where I can’t ever lose contact with the pole or it would be a violation.

So if you want to come over for that Private Dance, CLICK HERE and give the magic password.

It’s time to workout by Assercising with me

Me and my Pole!

Me and my Pole!

Many of you have come to worship my backside. I love it. People ask me all the time what do I do to keep it in shape. I guess I have good genes! Well to be honest I do exercise. One of the things I found to be a good source of toning for a woman’s core are Exercise Stripper Poles. When I dance at the club it is a bit of an exercise as well as a nice dance partner! Ha Ha! Seriously, since I really don’t dance at gentlemen’s clubs as a profession I just have to exercise on my limited free time. Recently one of my connoisseur ass members asked if he could buy me a stripper pole for my home so I could work on by back side! Now thanks to him I have a great portable pole to work on my routines from home and tone my backside!

Want to see how I work my rear end on your dance pole? I do have to thank Member Bob for this wonderful new pole. And because of his generosity this update includes extra focus on my derriere.   Well I must admit that I have a secret. Stripper poles are such a turn on. When I am at the club I always keep one hand on the pole but I have this one move that I love to do. For those of you who have see me do it live, don’t tell anyone because it is a secret. If you haven’t seen it, then come inside and learn my secret? CLICK HERE TO GO TO WORK MY ASS ON YOUR POLE


Rebecca Cheats & Never Goes Back (Part 2) – Video

Rebecca Cheats & Never Goes Back (Part 2) – In this Part 2 you get to see the day I became addicted many years ago. I had gone back to see the Boss the day after my stripper audition. I hadn’t been able to really prove to him in the first interview that I wanted the job because my husband was around. So while my husband was at work, I came back to show him that I knew how to take instructions and that I was a top notch performer. In Part 1 I had taken him to the limits and he unloaded deep inside me but to my surprise and to his I wasn’t done. I told him I need more. So after he grabs himself a drink, we go back at it. You can hear me beg for the job during this session and I get so wet I squirt all over his stomach and chest. He was such a stallion and I rode him cowgirl style until I could get him tamed.

Yes this video is dark because he has all video auditions secretly taped to prove that I got the job fair and square and that I wasn’t given any favors. I’m not sure who got the best of that deal but after that evening I knew that I had never been taken like that before and I loved it! That was what it was like to be with a real man!

In the end you even get to hear some of our conversation. I had no idea we were being taped as we just lay there and chatted until he admitted to me that I was hired. A few years later he gave me my audition tape for my memory.You’re looking at it for the first time just like me! CLICK HERE!

Shake My Moneymaker?

Okay, the cat might be out of the bag, but at my club, they call me the Moneymaker. Given my regular daytime profession, I guess it makes sense. Originally they called me the Trumpess, but after a few weeks the guys gave me some pointers and helped me to loosen up. I remember struggling with being nervous everytime before I went on stage. It is such a dive place and with it being so dark I felt like I was on the spotlight. Well I was. So one day, the club bouncer pulled me aside grabbed my ass and told me to go upstairs with him, where he took me in the access room. Well he gave me a nice deposit and then told me that when I danced I need to shake so hard his cum would drip out.

Only he and I knew the liquid dripping down my leg that night was his body fluids, but that night I made more tips than I ever had before! After that night, he called me Mrs. Wall Street (aka the Moneymaker). In fact, he likes to give me bling to wear when I dance. Come on in and check out one of my outfits. Maybe I’ll give you a private show and shake my moneymaker for you. CLICK HERE!

He Made Me Scream!

The Boss’s Boss: Meet Rebecca’s Boss – Ass Kisser (Part 2) – Yes, Rebecca is a good employee, but what she will tell you is that what separates the good from the best is hard work. Those of you who have followed her work here on Dreamnet for the last 8 years know that she is so dependable. It makes our life really easy. She shows up for work every week and never fails to provide us with fabulous output! Nobody can ever question her work ethic. Now we’ve never worked with her in real life, but our guess is that she always goes the extra yard.

As we catch up to her here we see that she’s ready to go overtime for her own boss. Now you will see her secret as he tells her that she needs to take her bonus up the ass. We never figured Rebecca to be an ass kisser, but listen to her squeal as she turns over and let’s her boss have his way with her back door. We like how she just lays there as he lubes up and eases his body inside her.

Our guess is that Rebecca earned a big bonus this year and is surely the boss’s office pet. CLICK HERE!

Meet Rebecca’s Boss

Meet Rebecca's Boss

The Boss’s Boss: Meet Rebecca’s Boss (Part 1) – Many of you know that Rebecca is a stellar employee. She’s successful at everything she does. Anyone in the work world knows that in order to be successful in the corporate world, it not only takes hard work, but the ability to play the corporate game. That means you need to play corporate politics and keep your boss happy. A happy boss means a happy workplace. Work hard and play hard is Rebecca’s motto and she walks the walk and talks the talk.

She might be the boss during the day, but at night in her part-time job, she knows that she must keep her own boss happy. As a veteran, she doesn’t deal with the big cheese very often as he is often working and testing the inexperienced younger talent, but he recently called her upstairs at the club. It is time for her annual performance review to see if she is still worthy of working for him. He also needed to take some new photos of her for the club’s promotion materials, but she knew he wanted to remind her who the boss is. Her boss quickly greets Rebecca in his boudoir, takes a couple updated promotion photos of her, and then evaluates her performance.

Rebecca has always been a top performer. Why don’t you assess for yourself if she is worthy of keeping her part-time job. Maybe you might give her a bonus. CLICK HERE!