#ThrowbackTHursday – The Best of Milan and Rebecca

Before I had a blog, I had no place to promote these old posts.  I figure I should post them each Thursday.   Check back again and re-discover more from my past:

BEST OF MILAN (circa 2005)

Milan was my best friend and we shared everything together including our husbands.  We traded husbands and lives.  I loved her man and she loved mine.  You can say we shared more than coffee and sugar together and we borrowed more than a cur of cream.    These photos were taken as part of a Holiday bonus issue for 2005 .  I hope you enjoy this little reminder from 2005.   The whole set can be seen in my membership area by CLICKING HERE

Want to Be A Swinger: Rebecca Shows You What is What!

GirlGirlI know I hear it all the time that people want to become a swinger.  But I always say to be careful what you wish for.  So yes I am a swinger and often times I had couples get a little shocked when we run into them and they see me and beg me to play with the wife.  For me that is not what swinging is about.  It is foreplay for the men.  To me, swinging really is about swapping partners.  So usually I let the couples start off exploring what they want.  The male partner doesn’t want to come too fast so I let their female partner start.  Many of you have met my friend Hannah before.  She and her husband were one of my first victims.  At first they tied me up as I played submissive, but now you get to see how I put them under my spell.

Do you guys really want to see your wife swinging?  I don’t think you know what it really entails.  You might find that you not only lose your spouse to another man, but another woman too.  I’ve seen many marriages torn apart by the experiences I have had with the other woman.  And then when I make their wife squirt like crazy, the husband gets so jealous.  It is an educational piece for couples. CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO SEE ME SEIZE THIS SWINGER’S WIFE.

Corrupting a Young Latina Milf & Her Cuckold

About to be Corrupted

About to be Corrupted

Wonder what I do most weekends?  Well my boy toy and I like to go out and have some naughty fun.  Sometimes we enjoy shocking some innocent people or giving them an experience like they have never had.  Recently I had been talking with a woman online.  She was Latina and very interested in having a girl/girl encounter so that her husband could watch.  My boyfriend saw her profile and wanted to have a shot at her.  Since I’m really not that Bisexual I only agreed that we should meet them at a bar and find out if we thought she might be willing to try her first BBC.  While at the bar, her husband asked me if I might share my boyfriend with his wife.  I told him we could arrange for that to happen.  At the bar, she even gave my boyfriend a little squeeze that her husband didn’t see.  She was more willing than her husband even knew.

Well we drove back to their house. I was relieved when her husband told me that he was a cuckold and just wanted to take pictures. I had no desire to swap and sleep with him. He had no idea that I had a website until the night was done. As I said, I’m not totally into women, but she was beautiful and my boy toy was dirty talking and told me to make sure I got her wet. I didn’t know on the drive over that she had already given him a quick blowjob and she said she needed his big cock. Oh my, we were corrupting this innocent couple!

Click here to see me fulfill this couple’s sexual dream!

Kissed a Girl

Kissed by A Girl

One of the most wonderful things that being on Dreamnet has afforded me is the opportunity and appreciation for letting loose every once in a while.  I truly believed in working hard to get ahead in life but never really thought about what it meant to play hard!

Well this weekend I got invited to the home of some pretty incredible people with some really beautiful friends.    I wish I could show you the photos of the fun we had but I of course respect the privacy of my friends so I can’t share any photos without their permission.

I just have to say though that I met some pretty incredible girlfriends.  They come from all walks of life.  Retired millionaires, doctors, teachers, etc.  We had so much fun.  Like the little tattoo my girlfriend gave me?  She was such a cutie.  You know I prefer men, but it was sure fun to be kissed by a girl.  I think I liked it!