30+ years of hairstyles. Do You Have an @RebeccasOffice Milf Hair Fetish?

This came out of the blue.  Hair Fetish?  I have heard of foot fetish, but never hair fetish.  I actually came across a blog about MILFs and there were some men talking about my hairstyle.  I almost laughed out loud.  They were arguing that I was the perfect MILF because I had a short haircut that was styled professionally and that I hid my slutty ways behind my MILF status.  These guys even had pictures of my hairstyles throughout the years.  So I contacted one of these guys who is a member of my site and asked him to explain this.  He just said that my hairstyle was short and sassy and that he’d love to see my evolution from the very beginning.  He said that my style made me very believable and that he met women and work with short hair like me all the time.  He also said the lack of tattoos added to the aura. What amazed me is how much this guy knew about all the hairstyles I have employed.

 So I agreed I’d do it and find some old photos from college all the way through today where you could how my hair has changed.  I went through all my photos that I never published (duplicates, I blinked, or slightly blurry) and grabbed some previously unpublished photos to create a timeline of my hair. Now you get to see me as I change all the way from my freshman year to college to a MILF spanning 30 years. I used to have a fetish area of my site where people sent in or bought things for me to wear in a pictorial.  So if you have a particular fetish I haven’t done, I’d like to hear it.   I sure hope you enjoy some of these hair photos.  So do you think you have a hair fetish?  CLICK HERE AND RUN YOUR FINGERS THROUGH MY HAIR. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IS MY BEST LOOK.